Grimlock's eyes on fire

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Grimlock's eyes on fire
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153 captions have been posted for this image so far ...
digigirl411 writes: Fire? You mean I can't shoot laser beams from my eyes!
Miester-Jazz writes: What has been seen cannot be unseen...
jaystar2000 writes: "ME GRIMLOCK MAD YOU EAT LAST DONUT"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "ME, GRIMLOCK, SEE MILEY CYRUS!!!!!
cusd220 writes: Grimlock: me grimlock shouln't have eat that spicy buurrito for lunch.
BERSEKAEL writes: Me grimlock not good cutting onions...
Swoopscream writes: This is the last time I go to THAT optometrist.
JaffleMaker writes: Me grimlock say you no fly poop Swoop anymore!! And what Energon you eat? Me smell spicy Neutrinos!
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Zeedust writes: "Me Grimlock's eyes! Where Ben Stein when Me Grimlock need him?!"
Chrisby writes: Me Grimlock shouldn't have looked directly at solar eclipse!
jack270606 writes: I am zuul, You must choose the form of Gozer the Gozarian, the traveller has come
Tripredacus writes: No Prime, I,ve never even heard of X-tasy, why do you ask?
popo5 writes: Mad dinosaur,not Auot-good. Human dinosaur goes to wild beast. Had to be dino-angry. He's dino-crazy
dirtysock47 writes: Megatron: and that's what happens when u get habenaro juice in your eyes
Cyber Bishop writes: HOLYCRAP.... MY EYES BUUURRRRRNNNN!!!
lordtigerhawk writes: Makeup makes my eye burn!!!
Black Hat writes: ARGH! Me Grimlock just seen Kiss Players!
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DreadstarCybph writes: I got Sore Eyes!
DarkEnergon writes: AAGGGG! Movie Arcee burn Grimlock's eyes!!!
Red_Sun writes: Who puts candles in Grimlocks eyes?
mesugeneh writes: ooo I'm charging ma laser!!!
Road Turtle writes: Wheeljack thought it'd be a great idea to build giant Dinobots with lasers, flamethowers, missiles,impenetrable armor,and sharp pointy teeth while giving them tiny cybernetic brains and leaving out any conscious spark from Vector Sigma.

Optimus Prime t
StrafeRun writes: Me Grimlock so cool and brave, even my eyes know how to rave!
funeralthirst7 writes: What?!!! Swoop more expensive on secondary market than me,Grimlock?
Godzillabot Primal writes: He just saw that he got his ass whooped by Shockwave in Spotlight
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Transformers:more then meets the lazer eyes
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necr0blivion writes: Me, Grimlock trying to preorder TFCC 2012 figures on first day!
Marcus Rush writes: Grimlock and the Dutch Cookie Caper, tomorrow night on A&E
PaxCybertron82 writes: PIIIIIZZZZZZAAAAA!!!!!!
Poyguimogul writes: "Every bodies Starry Eyed, and me Grimlock knows!"
EdabanG writes: Grimlock attempts the Solar flare he saw Goku using on DBZ
transhammer writes: Me, grimlock want to know who put anti-freeze in the visine bottle? NOT FUNNY!!!!
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Grimlick:Wait...WHAAAAATTT???
Me Grimlock King writes: Me Grimlock blast brains maybe blast yours
Godzillabot Primal writes: Grimlock was never quite the same after he looked through Optimus's internet history
Godzillabot Primal writes: He see's dead people
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Godzillabot Primal writes: He just saw the number of captions on this contest
Hellscream85 writes: an endless supply
Hellscream85 writes: After ranting and raving that his appearance in animated would mean that it would be the first Transformers series to reach 5 seasons, Grimlock never could get the egg off his face... ofcourse it didn't help that Sludge and "real" Snarl appeared to have a
Ravage XK writes: Me Grimlock eyes nearly fall out when me see what Arcee doing with pointy stick.
Ravage XK writes: Me Grimlock eat funny mushroom. Now me Grimlock see into orange!
SamDrew writes: Me Grimlock never see ones like those before!
SideswipeSkywarp writes: Me Grimlock no like you, Fruitloop Maxipad! (Grimlock to Fortess Maximus)
Godzillabot Primal writes: Oh crap! He found the Dorito stash!
El Duque writes: Lasik fail!
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MasterSoundBlaster writes: Look out Prime,Grimlock's got the touch Today
Godzillabot Primal writes: Grimlock's interpritation of the big cute eyes didn't go very well
Badass Grimlock writes: Me Grimlock say that Ark of Covenant BAAAD.
Marcus Rush writes: Me Grimlock wanna be Night Elf Mohawk
rockman_fan writes: woah... slag, what was in that energon?
Another Fan writes: Grimlock's version of the surprised prairie dog on YouTube.
optimusprimeswife writes: Grimlock: me grimlock can't stare at pretty human lady any more. pretty human lady shot grimlock with a firegun in grimlock's eyes!
