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IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Review

Date: Thursday, December 31st 2015 7:14am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW, Va'al

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(Spoiler free-ish)

FROSTY RECEPTION! THE WRECKERS journey to Nome, Alaska to track down the number one suspect in PROWL’s disappearance—their former human ally, VERITY CARLO!

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Review
Who doesn't seem at her best, really...


The holiday period has brought the second chapter in this new, updated Wreckers story, which deals with the old, outdated motives and reasoning of the Wreckers - and all the terrible terrible things they did at some point. Oh, and somehow Prowl - of course - is involved too. How does the story hold up?

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Review
On subtle threads

The Noisemaze and Prowl's mind are explored a little further, as Nick Roche digs into the four-letter-P-word's ego and dreams (no electric sheep, unless they're in perfect, precise order), but despite the creepiness of off-panel Tarantulas Mesothulas, we're not looking at the core of the issue just yet. Though we also are, in another way. It's complicated, okay?

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Review
See? Complex dialogue

From the preview shown, there is nothing I want to say here that might spoil the enjoyment of the various reveals along the way, as the Chimeracons are a bit of a treat and a half, drawing from a range of sources close to Roche's enjoyment as a consumer of Transformers fiction - and it really shows in the rationale behind their presence here, too.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Review
Not shown here

I am not entirely convinced at how some of the established characters are being used by Roche, especially in the case of Arcee - who while still has all the possible valid reasons to be suspicious of practically everyone involved in the book, still manages to have a ..peculiar exchange with Springer much later in the book. I may just be reading it the wrong way, however, so don't hold me to that.


Roche is definitely having fun, balancing his writing with the attention he pays to his art. Again, there are many many spoilers that would come out of spending too much time on what he does with the design of a number of characters across the issue, but the action is nicely fluid, dynamic and hopping off the page with organic vitality.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Review
Can you bear the suspense?

Josh Burcham, additionally, plays with the sudden shifts of setting, both interior and internal, past and present, through flashbacks, PTSD-esque scenes and panels focused on Springer and Kup, and some seriously vibrant and slightly disturbing colours in eye-shades, Energon spillages, and.. yeah. Alaska and the team's past are very different palettes. Very.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Review
Oh dear

In Tom B. Long's lettering work, we find the new cast of characters find their own voices, as shown in Mesothulas's scenes, the heightened scenes with some of the characters, and a smattering of SHEEEEAAAGGGHs across the book, too. On the cover front, we have a similar selection to issue 1, Roche and Burcham bring Stakeout close to the action, guest Stephen Mooney with Burcham show the still misfitting Arcee, and Andrew Griffith also teams up with Burcham for another LSTOW-centric variant (thumbnailed).

Spoilerish ahead

As you've seen until now, there is a lot in this issue which I really do not want to talk about too openly in a review, giving a chance to readers to appreciate in their own time and on their own reading - but, that said, if you're a fan of Beast Wars in any of its incarnations, and even some Armada, why not, you may just want to pick this up for the smug smirk factor.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Review
I have to show this again

The story is proceeding with enough mystery and dangling threads that it feels it could very much head *anywhere* from here. It also is a fairly dense read, with some seriously serious moments underpinned by dark, bleak humour, especially in the over-bulked shape of Guzzle, and confirms some of what Roche was saying in terms of LSTOW being a super-edit - there is a lot going on here, take your time, it's very much worth it.


Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

Date: Wednesday, December 30th 2015 4:15pm CST
Category: Comic Book News
Posted by: ScottyP | Credit(s): James Roberts, Twitter

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Need to get your More Than Meets The Eye fix this week, but not sure how with no new issue of the series out? Fear not, as the author of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye and consummate gentleman James Roberts took to his Twitter account yesterday evening to answer fan questions marked with the hashtag #MTMTE15. Twitter can be difficult to follow along with, so now that this fun Q&A has wrapped up, we've transcribed the questions and answers here for your reading enjoyment.

What will become of some of your favorite characters? Is James hoarding boat-formers? How will some of the high-level concepts in the book be continued? Who was blocked due to silly questions, and what does Dustin Hoffman have to do with anything? At least one of these is answered below, plus a very small update on the status of Transformers Classics UK Volume 6.

Editor's note: Many questions and answers have been edited in an extremely minor fashion for clarity, and to correct spelling mistakes. The hashtag was also removed from the text of Tweets to assist with reading. Images added are for ease of reading and were not generally included in the original questions or answers.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

On to the questions!

HobbyDrifter asked: Where’s Dominus Ambus?
James Roberts replied: Maybe dead, maybe alive. Disappeared? MIA? Even the Necrobot doesn't know.

ddTiel asked: So, Ravage: Megatron or Soundwave??
James Roberts replied: I think Ravage would pick Megatron but feel guilty as hell.

NarysZhala asked: Will we see more of the events that had been caused by the New Institute affecting the characters next season?
James Roberts replied: Very possibly. Very, very possibly.

ayellowbirds asked: major characters in More Than Meets The Eye got theme songs—do you have any in mind for more minor characters?
James Roberts replied: I actually find it very hard to think of theme songs, hence so few so far. I need to do the major characters first.

ayellowbirds asked: in flashbacks it seems like Cons were mostly labor, Bots elite/police. Who are the exceptions?
James Roberts replied: I've given you a misleading impression!

MoyaoftheMist asked: who is the most fun character for you to write/draw?
James Roberts replied: To write, currently, Megatron. Also: Rodimus, Nautica, Rung, Swerve. Oh, and Whirl. Maybe Whirl overall.

ayellowbirds asked: is there any character you REGRET including in More Than Meets The Eye ?
James Roberts replied: Season 1 or 2 or the whole series? Editor's Note: No follow-up could be located for this Question.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

MoyaoftheMist asked: what details can you give us about the ambus test?
James Roberts replied: It's one of those things best revealed through the pages of the comic as we move forward.

MoyaoftheMist asked: is what we saw in issue 47 the full conjunx ritus or just the proposal?
James Roberts replied: Good question. You saw every step of the proposal. Had TG performed Act 4, the ritual would have been over. But there would have been a recitation or oath at the very end.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

Speed_Freak01 asked: Looks like Hound's been making a few background appearances lately- do you have any plans for him?
James Roberts replied: Why yes I do.

clotho7777 asked: Could the cons notice any syntax pattern difference between Megs' speech (OP had him made) during the trial and his own words?
James Roberts replied: Lovely question! I think they both have quite formal patterns of speech, so no, I don't think anyone noticed.

jobot935 asked: Did you ever expect More That Meets The Eye to become as popular as it is, even with ppl outside the TF fandom?
James Roberts replied: Mainly no, a little bit yes. Had no idea if ppl would like comic but *I* thought comic was great. Like all TF creators, I wanted my work to be liked by TF fans + non-TF fans alike. I'm chuffed it's getting more attn outside fandom, but too many avoid it because of preconceived ideas. Fan proselytizing DEFINITELY helps.

