Scrapper and Long Haul push Ironhide

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Scrapper and Long Haul push Ironhide
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digigirl411 writes: Scrapper: Okay now push!
Long Haul: No! Pull!
Scrapper: Push!
Long Haul: Pull!
Long Haul: Pull!
Ironhide: Make up your minds already! Just do something!
Rainmaker writes: Scrapper: Is this your idea of a road trip?
Long Haul: We're not small enough to fit inside Ironhide
Rainmaker writes: Long Haul: ...and that's why my arms are grey.
Ironhide: You know I have an inside right
Rainmaker writes: Scrapper: You gotta stop drinking all the energon!
Shuttershock writes: Hook: Ya got caught with a flat, well... HOW 'BOUT THAT? ;)
Chucez writes: You won't get a lemon - from Toyota of Orange.
omegasupreme69 writes: woo woo there Mister in a hurry You still need your tires rotated...
Swoopscream writes: you sure you don't want to call your doctor about this? I don't mean to embarrass you or anything, but this happens to a lot of bots.
XDMan writes: "Push us all you want, but we'll stop you!"

" 'Pushusalyawantbutwellstopu' nothing, Damnnabbit!
Silver Snake writes: Long Haul: Let's take a road trip, you said. It will be fun, you said.

Scrapper: Slag off, that Last Chance gas station has to be around here somewhere.
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trailbreaker writes: "Wow, these G1 reissues are huge!"
Zeedust writes: "I told you we should have brought the jumper cables!"

"Just shut up and keep pushing."
VioMeTriX writes: Look, the instructions said you have to push like this to make it work
Black Hat writes: The Constructicons try and free Ironhide from the patch of cement he foolishly stopped in.
Chrisby writes: Long Haul: I TOLD you we should've signed up for Triple A!
Ryuki writes: Constructicons: as what the producer said before, you're not fitted for the Iron Man role. So buzz off, Ironhide !!

Ironhide : but I am mostly red and yellow !, can I at least became his vehicle ?
steve2275 writes: quit trying to sneak into marvels the avengers
Road Turtle writes: Scrapper,"Good, we blew out his tires, and disabled his transformation. Now let's feed him to a giant trash compactor."
Longhaul, "But...well...wouldn't it be easier if we just shot him?"
Road Turtle writes: Ironhide, "Ha-Ha, You can't stop me!"

Scrapper,"Just wait Ironhide, someday, when we suddenly and inexplicably learn how to Aim, You'll be Ours! Someday Ironhide....someday..."
Stormrider writes: Parking Wars Season 3!
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Maestro Meister writes: "Wait, guys. Ah ain't Classics Ahrnhaad, ahm G1 Ahrnhaad. Ma chest forms the front, not the rear end of the van!"
JaffleMaker writes: **continued...** one way to find out.
*constructcions push ironhide backwards*
IRONHIDE: Damnnabbit!!
JaffleMaker writes: LONG HAUL: Look, it's that accursed Autobot Ironhide!!
SCRAPPER Don't stand there yapping! BLAST HIM!!
IRONHIDE: No Wait!!! I'm a new Throttlecon. Megatrons answer to take out those cheap and nasty Throttlebots!
SCRAPPER: I don't buy it... but there' o
#Sideways# writes: It seems that when Ironhide asked for a Push-Start that the Constructicons didn't know which way to push him!
monoform writes: Scrapper, "Last one with their hand on the autobot wins him!"

Long Haul, "Dammit, I just drank a ton of energon!"
jcraiger writes: "When the van is a rocking'..."
Road Turtle writes: Ironhide, "Aw, but I want to be a Constructicon!"
Scrapper, "No! You're the wrong color, and you're not even a construction vehicle!"

Ironhide, "I can be the crotch!"

Longhaul, "Devastator doesn't need two crotches, he only needs one, and that's ME
Road Turtle writes: Scrapper, "Get out of our shot Ironhide!"

Ironhide, "Aaww, but I want to be in the picture!"
badjimmy76 writes: Thats what happens when you try to make a robot thats also a car, its shit at both.
Menasor75 writes: Today on PIMP MY RIDE EXTREME MAKEOVER: Transformers Edition, Scrapper and Long Haul from West Cybertron Customs are going to take G1 Ironhide and reformat him into a G1-inspired Movie Leader Ironhide!
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snavej writes: Scrapper: Trypticon demands brightly coloured things for his nest. You're top of the list, Ironhide!

