Spike listening to headphones

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Spike listening to headphones
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SillyMcGilly writes: Sparkplug: ARE YOU WATCHING PORN??? Spike: No Dad! It's a science video!
shockwave_inoz writes: Spike: 'Hey Dad - you wanna hear some DEATH METAL'?? Sparkplug: 'How about... no.' Spike: 'WHAT'??!
trailbreaker writes: Sparkplug - "Are you still listening to gangsta rap?"

Spike - "I sure am, you #%€££€#% !!!!"
Rainmaker writes: Spike: I like this song! What it is?
Sparkplug: 'Baby' by Justin Bieber.
Swoopscream writes: Dad, can we listen to the tape of you and mom making me ONE MORE TIME?
Tripredacus writes: No dad, "To serve man" is a cookbook, let's go before the Autobots come back!
Black Hat writes: Son, if I catch you on that femmebots-in-uniform site again...um...could you send me a link?
dirtysock47 writes: i said i HATE beiber dad

o sorry i thought u said deiber
dirtysock47 writes: I said i HATE
Etchgraphics80 writes: Geez dad i like lady gaga!
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Optimus Eddie writes: No, that was another critic bashing the movie again. I heard wrong,sory.
altramaxus writes: dad, they just announced on the radio that 30ft robots have invaded the earth......
Ratbat writes: Oh, hi Dad! Hi, Autobots! I was just listening to one of my Def Leppard cassettes.
Blazefrost writes: Spike: What I've done. I'll face myself, to cross out what I've be-come. Erase myself, and led go of what I've doooooooooooooooone. oh, hi dad!
Jetfire1978 writes: im not taking these off till wheelie and blurr have gone
Transformation619 writes: Spike:Hmm (looks around) Hehehe,(SINGS) 1...2...3 and The autobots fight the decepticons and the autobots suck and.....decepticons....RULE! Coz the autobots are infirior and....
Bumblebee: Wtf? Autobots suck? I'm telling prime!
Spike: No, guys, c&#
Abominus_prime writes: Spike: "hey Dad there's like big Giant robots all around us"

Sparkplug: "Son for the last time hand over the drugs! "
ravensoul1 writes: Spike:
"Oh my god dad, if you spin this record backwards, you can hear a message saying I should pledge myself to satan".

"Don't worry son, Michael Bay won't be here till 3pm".
Q_Silverbolt writes: "What's the deal with aeroplane peanuts?"
Deceptiwho? writes: But dad I love Michael Jackson, he was so nice to me when I went to his house!
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not in front of brawn!
ACStarscream writes: "Now aren't you glad we got FM?"
trailbreaker writes: SPIKE - "Hey Dad, I get better reception if I plug it into Bumblebee's caboose!"

BUMBLEBEE - "Anything for you Spike!"
trailbreaker writes: "Hey Dad, even these headphones can't make Dane Cook's jokes funny! The guy just sucks!"
ChevyTron writes: Dad: I think that music is gonna make you deaf.
Spike: WHAT?
Spike: What music? I can't hear a daggone thing.
snavej writes: Spike: It's Bay! He says he's going to do something to my childhood!

Sparkplug: Huh? That don't make no sense. Is he some kinda Time Lord?
snavej writes: Sparkplug: Don't call my vest a 'wife-beater', son. It's a cotton singlet.
snavej writes: Spike: Dad, you've just been recalled to the Village People! Have you still got your 'hot body'?

