Spike stands in front of Huffer

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Spike stands in front of Huffer
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: H: They used my color scheme for WHO on Rescue Bots?!
S: At least they didn't use the orange.
H: I refuse to look at you any longer.
Rainmaker writes: Huffer: Hey Spike, I was on Teletran One and it came up with something about p-
Spike: Don't wanna hear it.
Lboogie609 writes: (As Spike inconspicuously farts...) "Ewww, Alright who did it?? It smells like the inside of one of Optimus's old camshafts mixed with rotten cervos up in here...'"
omegasupreme69 writes: i swear one more joke about my name being huffer... ok whos laughing back there
Swoopscream writes: Okay. Nobody's looking. Now open your mouth and close your eyes and in will come a BIG surprise!
trailbreaker writes: "Remember Spike, no teeth this time."
VioMeTriX writes: ok what port did you want me to open, and what hose are you talking about?
Black Hat writes: Oops...Maybe I mistook the X-men DVD with another film starting with X...Heh heh...
Optimus102697 writes: Shhhh spike somebodys looking
Menasor75 writes: Today on CHEATERS: Unknown to most, Huffer's real name is HUMMER, based on the secret encounter between Spike and the bot known to most as Huffer. To this very day, Bumblebee has never forgiven Spike for this act of betrayal.
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wardawnapocolypse writes: "Man, I'm bout ta punch that Michelin man. He keeps coming in here trying to sell tires..."
Unknown writes: *Huffer whistling*... Can't hear you, Spike *Huffer whistles some more* la la la lala la...
Bumblevivisector writes: SPIKE: I just noticed that in profile, you look a LOT like that "Driller" guy on Thundercats!

HUFFER: What?! You mean Floro Dery could've ripped off the Thundertank for my alt mode, but did THIS instead? Where the #*@% is he!?!
retrocute writes: "Now where did that puny little earthling go?"
Wheeljack35 writes: Huffer: Why didn't somebody tell me it was my turn to watch spike?
MightyMagnus78 writes: Spike: Huffer! Stop ignoring me and give Elton back his sunglasses!
MightyMagnus78 writes: Spike: Have you seen my big, yellow, shinny helmet recently?
Huffer: I'm just gonna go over there.
MightyMagnus78 writes: Huffer: Spike I told you not to put my chest plate on a boil-wash and now the colour's run!
OptiMagnus writes: Autobots: Wow! Look at that!
Huffer: (turns head) Holy slag! Everything's orange!
combiner711 writes: Spike: Your ball bearings and shift knob looks to be ok to me.
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destronger writes: it's not robosexual if we don't make eye contact right?
RoboTopia writes: Huffer Says: " No, Kid, The Name's 'HUFFER', NOT... Nevermind!? "
snavej writes: Huffer: How's the beige look working?

Spike: Fine. I might get brown trousers to match.

Huffer: They'll be useful on scary missions.
snavej writes: Huffer: No more purple helmet jokes, unless you want to have an unfortunate accident.
snavej writes: Spike: Dad and I have helped you Autobots a lot lately. Now it's time to return the favour. I want my crib super-pimped; no, ultra-pimped, with extra pimping on the side.

Huffer: Well, what with the war and everything, I'm very busy. I might be able
snavej writes: Spike: I lived up to my name and spiked your energon with disco fever!

Huffer: So that's why Prowl is shimmering and slowly melting!
snavej writes: Spike: What's going on over there?

Huffer: Well, Megan just kicked Michael in the balls and walked off.

Spike: [gasps]

Huffer: Who's Hitler, by the way?
snavej writes: Spike: Where did Cybertron's two moons come from?

Huffer: Erm, how shall I put this? When a Unicron and a Cybertron love each other very much...
snavej writes: Huffer: Here comes the boss; look busy!

Spike: Where's my yellow hard hat? I need to look my best!
snavej writes: Huffer: Will someone hurry up and invent eBay?! I need more Cabbage Patch Kids for my collection!

Spike: So, you're still not right after the Dinobots attacked you last week?
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snavej writes: Spike: Orange and purple, man, why?

