Optimus Prime Statue in Yunnan, China

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Optimus Prime Statue in Yunnan, China
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364 captions have been posted for this image so far ...
Rainmaker writes: AUTOBOTS, THIS WAY!
Wolfman Jake writes: No, you can find official Transformers products over that way. I'm just advertising used cars.
ultraprime0914 writes: Everyone do not vote for Donald trump vote me..Optimus prime
Rainmaker writes: I must scratch my nose...
Zeedust writes: The oversized knockoffs have really started getting out of hand.
Swoopscream writes: which way Deceptecon? DE-CEP-TAH-CONNNN!!!!
popo5 writes: China loves Optimus. He rules!
dirtysock47 writes: cmon do i really have to move
Godzillabot Primal writes: Just keep three miles in that direction and you can't miss it.
Retrospex writes: "No Officer Huang, what made you think we're making bootleg Transformers here?"
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Optimus Eddie writes: And the super Wal-Mart selling my toys will look good right over there
Rex Prime writes: What the He-....Autobots we Gotta Get outta here! before the Chinese use their technology to turn us unto stupid little transforming kid toys in the Chinese market.
shocksound96 writes: autobots transform and get the heck out of china
altramaxus writes: you think im big, look at that!
#Sideways# writes: "Go that way!" Says Optimus,

"The heck with the super advanced robot from outer space, lets go THIS way!"
moonie writes: tourist: and the worlds biggest megatron knock-off is over there right?
Rept138 writes: Optimus: "Break it up you two. We don't do that kind of stuff here".
moonie writes: man: who are you going to listen to? me or some sentient machine from another planet? the market is over there!
Q_Silverbolt writes: Optimus Prime: "Oh, they got my face wrong!"
ACStarscream writes: Optimus Prime and the Man in the Yellow Shirt flag down Random Passerby #37 to help them resolve the age-old debate of "Which way did he go?" ["That way!" "No, he went that way." "No, THAT way!"]
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ACStarscream writes: "Stick out your arm and point... No human, I didn't say 'Simon Says'! Ha ha! I win!"
Taiya001 writes: Prime: THIS WAY TO ACELSIOR!!
Guy in yellow: No Prime i think its this way.
Other dude in pic: I am going to go with the giant robot.
Prime: ach hem...i prefer AUTOBOT!
ACStarscream writes: Behold! The biggest knock-off Transformer ever! And it doesn't even transform!
Deadpool. writes: Man1: Look! It's Optimus Prime!
Man2: Wow, yeah! He's huge but something seems weird about him....
Man1: I get it! His colours are screwed up!
Man2: And his gun is too small!
Man1: And he looks fake!
Man2: I wonder who made this statue...
Freddery writes: Prime thinking: I'm getting mighty sick of being screwed up by animation workshops but this just crosses the line.
Unknown writes: Follow the yellow brick road
ACStarscream writes: Optimus Prime, old and senile, cannot understand why the cars in the parking lot won't "transform" or "roll out".
ChevyTron writes: How much for the giant robot imitating Phoenix Wright?
nyporter31 writes: guy in yellow: haha look its optimus prime. Its a long way from hit t.v. show to car salesman
prime: can i show u something in a yellow vw bug?
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nyporter31 writes: person 1: where did we park the car
guy in yellow: i think its this way
prime: no u fool its this way
nyporter31 writes: hey you two, keep it moving
1337W422102 writes: "Make it so."
Azimuth writes: This actually costs less than the six-foot-something Prime you can order for $4,000 plus shipping.
Heetseeker_X1 writes: To the dicepticons and beyond! Load your weapons, and charge!!!
snavej writes: Prime: Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Seriously, I am scorching hot. I've been standing in the sun all day and kids are frying eggs on my toes.
snavej writes: Prime:
Hey you!
Out there in the cold
Always doing what you're told
Can you hear me?

Hey you!
With your back against the wall
Waiting for someone to call out
Can you feel me?

Copyright lawyer for Pink Floyd:
Prime, you'd better run
Unknown writes: i've been here too long!!
Ironman21 writes: I am going to kick megatrons butt the whole way back to cybertron
Ironman21 writes: I swear theres a UFO right there, why won't anyone believe me I'm just a statue
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Thanatos Prime writes: Look, a meteor! The real Optimus Prime is here to save me from you people!
skywarp-2 writes: Prime Statue "I'm an over compensation for something else thats very very small.." See that man in the yellow shirt???
crapioca writes: TRIP TO YUNNAN, CHINA: $770


Unknown writes: "Pull my finger!"
Marsekay writes: Takaras new inflatable "masterpiece prime" was a little to large for most peoples living rooms.
but at a £30 price point people bought it to put in car parks at random anyway.
Tygrbolt writes: And that is why you must...

I..I swear I had a point..