Sparkplug: Umm...
Dragon1130 writes: Spike: hey guys listen to this *turns on main speakers
Megatron*from headphone/unseen speakers*: Oh Starscream yeah, you can sleep in stasis pod anyday.
Bumblebee:...I dont know whats worse, this, or Michael bay turning me into a beat up sports car.
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Roadshadow writes: Spike: Check it! I'm gonna be a DJ someday.
Sparkplug: Pfft. Yeah right.
Brawn: *Secretly dry humps Sparkplug*
Death-Ray Charles writes: Spike:Ha! there IS a cowbell in "Dont Fear the Reaper" I TOLLDDD YYYYOOOUUU!!!
Abrupt Departure writes: Ha, I told you that the Decepticons were watching Robotech and not the Smurfs!
Sloptank writes: "Feeeeeeed the woooooooorld!"
Acelister writes: Windcharger: "Is that a... Camera filming us?"
Bumblebee: "You know, I think it is..."
Acelister writes: This moment, brought to you by Fujifilm.
TransX writes: "And then, Mike, I would have Sam say, 'It's a robot that's probably Japanese...or something like that.' And then I would have Sam hold her hand or have Mikaela take hold of his hand...and then...Oh! Hey guys! This time warp ge
Dragonoth writes: Spike: "Now from Radio Free Cybrtron, part 3 of Transformers: The Movie. After the battle at Autobot City…" *pause* "Hey, guys, what's up?"
hellveticon_06 writes: SPIKE: dad, i told yah, this is cool!!!
SPARKPLUG: son, jazz is just enough for us...
WINDCHARGER: tell him if he does'nt stop, i'll finish him off myself...
BUMBLEEBEE: same here...
BRAWN: aye...
SPIKE: b-but, but...
TransX writes: Spike: Dad, you were right! Arcee IS sneaking over to see Thundercracker! No wonder she's been referring to him as 'Boom Boom' lately!
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Ironman21 writes: Hey dad sorry I didn't mean to sing so load but when your listening to cheap trick you just have to sing
autobot_aza writes: "I'm sorry son, but your singing, its damaging the autobots hearing"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike, "Hey dad.....eat me."
megatrina writes: Hey, guys! You've got to hear this awesome new translation of "Beowulf"!
ninjabot writes: Sparkplug: Why is Soundwave in our headquarters???!!!

Spike: Aww Man, I thought I had the hookup, no wonder I only get one station!!!
Roux writes: Spike: Windcharger, why are you crying?

Windcharger: I'm not, it's my clown makup!
bullard0924 writes: Spike: Guys hurry up! Jenna Jameson is on the Howard Stern show again!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Sparkplug, "Son we need to talk to you, this listening to rap music, has gone too far."

Spike, "Yo you bes be step'n off, OT or I'll drop your fast one of these hood orniments might wanna transform hiself to a hearse for you w
ButtZilla writes: Man, you can hear all the complaints from the fans saying how ugly you guys are in the life action movie.
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "It's JEM! And she's Truly Outrageous!"
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TransX writes: Spike: "What dad? WHAT??? I can't hear you. W H A T???"
TransX writes: Spike: "And in this movie, there's a cute girl who keeps talking about band camp and a guy who 'does it' to a pie and another guy who 'does it' with someone's mother and then there's this cute girl who loves band c
TransX writes: You were right dad! The score for the movie in 2007 sounds MUCH better than the soundtrack. I can't wait to go see this with Carly! But I'll have to tell Daniel NO on the soundtrack. Limp Bizkit? What is that? Bread with erectile dysfuncti
Rolling Thunder writes: Spike: "Dear god, this can't seriously be the theme song to the new movie can it?

Sparkplug: "There there son, if you think that's bad you should listen to the rest of the soundtrack. Blaster won't even go near it..."
1337W422102 writes: Spike relayed the coded message to the Autobots and his father. Optimus Prime was all right:

NightFall writes: "I always wanted to know how princess .... err Nsync rocks??"
xxaMaxx writes: Give it up son. We know you're 'Hard Harry'. You can't fool the FCC.
Angelbot writes: Ironhide, next time you're on Cybertron Chromia has a list of errands she'd like you to run.
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "It's 'Karma Chameleon' by Culture Club! Boy George totally rocks!"
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Dad! We got a new Caption Pic!"
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mechislander writes: "And up next we have 5, no, 3 new tunes, comin atcha courtesy of.... oh waitaminit what's up dad?"
"Son, I think it's time you accepted the fact that you're NOT a DJ but an oil rig mechanic. And it's time to go to work.
Genius2327 writes: Spike:if you're here Bumble Bee, then who is talking dirty to me through these headphones?