Ironhide (thinks): Damn, I can't do anything. Which s.o.b. covered me in superglue?!
gavinfuzzy writes: Oh boy! Megatron would love a new Tonka truck!
Matrix42 writes: Scrapper: Why are WE the ones who have to move him? Long Haul: We're Constructicons. It's kind of our job.
Brakethrough writes: (Jackass music plays up)
Hi I'm Long Haul and this is Scrapper, and THIS is "Autobot Tipping".
MarkNL writes: 2 wild constructicons appeared!
Constructicon 1 used tackle! It's a critical hit!... Ironhide fainted!... You gained 0 Exp. Points!
hotblackd33 writes: Ok, so if we push this car back far enough, it will run on it's own? That's awesome!
Ryuki writes: ironhide: let me in, dammit !! I am a goddamn transformers, but M.E.C.H stole my T-cog !!

constructicons : Oh yeah ?!, the last 2 cars called Herbie and KITT also have the same talk !!
Ryuki writes: after watching The Avengers Ironhide, Scrapper and Long Haul role-playing as their favorite characters.

Ironhide play as Iron Man while Scrapper and Long Haul play as Hulk...
OptiMagnus writes: Dammit Long Haul! I told you Japenese cars didn't get better gas mileage. But you just HAD to try to prove me wrong in the middle of a desert, huh?
JustPlainME writes: Sorry, pal. This club is REAL exclusive.
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skyraven323 writes: Ironhide (captured): Hmm.. Guys, isn't your base the other way around??
MagnusLabel writes: We gonna make Ironhide humps!
Bumblevivisector writes: IRONHIDE: No! Let me outah' here! City of Steel was bad enough, Ah refuse to stay in another episode with with that gawd-awful AKOM animation!
TFhunter writes: Constructicons: What do we have to do to stop this thing from humping our legs?
DragonPrime120 writes: Damn, why did we agree to buy this piece of crap that doesn't even move?
MightyMagnus78 writes: Scrapper: This is the last time we buy anything from Swindle!
Optimum Supreme writes: Sadly, the constructicons did not quite grasp the concept of a push start.
Mindmaster writes: Quickly, hide the Energon in this seemingly-innocent red van!
Ryuki writes: Constructicons: YOU SHALL NOT PASS !!
Ryuki writes: Ironhide : i still don't understand why I'm not allowed to move in here ?!

constructicons : because red means stop, Ironhide... (giggles)
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Ryuki writes: Ironhide : strange, why it feels so easy to crash hit those 2 decepticon punks in the movie, but I can't do the same for this two ??
BiggietronPrime writes: Alright, Ironhide!!! There aren't any more fem-bots in the bar. It's time for you to go!
SoundwaveLVL14 writes: Long Haul: It seems like all I ever do it move this, move that, why cant I ever be part of the building team?

Scrapper: Stop your complaining! Be glad that I am not making you carry this thing yourself!

Ironhide: What do you mean this thing! I have
Ryuki writes: Scrapper : don't you hate it when a customer fell asleep in our bar & stay transformed like this ?

Long Haul :sigh~ stories of my life...
Ryuki writes: Scrapper:huff~ next time, Buy a tires that fit with that bulky van body of yours, Ironhide !!

Longhaul: yeah, so we don,t need to push you into workshop in the middle of battle like this !!
Ryuki writes: Constructicons: sorry, only decepticons are allowed at this point!

Ironhide: RACIST !!!
Ryuki writes: S: sorry pal, only transformers are allowed in this party...

IH: but, I'm a transformers !! I just happen to leave my t- cog in base for check-up !!

LH: yeah right, the last ambulance that coming here also said that...
BeastProwl writes: After the war, all the constructicons could do was clean bugs off the windows of those in need.
Maestro Meister writes: Hey, Scrapper, that's a pretty good impersonation of Shockwave you do.
snavej writes: Long Haul: Did we mention that we're cannibals?

Ironhide: How can you be cannibals? You don't have mouths!

Scrapper: Devastator does.

Ironhide: Oh no! Save me, Jebus!
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snavej writes: Three Transformers struggle to traverse the Land of Screwed Up Perspective.
snavej writes: Scrapper: Hey, is Scooby Doo in there?

Ironhide: No, only about 7,000 mini-missiles, which are coming your way real soon.
snavej writes: Ironhide: But how did you find me?

Long Haul: You ever hear of desert camouflage?

Ironhide: No.

Long Haul: That's how.
Maestro Meister writes: Scrapper, now I see why Hasbro stopped making Transformers with rubber tires.
skyraven323 writes: Ironhide: GO AWAY Decepticon punks! You don't want to mess with an Autobot with a flat tires!!
Ravage XK writes: We'll never bump start Ironhide with those flats....Third time we've pushed him up this bloody hill, its bloody hard work....I bet he's still in gear...OI! IRONHIDE ARE YOU STILL IN GEAR?...idiot...
necr0blivion writes: Constructicons - DO NOT WANT!
turbomagnus writes: Next time we trap the Autobots in car mode, we make sure its with full gas tanks...
wardawnapocolypse writes: " I'm tired of megatron having us intercept meals on wheels"
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Ironhide:I ain't no shopping cart you moronic con's!!!!
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