Optimus Prime: i told you grimlock. (rubbing eyes) she did the same thing to me
Godzillabot Primal writes: He just relized what SOPA is
Marcus Rush writes: Me Grimlock Say, BEIBER ALBUM SOUND BETTER MELTED THAT WAY....
And ME GRIMLOCK curse Wheelie's copy of hooked on phonics.
dlinvader writes: me grimlock say look out superman grimlock can shoot lasers from eyes too!
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snavej writes: Me Grimlock say this is normal dinosaur behaviour. All dinosaurs have freaky eye beams! Look it up on Wikipedia!
snavej writes: Me Grimlock kill Bay and take billions of dollars from his attic!
snavej writes: Why me no blend in on Earth? Me Grimlock confused!
Maestro Meister writes: That's some great light-piping!
Another Fan writes: Bumblebee: "SSSHHHHhhhhhh!!!!! How do you expect us to sneak up on the Decepticons if you keep screaming like that!"
Grimlock: "But me stepped on something wet. ewwW EWWW!!"
Another Fan writes: Who's reflecting sunlight in Grimlock's eyes!! GAWWW!! Me, Grimlock seeing spots!!
Another Fan writes: After enduring hours of obnoxious impersonations, a good slap in the face finally stopped him from reciting Jar Jar Binks's lines.
slip writes: Me Grimlock spend two straight days beat fire n flames expert level.
slip writes: The power of primus compells you.
Another Fan writes: Ratchet: "There, now with your own bug zappers, you don't have to worry about the Insecticons when you sleep."
Grimlock: "But eyes too bright to sleep!"
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Another Fan writes: I told you that he doesn't like cold hands.
Another Fan writes: "WHY LUAU TORCH DANCERS ON ME FACEeeee???!! AAHHH!!!"
Godzillabot Primal writes: David Bowie can turn into a Grimlock now
maroyasha writes: Me Grimlock no more use matches
tc14forever writes: ME GRIMLOCK Not like Michael bay Transformers!
SoundAndShock writes: Grimlock no like this "Twilight"
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Grimlock did not react well to his first prostate exam.
zombiebunny writes: Me Grimlock think Wheeljack had greeeeat idea giving Grimlock lazer eyes.
Optimus Eddie writes: Dinobots maybe in alliance with the autobots,but that does not excuse the installation of high-beams in Grimlock's eyes.
FurStreak writes: Me Grimlock only have flaming laser eyes for you!
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vegetta6667 writes: Does me Grimlock have to choke a *****?
vegetta6667 writes: Me Grimlock forgot Ruby Quartz glasses!!
Godzillabot Primal writes: Welcome to your fascist future
Banjo-Tron writes: Ratchet, me Grimlock not like robo-rectal probe...
Another Fan writes: Ratchet: "Oh, he said 'remove the ice'. Oh crap."
Another Fan writes: "So this is what's going viral on YouTube with more than 2 million views? But it's a 10-minute video of just a still image of Grimlock! Wow, how we lack imagination nowadays."
LordTwann writes: The Visene, it BURNS! Damn you Ben Stein!! Damn you!!!
Another Fan writes: Studies show that crying and showing your sensitive side in boy band music videos do not always get you the girls.
Another Fan writes: Wheelie: "Okay, I'm not getting it. You are a chipmunk. Right? You are a chipmunk climbing a tree. Right? I’m tired of guessing. WHY DON'T YOU JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU SAW?"
Godzillabot Primal writes: I thought he'd react better to those eye drops
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Another Fan writes: Grimlock's girlfriend: "My mother does not look like that! And I'm not going to end up looking like her!"
Another Fan writes: (First attempt at creating Shattered Glass Grimlock.)
"Um, I don't think making his eyes shiny makes him look evil enough. At least color his Autobot symbol purple. That should do it."
Another Fan writes: "Hey, don't give me that look! You know it's your turn to do the dishes!"
Another Fan writes: Arcee: "Okay, you have to stop watching Hallmark channel movies with me. All your crying spoils the moments."
Another Fan writes: Action case against Johnson & Johnson tearless baby shampoo. See exhibit A.
Another Fan writes: And here's a Dinobot doing his mating ritual.
Another Fan writes: Mom to Dad: "Hey idiot! Stop scaring our kid with that puppet! He'll keep sleeping in our bed till he turns 21!"
Godzillabot Primal writes: Why Bay not put me in third movie?!!
Another Fan writes: Faith Healer: "May the Lord of all Heavens release your grip on this innocent soul! DEMON BE GONE!!"
Grimlock: "Stop hitting Grimlock!!"
Another Fan writes: Ironhide: "And the winner of this year's Halloween contest is Grimlock as Paris Hilton!"
Jazz: "Where's the dog he used as prop?"
Wheelie: "Uh... I think he ate it."
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Skywarp64 writes: Looks like Grimlock walked in on Breakdown. Someone go get the Black Arachnia pictures.
youngku writes: Me Grimlock say blinders not working because be can't see a thing!
