What Arcee should have done w/ Daniel

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What Arcee should have done w/ Daniel
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BattleConvoy writes: Arcee: Muhaa I will now EAT you kiddo!
Hot Rod: HEY save some for me!!!!
GrimlockusPrime1227 writes: Arcee: don't you worry, mommy's got you, Daniel.
Hot Rod: you know, Daniel could've never fallen if you were watching..
Arcee: i WAS watching Daniel until YOU distracted me with love notes. Talk about a bad father!
trailbreaker writes: Wedgie !!!!
Rainmaker writes: Arcee: ...and now I will demonstrate sex for you...
Hot Rod: Uh Arcee...
Adimus Prime writes: Come on, Arcee! My turn already!
Rodimus Knight writes: Cough it up Daniel. I am not waiting for my engagement ring to make it's way through your system.
Poyguimogul writes: Arcee bravely saved Daniel from jumping into Mordor after the ring.
william-james88 writes: want me to bake you a cake?
trailbreaker writes: Feed him to the Sharkticons!
Bluespindash97 writes: Quick Hot Rod, how do you perform the Heimlich maneuver?!
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Zeedust writes: Arcee: "This stupid kid can't keep himself out of trouble for five minutes! I miss Jack already..."
Sideswipe619 writes: Rodimus: hey whats up arcee

Arcee: daniel isn't that's for sure
Black Hat writes: Arcee: Don't worry...Mummy's got you...Mummy's got you...
Hot Rod: Must...resist...urge...to...push...
darth_paul writes: Arcee: This will teach you to vomit on my upholstery!
Hot Rod: Eww gross!
psycho_425 writes: Arcee:Daniel,do you kno what gravity is?
(drops dan)
Hot rod:Primus Arcee you @#!
Scatterlung writes: Arcee: You see all those dead Transformers? Well, Daniel, you're just going to have to accept that war isn't all fun and games. People DIE, okay? They DIE. And they don't come BACK.

Hot Rod: Uh, Arce--

Arcee: Like Wheeljack! Look at h
Road Turtle writes: Arcee,"You see Daniel, there's something called the law of gravity; and if you whine one more time, you'll get to see how it works."

Daniel, "O.K. I'll be good."

Hot Rod, "Primus Arcee! Is that really necessar
battlestrike writes: hot rod:im no rocket scientist but im pretty sure its suposed to be the other way around
tian17 writes: Arcee: hey daniel, did u know that all transformers are transsexual?

Daniel: no,why? ...... O Sh*t
snavej writes: Hot Rod: I didn't know you had one of those.

Arcee: You mean Daniel?

Hot Rod: If that's what you pervs call it now, then yeah.
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Judynator writes: Arcee: My Hot Rod Honey! The child to like jump!
David: I Wanna Jump! Please, Daddy! Please, Mommy!
Smoke Screen writes: Yo, Jacko, don't you remember what happened LAST time you did that!
starscream_the_eternal writes: RC: "Hey Hotrod you wanna see how high he'll bounce?"
Hotrod: "Yeah!"
(Drops Daniel)
Scatterlung writes: Hot Rod: So thats how it is, is it? Fine! I never want to see you again!
Arcee: 'kay, but I get custody of the kid!
Unknown writes: Spit it out. NOW. How many times have I told you not to put things in your mouth?
Voyager Prime writes: Arcee: look, Hot Rod! I caught a Daniel!

Daniel: (whines and cries) I want my Wheelie!

Hot Rod: Throw him back! We already have a Kicker and that's plenty whiny!

Arcee: Good point. (drops Daniel off cliff and hears splat sound) Wait a minute
Zeedust writes: Daniel: "Blue ninety-two... Blue ninety--EEEK! Yaaa, the ground's... Aw man, the football!"

Arcee: "GOTCHA!"

Hot Rod: "Sheesh, nothin' like fault lines to ruin a game of football..."
Not Sonic writes: oh my god its another micheal jackson... damn people hanging kids off of stuff
Roadshadow writes: Hot Rod: No, Arcee, dip him into the lava. That way he'll feel sorry for being such a whiny little bitch to us!
Demonic Femme writes: Danial, "Hey, a little bit further, and I can catch that grasshopper."
RC,"Here ya go." *drops Danial*
Hotrod, "Hey, look at em go."
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Starbeam writes: Arcee: "I'll use Daniel to distract the Decepticons!"