But I'm suddenly distracted by my utter lack of detail.
Road Turtle writes: "It's a really colorful robot! It's probably Japanese!"
Road Turtle writes: "The Pleasantly Helpful Robot, Is Really Distracting!"
Road Turtle writes: "One shall stand, one shall fall, and one shall get lost in the middle of China."
Yjonniy writes: Autobots!
Lets go Kick Megatrons Ass!
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DK1138 writes: Don't Listen to him, It's over THAT way!
Angelbot writes: Elita One: Prime, what's this I hear about you waking up next to a Winnebago? You've got A LOT of explaining to do!
Road Turtle writes: Optimus, "Sorry Mario, but our new caption photo is in another castle!"
GremlinGrimlock writes: Peace before Destruction.
Kryptikore writes: Little Guy: Excuse me sir? Do you know where I can get something to drink?

Guy in yellow shirt: Oh yes there is this great place called the green palace.

Optimus: No no no.. "Hick" you want to go to the Fiesty Dragon "Hick" They
Angelbot writes: Elita! Starscream stole the next photo and is heading that way. I'll be over to provide backup as soon as I get the gum off my feet.

And remember: DO NOT use your Special Power UNTIL I arrive!
Kryptikore writes: Optimus: I think you guys should move over there. I had one of those breakfast burrito's and it's NOT sitting right!

Guy in yellow shirt: RUN!!!
Kryptikore writes: Optimus: Tohmo oregahto Mr. Roboto Tohmo.. Tohmo..
Rachet: Not again Prime! That's really getting old!
Guy in yellow shirt: Let's move over there. I swear if I hear Mr. Roboto one more time!
snavej writes: Yellow shirt guy: Don't look at the big freaky hallucination! The love dungeon is that way!

Little guy: Ah so, kemosabe.
snavej writes: You must be at least this high to pull my finger!
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smiggy3000 writes: You must be this big to ride to dogems.
smiggy3000 writes: We asked Optimus Prime and the Strange little man to point to the car park.
Unknown writes: Give me beer and women!
galvatron224 writes: OH S**t IT'S GODZILLA!!!!
snavej writes: Optimus: I'm gonna be here until AT LEAST the fifth movie sequel. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ratchet: That's it - I'm relieving you of command. Hand over your gun, your badge and your disco ball of destiny.
snavej writes: After landing in China, the party tried to send him to reeducation camp, to persuade him that freedom was NOT the right of all sentient beings. After a while, Optimus became so infuriated that he slaughtered the entire Chinese population (over 1.3 billio
GL135 writes: The problem is that the party does not approve of prime. It will have to be destroyed
shockwave_inoz writes: Optimus: "The picture for the next Ultimate Caption Contest is over THERE! Now, get moving!!"
Optimusizzy writes: Look up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane its a war between Beast Wars and Generation 1 to see whos better?
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1337W422102 writes: "I see that you've changed *THAT* picture and the Before Carly girl is hella hittable, but what about changing *THIS* one?"
Kryptikore writes: Go ahead pull my finger!
snavej writes: Optimus: You! Yes, you! The one with the dirty mind! Stop that right now! Didn't your mother tell you it was wrong? Don't make me come over there! I HAVE the Touch and I HAVE the Power: don't think I won't use them!
Thunderboomer writes: Ok..so you take the road that way until you hit the overpass, from there turn left...left
snavej writes: Optimus Prime, stuffed, resprayed and displayed after his untimely death in the 1986 movie.
snavej writes: Optimus: My IDW Spotlight comic is coming up real soon.

Yellow shirt guy: Mine will be coming sometime in 2047.

Little guy: I was in a 3,000 page hardcore sex manga last month but you don't hear me bragging about it. I probably should brag, th
Unknown writes: It was I who stold the cookie from the cookie jar
captaincharisma writes: Thats it, over there. First star on the right and straight on 'til morning.
Venomous Prime writes: We're off to see the wizard...

If I only had a brain!
Angelbot writes: Yellow Shirt Guy: I saw a pink Ladybot drive off thataway.
Optimus Prime: Oh for the love of Cybertron, that was Arcee! Elita One drove off that way 5 astrominutes ago.
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Unknown writes: "You must be this tall to ride me!"
mechislander writes: The place where the movie will be released earlier is over THERE!
snavej writes: Decepticons, hear me! I'm not going to bother defending these buildings or the people inside. They're only Chinese.
snavej writes: How did Optimus pick his nose without removing his face plate?! He shows the result off to the world.
Pellek212 writes: "See? Prime says you must be this tall to ride..."

Dude 1: "Whoa! Cool robot!"
Dude 2: *sigh* "It's just a statue!"

Prime: "I need to have a word with Teletran-1.."
TwV writes: Dude 1: "Whoa! Isn't that Optimus Prime?"
Dude 2: "Nah. Looks more like a cheap knock off."
Megatron Wolf writes: Little guy: Where is the mall from here?
Yellow shirt guy: I think its over that way
Prime: No the Mall is that way
Little Guy: Holy ---- its a Gundam!
Yellow Shirt Guy: Holly ---- its Gravion!
Ratchet: See prime thats why I didnt Transform.
macjedi writes: "No... it's THIS way, and a LEFT at the first light."
Angelbot writes: Optimus Prime speaking to Elita One:
"Elita ... Chromia, Moonracer, and Firestar are waiting for you at the shopping plaza over there."
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snavej writes: Optimus: I will stand here with my finger out until Megatron comes by. Then I will poke him in the eye. You wanna know why?

