Starscream visits Colorado

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Starscream visits Colorado
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DeltaSilver88 writes: Astrotrain had decided to hit Taco Bell the previous day. Starscream's sewer clean-up duty was about to get a whole lot more interesting...
Mlgpapalouie writes: Dont do drugs kids, Starscream learned this the hard way.
Mlgpapalouie writes: Dont do drugs kids, Starscream learned this the hard way.
ksol71339 writes: STARSCREAM:. " WHAT WEED IS THIS?! "
TrinityIce writes: All right, no more jokes, who has the blunt?
-Kanrabat- writes: Megatron. Pass me the bong.
Optimum Supreme writes: Starscream goes for a shvitz. What, you didn't know there were Jewish transformers? Oy vey!
MagnusLabel writes: Starscream: Due to Siberia's high air pressure, our country has see a large increase in the amount of...(high-kicked by Megatron) Seum Dwa!
bumblebeej8 writes: Can I have your cigarette Beachcomber?
Riptidemtmte writes: "Trippy..."
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Rainmaker writes: Megatron why are you smoking? I mean...HOW are you smoking?
TF Cagle writes: Starscream: I'm getting dizzy. Megatron help!

Megatron: Don't worry Starsream it won'y kill you. (whispers to Soundwave) Quick let's get out of here.
TheWeirdOne12 writes: I swear! They're mint leaves, not pot leaves!
william-james88 writes: Awww yeah, this smell reminds me of the college days... afghan kush...
Bluespindash97 writes: Starscream needs to listen to some Earth,Wind and Jetfire right now!
jpmonge1984 writes: "Eat the beans they said!... they are delicious they said!"
Nemesis Bolt writes: Starscream: wow i havent been this happy since gay marriage was legalized
Frenchhorngirl writes: "I can't even lift this little watchamacallit. I seriously need to start working ou...what? Is that a birdie?"
omegasupreme69 writes: Star scream: Lucy in the sky with dimonds........
Venowtron writes: this is some awesome stuff
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trailbreaker writes: Starscream - "Hey Rumble, pass me another funny brownie and put some more Hendrix on the turntable!!!"
Towline writes: UGH. Megatron has put the lime in the coconut again!
Towline writes: Kid: Wow G.I. Joe, Not even starscream can make drugs cool. I will not use drugs because I dont want to be a dork like starscream.

G.I. Joe: And knowing is half the battle.
sdn1337 writes: *Decepticons stare at Starscream with a blank stare*
sdn1337 writes: Soundwaveeeeeeee you might spy on everyone on team...know everything we think...say... did in the past... but you're still one of my Decepticon brothers. Who would've known these wenergona sticks rumble gave me can bring me so closer to everyone.

sdn1337 writes: This is what you vermans do in Colorado? It's a gas it doesn't seem wet to me... I feel a little strange though and I'm a robot. You sure this stuff is okay?
alekesam writes: Thundercracker (to Starscream, off-panel): I know you don't smoke weed, I know this; but I'm gonna get you high today, 'cause it's Friday; you ain't got no mission...and you ain't got shit to do...
rockman_fan writes: pot joke
Marcus Rush writes: It was only then that he realized that the "Fog," was caused by Blot and not a natural phenomenon.
Black Hat writes: Starscream's invasion of Amsterdam did not go well.
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kruiz220898 writes: I'm getting really high now, higher than I can fly, must go find Skywarp and the others to get a load of this
skidflap writes: Starscream discovers the seacons don't do so well in crowds.
snavej writes: Starscream: Umm, Skyfire, old buddy, I think that your 'science experiments' have gone wrong again. I wish you wouldn't let this happen. It clogs our intakes, you know.

Skyfire: We have a new Pope! Wooooo!
#Sideways# writes: Trails, man

-Kanrabat- writes: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude....
That stuff is gooooood!
That's strange, but I just see how futile overthrowing Megatron is....
The universe is awesome.....
warmech95 writes: Starscream: You cannot get past!

Prime: Wait! If I Cannot get PAST, Can you not get FUTURE?