MoyaoftheMist asked: was tailgate aware of the acts in the conjunx ritus before getaway described them to him?
James Roberts replied: No. Or he was sketchy, at best.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

cytokiine asked: Could you give an estimate (issues or months/years) on when First Aid will return to MTMTE?
James Roberts replied: Sorry, I can't! Keep reading! But know this: I want him back.

irlnautica asked: Is Rodimus's ability to set himself on fire through force of will from Maximum Dinobots ever going to come up again?
James Roberts replied: If I can find the *perfect* moment, yes. Because it so fits.

ddTiel asked: Is gender randomly selected for holo-avatars or are there particular in-universe characteristics that influence it?
James Roberts replied: Super-good, super-hard question No 1. I'm flagging it to return to later. May take more than one tweet.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

irlnautica asked: Why are you hoarding the Autobots who turn into boats? Riptide, Nautica, Broadside, and you've implied Seaspray...
James Roberts replied: It's easier to think of names for TFs who turn into boats. And admit it: Nautica is the best name ever, isn't it?

MoyaoftheMist asked: what's your favorite bit of inconsequential tf trivia for mtmte?
James Roberts replied: Probably that Fulcrum was assigned to a planet named after the actor who played the cowardly lion in Wizard of Oz.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

PTranz asked: Have you or anyone from the IDW team dared to pitch ideas or concepts for DJD/Rung/Nautica figures to Hasbro?
James Roberts replied: No - we leave it all to Hasbro! If we come up with characters/concepts that appeal, I figure they'll be used in the end.

Shadowviper00 asked: Has your writing process changed over the 48+ issues? If yes, how so? And is it for the better?
James Roberts replied: The process is essentially the same. Maybe I do more redrafts than I did. Losing 2 pages hurt.

ayellowbirds asked: you've introduced a lot of new characters in #MTMTE2015 — which would you most like to see as toys, or in the cartoons/movies?
James Roberts replied: Nautica, Rung, Nickel and Pharma - I'd LOVE to see them exist in any form outside the comic.

ddTiel asked: If there ever was a chance MTMTE was made into a cartoon/movie, would you want to write it?
James Roberts replied: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

ayellowbirds asked: can a bot have more than one Conjunx Endura simultaneously—open, equal relationships of three or more?
James Roberts replied: No. Remember too that having *one* CE in your lifetime is very rare.

lydia19910826 asked: Do the Cybertronians define their gender according to their looking or according to their own decision?
James Roberts replied: I don't think it's the way they look, but 'their own decision' is tricky too: societal norms/biases come into play

Herakuwa asked: What kind of place was Prion where Nickel was born? What kind of transformers were there?
James Roberts replied: This is a "keep reading" question. But for now, assume it's a "normal" peace loving colony.

tina_jabbour asked: is pharma going TO BE BACK pls it's all i want in life
James Roberts replied: Pharma was taken. By whom? Why? And where to? We can't answer these Qs without seeing him one way or another.

ayellowbirds asked: when you write More Than Meets The Eye what kind of accents do you imagine for the main cast?
James Roberts replied: My own, mainly. I’m deficient in this area.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

koochie_minks asked: Will we get some more background info on Tarn at some point? Curious about him.
James Roberts replied: Yes. Soon.

Speed_Freak01 asked: will cyclonus' sweet rocket-punch make any appearances in future mtmtes?
James Roberts replied: Probably… not.

ayellowbirds asked: any trans or nonbinary characters in mind for MTMTE ? Bots with gender at odds w/ how they were forged/constructed?
James Roberts replied: Would love to explore this but want to do it right/do it justice. Watch this space. I have half-formed ideas.

85Lozalot asked: you mentioned before that you hear British voices for the TF's. Any have particular accents for you?
James Roberts replied: Just my own poorly-enunciated, hard-to-place, middle class accent.

SilaCinnamon: Drift seems to have a lot of money, will there be an explanation for that?
James Roberts replied: I have an explanation in mind. If it doesn't surface through the story I'll share eventually. Clue: it's not nice.

PTranz asked: Skids' holomatter avatar has been the 11th and 9th Doctor. Will we get a different incarnation each time he uses it?
James Roberts replied: You can blame/applaud Guido and Alex for that! But the pattern is set. Maybe next time he'll be the best Doctor, i.e. Ten

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

toasterbabe asked: The Protectobots. We know the original 5 are coming back to the Lost Light - but any screen/speaking time for Rook (the new guy)?
James Roberts replied: Oooh, how do you know they're coming back to the Lost Light...?

PTranz asked: Will we get to see a return of Nautica and Velocity's Camien friends from issues 41 and 42?
James Roberts replied: I hope so, yes.

toasterbabe asked: Terminus and his relationship to Megatron. Husband, brother, dad - pick one.
James Roberts replied: Mentor/Protégé. Master/Apprentice.

d00mface asked: will we ever see the Warriors Elite as a group together in flashback form ever again?
James Roberts replied: I do love my flashbacks, so... possibly.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

PTranz asked: Nickel is the first female Decepticon seen in the IDW universe. Any plans for others to follow after her amongst the 'Cons?
James Roberts replied: Short answer: yes. Ideally, we'd have a balance of all genders - however many there are.

a_omochi asked: Deathsaurus is nemesis Star Saber from Transformers Victory--do the two of them know each other in IDW?
James Roberts replied: They are known to each other, yes.

toasterbabe asked: Willing (ie: unlike Arcee so far) trans characters (girls, guys, nb)... Any plans? In the next year, maybe?
James Roberts replied: See earlier answer.

MaverickPrimeGB asked: will First Aid(or others that became part of combiners) return to the Lost Light?
James Roberts replied: Not telling you! But I do like First Aid…

MaverickPrimeGB asked: and, will you eventually use Beast Wars characters on MTMTE? #MTMTE2015 (If so, please use Claw Jaw! :D)
James Roberts replied: Not sure. I like BW, but we already have a big cast. A BW character would need to justify their presence.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

PTranz asked: Will Ten ever come to be friends with Swerve after their animosity and Swerve's exclusion in Ten's art?
James Roberts replied: See upcoming issues!

yakuzenlunch asked: Outliers' news besides Skids?
James Roberts replied: Do you mean tell you more about Outliers? Or name some more? Editor's Note: No follow-up could be located for this Question.

mikunissinen asked: Jackpot and Mainframe seem to be so close. So, are they CE? Or just good friends?
James Roberts replied: Just good friends. Sorry, JackFramer/MainPot shippers, if you exist. Maybe we'll see something blossom.

yakuzenlunch asked: Will the prewar episode have the plan to write in future (such as Elegant Chaos)?
James Roberts replied: I thought Elegant Chaos would be my last foray into the past. But I miss it. We might go back in Season 3.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

ddTiel asked: I feel weird asking this but will Megatron and Starscream cross paths again in a more amiable way? No more hatred?
James Roberts replied: I would like Megs and Screamer to meet now Megs has 'mellowed' beyond even his trial. But maybe a different fate awaits..

d00mface asked: What were the Warriors Elite's relationships w/ each other? I could see Black Shadow and Overlord as foils for example.
James Roberts replied: Truthfully, I've not thought about it - beyond thinking that it's a contrived/forced alliance. Good fanfic material?

yakuzenlunch asked: If I am one-on-one and serious, and Overlord such as Phase Sixers fights against Point One Percenter such as Megatron, where wins?
James Roberts replied: A straight one-on-one? Overlord. Megs is (was) tough, but Phase Sixers outclass everyone.

herakuwa asked: What happened to them at this time? Did they go to another dimension? Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter
James Roberts replied: They did go to a different dimension, yes. More than that I cannot say.