Hot Rod: "No, use me instead!"
Marv writes: Sorry lill' fella! (sob!) But Optimus thinks it's unwise and cruel to take a wild human into the home!
Marv writes: Bad human!! Scratching up the couch like that!! You'l just go outside and wait until Optimus has cooled down a bit!
Zeedust writes: Daniel: "Arcee, what's a pinata?"

Arcee: "You'll find out. Hot Rod, pass the string, will ya?"
optimus_armada63 writes: Arcee: Hot Rod can you pass me the plastic pe**s please
Hot Rod:Arcee i dont think human intercourse would be that great and THAT"S WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arcee: Im experimenting besides i will be the first
Hot Rod: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111
Zeedust writes: Scene from the Autobot's off-broadway production of "The Lion King"
juggaloG writes: HR: Um, Arcee, I don't think you're supposed to hang Daniel over a cliff when performing the Heimlich on him.
RC: Relax, this relaxes his throat more. (Then lets go by mistake) Oops.
HR: Great, you just turned a 8-year old boy into a grease sp
Kal-Seth writes: Arcee: I wonder if humans can fly or make a thud or a splat if they cant...
Zeedust writes: Arcee: "Um, thanks for the birthday present, Hot Rod.. Really..."

Hot Rod: "I still have the receipt."

Arcee: "Then can I exchange this whiner for Koji?"

(Hey, if the Beast Wars haters are all
Unknown writes: Here's the infamous pic of Michael Jackson dangling his son out the hotel balcony in... Waitaminute, that's not Michael!
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Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Hey I can become a headmaster so now you me and Daniel will be happy
Unknown writes: Arcee: How dare you try to kill my true love Hot Rod! Luckily I saved him. (Hot Rod: What the hell do you see in him? He's a damned human! (Daniel: Hey, she may be a robot, but she's still fine as hell!
Shadow Fox writes: Arcee- Daniel..I'm sorry, but your annoying and well, frankly you do nothing for the show, and I have to do it now because the writters are leaning towards me having a love trist with you..and well it just can't happen honey.

Hot Rod-
PredaKing writes: Why can't I do this? Michael Jackson did!
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Arcee, why don't you ever let ME do that from behind on YOU?
Arcee: Shut up, you idiot! I want him to feel some pleasure from a woman before he gets dropped off a cliff!
Unknown writes: Arcee:"..I saw this once on an old Earth news reel..this human male pop star that looked like a female thought he could sing..and dangled his offspring over the hotel railing like this. It must be some sort of ancient Human custom..."
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Say hi to Hitler for me Daniel!
Arcee (Hitler voice): Hail Hitler!
Unknown writes: Daniel:"Arcee I didnt know you were a male Autobot!" Arcee:"Uhh its just my pipe sticking out" Hotrod:"Eeeww Gross, and I was gonna do her"
Optimus_Prime007 writes: Daniel: Arcee whats poking me? What ever it is don't stop
Zeedust writes: "C'mon, Arcee, don't drop him in the shark tank. That's cruelty to animals. Let's go find some lava or something."
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SilverStar writes: HotRod: What ever you do Arcee do let go! Arcee: Do you not mean don't let go? HotRod: In this case I mean LET GO!! Daniel: meep!
Unknown writes: Arcee: Oh come on Hotrod, why can't we adopt him ?
We are newly-weds after all.
Hotrod: Because I don't want to end up like All Bundy, that's why.
Unknown writes: Arcee: Thats a good spot to drop Daniel. Its a spiked pit.
Hot Rod: Just do it! Spike wont notice it. :)
Zu Darkness writes: Nevermind what Arcee should have done more like what Hot Rod should have done. Hotrod thinking about the future of Transformers kicks BOTH Arcee and Danial off the cliff
APOLLO writes: Hot Rod: Arcee, what in the hell are you doing?

Arcee: Am I doing the right thing?