WolfSpider1979 writes: Me, Grimlock, wish me no see THAT!
badjimmy76 writes: Eye lasers, greeat idea.
procyon writes: Me, Grimlock, put on all this makeup, and STILL not get roll as Kermit in Muppets movie!
Godzillabot Primal writes: He just saw the number of teenage girls in line at a theater showing Twilight
Heckfire writes: The common reaction of G1 fans to "Kiss Players."
Godzillabot Primal writes: Crap! Who left the Kissplayers page up?!!! Grimlock's seen it!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Me Grimlock know Korean animators make mistakes, but this ridiculous.
Watcher writes: "Why this happen to eyes? Because me watch 357 episodes of Futurama back-to-back?"
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Baneblade writes: SURPRISE: Even the hardest get it
ronAXIDENT writes: Me Grimlock no think Lasix surgery good idea after all!
Deltabot writes: You smell smoke?
trailbreaker writes: AAAAH! I just saw Sparkplug without his shirt on !
turbomagnus writes: Grimlock: Yosh! Me, Grimlock's Flames of Youth burn bright!
Godzillabot Primal writes: What has been seen, cannot be unseen
TORCHED112 writes: Snipers! Take out their eyes! Oh crap, he's an Autobot...
Me Grimlock King writes: Me Grimlock have burny eyes me need visine
rpetras writes: Ahhhhh!!! I'll never unsee that!
Octocon writes: For Dry Red Eye, Soreeyes is awesome.
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#Sideways# writes: Grimlock didn't get the part as Cyclops in the X-Men movie. He still has yet to take off the makeup, though...
Switchback writes: "ME EYES. GOGGLES DO NOTHING!"
MightyMagnus78 writes: Bright eyes,
Burning like fire...
grimlock16 writes: Artie Lange: Fiya!
SentinelA writes: BACON! Me smell bacon!
morphobots writes: "Where Grimlock's ruby glasses? WHERE!?"
Xephon0930 writes: Apparently,what Grimlock saw Hotrod was doing to Daniel was so horrible,he never had the dino balls to tell anyone.
ranger writes: Me Grimlock have fire eyes, where me put the visine?
CONVOY_PRIME writes: Me Grimlock see Arcee, naked.. Oh my eyes. She not fembot, she male. Talk about robots in disguise, UGH
reluttr writes: Me Grimlock say for last time. DINOBOTS NO COMBINE LIKE SISSY DEVASTATOR!
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Road Turtle writes: WHAAAT?! Michael Bay hate Dinobots!!!
einhazard writes: The trip to the optometrist ended in unforeseen tragedy...
BeastProwl writes: In other news: Grimlocks 2 Girls 1 cup reaction video went viral after he mortally wounded the cameraman and six others watching from a distance...
DrLegend writes: These are your eyes.
These are your eyes after watching Revenge of the Fallen.
Any questions?
Godzillabot Primal writes: I HAVE COME FOR YOUR SOUL!!!!!
iguanabytes writes: turn around bright eyes...every now and then I fall apart
turn around bright eyes...every now and then I fall apart
-From the song total eclipse of the 'bot
Wreck 'n Rule writes: WAAAAA! Why Grimlock no appear in live action movies?
Evil_the_Nub writes: Grimlocks brain exploded when he realized how fervently some people worship a cheesy cartoon from the 80's.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: If you think the picture above is bad, trust me you don't want to know what's going on below Grimlock's waist.
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Wreck 'n Rule writes: Me Grimlock think me in love.... Or maybe it optic infection.
Another Fan writes: Optimus: "Whose stupid idea is to have EyeMasters!" Now Grimlock can't see whenever they go on break!"
Red_Sun writes: Me Grimlock got lasereyes. Now Wheelie dies!!
Oh scrap, me Grimlock speak likes Wheelie....
Another Fan writes: Grimlock with eye make-up: "Look everyone, me is Arcee. Blah blah blah. Smoochie smoochie Hot Rod."

Arcee: "YOU DIE NOW!"
PurdueAv2003 writes: During his brief cameo on "Jersey Shore", Grimlock had the misfortune of walking in on Snooki in the bathroom.
gdawg8569 writes: Me, Grimlock, thinks me smoke too much energon grass.......What be Nebulon's??!!
mecham writes: No words describe oain me, Grimlock, feeling.
dedcat writes: Dinobots take lasik surgery VERY seriously.
Marcus Rush writes: Grimlock listens to Ben Stines new Album "Do the Hula," while looking for his bottle of Visine.
Twitchythe3rd writes: After seeing himself in the Fall of Cybertron trailer, Grimlock's eyes exploded from awesomeness overload.
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5150 Cruiser writes: Me- Grimlock,- site for sore eyes
freaky777 writes: Me eyes are burning!!
merthos writes: Me Grimlock wish me never watch Revenge of the Fallen.
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