Serika_Izumi asked: Will you go at TF Nation 2016?
James Roberts replied: Who can say?

mikunissinen asked: Sureshot and Pointblank appeared in mtmte41, but Crosshairs didn't. I wonder if Crosshairs have been still in Lost Light now.
James Roberts replied: Yes, Crosshairs is on board. I *think* he's in the #50 back-up strip.

Tea_Mistress asked: What's the average time for a forged protoform to fully form? And afterwards, how long before mental maturity is reached. Thanks
James Roberts replied: Depends on where they were harvested + how skilfully; weeks, minimum. Mental maturity I need to think about. Sorry!

clotho7777 asked: By about how much had Shanix depreciated during the war? (Is the 0.5b Black Shadow got from the Autobots really a lot of money?)
James Roberts replied: Its value fluctuated; and no one traded with TFs at certain points in the war. But 1 billion shanix = £1 billion-ish.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

munatron asked: What I've wanted to ask for a long time, how important Impactor was to Megatron? Did they meet on Luna2 or Nova Point?
James Roberts replied: They met while working near Nova Point. They were best friends.

mikunissinen asked: When did Flywheels become a Neoprimalist? Before or while he was in Grindcore, or after he left there?
James Roberts replied: He's always been a Neoprimalist, but he pretended to renounce it during Megatron's most anti-religious phases.

crad0k asked: What happened to the Matrix half on the alternate Lost Light?
James Roberts replied: A good question. I know the answer.

munatron asked: did the war decrease formal Amica and Conjunx relationships and lead into casual/non-formalized but important relations?
James Roberts replied: Good question. Generally, yes; but - as in RL - threat of death often encouraged CE relationships.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

munatron asked: Does the Breastforce and Deathsaurus have their Breastar/Breast animal gimmick in the comics?
James Roberts replied: I think yes, but I don't know whether you'll see it in action.

jobot935 asked: Rewind's allergic to UV light. Would this make him allergic to Earth's sun?
James Roberts replied: Chromedome may have been oversimplifying.

jobot935 asked: would you ever write another TF Novel like Eugenesis ever again?
James Roberts replied: Oh, for sure.

Darki_sp asked: Have you ever thought about having Starscream on the LL or in any of your issues? I mean, as a regular character? :)
James Roberts replied: No, TBH. I like Starscream, but I think John and Mairghread write him so well I'm happy for him to stay where he is.
Darki_sp asked as a follow-up: It'd be awesome to know your view on Screamer, how you'd use him in your plot and the relationships he might form.
James Roberts replied: He's such a fascinating character. I had HUGE fun writing his speech at Megatron's trial.

jobot935 asked: which 3 Lost Lighters are "morning people" and which 3 are more "night owls"?
James Roberts replied: Whirl, Cyclonus and Nautica are night owls. Rung, Skids and Magnus are morning people.

James Roberts replied: Why do some TFs have face plates, and some visors? For Swerve, four is sufficient.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

ayellowbirds asked: did any Camiens other than Velocity join the Lost Light from the Vis Vitalis when Thunderclash came aboard?
James Roberts replied: No, because I wouldn't have been able to pay them enough attention.

Blast_Off_G1 asked: I've got a question of the utmost urgency, intrigue, and importance- HOW DOES WHIRL DRINK?? XD
James Roberts replied: Heartily and often.

LetsPlayLesbian asked: Have you ever secretly written MTMTE fanfiction and posted it online under a pen name?
James Roberts replied: Ha! No, no.

colossoraptor asked: How old is a protoform when they get their first blaster?
James Roberts replied: During wartime? The moment the Postnatals detect a flexible trigger finger.

citygrl903 asked: Mnemosurgery has a bad effect on Chromedome's health, has it done the same to Trepan or any other mnemosurgon?
James Roberts replied: Have you been peeking at issue #49?

Zerokaiser85 asked: Are we going to see more of what the hell was going on in that Worldsweeper (issue #7) or even find out who was experimenting?
James Roberts replied: Yes x 2.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

Transfan2 asked: What is your favorite part of writing Captain Megatron in MTMTE? #MTMTE2015(that is my nickname for him because I am a MegsFan)
James Roberts replied: His inner turmoil. His inability to truly describe how he feels. And his relationship with Rodimus.

CrimsonCyclo asked: Excluding ALL members of the Lost Light (current or not), is there a favorite/desired IDW character you'd wish to be on board?
James Roberts replied: I do love Wheeljack.

TFU_INFO asked: is Napalm Death the soundtrack to every scene at Grindcore?
James Roberts replied: Napalm Death and Slayer.

citygrl903 asked: Who writes the Lost Light insider?
James Roberts replied: Not even I know that.

weasleygeek asked: any details on CD and Rewind's conjunx ritus?
James Roberts replied: Were you looking over my shoulder as I was writing in the coffee shop this morning...?

salticidae_ asked: are new protoforms in proportion to their "adult" size or do they do a lot of growing? how quickly do they mature?
James Roberts replied: It depends on how much sentio metallico there is to harvest. Maturity? See earlier answer.

Sxizzor asked: in the first issue, why didn't rewind ride along on CD or ratchet's alt modes if they were in a hurry?
James Roberts replied: Because he's bloody heavy! :-)

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter
Rod Pod art by Josh Burcham

AdamRRoberts asked: Does the Rod Pod have escape crafts that've been modified to look like fish? Are they called Rod Pod Cod Mod Pods?
James Roberts replied: Blocked, mate.

TheWindySwede asked: So, what are the odds for some sort of animated product based on MTMTE?
James Roberts replied: You tell me! If the love spreads and the demand grows... who knows? Netflix 22 ep series?

Thistle_burr asked: Does the LL operate with a 24/7 watch system? Or do they have a "night" where most of the crew are off duty?
James Roberts replied: The crew recharge whenever the mood/need takes them. Which kind of contradicts my night owl/early bird answer.

Andrewdturnbull asked: Any chance of a one off issue looking at some of the other crew members outside of the core cast like Lower Decks ep from TNG
James Roberts replied: It's crossed my mind. I worry I couldn't do 5+ b/ground characters justice in 20 pages.

CrimsonCyclo asked: If Megatron is Morrissey, then which crew member is Noel Gallagher?
James Roberts replied: Swerve.

