Wheeljack and Ratchet share a moment

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Wheeljack and Ratchet share a moment
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william-james88 writes: I didnt think she'd be into it but she totally was!
Road Turtle writes: Ratchet, " Ah, ha, ha, you're not serious about giving the Dinobots small brains are you? Wheeljack?"
Rainmaker writes: Wheeljack: ...and last night I caught Spike and Carly...
Ratchet: Wheeljack, I don't think I wanna know...
trailbreaker writes: "....and you won't believe what I caught Daniel doing this morning in his room!!"
Frenchhorngirl writes: *Ball rolls; pins crash*
"Wheeljack, did you see that strike?!"
megatron1322 writes: Ratchet: how bout we keep what just happened between us...Wheeljack: dude...teletraan recorded the whole thing its probably on every porntube on the web as we speak
trouvadour62 writes: R--I'm telling you. Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third--

W--You know the fellows' names?


W--Well, then who's playing first?


W--I mean the fellow's name on first base.


W--The fellow playi
Swoopscream writes: Oh my Primus, 'Jack, you had it all on film? ...Wait, WHAT TAPE DID SOUNDWAVE STEAL?!? YOU TOLD ME IT WAS OFF! WHY DID YOU ACTUALLY RECORD!?!
EXSkywarp writes: Ratchet: I made out with Moonracer? Damn, just how wasted was I?

Wheeljack: Don't talk to me...
Prism Scarlet writes: Ratchet: The question is, what IS a Mahna Mahna?
Wheeljack: The question is, who CARES?
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snavej writes: Ratchet: Would you like a scraplet enema? It'll clean you out inside.

[Wheeljack backs away slowly and calls security.]
snavej writes: Ratchet: We could just nuke the Decepticons and save ourselves a lot of aggravation!

Wheeljack: As soon as you give up your medical qualifications for even suggesting such a thing! No, let's carry on killing them slowly and terrorising the humans for
trailbreaker writes: "Hey Wheeljack, let's beat the crap out of Wheelie !!"
Silver Snake writes: Wheeljack: And so then I took the Matrix into my spark chamber, and the world was saved.

Ratchet: That's some fanfiction those little girls are writing.
jack270606 writes: 1.21 Gigawatts - the only way to get that kind of energy is from a bolt of lightning. This Doc Brown - He crazy
Tripredacus writes: Yeah, that is funny I got a new mouth not 1 day after someone stole yours while you slept!
Black Hat writes: "I bet she gives great Headmaster".
Red_Sun writes: Ratchet: "You know Wheeljack, your chest looks like a toilet."
Vector sigma326 writes: ha ha! ooh snarf
phase writes: Ratchet: Didja' see the aft on Arcee?
Wheeljack: Yeah... I'm going to my room. DON'T COME IN.
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dirtysock47 writes: Too- much
Another Fan writes: Wheeljack: "Ratchet, yo mama is so ugly, she made Erector go into hiding."
Ratchet: "Ohhh, snap."
DarkEnergon writes: Ratchet: "Well, umm, Wheeljack... your 'Movieversinator' sounds powerful, but I'm worried it could potentiall turn us all into ugly robotic monsters, and you into some kind of British Mercedes with hair.
Ratbat writes: (Wheeljack) Look, Ratchet! Michael Bay's version of YOU!
(Ratchet) Hey! I'M the ORIGINAL Ratchet! Bay's Ratchet will NEVER, EVER be as popular as I am!
Godzillabot Primal writes: Interesting...you know I-Look! A squerrel!
Red 50 writes: WJ: "Whoa... I was so wasted I couldn't tell my exhaust from my faceplate. And those fembots... I SWEAR I'll never drink again."
R: "Yeah, but look at the bright side: what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas."
Delicon writes: Wheeljack: Take the picture quick before he grabs his robocrotch again!
Red_Sun writes: Ratchet:"Can i call your Jackie?
Wheeljack: "No..."
Ratchet: "Can i call you Wheelie then?"
Wheeljack: "NO!!!"
RobBase writes: So that's where earth babies come from ???
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ratchet, "Its amazing all this time and STILL a good likeness of my has yet to be captured in plastic."
thedriod writes: R: so ah um ... wheeljack can I see those dreads again?
W: only if I can see your mullet.
Fuhzimota writes: R:The reason you couldn't find the oil drain line is because SHE doesn't have one!
W:Whatever. next cycle, you're doing Arcee's physical exam. Bah, Fembots!
Red 50 writes: R: "So I might have exagurated a bit but how else was I gonna get you to the movie, huh?"
WJ: "I oughta stick one of those boomsticks into your exhaust port..."
MrNuclearGuy writes: Rachet: I'm telling you, turning your head and coughing IS part of the exam.
Wheeljack: Don't talk to me...
Red 50 writes: WJ: "I tought you said I was gonna have a big role in DOTM, but all I did was give humans some trinkets that barely scratch my potential! And not only that the renamed me into "QUE"! I mean What the F***!"
R: "So I might have exagurated a bit, but how el
trailbreaker writes: Ratchet - "So then I found him in bed with Huffer!"