Yellow shirt dude: Why?

Optimus: I poke him in the eye. You wanna know why?

Little guy: Why?

Optimus: I poke him in
snavej writes: Little guy: Ancient Chinese wisdom say there is land where there are new captions.

Yellow shirt guy: Is it over there? (Points)

Optimus: I heard it was that way. (Points)

Little guy: AAAARRGGHH! A GIANT F**KING ROBOT! (Runs away, leaving brow
1337W422102 writes: Take off every Zig. You know what you doing. Move Zig. For great justice.
captaincharisma writes: DECEPTICONS! RETREAT! Wait a minute, that's not my line.
3waygamer writes: Are you serious? They chose that punk to play me in the movie. At least give Mack from Cars a chance.
Gaijin writes: Where the hell is my mouth?
Fussion writes: immobilizer strikes again...not just on Optimus but on this caption and the guy who changes it!!!!
samoan writes: OH MRS.MING? CAN YAO PLAY?
Unknown writes: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ARCEE HAS PMS RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Powersurge writes: Yeah I'm looking at you Ryan!
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Powersurge writes: Prime: Urg could you PLEASE change the picture, I have things to do!
Powersurge writes: There's Megatron.

I would shoot him, but I can't seem to stop pointing
YaBoiPlay writes: "I'm going this way to defeat Megatron!"
Yeah, that's great, but Prime, Who the ---- is That?"
Unknown writes: Hey you get off your ass and change tge caption!!!!
1337W422102 writes: "I'm going to go over there. You guys better change the Caption Contest picture by the time I get back."
Omegas_Prime2005 writes: Hello I'm Optimus Prime, and I want you to remember something during the next presidential election. Our country is in need of a galaxian class leader. Today I want you to know that if I'm elected president I will transform our great nation, and
black spiderman 4 writes: Oh man, WHAT did I do last night?

All I can recall is drinking some energon, OH! now I remember. The guys at base are going to have a Field day over this.
Road Turtle writes: Man in Grey Jacket, "Oh no my young friend, I believe your giant cartoon robot friend to be correct."

Spike in Yellow, "What would he know about China? He was made in Japan! What's he look like, a Hasbro re-issue?"
grimlockandco writes: Thee Who smelt it Delt it!

-robot chicken
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Road Turtle writes: As seen in this deleted clip, Michael Bay initially wanted to film Transformers the Movie as the first Live Action Anime; needless to say he rejected the idea.
Azimuth writes: Aaargh, paper cut. Ratchet, a band-aid!
First Gen writes: This caption must be stopped. No matter the cost.
Azimuth writes: That's right, Mega-dump, I know where you live! (yellow shirt: "We should go. Run.")
Azimuth writes: Humans go this way, robots go this way.
Azimuth writes: I spy, with my little optic...incoming missiles! Oh, slag....
NightFall writes: Look that way, ....Later I will have a worst set of lips!
Swerve writes: Don't listen to him! If you need to use a toilet, Shortround is right over there.
snavej writes: You're no masterpiece, Megatron - you're hardly even die-cast!
snavej writes: Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm an Autobot, no time to talk.

For over four million years I've been stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Stayin' aliiiiiiiiiive!
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Road Turtle writes: Transformers the Movie: Enhanced Special Edition...new computer animation for greater cartoon likeness...
tman247 writes: Prime Imitating Michael Jackson" Yee Heeee!!
tman247 writes: RUN NIGGA!!!
jedimasterscott85 writes: Is This The Way to Amirillo?
Optimusizzy writes: Optimus Prime tribute to the Bee Gees
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: Here, let's have some target practice. I'll throw a picture of the new me and you target the parts you don't like. See even Michael Bay is in it...but I call shooting that part.
1337W422102 writes: "There's my mouthplate! Way over there! Michael Bay is... urinating on it.

On second thought, maybe I don't need it in the movie..."
MechMasterAlpha writes: Optimus: hey look godzilla
yellow shirt man guy: sure gaint talking robot
kid woman thing? : where did we park?
Optimus: over there
mr. yellow shirt: no you stupid 50ft robot its over there
Halo2addict writes: Optimus Prime: OK Chinese government, if you don't hand over that idiot responsible for spiking the pet food with two deadly chemicals that were then shipped to the United States, it will result in an inter planetary incident, and be considered an ac
Furon writes: Prime's secret weapon, the SAL (Sweaty Armpit Laser) devastates china
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Furon writes: TAXI!
snavej writes: Optimus: This isn't over Megatron! Wait there for a minute; I have to do some shopping!

Yellow shirt guy: I think he won't come back. He'll sneak out the other side of the store and run away.