Hot Rod: Yes. When he goes splat, we can blame it on Decepticons and collect the insurance on him, now just drop him.
Zu Darkness writes: ARcee: Danial I see your fater down there. Drops Daniel
Zu Darkness writes: Hot Rod: Drop him Arcee. It for the good of all mankind!!!
Dean writes: Daniel:oh yeah harder Arcee:i hope you are enjoying this Hod rod: ARCEE!!! you are molesting daniel
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Ummmm, Arcee.....What's that thing strapped around your hips?
Unknown writes: Arcee:You see that evil human dictator? Yes, now just aim very carefully...Daniel: do I hafta pull down my pants? Arcee: Yes, dear HR: Uhh...
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Suzuki writes: “Arcee, please put down your teddy-human, and just tell me what’s wrong!”
Unknown writes: I like it when Hot Rod said "you better Stay close to me" and Arcee said "no you better stay close to me." Good Luck
Beast Simpson writes: Daniel: heh heh.... worked like a charm...
Unknown writes: Aaaarrggh, if they do such a things like that with us then I hope they will never be here on OUR PLANET! ;-) JOKE
Zu Darkness writes: Hot rods real thoughts " I know I'll just kick ARcee right in the ass and watch them fall to bitter doom so that way I won't have to put up with them later"
Unknown writes: Don't worry tommy, this will all be over soon.... Now un zip your pants
nobody writes: Arcee: If I drop him I am a decepticon right? HotRod: I think so. Arcee:Then I'll will drop the freakin kid.
nobody writes: Arcee: If I drop him I am a decepticon right? HotRod: I think so. Arcee:Then I'll will drop the freakin kid.
Unknown writes: HotRod: Daniel, I'm sorry, You are the weakest link, Good Bye
Unknown writes: "Good lord, Arcee! This is supposed to be a family show!"
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Unknown writes: Shuttle:$10,000 trip to seibertron:100,000 Dropping daniel of a cliff : priceless
Unknown writes: Arcee: Must....resist...pedophile urges....
ionacus writes: hot rod:why did you just save him?arcee;i have no idea.hot rod:and to think i was jealous of springer.
Chrono writes: I'm telling you no one will miss him. Just let him go.
Unknown writes: we're sorry daniel but you just give me the sits...
Unknown writes: Saving babies from oil wells was THE trend in the 80's.
Unknown writes: Temp-tation to great! Must re-resit!
Unknown writes: Can you fly, Danny?
Unknown writes: arcee- no more drugs for this boy.
Starscream K'dash writes: "PUKE YOU PIECE OF TRASH PUKE!!!!!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Hot Rod: "Arcee!!! What are you doing?!" Arcee: "But I saw Michael Jackson do the same thing!?"
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: "Arcee!!! What are you doing?!" Arcee: "But I saw Michael Jackson do the same thing!?" [i]Sorry, I couldn'r resist that one! [/i]
Unknown writes: Later, when Optimus would inquire how Daniel's body was found scattered among the rocks below, Arcee would simpy answer, "It was only done with intentions for the greater good of both transformer and human kinds in mind."
Unknown writes: HR:I know i shouldn't have gotten arcee a dillido.
Unknown writes: Here ya go! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year ya *&%$in' stupid 'cons!
z writes: Arcee: Can you see anything?
Daniel: Nope. Notta thing...
Arcee: Wanna closer look? Hehehehe...
Daniel: ACK!!!!
Arcee writes: do you think saving him now will ensure an annoying human in every series to follow.
Unknown writes: Hotrod: no no let him go I was trying to see if he lands on his feet!
Arcee:no hotrod he is not a cat!
Unknown writes: Hot Rod:No wait Arcee...I think Daniel is supposed to be behind you..not the other way around..
Battle Angel writes: No, there are no air sickness bags on the flight, better let it all out now.
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Sky-Byte writes: Look at that,Look what you did! LOOK!
Unknown writes: HR:ARCEE decepticons are attacking autobot city what are you doing? A:they just delivered my tailor made strapon!HR:kup blurr run for the hills!
The King writes: I got you Daniel
Hound writes: Arcee:Any last words foolish earth boy
Unknown writes: Hot Rod:"Drop him, Arcee. You know you want to."
Mirage writes: Hotrod: come on its been an hour its my turn
Stacey writes: When is it my turn ?
Phantom writes: Hotrod "Come on Arcee, drop him already!" Arcee "Opps sorry" Drops Daniel, Hotrod "Good, now you remember your part, in my plan to get the matrix from Ultra Magnus.....
Phantom writes: Hotrod simpathetic "Its ok Arcee, it was an accident, Spike will understand" Arcee "But Daniels still alive" Hotrod grabbing Arcees arms, making her drop Daniel "Its ok Arcee, it was an accident, Spike will und
Venom writes: Daniel: Wait, you told me you were a girl!!!
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Unknown writes: Arcee saved Daniel Witwicky from falling to his death
Unknown writes: Hotrod thinking: I gotta get me some of that
optimuslives writes: Daniel: Umm Arcee, shouldnt this be the other way around with me in the back and you up front?
Unknown writes: hey acree and hot rodimus prime.... say okay heather get daniel care of for me...... good brave friend autobots...
Unknown writes: Hotrod: aint this a bitch!!!!!!
Heather Prime writes: hey rodimus prime and acress and daniel say hi! Heather!!!! alive wonder make strenght..... i kick ass at decepticon.... evil eel woman destroy for me......
Unknown writes: Arcee! You know thats statutory rape!
Unknown writes: harder beter faster stronger
Jeremy writes: hot rod: arcee whats going on here
arcee: i wanted to know what sex was like with a humen i hate it though (drops daniel) arcee ok u hot piece of iron lets get nastie hot rod: ok! 2 min later (they have sex)
Unknown writes: Hot rod: my turn my turn me next.
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Unknown writes: daniel: blah blah . hot rod: arcee why did u tell him enerjon cubes makes u stronger.
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Arcee, if you drop him, Magnus'll have us BOTH sucking Perceptor's 'long lens' daily. For a month. And I don't mean the one on his shoulder. Arcee: But it would be SOOO worth it. Hot Rod: Arcee! Arcee
Unknown writes: Hot Rod:"Really, Arcee, this is no time tobe giving 'reach-arounds' tolittle boys! There's a war on!"
Daniel:(Giggles)"Speakfor yourself, Mr. Sexless Automaton!"
Galvatron Z writes: Daniel: "Arcee you're a great head-master, but a lousy lap-master."
Unknown writes: Daniel: hey arcee/hotrod you reckon i can get megatron from here? (coughs up a big flem!)
Unknown writes: DROP HIM!! DROP HIM!!!!
for the sake of all things good in the universe PLEASE DROP HIM!!!
Silverwolf writes: Now Danny, if you won't tell us why you decided to....... do that on our seats...