CrimsonCyclo asked: Personally, James, which MTMTE issue was more difficult/interesting to write for: #16 or #47?
James Roberts replied: I'm as proud of #47 as I am anything I've written. But #16 comes very close.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

CrimsonCyclo asked: You mentioned before that [MTMTE #34 Spoilers] Trailbreaker's death will serve a purpose later on. Is his brain... well, "key"?
James Roberts replied: His death led to the DJD finding out about Megs, and reminded everyone that the DJD are evil arseholes.

Clich_A asked: TRYING AGAIn, okay so I've waited yonks to know, Ambulon's original name??
James Roberts replied: Exclusive: Ambulon is the only name he's ever had.

clotho7777 asked: Is it possible that a DJD member begins his/her career as, say, 'VOS' but gets promoted to 'Tarn' if the former Tarn dies?
James Roberts replied: I like this idea, but no, you get the name going spare following the death of the incumbent.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

RodimusPrime87 asked: Do you think death fakeouts nullify story/character developments? (Rewind, Red Alert, Cyclonus, Tailgate, Rodimus, Rung, Magnus)
James Roberts replied: I'd argue that Rewind's, Cyclonus's and TG's were not fake-outs. Rung and Red, yes. Red's I regret. Rewind died. Rewind 2 replaced him. Same but different. HOW he came back mattered. The grief was real. With Cyclonus, you were invited to speculate as to whether he was dead. Dogfight himself asks, "Is he dead?" Thing to remember is that TFs are robots, not humans. It's difficult to definitively convey death on the page. We've seen TFs get shredded and survive. As a writer you want cliffhangers + 'Sh1t, are they dead?' moments. I regret Red's "death" 'cos he was headless. Hitherto, brain or spark death = real death. I undermined that. :-(

Sxizzor asked: i hear you were excited to get ravage on the LL? what kind of plans do you have for them?
James Roberts replied: Well, you've been following his adventures - on and off - since #28. He's in #50 and beyond. Megs needs him.

Speed_Freak01 asked: Would it be at all possible for you to steal Cliffjumper from ex-RID? I feel like he'd be right at home on the Lost Light
James Roberts replied: We’re already pretty full up! :-)

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

Sis_Shrieks asked: If I suggest that my faves die in mtmte, does that mean you'll have to keep them alive or risk being sued?
James Roberts replied: Let’s try it and find out.

Sis_Shrieks asked: Do you plan to make any more protagonists explicitly neurodivergent? (hint: Nautica and Rung are autistic)
James Roberts replied: It’s crossed my mind.

JediFlaherty asked: What did you get Alex Milne for Christmas?
James Roberts replied: The script to #50. He asked if I'd kept the receipt.

tailgatingMini asked: Was Tailgate counted in the numbers on Rodimus's hand? Tailgate mentioned he missed the voting. Was he the only one?
James Roberts replied: Other inoperative TFs would also have been excluded.

JediFlaherty asked: RE: Unpleasantness that led to @jroberts332 Twitterbreak: How close were/are you to quitting early?
James Roberts replied: Quitting MTMTE altogether? No. Quitting Twitter? I was 50/50. But it wasn't anyone in particular at fault

Purpliser asked: Would you feel comfortable writing a Trans*transformer? The Lost Light seems a place that they'd like to be.
James Roberts replied: "Comfortable" = interesting word. I worry about screwing up, TBH. I don't want to misrepresent anyone.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

Serika_Izumi asked: Question about CD-RW. Who initiated the conjunx ritus in Their case? Chromedome or Rewind?
James Roberts replied: You’ll find out soon.

JediFlaherty asked: Market-permitting, is 100 still the plan? Any chance for 113?
James Roberts replied: If we get to 100, I think 100 is where we'll stop. Four years away!

Zhgingaah asked: And once this quest is complete one way or another, is there another TF story that @jroberts332 is itching to tell?
James Roberts replied: There is one, yeah.

tailgatingMini asked: Will we see Drift and Ratchet in 2016? Or Scavengers? Or, preferably, a mini-series/spotlight for any of them?
James Roberts replied: No plans for any Spotlights/minis. You'll probably see the Scavengers in late 2016.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

Tea_Mistress asked: Was Rung alt-mode exempt? Or was he a psychiatrist before the Funcionists came to power. What was his role as an ornament?
James Roberts replied: He was a psychiatrist pre-Functionists. 'Ornament' was just something they put on his ID card.

tailgatingMini asked: Soooooo.... Megatron stays with MTMTE, with us and with You for another year at least? 8'D
James Roberts replied: No comment.

Purpliser asked: Back in t'day, Image did an event,, ever been tempted to do issue 113 this way?
James Roberts replied: I am now…

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

summer_breaze_ asked: Are there any plans at all for Ratchet and Drift? Will we ever see them again?
James Roberts replied: No plans at the moment. The cast is pretty big. One day…

c0gwheels asked: what was the creative reasoning for revealing the fate of Cyclonus off panel?
James Roberts replied: Do you mean Getaway? If so, let's just say I knew it would be unpopular but I had my reasons. And #49 is out soon!

summer_breaze_ asked: Do protoforms come from new sparks? Or do they need one to be given to them? How do they grow?
James Roberts replied: Yes, they come from new sparks. They grow thanks to Matrix magic :-)

Hazelnutpon asked: does tarn like Christmas music
James Roberts replied: He's never heard any. He'd probably like choral stuff (minus the religious element.)

Munatron asked: Do some CC bots experience altmode/frame dysphoria? Their deep-coding conflicts with what they have, doesn't it?
James Roberts replied: Yes. Might Ambulon have experienced something similar? CC certainly complicates everything.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter
Rod Pod art by Josh Burcham

AdamRRoberts asked again: Does the Rod Pod have escape crafts that've been modified to look like fish? Are they called Rod Pod Cod Mod Pods?
James Roberts replied: I thought I’d blocked you.

gonnagetcaged asked: I'm curious if any of the Monsterbots will have a speaking role, however minor, in #MTMTE2015? Ten & Grotusque are great as art buddies. :)
James Roberts replied: I'm sure they'll have something to say one day. I do want to build on the art buddies thing.

PTranz asked: Does Ravage still transform into one of Soundwave's cassettes? Will he eventually get along with Nautica?
James Roberts replied: I think so, yes; and he gets on quite well with Nautica after that shaky start.

Thelonicon asked: I love #MTMTE, but I also love reading your TFUK Classics essays. A progress update on Vol. 6 and beyond would be appreciated.
James Roberts replied: Expect Vol 6 before the summer

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

Drivaaar asked: Your scripts frequently feel more episodic sitcom than 'conventional' comic. Would you like to write TV, and if so, what show?
James Roberts replied: I would like to write for TV. Doctor Who, genre TV, sitcoms in the Community/AD/Peep Show vein. Please make it happen.

si_fi_soul asked: I'm curious about Whirl having the second youngest-looking holomatter avatar after Tailgate!
James Roberts replied: Of the ones you’ve seen so far…!