Little Chinese guy: Such an epic feat of
snavej writes: Optimus: This stupid craze for 'Heelies' - shoes with wheels in the soles ... Transformers had 'Heelies' built in at the dawn of time!
snavej writes: Auditions for the part of 'Evil Monkey' in 'Family Guy' were not very successful. There were two candidates, both of whom were unsuitable. The little Chinese judge ritually spat on both of them.
snavej writes: Optimus: I might be stuck here but at least I'm not a stinking monkey!
snavej writes: 'Communism is the right of all sentient beings!'
snavej writes: After being reprogrammed by Microsoft, Optimus frequently stalled and had to wait for someone to reboot him.
Unknown writes: Autobots! Now...for my rendition of Starscream in the movie as the blast doors close on his foot!
1337W422102 writes: In Communist China, Prime points at YOU!
Swerve writes: In a touching scene, Optimus attempts to pass on the Booger of Leadership, "'till all are flung!"
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phillmo writes: Mocking the people with no true sense of humor, Prime points and says: "go to your room, and I don't care how many thousand miles you'll be traveling"
1337W422102 writes: "Now to make the Bitches Who Love Optimus Prime gallery..."
Swerve writes: Even at this imposing size, Prime was still dwarfed by the original G1 release of Fort Max.
DISCHARGE writes: MP-10. Released only in Japan.
phillmo writes: #9, they lead the world at maths, unlike me.
phillmo writes: 9 Things China and Autobots have incommon:
*The love of the colour red.
*Alot of there friends are also Toyotas.
*A energy crisis situation.
*They understand you can't trust an f-15.
*During the creation of a new member of there communite, boys
phillmo writes: Feeling inadequate, Prime assumes his third transformation "useless mime guy"
snavej writes: Optimus: They said that these were BIG stores but I still can't fit inside. I'm going home. Taxi! Sorry, too small. Taxi! Sorry, too small. Taxi! ...
snavej writes: Optimus knew that his attitude was changing when the taller human started slapping the smaller one around the head and he didn't intervene - he just laughed.
snavej writes: Optimus' worst fears come true - the war ends and the only work he can get is as an advertisement.

[Typical job interview: "What experience do you have, Mr. Prime? Intergalactic warfare, repeated body swaps and upgrades, people calling you a
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ssjgoku72000 writes: And Now, Optimus Prime and Spike Witwitcky to there rendtion of that City Direction and Distance Sign from the TV show M.A.S.H.
Unknown writes: Hey.... dude in the yellow.... you're pointing the wrong way.
partholon writes: no foolish american, americas THAT way ! pay no heed to the pretender !!
ssjgoku72000 writes: Fine, It's True...My origin is that I'm chinese, I wore a prostetic Faceplate and Optic Sensors to make me look American.....My mother was so ashamed that I turned my back on my heritage, I...just....just.........
ssjgoku72000 writes: Excuse me Officer, I was drunk in a bar, they THREW ME INTO PUB-LICK!
Swerve writes: Prime... must... -grunt- poop, LEAVE QUICKLY!
snavej writes: Prime (thinks): If I stay like this for several thousand years, the humans might start mining me for guano!
idunno writes: Welcome to Wal-Mart. This way to electronics. Would you like a sticker little girl?
LunarFormer writes: Optimus Prime has become possessed by Babe Ruth
1337W422102 writes: (points to Before Carly gallery)
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Gaijin writes: Tell me, Mr. Andersen, what good is a phone call when you are unable to speak?
Stormrider writes: "Am I still here. I'm starting to feel like the Tin man in the Wizard of Oz."
Zeedust writes: You must be THIS tall to ride the Ark.
StarScreem writes: Your mom gives me...a me!!

That's right! She gives me a SEMI! ! !
theprime8604 writes: rodimus!!! stop playing with the matrix and go to the corner
Swerve writes: No officer, don't listen to that guy, he's with them! The person that tried to put a mouth on me ran that away.
snavej writes: Suck my G1 goodness!
D_J_D_99 writes: That's the way to Amarillo. Now please, just stop singing that song!
Unknown writes: Optimus: I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Optimus: One shall stand. One shall fall...on those two geeks standing in front of me playing "pull my finger."
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Halo2addict writes: Optimus Prime: "Hot Rod! Get away from that Ford Mustang Cobra SVT right now! And stay away from that Ford GT, too!"
Unknown writes: Rodimus get away from Alitra!!!!!
Unknown writes: you know what they say about bots with big feet.
(look behind Optimuns see the wenner? bring pulled out from the white van?)
Swerve writes: No one knew why Prime was trying to catch a taxi; he could have just as easily transformed and drove to wherever he needed to go.
Unknown writes: tourist guy: um can you help me, my giant friend and i are lost and we are arguing about which way to go. which way is it to the botcon in japan, his way or my way?
chinese guy: no speakie engrish.
hot rod 907 writes: Hee hee hee! I am so happy! And all because I lit that little white stick on fire!
cam2 writes: robots in disguise my ass
LunarFormer writes: "Alright, who stole my mouthplate?
Gascap writes: macho macho man, i wanna be a macho man, mach oh...what?!
Swerve writes: The Cybertron Hokey-Pokey is what it's all about.
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trailbreaker writes: Optimus is soooo big that he's blocking the sunlight from reaching the grass. Everything's dead!!
Gascap writes: optimus prime:I WANT ATTENTION!!!! NOTICE ME!!!!
Gascap writes: Rumble: well would you look at that.
Frenzy: yeah i see it.
Rumble: prime the leader of the autobots hero to all and all around good guy.
Frenzy: he's not so great.
Soundwave: Ever wonder why he's so big.
Rumble & Frenzy: whys that?
Unknown writes: pimpping Optimus went wrong.
JonnyWhatever writes: "No! The Michael Jackson Robot is over there! Run for it, I'll protect your rear!"
Unknown writes: [guy in white] Hey Optimus, why aren't you in America?