Wheeljack - "We gotta get Spike a therapist."
munkimus prime writes: Wheeljack: And you said hasbro would never make a toy FOC Bruticus.
Ratchet: Yeah well.
Mechalemmiwinks writes: Ratchet: So, do you think Arcee would want to become a Headmaster?
Wheeljack: ...
ALEXD3498 writes: wheeljack: so in order to build the dinobots,
ratchet: wheeljack I am trying to have a serious scientific chat with you but I am failing, and im sorry for that.
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optimusprimeswife writes: Rachet: I'm sexy and i know it!!!

Wheeljack: Oh Srap, not this again!!!! I don't know you.(walks away)
spiderbob007 writes: Wheeljack: "How does it feel to no longer be a chairface, Ratchet?"

Ratchet: "Great, now I don't have to constantly run my wipers to see, and I can wear a this cool hat on top of my head."
Marcus Rush writes: Huffer: Quintuplets you say? How did this happen Ratchet? Nevermind I don't want to know. Just what are ya going to name them?
Wheeljack: Well, Grimlock umm Sludge...
Brinakron writes: Ratchet:...So anyway, the Spider-man thing didn't work out, by my hand is still stuck like this.
Wheeljack: Idiot...
Brinakron writes: Ratchet (The Night Before): Don't worry, mama. Things won't get weird.
Ratchet: It got weird, didn't it?
Wheeljack: Ya.
turbomagnus writes: Wheeljack: I'm sorry, Ratchet, but I still don't understand the attraction of human females in that position.
MasterSoundBlaster writes: R: soooo there's this video by Dr.Smoov on YouTube about the dinobots...hehehe
WJ:yea yea I know...now shut up
wullbinkle writes: So I says to her, "Honey, I'm gonna do so much more than 'Ratchet' it" Get it?
Red 50 writes: WJ: "Ohh, these nightmares that Dinobots keep havin... They just wake up in the night and start screamin for PAPA like little kids!"
Red 50 writes: WJ: "When I find the louzy two-faced son of a Quintesson who told the Dinobots to be like their DADDY..."
R: (smiling nervously)"Yeah, I wonder who it could have been..."
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blackout446 writes: hehe 'jack'!
Mindmaster writes: Wheeljack, you've done it again!
Mechalemmiwinks writes: "Wheeljack, if I were a truck and not an ambulance, I could've had a V8!"
Nos14 writes: "Well, i used to build smarter Dinobots, Wheeljack. But then I took that blaster to the knee..."
HelixPrime writes: Think anybody will blame us for building Lady Gaga?
skidflap writes: Ratchet: you hear that...that's the open road calling.

Wheeljack: you must have good hearing.
Insidious writes: Ratchet: "I wish I knew how to quit you."
Godzillabot Primal writes: ...and as you see, our biology is fairly similar to the humans. We even have the same downloading locations!
Heckfire writes: "So, uh, did you remember to give the Dinobots brains, or was that my job..?

"...sweet Primus, the carnage..."
Ralenger writes: Wheeljack: '... Oh, Dear Primus.'
Ratchet: 'Uh, I can explain...'
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Rodimus Knight writes: Heh, um you might want to leave the room now Jacky..
Ravage XK writes: Hey Wheeljack, check this out. If I put my left hand here and press here with my right hand I can feel my helmet move!!
paul053 writes: Wheeljack: Can you please put your hand down?
Ratchet: I can't. Hey you know, I never know human's super glue works that well.
Ravage XK writes: Was it you that put glue on my hands? It was wasn't it. WASN'T IT!!!! I dont mind the hand stuck to my head so much but how am I supposed to explain away the one stuck to my groin?
slip writes: So you wanna connect three bots together intake to exhaust ports.

Precisely Ratchet the Robotopede.
Hypershock writes: Ratchet: Heyyy Wheeljack, how's it hangin?
Wheeljack: So YOU'RE the one who canceled the FE Prime line!
Ratchet: Oh, um, hehe....oh gosh, look at the time!
Optimutt writes: Ratchet: Ha! Hey, remember that diagnostic I once gave you where I accidentally plugged your exhaust port?
Wheeljack: You mean after which, I got all confused and turned Decepticon?
Rathcet: Good times.
Wheeljack: Let's just never let it happen again.
Godzillabot Primal writes: It isn't your fualt that the lab blows up daily...well it is actually
sol2004 writes: When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.
sol2004 writes: You can only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
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sol2004 writes: You don’t stand alone. I also stand alone!
sol2004 writes: If it's stupid but works, it isn't stupid.
Powermaster Jazz writes: Ratchet: "You?? A Wrecker?? HAHAHA"
Wheeljack: "I don't see what's so funny..."
Ratchet: "The only things you've wrecked is your science lab"
Wheeljack: "Don't make me hurt you."
bionic_radical writes: ..hahahaha!! Aaaand that's when I looked her RIGHT in the optics and said, "No baby! Your butt is fine! I'm just stressed with work.."
Road Turtle writes: Ratchet,"Hey, just throwing it out there; what if...well, what if building these 'Dinobots' with tiny brains, no spark, and a whole lot of lasers and teeth is a bad idea...ah,heh...they could totally level the Ark...just saying...Wheeljack?...wheeljack?"
Road Turtle writes: Wheeljack "Ratchet, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Ratchet, "I think so Wheeljack, but me and Pippi Longstocking? What would the children look like?"
Road Turtle writes: Ratchet "So Wheeljack,what do you want to do tonight?"