Spike:Plus Mom called Dad, she wants her alimony.
Thanatos Prime writes: Sparkplug: Spike, those aren't plugged in. You aren't listening to anyhting...

Ironhide: Such a retardicon...
Boomstick69 writes: Sparkplug
What you listening to Spike?

Oh hi dad, I found another tape plyer outside, it's rad!

Hey Soundwave!

Boomstick69 writes: When you whatch porn, make sure you can hear others sneeking up behind you. Now Spike knows and knowing is half the battle.
Unknown writes: I can hear Optimus and Alita going at it!
Zeedust writes: Spike: "Ladies and gentlemen... The Volkswagon Beatles!"

Bumblebee: "I could crush your skull with one hand, you know. Just saying, is all."
Angelbot writes: Hey Powerglide! Moonracer found out about Astoria and she's hopping mad!
Thanatos Prime writes: Spike: La la la, I can't hear you!!
Kryptikore writes: Sings Shania Twain "Wooo I feel like a woman"
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Angelbot writes: Hey, could someone tell Inferno that Firestar is on the line?
ZarakZone writes: Hello And Welcome To RSS Renagade Side Show the first yes, first Go-Bots Podcast
Spike: Get it off it burns!!!
Ultra Markus writes: Spike...Hey Spike!
Uh.. ya dad
Me and the autobots want to talk to you about your obsession with hair metal.
What do you mean? ... Jazz and Blaster let borrow there gold disc albums.
lockepsb writes: Spike: Hey dad... the critics are saying that Michael Bay's movie is an Abortion and the fans won't be happy.
reanimate28 writes: spike: in 2 seconds I am gonna rip these headphones off and gnaw on the big hairy chewy gumball nipples you have hiding under your shirt dad... and I want all these minibots to watch.
sparkplug: you see bumblebee this is why spikes mother left home, spik
Liege Evilmus writes: Sure Son, go wash.
Liege Evilmus writes: No dad I wasn't looking at that on the computer with the door locked wrong and these headphones on so noone could hear what.....

....what BumbleBee was looking at, yeah, it was Bumble Bee, I just walked in here and picked it up, and HEY!?!
chugeta writes: Great news dad!! Teletran I confirmed it!! Your going to be a grandfather!!
xxaMaxx writes: Franks and beans!
lamartherevenger writes: I don't care what you think dad... Paris Hilton's CD is the greaetest ever!!!
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Angelbot writes: Anyone else wanna listen to Elita One's "Ode to Optimus Prime"?
biwb writes: and next on teletraan-1 FM, a little number by stan bush . . .
Angelbot writes: Ugh! Listening to Jazz and Blaster audition for Transformers: The Musical is just painful!
† Sunstorm writes: Spike: "anybody seen white noise?"
BB: "no, so?"
Spike: "cause i can hear prime!"
Sherade writes: "Son, it's time to talk about protection"
"Already there! Headphones filter out damaging noises!"
"that isn't what I meant."
ThunderThruster writes: sparkplug: i'm very dissappointed with with spike, i walk in and catch you using a telegraph instead of teletran1!
GrimSqueaker writes: Spike-"Good Morning Veitnam! I am joined in the studio today by the Minibots- My first question goes to bumblebee, so which one of u is the homosexual?"
Ericus Prime writes: Hey guys? I just heard Starscream singing in the shower! Man, he's terrible!
Sky Shark writes: Hey guys I'm gonna be casted in the next Transformers movie yay! Now to go get back Bumblebee from that Sam kid, he should know he's mine!
Creature SH writes: Good news - Apparently, their store is our cureall !
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Dclone Soundwave writes: I tapped into Teletraan's radar & radio system! You wouldn't believ the things the girls talk about!
Powersurge writes: I'm now listening to the many hours of Starscream whining.
Powersurge writes: I'm just listening to Ryan apologising for leaving that other UCC pic up so long.
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