Sari talks to Optimus Prime

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Sari talks to Optimus Prime
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optimus prime: sari.....can you stop talking about those small horses?
Swoopscream writes: Seriously, Sari... you're like a little Indian chocolate right now. Om-num.
Sideswipe619 writes: Sari:..... And that's how baby's are made
Optimus: hmmmm thats not quite how it works on cybertron
Sari: you don't say smartimus prime
jack270606 writes: You know Sari, If I close 1 eye, you are only thiiis biig
Tripredacus writes: You wanna fly, keep talking.
Black Hat writes: HEeeeeelp....Poooosseeeeeeesssssed...By....Yuuuuuuuki...Oniiiiiishaaaaaa......
Black Hat writes: Urgh...So THAT'S why the glue tube said "do not sniff..."
#Sideways# writes: "Wait... Ultra Magnus is a higher rank than you!?"
RoboTopia writes: SARI: "When EXACTLY will you sound like PETER CULLEN Again?!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime, "What the hell is a Powerpuff Girl doing her? For that matter why am I drawn like Magnus?"
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The Prophet writes: Sari: Ratchet blah blah blah Bumblebee blah blah blah killed them blah blah blah ate a pretzel....

Optimus: *thinking* Damn, her head is huge...
SoundAndShock writes: So, it's really simple, Where does the trailer go?
Lapse Of Reason writes: So Optimus, when the @#$% is season 3 going to come out on DVD?
munkimus prime writes: Optimus Prime to his horror found out that he is no good at charades.
Mechalemmiwinks writes: Aaaaaaand this is the Chinese Knock-Off Transformers Prime Optimus. Now, the joints flop around a bit, but he's 1,000 times the size of the official figure. I can't promote buying a knock-off, but this figure is well worth the $15 (plus $20 shipping) you
transbot90210 writes: Hey, Whatsa matta for you?
Godzillabot Primal writes: BW Blackarachnia is way sexier then our boob-less Blackarachnia and you know it!
Red 50 writes: It was difficult to tell what gave Sari away: her terrible motor control,nonsense gybberish, odd disoriented expression or the smell of booze
DarkEnergon writes: 'Eliiita One, Eliiita One.' That's all you ever talk about! Dude, you turned her into an evil techno-organic spider, sent her into a new continuity, and let marketing hose her cool evil name. Get over it.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: No, no NO! It's high step, pivot, twirl, kick, kick, THEN jazz hands! Damnit, we'll be ready for opening night!
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Jackdarbyprime writes: Sari: Optimus, me and prowl did some ninja moves and destroyed your room
Optimus: *thinking* just ignore her, you know shes lying
PrymeStriker writes: Drunken Sari Action Figure: Intoxicating Shelves, Children, and 'Bots this Summer!
jrgreer74 writes: Sari: Seriously Prime? For such a "super advanced alien species" and all that, and you still can't understand where our "small organics" come from? OKAY! One more time......
1111111222233333 writes: Prime: Calm down, calm down! What the hell are first editions?
#Sideways# writes: Optimus is not amused by Sari's singing skills.
Optimus Eddie writes: I cannot work with this. Maybe a little blush, a little eye shadow, and some lipstic, and your hair is a mess. Did you sleep with that helmet on? Back to your trailer for a mae over then maybe we will talk.
paul053 writes: "Don't try to fool me Sari, I know you put that explosive balloon in Bumblebee's trunk."
dabattousai writes: Sari: a building.
-Kanrabat- writes: OPTIMUS PRIME: You know, Sari, you have to eat your vegetables if you want to grow up.

SARI: Yeah, yeah, I know. And to REALLY grow up, I'll have to eat the cans too?

OPTIMUS PRIME: Now that you mention it...
bionic_radical writes: SCALE!
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MasterSoundBlaster writes: Sari: come on prime...we all know better that I drunk better when I'm drive!! So just trans...transmorph back into a TRUCK..
Red 50 writes: OP: "Sari, have you been smoking the weed with Rattletrap and Oil Slick again?"
paul053 writes: "Okay Optimus, I know you won all the card games last night but I just don't have the money."
Ravage XK writes: You drunk again, Sari?
Poyguimogul writes: "Reprezent yo' KLIK! Motor City Bloods Prime! You in or you out?" - Optimus didn't notice Sari's antics. His gaze on the horizon and his thoughts turned to his new life, free from his alcoholism.
BeastProwl writes: "Okay prime. You see this space? Your LIPS, Fill THIS SPACE! They're HUGE!
trailbreaker writes: "Okay, open wide and I'll fix those teeth Optimus!"
RodimalToyota writes: What do you mean Kiss Player Prime?
procyon writes: "Ooooh, look at meeee, I'm Optimus Prime, I'm the greatest Autobot leader. I'm so fraught with difficult problems to solve and I'm hogging the whole shot... Jerk."
Deathsanras writes: "But Sari, I don't understand. Is 'pull my finger' some strange Earth custom?"
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Godzillabot Primal writes: To be or not to be, that is the question.
Baneblade writes: was this big!
munkimus prime writes: Sari:Optimus please take a breath mint.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Optimus: Stupid bug, you go squish now!
Varia31 writes: Sari: "I knew I should have gone before we left!"
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