Perceptor talking to Bumblebee and Seaspray while working on the computer

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Perceptor talking to Bumblebee and Seaspray while working on the computer
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DeltaSilver88 writes: *we can't have him tear Teletraan apart looking for bugs again, it took us five months to fix the damage.
DeltaSilver88 writes: Perceptor: ...And this, kids, is how you fix a broken fax machine!
Seaspray: Why is there a fax machine on the Ark anyway?
Percetor: Well, Red Alert insisted we get a communication line that can't be hacked... we can't have him tear Teletraan apart look
Rainmaker writes: Bumblebee: See, Perceptor? The humans are trying to sell us on EBay!
Rainmaker writes: Bumblebee: ...and he keeps saying we should twist our tailpipes.
Rainmaker writes: Perceptor: Tried switching it on and off?
Rainmaker writes: Perceptor: Guys, I told you! If Pornhub is down use Youtube!
lonrac writes: there is something happening, after a year of Sari, we're flipping though images every hour
trailbreaker writes: Try shooting the duck with this gun, but don't miss or that stupid dog will laugh at you.
Riptidemtmte writes: Percy-"...And here's my entry on the Ultimate Caption Contest! Pretty witty, huh?"
Bee- "Nah, you should do a caption joking about innuendo."
TF Cagle writes: Perceptor: See guys, I told you I'm still relevant.
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omegasupreme69 writes: and tis is where telatran hides all the good porn....
Black Hat writes: What the hell is this stuff you've been looking at on my computer? Oh my-I didn't even know humans could DO that!
kruiz220898 writes: Arcee and Hot Rod being immature again
kruiz220898 writes: Arcee and Hot Rod being immature again
trailbreaker writes: "Looks like Sparkplug has been watching the 'Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies Workout' on my computer again!!"
ryanisawesome124 writes: bumblebee:aww look theres no cheese burger,just an invisible one,

perceptor:look the dog want a hot dog

seaspray:(gurgle the walrus's(gurgle)bucket has(gurgle) gone missing
Road Turtle writes: How does Soundwave has over 500 friends on Facebook!? He's an uncharismatic bore!
Road Turtle writes: Fan Fiction!? Is that what Skyfire has been doing this whole time!?
Marcus Rush writes: And thats how you program a human VCR.
SentinelA writes: He sunk my battleship!
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Antron writes: "Move!"
Powermaster Prime writes: Arcee in all its glory..well would you look at that. Gah! I never..
Okay, you two need to be a little more cheerful. No one is going to know this..right? RIGHT?
Fett13 writes: Perceptor: Dudes, check it out. RC's undercarriage at 32x magnification.

Dudes: Whoooooaaaaa!
moknbyrd writes: Can't talk now! Boss level !
Nyancatron writes: "It's a common practice on this planet, but the ritual is often done in secret... Human females will toss uneven loads of garments into this then sit atop it until it appears to hurt them".
SkywarpPushesYou writes: Perceptor: Bumblebee what did you just downloaded
Bumblebee: I was the 1,000,000 visit, I wanted my damn prize
spartanH85 writes: Perceptor watching family Guy:

See guys,here's that part watch,wait here it comes...See Optimus!
HA! Optimus Prime isn't Jewish!
Poyguimogul writes: In an attempt to keep Perceptor from finding the surprise party they had planned for him Bumblebee and Seaspray introduce him to the World of Warcraft... And he was never seen again.
Kiyoko6832 writes: P: My god bee what are those human females doing with that cup
B: I don't know, humans do some bizarre things.
Maestro Meister writes: Undeniable was the look of abject consternation and shame on Perceptor's face when the minibots caught him twisting Teletraan's knobs.
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Agamemnon writes: Where the %$*& is the *#%^@*$ start button?
Big_B writes: Perceptor: Honestly Seaspray I don't understand why you persist with trying to use voice recognition.
BB: If Teletraan can't understand him Perceptor what chance does he have of making it past the movie!
SS: O_o
Manterax Prime writes: BB: Well great! He's been lobotomized again.
SS: I'll disconnect the console......ugh...
Poyguimogul writes: Perceptor : Whoever made this America Online account as Squirtshow is the reason we've been banned for life.. (Seaspray quietly sneaks away.)
TreyTable writes: Seriously, who put all this human music on my MySpace page?
sdn1337 writes: *Autobots playing FOC*
Perceptor: Why is my body so large and my head so small? I'm a tank too!?
Bumblebee: I'm not THAT chubby looking.
Seaspray: Why am i nonexistent... =/
Ravage XK writes: Perceptor: NOOOOOOOOOO!
Bumblebee: What were you trying to do?
Perceptor: I wanted to format my USB key.
Bumblebee: So what did you do?
Perceptor: I typed Format C:!!
Sea Spray: I'll look for the OS install discs.
Ravage XK writes: Guys, I'm about to beat the high score on Ms Pacman! Wakka Wakka.
JaffleMaker writes: BB: It's easy Teletraan scans the Earth for possible alt modes and you choose from the list.
SS: I'll go hovercraft, no way I'm being a mixer.
PER: Microscope or massager. Wonder what this massager device is? VECTROR SIGMA!
BB: Easy, Microscope it is t
WolfSpider1979 writes: Perceptor - "Eject, I don't know how to thank you for that spy camera in Arcee's quarters!"
Sespray - "Perceptor, what are you watching?"
Bumblebee - "Not much, because his gaze is burning holes in the monitor."
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MarkNL writes: Perceptor: Yes! YES! 360-No Scope-Quadruple-HEADSHOT-With Jump-over a distance of 1000 meters!
#Sideways# writes: Kinect doesn't seem to work on Teletraan 1. WHEELJAACCK WE'VE GOT A JOB FOR YOU!
El Duque writes: I thought you said Kup was in this video, I only see two girls............wait a minute...oh god
Heckfire writes: " THAT'S what Sari was talking to Optimus about? Quick, gimme a credit card number..!"
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