Machinima's Transformers Combiner Wars Poster

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Machinima's Transformers Combiner Wars Poster
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Castle74 writes: this very's Computron versus Menasor in a no DQ match..with special guest referee...Optimus Prime!!
snavej writes: Menasor: Don't dent the spoiler!

Computron: Don't scratch the wings!

Prime: Beeyatch fights make me horni!
snavej writes: Let's make Peter Cullen say embarrassing things! We have no respect!
snavej writes: Combiners spoiling your fireworks orgy? There's nothing we can do about it. Sorry. Have you tried distracting them with a bus?
snavej writes: I must stop looking through hardware and electronics catalogues!
snavej writes: I love it when my friends and enemies come together!
snavej writes: Nothing like a good stick of Prime Beef!
Prime Target writes: Why does this shit exist
Terrsolpix writes: Recreate your favorite scenes with $100 dollar toys and 80 action figure stands!
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Bumblebee21 writes: i will be the number 1 caption contest winner.
oh wait. there goes elita one and arcee. uh-oh
Tailgun writes: I got the touch...and a court summons because of said touch.
Tailgun writes: Cumboner Wars: Groin Wars Trilogy
Tailgun writes: Humping Robot: The Sequel
Tailgun writes: Walk up to the club like what up I have a roboboner.
Tailgun writes: This boner, no matter how vast, will never be big enough for you and I to take a piss...
silversteele writes: Menasor: No touchies, no touchies!!
Prime: Damnit, not again. Gonna have to dial this all the way up to awesome...
snavej writes: It is pneumatic and capable of lifting five hundred tonnes if necessary.
Ryrynz writes: Cumming August 2
Ryrynz writes: Boners are the right of all sentient beings.
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Ryrynz writes: That's one tight fist, obviously had his other weapon in THAT hand.
Ryrynz writes: Dick will stand, ass shall fall.
Ryrynz writes: Look at that Prime schlong bustin right out of his pants.
sinnertwin1215 writes: Do you like your crap delivered in 5 minute intervals, once a week, over a two month period??? Well then, THIS IS FOR YOU!!! TRANSFORMERS: COMBINER WARS- Not even worth the time it took to type this. GO90 sucks.
LegoLover58 writes: Below Bad,
Below Mediocre,
Far Below your wildest expectations.
Quantum Surge writes: Jon 3.0 is now Prime. Possible Honest Trailer for this series?
NovamusPrime3 writes: THIS is how you win a battle!!
BattleConvoy writes: We hoped for Peter Cullen, we got someotherguy.
We hoped for it to have a good story, IT SUCKED!
Blozor writes: "It is not logical to--"

"Let him thrust, Computron, just...let him thrust."
NINEFINGAZ writes: Last night Donald trump unveiled his backup plan to the border wall stating "This is clearly the more realistic option."
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EvasionModeBumblebee writes: "You see, Megatron? THIS is what awesome looks like."
Torneira writes: (Off screen) Elita One:
"Oww... Prime is that your gun or are you kust happy to see... oh wait you're holding your gun...."
steve2275 writes: i cant fight this felling anymore
Red 50 writes: Transformers Combiner Wars: The Series - The Transformers' equivalent to Terminator Genysis
primalxconvoy writes: "Prime your Angus!"
paul053 writes: Rock scissors paper
Sarahthecutevixen writes: Transformers Combiner wars: Shattered expectations,
KibishiNazo writes: Menasor: Wait I thought you said we were going for a fist bump?
Superion: No I said high five...
TheBritishFan writes: We have WAY too many giant robots hanging around!
DR0hNO writes: Optimus prime: "i need to look cool on this poster!"
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#Sideways# writes: Computron wants to steal Menasor's doughnut.

Menasor has other ideas.
Shauyaun writes: Optimus prime:Scrap!did I leave the stove on?!
D-Maximal_Primal writes: You ever get the feeling that Prime may be into some BDSM stuff here? Even if Computron seems to have not signed the contract
Towline writes: The poster shoot was plauged with trouble. The photographer wanted Optimus Prime to twerk, while Menasor is jealous of Computron's "jazz hands".
Bronzewolf writes: "Oh yeah...I got the touch"
SureShot18 writes: Oh, Prime is going to be coming a lot sooner than August 2. If you know what I mean.
Optimum Supreme writes: Optimus:"Quick, let's get outta here before Nobody Loves Wheelie zings us again!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Optimus, "Prime Wars Trilogy? Sigh...its gonna be a long hard day."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Computron and Menasaur, "OUCH STATIC SHOCK!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Somehow I doubt chest exposed crotch thrust forward is a good fighting stance.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Even Optimus is excited by the thought of a new cartoon.
chefclark writes: Combiner Bros before Cyber...
Madeus Prime writes: Little known fact, Optimus Prime invented the "time warp" dance from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Madeus Prime writes: Menasor: Computron! That isn't how you do a fist bump!
Computron: Menasor! That isn't how you do a high five!
Optimum Supreme writes: Duffman aka Optimus is thrusting in the direction of the problem.
Rellko writes: I can't seem to find my feet, Elita-one is going to go nuts...
EunuchRon writes: I've got bearings of chrome steel!
Zeedust writes: I don't get what everyone's going on about, there's LITERALLY nothing under there.
Mr O writes: 'TOUCH!'
trailbreaker writes: Boing!
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LE0KING writes: Comboner wars
Decepticon Stryker writes: Elita One's offscreen without her chestplate.
ǝuoǝɥʇʎɹɐɔ writes: I WANNA ROCK!
lonrac writes: Computron: High five, we made the caption contest
Menasor: Don't be a douche.
Optimus ( doing jon bailey impression) "that's what she said"
Bumblebee21 writes: its a gun its not what you think it is
Black Hat writes: "Welp, I need a cold shower."
Beyonder writes: Gonads has the Right to All Sentient Beings
Beyonder writes: One shall CERTAINLY STAND! Yours shall FALL!
Beyonder writes: Ballsy move Optimus, ballsy move...
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Mr O writes: "Someone called for a big, purple monster?"
Cobotron writes: Scrotum is the right of ALL sentient beings.
UnderYourCloset writes: A penis-oriented caption contest? William-James is gonna love this one.
UnderYourCloset writes: (Optimus posing for all those Spike fans.)
UnderYourCloset writes: Optimus: "Calm down, it was a dare."
UnderYourCloset writes: Time for Combiner Warrrrr...drobe-malfunctions.
King Kuuga writes: And it's the pelvic thrust that really drives them insane!
Let's wage Combiner War again!
Emerje writes: This may be Combiner Wars, but Optimus brought his Titan.
D-Maximal_Primal writes: Time to break out the big boys!
william-james88 writes: Should not have taken that viagra so early!
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