Wheeljack,"Same thing we do every night, Ratchet; Try To Take Over The World!"
RoboTopia writes: Dude, Where's my car?!
...Wait, I am a Car?!
Oh... At least i didn't forget where I parked!
SaTaN CoNvOy writes: Well I guess you're not the Father then...
paul053 writes: Ratchet: Did you see Prime hit a bus last night?
Wheeljack: Shh........ He is behind us.
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paul053 writes: Ratchet: Hey Wheeljack, I don't know I am this much taller than you.
notsosmart writes: Really?! We're the only two WHITE autobots that showed up for jetfires party?!!!
Twitchythe3rd writes: "Gee Wheeljack, what're we gonna do tonight?"
"The same thing we do every night, Ratchet. Plot to take over the world!"
BeastProwl writes: Wheeljack: Putchya hand down ya moron!
Ratchet: But ALL the cool kids like ROCK AND ROLL!
dedcat writes: Ratchet attempts to teach Wheeljack a time honored human tradition known as the 'Macarena.'
Ravage XK writes: Ratchet: Awright, 'Jack? See that ludicrous display last night?
Wheeljack: What was Wenger thinking, sending Walcott on that early?
Ratchet: Fing about Arsenal is, they always try an' walk it in.
Lucius Prime writes: "You know, Jackie, I was super excited when you asked me to go on this beer run with you!"
"You're only here cause you got the biggest trunk and Ironhide's settin up the TV... Oh, and call me that one more time and I'll punch ya in the windscreen!"
gtazg19 writes: Wheeljack: WOW, the female robots didn't look like that back in our days!!!
Godzillabot Primal writes: Ratchet: And in this one episode of House MD they...

Wheeljack: *Thinking* Shut up, shut up SHUT UP!
vegetta6667 writes: WJ: Ratchet. When I said I wanted a peacock......
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rpetras writes: Hey Wheeljack, I just realized I could eat peanuts off your head.
Red 50 writes: WJ: "So, you and Minerva..."
R: "Uh, well... Sorry, Wheeljack. A-are we still friends? Huh, pal?"
WJ: "You better check your bunk before you go to sleep, PAL..."
alternator77 writes: wheeljack "can you get the hell away from me?" ratchet" im sorry i just want to be close to you."
DrLegend writes: Ratchet: So, that was a very awkward script reading.
Wheeljack: You said it. I hope that damn movie flops.
Sentinel Maximus writes: ...so the medibot says "Rectum? Damn near made him offline!"
Autobot Strider writes: Ratchet: "Uhhh, so Wheeljack, about last night..."
#Sideways# writes: Ratchet: "This is really awkward."
SoundAndShock writes: I'm sorry, Wheeljack, but orders were to seal that mouth of yours shut after suggesting the Dinobots be stupid.
zodconvoy writes: Ratchet: "Wrecked 'em? Damn near scraplets!"
Wheeljack: "...Spike helped you come up with that, didn't he?"
Lorekeeper writes: But Wheeljack, robots don't have prostates.
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xyl360 writes: I know I'm a doctor Wheeljack, but I still can't seem to get rid of this itchy rash. It's on my head and my...
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Oh come on, Wheeljack! What are the odds that both of us die, huh?
funklizard writes: Ratchet: And he was all like, "I'm Ironhide and I'm all red and I have big guns and I've seen a lot of things and I'm so manly..."
Wheeljack: Are you still talking?
brianharris74 writes: Wheeljack: Who would've thought that Apple had a patent on DinoBots too!?!?!?

Ratchet: Yeeeaaaah, I kinda thought it would go unnoticed.
Skywarp64 writes: Ratchet: *click* How's it hummin'?
Wheeljack: Did he just?
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Ratchet: Oh jack look,Photographers! Oh and goodness my hair is a wreck!
Kibble writes: Ratchet: Sorry, Wheeljack, but I don't swing that way...
gdawg8569 writes: R: "Dude....Wheeljack.....I'm either really stoned or that city just turned into a dinosaur and flew away"
WJ: "Whhhhooooooooaaaaaaa"
mesugeneh writes: Hahaha Jacky, do you really know Bulkhead?
reluttr writes: Ratchet: "Wow, Wheeljack, I just realized you are really short."

Wheeljack: "Suddup ratchet, just shuddup."
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