Rovang asked: Did Hasbro ever make a suggestion for MTMTE that in retrospect you feel was a significant improvement?
James Roberts replied: It's more that they've been supportive of the more experimental and 'progressive' stuff that we've done to date...

si_fi_soul asked: Drift, Getaway... does anybody else on board the Lost Light speak chirolinguistics, or is that a surprise?
James Roberts replied: Statistically, I'd say some other crewmembers speak hand, yeah. I think Hound would.

mtwundagore asked: who's the hottest lost light member and what is considered conventially attractive by transformer standards??
James Roberts replied: I can't answer your first question. Your second question is *kind of* explored in a future issue.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

ipgd asked: whens drift coming back & whos going to marry him when he does. also whens pharma coming back 2 kiss ratchet. Thank
James Roberts replied: drift is coming back to marry preceptor but ratchet does a dustin hoffman in the graduate during the ceremony

MoyaoftheMist asked: if you could add any character (cybertronian or human) to the lost light crew, who would you add?
James Roberts replied: Today, I think… Ironist. Editor's note: unknown if this implies Ironfist or if this was a typo/Freudian slip.

gonnagetcaged asked: Speaking of Monsterbots, what purpose did Terrorcons/Horrorcons/etc. serve during Functionalism? Were they outcasts or undesired?
James Roberts replied: Unless this is contradicted elsewhere, I'd say they were reformatted or Made To Order.

PTranz asked: How did Whirl become such a big fan of Jean-Luc Goddard? What other films are crew-favourites (other than the BTTF trilogy)?
James Roberts replied: The LL crew were exposed to human culture thx to Bluestreak. Rewind likes historicals + biopics. Rodimus likes John Woo.

MoyaoftheMist asked: this is across continuities, but what do you think would happen if miko met whirl?
James Roberts replied: Classic Marvel storytelling: they'd fight, then team up, then both learn something about themselves from the other

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

PositronicWoman asked: did you script for Ambus, Roller, Tarn and Demus to have the same helmet "ears", or did Alex come up with that?
James Roberts replied: All Alex.

TorrentNavy asked: will the ritual for amica endurae be explained in further detail later on? If not, would you give details?
James Roberts replied: I'd rather show it through the comic

Rovang asked: How often do you use the wiki to refresh your memory of MTMTE details? :)
James Roberts replied: Very rarely for MTMTE; but definitely for general TF details

MonoPuma64 asked: Here is a just for fun question, how many tf fanfics have you read? Do you have any personal favorites?
James Roberts replied: I haven't read a TF fanfic for about 15 years. I was a fan of Transmasters UK material by Mark Stevenson et al

kt_jams asked: 39 shows Tarn is an atheist, how does he feel about Vos being a neo-primalist (per his near-death words in 34)?
James Roberts replied: Good question. It's not uncommon for atheists to find God when death is near...

MMortAH asked as a follow-up to the previous question: Piggybacking this... When did the clampdown on religion begin? Flywheels openly religious in #48
James Roberts replied: This sounds facetious, but... after Simanzi. And the anti-religious stuff waxed and waned.

Rovang asked: Have you intentionally retconned anything just because you thought it was a lot better that way? Other than estriol?
James Roberts replied: Great question! I try not to do this, but I did yesterday morning. It's subtle and I think I can get away with it :-)

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

wavey_fur asked: If Pharma transforms into a jet, how did he become a medic in the functionalist era?
James Roberts replied: Sometimes, innate skills will "contradict" assigned function (see: Whirl) and special dispensation is granted.

xiki_Muffin asked: what can be said about cybertronian fashion? What is, cool,common, or high class? decorative fabrics?piercings?decals?paint jobs?
James Roberts repliedJR: The upper classes repaint/refashion (superficially) their bodies more often.

JediFlaherty asked: But most importantly, how are our numbers? ($)
James Roberts replied: Sales-wise? We're fine. We're good. Trades are doing *very* well.

xiki_Muffin asked: are there such things as polyamorous Conjux Endurae?
James Roberts replied: Nope!

xt_jams asked: Is Tarn familiar at all with chirolinguistics?
James Roberts replied: If he knew Megatron could do it, he’d learn.

WarlordFil asked: Will we be finding out more about Deathsaurus (his history, why he's so protective of his crew, the Warworld)?
James Roberts replied: Very likely.

Transformers News: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Author James Roberts Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

InflatableDalek asked: Did you have a Plan B (or even A if it seemed likely) for season 2 if you’d been asked to join in on Combiner Wars?
James Roberts replied: No – the Season 2 adventures would simply have paused for the detour and then picked up where they left off.

That concluded the Q&A, for now! On behalf of the other More Than Meets The Eye fans and readers, a big thanks to Mr. Roberts for answering these questions. James has stated he may answer some more questions later, so be sure to keep an eye on his Twitter account and the Twitter hashtag #MTMTE15. Hopefully our labor of love in transcribing these helps you read through and digest the thoughtful answers provided. As always, keep it here at for all the latest coverage of Transformers comics from IDW Publishing.

IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Full Preview

Date: Saturday, December 26th 2015 11:20am CST
Category: Comic Book News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW

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As Newsarama post their full preview, who are we not to follow suit? Check out below the full look at the first few pages of the second issue of Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers, by Nick Roche, Nick Roche and Josh Burcham. Make sure to drop by next week for our review, too!

Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 (of 5)
Nick Roche (w & a & c)
FROSTY RECEPTION! THE WRECKERS journey to Nome, Alaska to track down the number one suspect in PROWL’s disappearance—their former human ally, VERITY CARLO!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
The sequel to one of the most acclaimed and influential TRANSFORMERS comics ever!
The AUTOBOT’S greatest secret, AEQUITAS, is in danger of being leaked; but who’s to gain?
Variant cover by Andrew Griffith!

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Full Preview

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Full Preview

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Full Preview

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Full Preview

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Full Preview

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Full Preview

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers #2 Full Preview

James Roberts (MTMTE) WINS Outstanding Writer Award 2015

Date: Thursday, December 24th 2015 8:08am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): ComicsAlliance

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In addition to the announcement over on Comics Alliance about Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye winning their Excellence award, we also have its author - James 'Peerless Jim' Roberts - receiving the award for Outstanding Writer for 2015! Check out the blurb below, and pats on the back all round.

Winner: James Roberts

A great comic can come from anywhere, even a property built to sell toys, which has been through enough reboots to make DC Comics go “well, hold on now.” Nothing is better proof of this than Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, a comic canonized as a minor miracle by Pontifex Prime (what the Popemobile turns into) due largely to its writer, James Roberts.

Roberts humanizes the Transformers like never before, keeping every detail of their massive backstory alien without being alienating, spinning a story where a minor detail from three years back can snowball into a revelation today, and unafraid to be funny, sentimental or heartbreaking, with breathtaking skill at all of these. That this is his first professional work is stunning, and I hope it’s far from his last. [Charlotte Finn]

IDW Transformers: Holiday Special 2015 Review

Date: Wednesday, December 23rd 2015 3:01pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW, Va'al

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HOLIDAYS IN THE STARS! Three stories about three casts and three unique holiday adventures! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll never look at CYBERTRON—or the holidays—the same way again!