Starscream: (Curling into a ball) Woah man that's deep! you must know some....things and seen some.....stuff.
Red 50 writes: Holy crap I'm high... Wish I knew what I smoked...
Xephon0930 writes: This is one of the benefits of joining the Church of the Latter Day Dude. Free weed.
OptiMagnus writes: Well...they sure don't call Denver the Mile High City for nothing...
Foximus writes: Starscream contemplates what life would be like as a ghost.
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trailbreaker writes: Starscream will think twice next time Devastator says "Pull my finger"....
Jetfire22 writes: Starscream: Some of snavej's 632 posts on this caption are funny and make sense..... Man this is some good shit!!!!!
VioMeTriX writes: oh shit megatron, you weren't kidding when you said you blew it up in the bathroom
vectorsigma757 writes: "Now for my plan to rule the Decepticons. Electric aura, check. Impossibly heavy fleshling hammer, check. "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!""
Unknown writes: I shouldn't have eaten that burrito...
King Slick writes: If Time Tebow got traded to the Jets, HOW AM I STILL SMELLING HIS STENCH?
Insidious writes: *Starscream stumbles into Blot and Skalor's cohabitation suite*
MagnetarPrime writes: ...Now I know what they call it a Jeffrey..... I need to get me some motor oil and energon cubes now !!!!!!!!
Maculotron writes: "Now... What was I doing?"
MarkNL writes: Ahhh.. That smell.. Is Soundwave baking apple pie again?
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BeastProwl writes: "Dude...What if the me?...waooaaah..."
datguy86 writes: Lord Megatron... Duuude... Through ecstasy, crystal meth, and glue no other leader compares to you!
SentinelA writes: Who farted?
SideswipeSkywarp writes: BLOT! Is that you?
snavej writes: The experiment with converting from energon to burning chicken manure was short-lived.
Ravage XK writes: As the My Little Pony toys melted the fumes caused Starscream to hallucinate, he saw a time when he would be leader, when HE would command the Decepticons. He also saw some strange purple guy with a big orange gun but thought nothing more of it….
snavej writes: This is your Decepticon air commander on drugs.
Ravage XK writes: As the My Little Pony toys melted the fumes caused Starscream to hallucinate, he saw a time when he would be leader, when HE would command the Decepticons. He also some strange purple guy with a big orange gun but thought nothing more of it….
snavej writes: Starscream: Need brains! Need brains! Got to escape cartoon and make fortune in property bubble! Or maybe tech stocks.
Ravage XK writes: Starscreams efforts to save Energon went badly wrong when his latest idea, using candles, set Megatron's favourite drapes alight.
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Ravage XK writes: When they opened the Ark, even though he had been told to keep his eyes shut Starscream couldn't resist taking a quick peek.
Heckfire writes: " They DO have the best crystal meth out here."
snavej writes: Suddenly, out of the gloom, stepped the answer to many fangirls' prayers. It was Starscream, carrying an enormous chocolate cake.
snavej writes: Starscream: OK, who burnt the toast? Is anyone experimenting with toast? Do we have an infestation of human vagrants again? Are they burning the toast? Why doesn't our superior security system stop this sort of thing anyway?!
snavej writes: Smoke? Fog? Dust? No, these were the ghosts of long-dead squiggles.
snavej writes: It turned out that there actually was a bonfire of the vanities!
snavej writes: Starscream: smoking hot ... after a fire at Deceptibase.
Poyguimogul writes: Fans rejoiced once they learned why Starscream behaved the way he did in ARMADA. also * the use of recreational drugs can lead to a lifetime of addiction * And now you know.. and knowing is half the battle! *
Xephon0930 writes: Dude,what if the script for the Bay films were actually terrible fan fiction that somehow made it as the final product?
snavej writes: It turned out that there were no 'Gorillas in the Mist', just a Decepticon killing machine.
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snavej writes: Oh no, Devastator farted!
Mindmaster writes: "Dude... like, do you want to go raid some energy plant? Or-or-or maybe go destroy some Autobots?"
Twitchythe3rd writes: Not even Starscream can resist the smell of fried chicken.
Evil_the_Nub writes: I was gonna fight the Autobots, then I got high. I was gonna shoot them with my null rays, but then I got high. Now I'm Megatron's punching bag, and I know why. Because I got high because I got high, because I got high.
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