Huffer: I'm an engineer, not a fashionista.
snavej writes: Anyone want to buy a stalactite? Only three energon cubes!
snavej writes: Have you seen some of the wackos who post in this section? They think it's a caption competition but no one wins anything, yet they keep coming up with mad stuff. And they call me 'Huffer'!
snavej writes: After living up to his name and huffing various chemicals, Huffer's pupils were totally dilated.
gantzrunner writes: Huffer whispering: Quickly Spike, while nobody's looking...tighten my lugnutz...
wardawnapocolypse writes: "HUFFER, DID YOU FART?" "UMM... MUSTA BEEN IRONHIDE! "
spiderbob007 writes: What was that noise over there!? Darn it! I have no peripheral vision. There it is again!
Hotrodimust writes: I almost got your zipper up
Octocon writes: It's Not want it!... Stop laughing!
robotsindisguys writes: It wasn't me man...If I you'd know it!
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njb902 writes: huffer was devastated by his loss of the starting contest.
deaduniverse writes: H: Damn, Prime's trailer was heavy, I could have swore my shoulders were higher. S: No, you always looked like a bad mold of G1 Ironhide and Ratchet
Optimum Supreme writes: Huffer turns his head and coughs as Spike checks for hernias.
BeastProwl writes: Hmm...Nobody SEEMS to be watching...
Ryuki writes: Spike: OK, who is hiding my favorite hardhelmet ?!

Huffer (whistling) : I don't know what you're talking about ... ?
Ryuki writes: spike : "hey Huffer, I need a ride to taking Carly shopping in midtown. I want to ask Bumblebee again but he said he suddenly got an urgent mission, so I want to know can you give me a ride, please ?? "

Huffer (thinking to himself): ("ignore him, keep
Road Turtle writes: Spike,"So why are you called 'Huffer'?...and what's up with all those spray paint cans and trash bags?"

Huffer,"Well...Ugh...You want some?"

Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Hey man...you got the Stuff?"

Huffer,"What? Here?...You got the Cash?"
MarkNL writes: Huffer: O-oh, did I hear Prime calling me? I g-got to go, see ya.
Spike: HEY! We're not done yet!
garrickboomer writes: OOPS! This is uncomfortable, Stop staring at my gyro-cog Spike!
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Zetatron writes: Huffer: We got bugs! Hey, somebody get me a can of Raid!
Spike: Huffer, it's me, Spike!
Huffer: Still waiting on that Raid here!
BiggietronPrime writes: Ok!!! Quick!!! No one is looking!!!! Do it you whore!!!!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Nothin' to see here.... nothin' going on, la la la......
phase writes: Spike: Come on Huffer, take it off!
Huffer: Sh*t, it's the cops!
Cops: You're under arrest for corrupting a minor!
Ryuki writes: Spike: Huffer, your hands articulation sucks!! Huffer: huh?!, who just said that ?? Spike: see ?!, even your neck articulation sucks as much... You can't even look down at me !!
Shadowstream writes: S: What exactly am I looking at here, Huffer?
H: N-nothing, nothing at all!
S: That's what bothers me...
AutobotMR2 writes: Why in Primus's name wasn't I given elbows like you??!!!!
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Teletran mentioned something about a 'Dion'. Is he a relative of yours? Do you know who Teletran's talking about?"

Huffer,"Dion...now that's a name I haven't heard in along time..."
Mindmaster writes: "I'm your biggest fan! I'll polish your crotch plate and everything..."

JaffleMaker writes: The awkward moment when a human admires their reflection on your crotch plate.
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DragonPrime120 writes: I'll Keep Watch, Just Make sur you get it out. It's been in there for a month, that's why i'm always squatting.
griftimus prime writes: turn your head and cough
DINOBEAST writes: You have a... Belly Button?!... What the?!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: I told you they would run out of good caption pictures, but would they listen to me? Oh no!
Trikeboy writes: hey...you...wanna buy some stuff?
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Hey Kid...wanna...wanna by a watch?
starscream2222 writes: Quick, before Prime sees. But not too quick.....
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