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Holiday Special 2015 Review
I just had to

Story: Mairghread Scott
Channelling her best Dr Seuss, Scott manages to blend the mischievous, narcissistic, egotistic nature of Starscream with the seasonal tradition Grinch, and to wonderful effect. It doesn't stray from the characterisation we have seen in recent IDW runs, it taps into some of the plot points, too - and it's filled with wonderful cameos, executed by...

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Holiday Special 2015 Review

Art & Colours: Corin Howell, Thomas Teyowisonte Deer
...Howell, who returns for the one-off after her stint on Windblade, capturing the spirit of the tale and the cartoonishly exaggerated features of the cast involved, with the spin of the Grinch tale. We see the Tankors, Blurr and the new Maccadam crew, Waspinator - all the usual suspects we've come to appreciate on the streets of Cybertron, in the suitably coloured, and wonderfully so, by Thomas Deer. Even in the darkness of what I imagine is Cybertronian sort of winter, we get some great glows of warmth and tone.

More Than Meets the Eye
Story: James Roberts
In a slightly similar, but really quite different way, Roberts takes us aboard the Lost Light, where the festivities are masquerading as something entirely foreign, scientific (or magic, if you ask Rodimus), spacey-wacey, and utterly ridiculous, with the theme of mainstream Christmas traditions seeping in in an overt (to the reader) way...

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Holiday Special 2015 Review

Art & Colours: Kotteri, Joana Lafuente
...from carols, such as the one titling the story, to various iconography we associate with festive customs, from trees to crackers, to party hats, singing, and the general merryment. In order to so, the tale introduces fan-favourite fan-artist Kotteri (seen on previous variant covers) to interiors, and bringing some proper fan-fuel to the expressions and qualities to the crew of the ship - no one excluded. Lafuente's colours, a regular mainstay in the Transformers universe created by IDW, show the full versatility of her as an artist too, adapting and complementing the new style smoothly and pleasingly.

The Transformers
Story: John Barber
A criminally good in how bad it intentionally is, the noir-esque take that Barber brings to the holidays is a pleasure to immerse yourself into. Doing something that diverges from the previous two tales, the writing plays with a number of genre conventions, while clearly self-nominating for the meta-award of the year (yes, it even tops Roberts' Swerve). And just as it does in writing...

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Holiday Special 2015 Review

Art & Colours: Josh Burcham it carries itself fantastically well visually, with regular colourist Burcham making another interior appearance. And boy does he pop on the page, mixing the voices of Barber's choice for Thundercracker's work into styles, layouts and composition - then topping it all with colour. A truly enjoyable home-cooked meal for the optics.

Thoughts overall
It's fun. It's lighthearted. It's cheesy and corny and message-y and the writers clearly really enjoyed playing around with tradition, storytelling, and style techniques. It's everything a filler Holiday Special should really be. If you're a fan of the lighter side of any of the three series, if you like writers who poke fun at their own work, themselves, and have fond memories of TV show specials, this is definitely one not to miss in your reading library.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Holiday Special 2015 Review

A note on the letterer, Tom B. Long, who has provided masterful framing and cherrying of the three stories throughout - in particular for The Transformers' section by Barber and Burcham - to Agnes Garbowska, the variant cover artist, and to Casey Coller and Lafuente again, for the thumbnailed main cover. Tip of the (Santa) hat to you all. And as Buster would say, WOOF.

.:BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: out of :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT:

IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #48 Review

Date: Wednesday, December 23rd 2015 11:04am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: D-Maximus_Prime | Credit(s): D-Maximus_Prime, IDW

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MIND GAMES! The crew of the Lost Light are caught off guard when a dead friend appears out of the blue. But there's no time for a happy reunion: someone else has found his way onto the ship—someone with the power to tear the crew apart.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #48 Review
Yeah, way too soon to celebrate guys….

Story so Far
Well, just when you thought you knew it all, Roberts finds a way to make you question everything you thought you knew, and he certainly had me scratching my head at times during this read. It really didn’t pick up where the last left off, but rather steered the ship into whole new waters. We learn of some pasts that we wanted to know and some we never thought we’d see coming. And it was not at all what I expected, but it made me think, it made me go back through and take a look at what I thought I knew. This one made me question some things, and I am not sure at this time if I could give many answers.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #48 Review
Me about this time

Now I was disappointed in the amount of storytelling continuity between issue 47 and this one, but I can say I was somewhat satisfied by the topic that we did plunge into, and that we will finally be getting our answers. Issues 47-49 more feel like slight tidying up issues that Roberts thought he’d have more time to tell but doesn’t, so he’s rushing a bit. So the story does suffer a bit due to it, but it is still tackling the taboo that we have thought about for years, so -1 for speed but +2 for our questions being fulfilled?

With Alex Milne still suffering a leg injury, art this issue is covered by the extremely talented newcomer Hayato Sakamoto, and he brings his A-game to the table this issue. He has a lot to draw, not mention some very scary and very dastardly disgusting stuff to work with, but he takes in stride and doesn’t give an inch! He forged through with no issues whatsoever and very much continues to impress me.
Transformers News: IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #48 Review
Yeah Rung, that’s how I’d feel staring into death itself too!

Joana Lafuente once again picks up coloring duties and the darkness of the story mixed with the bright hope and fire burning within some of our friends here makes for some stunning images, both grim and shining. Lettering is done once again by Tom B. Long, but his time he has some help with the aid of Chris Mowry, and both do a masterful job of giving life to this book, the words, and the memory issues that Skids has fought for oh so long. It truly is the lettering though, that opens up Skids properly and finally for all of us to see though.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #48 Review
Yeah, this proves every point right here

Thoughts, with some spoilers ahead…
Well, We are finally getting our answers, and it seems that some of them are what we thought, and yet some are nowhere near what we could ever imagine. And let alone what the end of the issue means for us going forward, Youch! Poor Rung, and poor Skids. As his memories are ripped open for all to see, I can begin to see tragedy ahead that will bring him closer to a few of his crewmates than ever before, and potential conflict with one in particular. Darkness is descending on the Lost Light, and as we speed ever faster towards Dying of the Light, I can only hope that we still have the crew we started with to hold off the darkness and give the Lost Light some new light.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #48 Review
Pretty much how my head feels

Overall, good issue, very good ready, amazing art, and some answers begin to come out. The major thing that lets this issue down is how it kind of tossed out some things needed to wrap up 47, but that isn’t enough to cripple it too badly.