[Prime] Everyone likes the movie designs there. The Chinese are the only ones that accept me.

[guy in white] Why don't you change and be like the movie version?

[Prime] You know
Unknown writes: Where is that guy? its been 3 weeks now!
snavej writes: I am the God of Disco!
snavej writes: Optimus Prime: protecting Chinese shops from lightning since 1987.
snavej writes: The statue was delivered but it was of Optimus Prime, not Chairman Mao. No one appeared to give a rat's ass anyway.
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Big_yellow_glasses writes: Prime: Don't make me say it again! GIT OFF MAH LAWN!

Nerd in yellow: But Mr. Prime I really want your autograph.

Prime: How would you like my 5-ton foot up YO @$$!

Chinese guy: No! I hid the Mogwai in there!
savethetigatrons writes: Rachet to Prime: "You don't even have a mouth you dumb $%&@#"
snavej writes: Ratchet: I'm telling you, Optimus - it's not healthy for you to gain that much weight.

Optimus: It's only temporary. I'm doing a short film based on Transformers: Energon. I have to eat at least ten cars per day.

Ratchet: Hey,
savethetigatrons writes: Prime: "Wha...why am I pointing?"
snavej writes: Optimus: I really, really object to what just happened to me in the comic 'Escalation' issue 5. That was just awful. Someone's going to get sued!
snavej writes: Hugo Weaving named as voice of Megatron in 2007 movie.

Optimus can't cope with the pressure of Weaving's star status.

He runs away to China and tries to hail passing starships, hoping to escape to another galaxy.

Tourists mock him as th
Unknown writes: There he is my little boy,
There he is my little guy,
Isn't he cute?
Unknown writes: " The Robotech/ Macross exhibit is right over there and looks WAY more real"
Halo2addict writes: Optimus Prime: Next time, Ratchet, I WILL step on you!
Halo2addict writes: Optimus Prime: Ratchet! What are you doning?! I almost stepped on you!
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Swerve writes: Ratchet narrowly escapes one of Optimus Prime's colorful turds.
Unknown writes: Rodimus your dead!!
I said China not Japan!
savethetigatrons writes: Prime: "I'm pointing right at it...your doom draws near."
Dynamax writes: Prime: FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!! TAKE OFF EVERY ZIG!!!

Tourists: You know we can speak English quite well.

Prime: Ummm...sorry about that.
polystyleneman writes: What, you'd prefer flames? Go talk to Michael Bay!
Mad_Mexicoy writes: He went that way!!!
snavej writes: Optimus: My laser rifle has been stolen and replaced with a cheap plastic pistol. I blame - Bin Laden! Always looking for more weapons!

Yellow shirt man: We will do the silly salute like this, then unite in our millions and march into China. You loc
snavej writes: As the bird crap accumulated, the statue of Prime looked more and more like Magnus.
snavej writes: The shopping complex owners wanted to put up a statue of a giant dick but they hired a Trans-Fan to do it and he had his own interpretation of a dick!
killfranken writes: "That's it! You all have to leave- you two Ratchet!"
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killfranken writes: "Who do I listen to... yellow shirt weenie or cardboard Prime?"
killfranken writes: Yeah, I'm sorry... there's a much better statue of me over there.
savethetigatrons writes: Prime: "I'm in your country, pointing at your destruction"
Tiedye writes: (Son talking to father)
Son-"Dad why is there a statue of Optimus Primal?
DAD-"Well son, A long time ago his ship crashed landed on our planet and they started a war with other robots, and he saved us from the other robots even though many of
Swerve writes: Prime: Orrr Cnnnn! ORRR CNNNN!

Man in Yellow: Oh no Toto, Prime went and rusted up on himself again! Run up the yellow brick road and get the Cowardly Lion, we'll need his help with the oil can.
Stormrider writes: Am I still here? I can't hold this pose any longer.
Unknown writes: "prostate exam time? Dont make me step on you."
Split Second writes: What a crappy statue. Even Prime himself disagrees with the Chinese.
Split Second writes: That white van beside Prime's right foot must be Ratchet or something. *speaks in Chinese* That statue is huge!
Techna writes: Who the heck in his right mind created this peice of junk?
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1337W422102 writes: Actually, people HAVE noticed that, 1bigray: deceptifiend, transformerguru, tomservo, First Gen, and GrimSqueaker...
Robinson writes: I'm surprised no one noticed rachet down by optimus foot
snavej writes: Chinky Prime - hero of the Long March, Cultural Revolution and Trukk-Munky Wars.
Unknown writes: Iam bring sexy back!!
tprime writes: If you go that way you will see the statue of megatron.
deceptifiend writes: optimus:theres the guy who said we would have a new picture every monday
snavej writes: Man in yellow shirt: Optimus Prime put his finger in the hole in the dyke and saved us all. That's why we have this statue.