Unknown writes: You have to learn about it one way or another.
slapdash writes: Arcee grapples with Daniel's "incompatible software"
Unknown writes: "keep looking, I know that contact is in there somewhere."
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Unknown writes: I've got you, Daniel! You're safe now! :)
Unknown writes: "There ya go Daniel...now just one more big step..."
NgBoy writes: c'mon hot rod, only you can make this into an arcee sandwich ;)
Unknown writes: Well hide you here, Daniel and well come back for you after the war.
Unknown writes: Well hide you here, Daniel and wsell come back for you after the war.
Teletran writes: HOT ROD: Arcee you're doing it wrong Daniel is supposed to be in back of you
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Go ahead! Put him in! Arcee: Here, kid! Go for a swim! (drops Daniel) Daniel: But, I can't swim! Arcee & Hot Rod: Sorry, Daniel!
Unknown writes: I can understand why you're going to drop him, but why did you dress him up as Evel Kinevel first?
Unknown writes: DANIEL:Can I HUMP YOU NOW,ARCEE?
Bumblebee writes: Daniel:No arcee iv'e got to face the other way for you to be a Headmaster.
Arcee: Like this.
Daniel: No lower, lower like that now suck like you never sucked before now you an be my headmaster.
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Unknown writes: Go on Arcee, you can do it, please I'm fro mthe future, save us from him
Shermtron writes: Arcee:Look daniel its the seventh layer of hell...cya kid
Unknown writes: When is this damn kid gonna stop throwing up!?
Scottimus Prime writes: Further evidence that Wheelie is the bastard offspring of Daniel and Arcee.
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Hey! What Arcee, Humans don't land on their feet, Arcee: really I thought they did. Hot Rod: NO, that's cats! Arcee: Oh Let's find out! Hot Rod: I bet you the Matrix that they don't. Arcee: Your On!! (Drops Dan
Unknown writes: just drop him arcee, the others wont find out!
Unknown writes: Arcee, I'm supposed to be behind you!
Unknown writes: "Hot Rod--I've given Daniel more protection in one day than you have in one year!"
= )
Unknown writes: I will have big bicpes.