.:BOT: :BOT: :BOT: .5 out of :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT:

TFCC Timelines #11 Diamond Edition Cover and 2016 Comic Details

Date: Wednesday, December 23rd 2015 11:00am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Collector's Club News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): TFCC

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Directly from the Transformers Collectors' Club ambassador to, and comics writer TF_JW, we have a look at the cover art for the Transformers Timelines #11 Diamond Edition cover, plus a couple of things to add to what's to come in 2016. Keep in mind the recent membership announcement, and it definitely sounds like times are a-changin'. Let us know what you think in the Energon Pub!

The retail edition of Transformers Timelines Issue 11 featuring an all-new cover by Matt Frank and Thomas Deer will be in comic shops 01/27/16. This will be our last issue of Timelines at retail as we have a new exciting offering planned for BotCon 2016. Stay tuned as details of next years comic partnership will be announced in the near future!

Like past Diamond Editions, Timelines #11 will feature a few extended bios of characters which appeared in the comic/as convention exclusives!

Transformers News: TFCC Timelines #11 Diamond Edition Cover and 2016 Comic Details

IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye WINS Continued Excellence in Comics Award

Date: Wednesday, December 23rd 2015 9:52am CST
Category: Comic Book News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): ComicsAlliance

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Remember when we posted that IDW Publishing's Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye had been nominated for the Comics Alliance Continued Excellence in Comics Award? Well, be ready to rejoice, as the following of the smash series has definitely leant in on this one - it won! Read more on it below, and here!

Winner: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

If you had told me even a year ago that the single best comic on the stands was not only a Transformers comic, but the Transformers comic where the entire cast just sort of goofs around in space without ever getting any closer to accomplishing the goals that are nominally driving the book, I would've laughed you out of the office. And yet, here we are, in a world where I've read every issue of More Than Meets The Eye and can't wait for the next one.

The character work and astonishingly clever setups in this series have taken a franchise I never cared about and made it one that I'm deeply invested in, with heartbreaking drama and thrilling action just underneath a surface of comedy that's very hard to pull off.

It is, quite simply, The Best. [Chris Sims]

Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!

Date: Wednesday, December 23rd 2015 9:37am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW, Tigertrack

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“I'd argue there isn't actually a lot of nostalgia here. I'd argue that every page, every moment is built on innovation. And Tom's looking to the past for some of the cues, but what he's actually building is what comics will be like in the future, not the past.”

“I think every page, every panel of this comic is Tom on a tightrope without a net, and he's trying a complicated jump that he's never really done before.”

-John Barber in a COMIC BOOK RESOURCES interview

I don’t think truer words have been spoken about this title…
Transformers News: Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!
Or there's that.

THE SYNOPSIS (what’s the, so far)-

OPTIMUS PRIME returns—-in time to fall to Megatron. Now the undisputed ruler of Cybertron, the Decepticon leader has impaled the planet Earth. The surviving G.I. Joe team remains on the alien planet, confronting a harsh new reality: there is no hope.

Subtle reminder: each issue of TF VS GIJOE is meant to be read as a stand alone adventure, but there is a string and overall story running through. Last issue was an issue about Destro’s past, nay his entire family history, and how it was effected and changed by the ark even with the Transformers lying dormant.

This issue picks up a bit after #8… when that very big thing happened to Earth with those very long spikes coming from Cybertron. Oh and that other big event where you-know-who bad guy seemed to destroy the just-returned-savior good guy. Believe it or not it's all about change though. Adapting.

Transformers News: Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!
We are BORG...

In this installment, the Joes are learning how to survive on their new home. Cobras and Deceptions are celebrating their victory and alliance. There’s some history explained and a cool prose only story included at the end.

Tom Scioli provides it all—lines, inks, colors— with unique perspectives, and daring visuals to push the story boundaries. Often criticized, and rarely understood, Scioli continues to work his vision channeling so much from resources obscure and not obscure.

Of note, though, is the fantastically detailed, gorgeous subscription variant cover of a gargantuan Metroplex done by Ulises Farinas. Just pick-your-jaw-up-off-the-floor awesome!

Transformers News: Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!
I serve the will of the Primes...

Contains spoilers
Transformers News: Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!SPOILERS...sad face

I’ve been critical. I understand the criticisms. But something about this being an otherworldly ‘What If’, ‘Elseworlds’-type, ‘Deviations’ if you will story… makes it all okay, and (mostly) acceptable. I read comics for enjoyment, and this series, never seems to fail in surprising me--although, I'm not sure I would characterize how I interact with this series so much as 'enjoyment'. I love to read the mainstream stories much more than this. But this has its place for me, and maybe it has found its place for you. I read on to see what Tom and John can come up with—what they 'cook' up—. And after I have my own thoughts, I like to read their banter on what inspired their choices when it's done.

Transformers News: Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!
I seem to remember it differently. I got a V.A.M.P., Starscream, and Prowl that year. It was the best though.

Speaking of cooking up, this issue doesn’t disappoint, it's a gourmet feast for the eyes and mind. With a few, ‘oh-no-you-didn’t’ moments that may just have you shaking your head, one we already saw in the preview—Megatron becoming a connoisseur of human flesh now…and the poisoned feast…W..O..W! There's also clever dialogue dropping some excellent one-linersn for easing those hard to take moments.

Transformers News: Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!
We all knew that there were Autobot and Decepticon chefs and bakers, right? CONFEKTOR...bake!

Transformers News: Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!
Hit and Run is one of my all-time favorite Joes, stating the obvious.

For me, the most interesting parts of this issue came near the end. I’ll try not to spoil it for those reading the series, but there are some really thought-provoking Transformers history moments presented with verbal and visual references that any fan of the brand, and pre-brand will embrace with a sense of interest and a little awe… at least I did.

Transformers News: Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!
I'm a chef too...I cook up life!

At the very end of the issue we get a nice bonus, instead of the normal Barber and Scioli back and forth breaking down pages and giving us the behind-the-scenes, we get a short-story called ‘Black Cybertron’ (along the lines of the now infamous Wreckers story,‘Bullets’) involving Ravage, Snake-Eyes, Shockwave, and the cassettes. A journey into Hades or is it the workshop of Daedalus? Either way, it shows the length that some will take for a loved one...loved one...really? Expect the unexpected.

If you’re still with TF VS GIJOE, you know what to expect, and that’s to not know what to expect! This issue doesn’t disappoint, but adds a great morsel for consumption at the end.

B.I.O - Believe in Optimus!

Transformers News: Transformers Vs. GI JOE #10 Review - Believe in Optimus!
A teaser for an image you just have to see!

:BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: out of :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: Interviews IDW Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher

Date: Saturday, December 19th 2015 12:24pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Site Articles, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Sara Pitre-Durocher, Va'al

Discuss This Topic · Permanent Link
Views: 56,418 returns once more to interview the latest addition to the IDW creative teams, in light of the work that has already appeared and will return in the Spring - Camiens, Cybertronians and other colonists, please welcome Sara Pitre-Durocher, cover artist, interiors on Combiner Hunters and The Transformers, and soon to be appearing on Till All Are One!

Transformers News: Interviews IDW Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher

Va'al - Sara, thank you for taking the time to talk to us, even across a screen and at a continent's distance. It's truly a pleasure. I believe the best place to start, for everyone to get to know you, is from the very beginning: how did Transformers first enter your life?