Small man: He is heroic fingerer of dyke's hole and therefore porno god!

The Dutch people: We will sue you for def
snavej writes: His limbs paralysed and locked in place by an unknown Chinese ailment, Optimus is unable to stop his gigantic turds from crushing vehicles parked below. A parking attendant tries to tell people to avoid those particular spaces but some don't listen.
Repair Bay writes: Optimus: Ha Ha.
Human: What?
That statue of Megatron over there looks more retarted than I do!
Human: Optimus! That's not nice!
Optimus: Shut up or I'll fall on you.
MAC Prime writes: Now see, over there is the link to actionhq where you can buy classic TF's....ok, I did it, give me my paycheck!
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Drive-By writes: Not even Prime can bring back disco.
Vitatech writes: don't listen to Optimus, go THAT way.
† Sunstorm writes: SIEG HEIL!
Sylver1432 writes: Optimus: "Bumblebee, that's your third false start today! Now even the humans are pointing and laughing. Your game is over. Hit the showers!"
1337W422102 writes: In Communist China, Statues point at YOU!
Gigas writes: Tan Shirt: I say, yellowshirt. that giant robot is giving you the finger!
TenaciousMC writes: You no shop here! You go now!
darth_paul writes: Optimus points to where he's going to hit his home run, but a human fan tells another that sadly Prime is pointing foul.
ninjabot writes: Megatron: The Medusa Ray works, Starscream ready the troops, we raid the autobot base tonight, while the autobots morn their leaders death!!!!!
Cyber-Kun writes: "One Shall stand...
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Pokejedservo writes: Sadly not even Cybertronians are immune to the effects of skin bleaching surgery.
snavej writes: Optimus: Ying tai ying tai ying tai ying tai ying tai tiddle eye po!

Small man: Stop ripping off the Goon Show (BBC Radio) and learn Mandarin, you stinking communist!

Man in yellow shirt: And that is a seeker. S-E-E-K-E-R. Seeker. He probably wan
snavej writes: Optimus: Rover, I mean Roller! Heel boy!

Man in yellow shirt: And that's a big shop of some kind.

Small man: You want to buy Mogwai? Good price. Must learn three rules.

Man in yellow shirt: How would I get it through customs?

Small man
Sorna-Primeacon writes: Nope, Thats not Optimus Prime, get back over there you.
snavej writes: Optimus: There goes Bill the TFMaster. Bye bye Bill.

Man in yellow shirt: And that is a bush. See - bush. B-U-S-H. Bush.

Little man: Why does bush have laser gun in it? Do bushes have laser guns normally?

Man in yellow shirt: Why didn't
Falkorich writes: OMG...they made OP to look like a Chinese.
Ultra Markus writes: as the new china government takes over all religious statues of the fat bald guy are being replaced by statues of optimus prime!
Sherade writes: O.P: Remember kids, don't do drugs!
Road Turtle writes: Guy in gray, "..but your giant cartoon robot says to go the other way..."
blade3 writes: Guy in Tan: Yes, Mr President. I am trying to get Optimus to help with the war in Iraq, but he keeps telling me we should deal with our own problems and to go away.
Guy in Yellow: If ya go that way you'll find Meagatron maybe he''l help.
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uberhunt writes: Red alert deceptipigeons...led by lazerbeak?
Kreepy boy writes: Yellow human to prime :Dude thanks alot you missed godzilla 2 weeks ago

prime: Godzilla?

Tan human : Yeh big lisard likes to rampage through town you know the usael

Yello human : dude I thout you guys were spose to protect us.

prime :we are
Kreepy boy writes: Oh my god they killed kenny ... again, You basterds!!!
MAC Prime writes: If you're looking for Cybertron...its that way...wait...maybe that way...oh *#&@ (thinks to self: Maybe I should have looked at the map first)
Halo2addict writes: Optimus Prime: "Now change the "Before Carly" picture again. Only this time, put up a pic a girl who has dark brown eyes and light blond hair, I don't care if you have to use "Paint Shop Pro" or not! Personally, though, I wou
snavej writes: The Autobot/human war began as a disagreement over directions given to a passer-by in China. This way! No, that way!
Robinson writes: They say people with big trucks are overcompensating for something.
gigtronicdeth writes: OP phone home.
Ryu-Shu writes: Prime: Look over there a distraction
TransX writes: Guy in yellow shirt: ah grasshoppa! You look for real optimus prime! You go that way. Statue say wrong way. You go way I tell you! Grasshoppa follow masta's instruction, grasshoppa become wise like masta!
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bionic_radical writes: ROOK!! GODZIRRA!!
The One and Only writes: Welcome to Wal-Mart.
Nico writes: I want you!
† Sunstorm writes: GAAARGH! those damn birds and their poo!
snavej writes: Optimus Prime - not a racist.