Rock Hard abbs.

The most powerfull jh, with the sharpest point at the end of jh.

The jh would be the unverseses jh ever, I will have my construction woman outfit on, with my biceps showing, abbs to, with a Half of a Hot pi
Unknown writes: I will have big bicpes.

Rock Hard abbs.

The most powerfull jh, with the sharpest point at the end of jh.

The jh would be the unverseses jh ever, I will have my construction woman outfit on, with my biceps showing, abbs to, with a Half of a Hot pi
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Unknown writes: I will have rings on while I am giving you the rectoral exam.

Sorry, I only do 3 year old boys.

I will do that stuff nonstop.
Keith writes: I will not have rings on while I am giving you a hard, long, painfull rectoral exam, with rings on, no gloves.

I will give you the good, hard, long, painfull rectoral exam first.

Then, make you drink alot of gas from a gas pump.

Then, put my leat
Keith writes: I am going to have my ways with you, be care full little one, I have big muslces.

I am going to play with your you know what.

I am going to be in a female mode.

I am going to be a good looking female, use a jh on you.

You know that I am one Go
Unknown writes: Further test to introduce human sexual actions to the autobots prove unsuccessful
Unknown writes: SAY NO TO ME WILL YOU!!
Unknown writes: I didn't know they made tansexuals?
Unknown writes: wait a minute ur not micheal jackson.
Unknown writes: Arcee: DON'T COME NEAR ME!! I'm a FEMBOT on the edge, I swear I'll drop him!!
Unknown writes: ArCee: Are you sure were doing this Right Danle?
I think soo. I saw Hot Rod do it this way with Tracks! HR: You promused you wouldn't tell.... Hey ArCee Can I get in on the action too?
Unknown writes: HR - "1... 2... 3... BOO!!! ... Uh oh."
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Unknown writes: ...no really, Daniel. I think you need a closer look...
Unknown writes: "Y'know, Hot Rod,Spike's got a helluva
life insurance policy on this little twit,we
could take the money and..."
"ARCEE!! We can't do that!"
"Why not?"
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Did you NEED to rescue him?
MEGATRON writes: Hot Rod, Daniel, I have to tell you. I'm really a guy.
Hot Rod : Damn! NO!"
Daniel: I'm in a worse position then you Hot Rod... No Arcee, Don't! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Suzanne writes: Uh Oh!! The little bastard is gonna throw up!
Unknown writes: Hotrod:Look at that G she's wearin.im hooked and I cant stop starrin. Oh baby I wanna gat ya, and take your picta. My home boys tried to warn me,but that but you've got makes me so !
Unknown writes: Hotrod:Look at that G she's wearin,Im hooked and I cant stop starrin, oh baby,I wanna get ya,and take your picta.My home boys tryed to warn me,but that butt you've got makes me so !
APOLLO writes: Hot Rod:"I know, Daniel, Beast Wars make me wanna puke too"
Unknown writes: Hot Rod:Don't hog Arcee, I want some to
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Unknown writes: David: Um, Arcee...you know what happened to Michael Jackson when he started messing around with little boys.
Unknown writes: (ARCEE) Hot Rod--I'VE given Daniel more protection in ONE DAY than YOU have in a ONE YEAR! :)
Soundwave writes: Hotrod: Whew! If you were one second later Arcee he would've fell... well, what are you waiting for? Let him drop!
DrSpengler writes: Hot Rod: C'mon, drop him. You know you want to.
Unknown writes: "Do you really think this is high enough?"
Unknown writes: Shouldn't I be facing the other way for this work the way we want it to.
grimlock writes: daniel and i are in love and theirs nothing u can do about it.
if our children are still born chrome monstrouiies ten blame love
Unknown writes: Just drop 'im! Trust me, we'll all be alot happier!
Bombshell writes: Feed him to the Sharkticons!
JP writes: Hot Rod: Um, Arcee what are you doing with Daniel?!
Arcee: Oh, I just want to see if humans bounce or not..
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