Sara - My pleasure! Thanks for having me!

I was raised in the late 80s with an older brother so Transformers were constantly a part of my life's background as a kid. I didn't particularly care for them back then (I was more intent on liking different things than my brother, really) but some of the classic scenes from the first few episodes, which he had recorded on tape and played in loop every moment of every day, really left an impression on me. As in I could almost quote the episodes when I watched them many years later.

Transformers News: Interviews IDW Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher

When Beast Wars came on (well... Beasties, I mean) I was a fan, but Transformers Prime is really what got me hooked on everything Transformers.

Va'al - That is a peculiar, but also familiar, triple way of getting into the fiction! Was there any other form of the franchise that made into your home, alongside the series? Any toys, comics, stickers, posters - or was that a much later thing too?

Sara - Oh yeah, it absolutely took over almost instantly. It wasn't long before I started doing research on past Transformers series, animated or otherwise. I watched the '86 movie before watching G1, so that was a bit confusing but amazing at the same time? I read as many old comics as I could get my hands on and caught up with IDW's.

Transformers News: Interviews IDW Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher

My toy collection is a never-ending work in progress, but I have a few shelves filled up now. My wardrobe didn't escape the giant-robot-makeover, either..! It eventually got to a point where I wanted the franchise to take over my professional life as well.

Va'al - So during your 'gotta catch em all' time as a fan and researcher of sorts, what was the one thing that stood out? Did you love any of the parts of the franchise specifically (toys over comics, comics over cartoons), or was it all-encompassing?

Sara - I really had to think about this one and haven't been able to come up with a proper answer, so I suppose that means I just love everything equally? (I almost feel like a parent being asked which of my kids I like the best..!) But really, each part of the franchise satisfies a different need, and I find myself just as excited for a new episode to come out, a new comic, a new figure or new game...! It's just really inspiring to see what's being created with these characters, in whatever shape or form.

Transformers News: Interviews IDW Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher

In a way I think it's important for me to stay updated on all of these too, to get a vibe of what other fans are into and what they're hoping for next.

Va'al - It's always good to see that even fans who make it to the professional level remain attached to their nature as fan! In terms of your professional life, how did that come about? Did you set yourself the goal of working with Transformers, and art came later, or did you start as an artist, and brought Transformers into it?

Sara - I honestly never imagined that my life would ever take this turn. When I decided to pursue art about 13 years ago, my original "plan" was just to work hard, make art, and somehow make a living out of it. I was never working up to an objective or anything.

When I got properly acquainted with Transformers, it's like a little light went off; I HAD to work on it. Anything. And I won't lie, a lot of this has to do with a good sense of timing and just pure luck, since at the time that I got the courage to ask my boss (at Volta, Concept art studio) if it would be possible to look for work for the Transformers Franchise, DeNA's Transformers Legends was just starting its production. It pretty much all stemmed from there; Hasbro, who had seen our work on the game, then contacted us to work on coloring their packaging and marketing art. I art-directed on colors for both projects, and painted quite a lot myself as well.

Transformers News: Interviews IDW Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher

Eventually I set my sights on the comics; at first I just wanted to do variant covers, but when John Barber asked if I'd be interested in doing interior art as well I jumped on the opportunity! So at this point it has really switched around; before, art came first and I introduced Transformers to it, but now I feel like I just want to work for the franchise as much as I can, in any medium.

Va'al - That is a really cool story, and spanning so many incarnations of the franchise already. As a concept artist, and the hands behind the Torchbearers designs, what is your peak Transformers fan/artist moment?

Sara - Oh boy, that's a tough one. There are so many moments that have left huge impressions on me, but I think the best is when I walked into the convention center at San Diego Comic Con this summer, and a lot of work I had done in the past year was displayed everywhere at the Hasbro booth. Combiner Hunters premiered at the event as well, so it was just a whole bunch of my Transformers work everywhere at once..! It was kind of overwhelming but...yeah, the best.

Va'al - So now that you're in the IDW realm, how does it feel to be working with the brand and the people associated with it? Are there any big differences between, say, John Barber and Mairghread Scott (for writing), or Josh Perez and Yamaishi (for colouring)?

Sara - It's been really great so far, everyone's very supportive and encouraging. I expected to feel like the new kid at school trying to fit in with all the popular kids (and still I kinda do) but they were quick to welcome me to the IDW family! I can't wait to meet everyone in person so we can create our own secret handshakes.

Transformers News: Interviews IDW Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher
This is what it probably looks like

As for John and Mairghread, they both work in a way that makes my life really easy; they give precise scripts and panel descriptions while still giving me some breathing space for my own artistic input. Working with Yamaishi and Josh has been even easier, I just let them work their magic...! They have very strikingly different coloring styles but both manage to bring so much life and emotion through the pages, it's really amazing to see.

Va'al - So the next thing planned is Till All Are One, continuing the Windblade and ex-colonies stories. What should we expect from the series? Is there anything you can tell us already, or are excited about seeing in print?

Sara - Not sure how much I can say about the ongoing, but so far I've been loving the diversity of the cast I get to play with. Each colony represented in the new Council of Worlds is so unique and has its own set of values, so there will certainly be some culture clash going on there. It certainly doesn't help that Starscream's still being his usual charming Starscream-y self.

Transformers News: Interviews IDW Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher
Sneak preview!

I'm mostly looking forward to the development of that thing we see at the end of Windblade. You know the thing. With those characters? Yeah.

Va'al - Ah, yes, that will be brutiful, to say the least! Are there any other projects you're currently working on, or about to take on with the new year - Transformers-related or otherwise?

Sara - My main project right now is just to adjust to this new lifestyle; working on comics from home is much different from the 8 to 5 office job I'd gotten used to for the past 10 years..! That includes trying to make it to a bunch of conventions next year, and get some prints ready. I really have no idea where to start, but thankfully I have other IDW buddies helping out! Other than that I'm hoping to get a shot at covers for some of the other IDW comics. I'd particularly love to work on a TMNT one, but we'll see!

Va'al - Sara, we wish you all the best in your shapeshifting robot and mutant turtle-shaped futures! Is there anything you want to add for our readers? Anywhere they can find and follow more of your work?

Sara - Thank you so much!

There's a Facebook page for my art and other Transformers news, like conventions and commissions and such, at I do my best to stay up to date on there, but I'll more often post art on my tumblr account,, or at my Twitter, @saralepew.

It's mostly really dumb, but hey. :D

Va'al - We'll make sure readers know! It has been a pleasure, and thank you for taking the time to have this chat with us. Looking forward to more robots, more stories and more covers in the near future.

Sara - Awesome, thanks so much!! It was my pleasure!

Make sure to follow Sara's work across the ongoings, and prepare to see her art again in Till All Are One in the new year! Thank you all for reading, and let us know what you think of the interview in the Energon Pub. For, this is Va'al, signing out.

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