[Father Ted joke - the episode about the unexpected Chinatown and the accidental racism.]
snavej writes: Checking wind direction before firing gun. Laser easily deflected by slight breeze.
snavej writes: Flared trousers - still popular in China.
Dclone Soundwave writes: Thanks you, come again! I'll see you in Hell! *waves bye-bye*
Sentinel Maximus writes: No Mr. Bay, I'm sorry but your not allowed in! In fact,... Murphy, DeSanto, Orci, all of you,s get outta here!
BOSSC351 writes: Bay is over THERE!!!!
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Unknown writes: Optimus Prime: Go, my minions, and defeat the Decepticons!
Guy in yellow: What was that?!?
Guy in tan: It's God! He's taken the form of a giant robot!
Guys in yellow and tan: *bows before the Optimus*
Optimus Prime: Bakas...*sighs and shakes
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime: Go, my minions, and defeat the Decepticons!
Guy in yellow: What was that?!?
Guy in tan: It's God! He's taken the form of a giant robot!
Guys in yellow and tan: *bows before the Optimus*
Optimus Prime: Bakas...*sighs and shakes
Autobobby1 writes: Optimus: Look, up in the sky!
Yellow: Is it a bird?
Tan: Is it a plane?
Optimus: No, it's SUPERMAN!!!
Unknown writes: A lot of people in the early 80's were sad to see Disco end. Optimus was no exception...
Unknown writes: (Yellowshirt): No, I'm SURE we parked over this way.
(Prime): Look dude, take it from a guy who IS a car, ok? We're parked over THERE, in the "Runamuck" lot.
Unknown writes: No, really, I swear! If you pull my finger, I transform into G2 Windbreaker!
Unknown writes: You been here four hour! You go NNNNNOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!
Ultra Markus writes: relax rachet, just go over there to the protoculture chamber that the zentradi let us use and soon you will be as big as I am.
Ultra Markus writes: these new movie designs are getting more realistic.
Zeedust writes: Man, the oversized knockoff trend really *is* getting out of hand!
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trailbreaker writes: I wish he would step on those 2 guys standing in front of him....
tian17 writes: I am beloved by the Chinese? hmm... Muhuhahaha!
Attack them my 9 trillion Chinese minions!!!!!!!!!
1337W422102 writes: "There he is! There's the guy who raped us!"
deceptifiend writes: party over here!party over there!
psycho_425 writes: OP:The truth is out there...
OP:There,you earth germ!I'll crush you into a billion atoms!!BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Unknown writes: Is ths the worlds biggest booger or what?
Unknown writes: I challange you Michael Bay! Defeat me if you can!
Core-1 writes: Guy in gray: "That has got to be the ugliest Transformer statue I have ever seen."
Guy in yellow (pointing): "Then you definitely don't want to look that way..."
Robinson writes: Big blocky robots don't look realistic my ass
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Miken Ayers writes: Me Autobot, me play joke, me put exhaust fumes in your Coke.
dalecooper writes: Optimus: "Earthlings, we are here from Cybertron to transform and roll out...the savings to you."
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Taxi!"
Lorekeeper writes: Ever notice how KO's are often bigger than the originals?
Massdestruction writes: NEWS: Hasbro's attempt at a "World's Tallest Transformers" line was met with lackluster sales. Officially, Hasbro blames the retailers for not giving the figure good shelf position. The retailers say the problem was the $50,000 price p
whodat writes: So Megatronasan...you think your Flying Decepticon style can be a match for my Wheeling Fury Autobot Special Technique?
osiricon writes: I dare you to pull my finger!!!
RAVE DEATHMASTER writes: Optimus Prime: "Look at that pretty lil' birdie!"

Guy A(In Yellow): "Please do ingnore him Sir"

Guy B: "Why?"

Guy A: "I accidentally lost his screw when i try to repair him over there"

Guy B: "
RAVE DEATHMASTER writes: Guy A: "Guys, which way to the toilet? I need to go NOW!"

Guy B(Yellow Shirt) & Optimus Prime: "THAT WAY"

GUY A: !?! (What the...!?!)

Guy B(Yellow Shirt) & Optimus Prime: *Laugh*
Chazzbot writes: Gray shirt guy: "Excuse me, which way to Botcon?"
Prime and yellow shirt guy: "That way!!"
Gray shirt guy: (sigh)
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Swerve writes: Previously this picture had been tilting slightly downward on the right hand side until Prime stepped in to straighten it out.
Road Turtle writes: Gary attempts to get directions from Spike and Optimus Prime.
deceptifiend writes: optimus forever points to the future when all are one,then takes a step back only to crush ratchet parked behind him.
jayme writes: you must be this tall to enter transformer land
Swerve writes: Unfortunately for Prime every dance move is the robot.
deceptifiend writes: no you dingus in the yellow shirt,jon pierson lives that way!
hot rod 907 writes: "Stupid producers, killing me off! HEY! AREN'T YOU THE PRODUCER FOR POWER RANGERS? DO YOU HAVE JOB OPENING?
hot rod 907 writes: "Oh my naughty little monkeys."
hot rod 907 writes: "WOW! It's airforce one! HEY BUSH! BET YOU DIDN'T EXPECT A 30FT TALL ASIAN TO FLIP YOU THE BIRD!"
Byrerprime writes: spx toys, WHOH! leader in stealing factory things WHOH! now has auction for Convoy Prime WHOH! hurry no delay WHOH! first off assembly no box bid now. WHOH!
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sparkofchaos writes: To remind the next generation of Chinese children that Taiwan belongs to China, the government has used the statue of prime to point in the direction of where the army will go next.
sparkofchaos writes: Prime: listen, u point that way again n i'll step on u
Stormrider writes: Prime: Why is it that no one listens to me? I told that stupid ninny below me that Botcon was that way but he still doesn't believe me.
Swerve writes: Sure they were enemies but Prime had taken a Hypocratic Oath and proceeded with Devestator's postate exam all the same.
Unknown writes: PRIME: So, it's THAT way to Paramount Mountain?

CHINESE MAN: *speaks chinese*

PRIME: Alrighty then. *pulls out gun*
Kevinus Prime writes: "...for the tenth time, I am NOT a POWER RANGER!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "AHHHH! Godzilla!!!!"
transformerguru writes: Prime ~ Is that you Ratchet or is it you First Aid? I think my memory circuits are fried...
transformerguru writes: Prime ~ "Damnit... the Chinese have it all wrong again!!! I never had this much yellow!"
prehistoryanimal writes: Man.. another Chinese bootleg.. Oversized-oversized Optimus...
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Powersurge writes: Autobots, urm Autobots..?
Well you two humans will be the new Autobots, now transf....oh thats right, humans, oh sod it, I'll do it myself!
Powersurge writes: No there is not a huge robot standing here, look that way, a UFO!
Powersurge writes: Yeah I'm looking at you Michael Bay!
1337W422102 writes: "Now change THAT picture! Yeah, the 'Before Carly' one. Let's have a redhead."
Seibertron writes: No, human, it's this way!
Tom_Servo writes: I never realized how small Ratchet is.
EXODUS PRIME writes: Follow the yellow brick road
Dragonslayer writes: Uh-uh girlfriend! Don't you go there or I'll slap you silly!
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xjakeus_primex writes: "Y-M-C-A!"
xjakeus_primex writes: "Oh my gawd! You Banana in Pajama!"
Novacron writes: I am Jaundice Prime!
First Gen writes: Guy In Yellow: Well, you're about this tall.
Kid in Grey: Then why is RATCHET so small???
Unknown writes: Okay BumbleBee, bend over. Im'm just gonna check your oil.
Acelister writes: Optimus: "And over there is the burial mound of Sigmund Freud."
Guy in yellow: "And over there's the first caveman bank."
Kid in grey: "I only wanted to know where the bathroom is..."
Optimus: "In that case, you
TimPilot writes: "Taxi!!!"
Thanatos Prime writes: Guy in yellow shirt: I don't care what way Optimus points, Bejing is that way!!
Death-Ray Charles writes: Nazimus Prime!
Optimusizzy writes: Optimus Prime: Go that way to find the Hasbro distributer of the 20th aneversary Optimus Prime available now.
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Cryo Prime writes: Bathroom is that way!
RichGarner writes: Of course I have a permit to stand in this parking space. Let's see it's around here somewhe... HOLY CRAP! WHAT'S THAT???
(Prime transforms and rolls away)
BrawnG1 writes: Hey Bevis, Pull my finger...
1337W422102 writes: "OBJECTION!!"
Liege Evilmus writes: The deluxe Revoltech Convoy will be shipping on 4/1/2007
Liege Evilmus writes: Don't listen to him, I say we should go that way.
Diaclone X writes: Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Dorthy!
prime idiot writes: Gray shirt guy : so how do you like my new masterpiece Prime?
Yellow shirt Hasbro guy : You're fired, leave before I beat you.
prime idiot writes: or...
TEAM AMERICA **** yeah!
prime idiot writes: Behold Capitalists!
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shortround writes: oh my god is that megatron hiding behind the great wall.
Archanubis writes: You take a right at Mao Boulevard...
ThunderThruster writes: Prime: Autobots, transform and roll out! Autobots...?
DARKAGEIS writes: you just know there already planning a white version for ultra magnus 20 ft down the road.
Ratbat writes: Optmus Prime is--figuratively AND especially literally--BIG in China!
MiladyRevan writes: Optimus: Watch up!! We're under attack!!
Japanese: Is it the Decepticons!?
Optimus: No!! PIGEONS!!!!
dabattousai writes: Optimus Prime: GOOOOOO WEEEEEEST~

Pet Shop Boys: We will find our way.


Pet Shop Boys: We will lead someday~

Prime's Thoughts: Glad I'm not gay...
GrimSqueaker writes: "Ratchet get over there and pick me up a burrito! Prime DEMANDS a burrito!"

(check it out Ratchet is in the pic beside prime)
Ransom writes: Some people should never try hiding in plain sight.
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Ransom writes: [Edit to previous submission: Oops, it said China not Japan. I'm as oblivious as that tourist. *smacks self*]
Ransom writes: Random tourist: So I go that way?

Mall cop: Iie! Anata wa bakahito desu! [No!! You are an IDIOT!]

Narrator: And so, to bring peace to the galaxy, Prime allowed a statue to be built that would always point to the one true place - the comic store.
Cyber-Kun writes: Look over there! Ignore the massive robot...
WhiteRabbit writes: Takara finds a way to make Action Masters even harder to play with.
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