Dr. Arkeville points to Sparkplug's neck

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Dr. Arkeville points to Sparkplug's neck
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Optimum Supreme writes: See? Right here on his neck. That's where I'd bite him if I was a vampire. But I'm not. Because vampires aren't real. Unlike my cyborg hand. Why did I even bring up vampires in the first place?
SillyMcGilly writes: You know guys, I think Sparkplug's hair is a bit too greasy. Find me another guinea pig.
trailbreaker writes: Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, brainwashed yet another player.
Bonerking writes: "I see Mr. Carradine, you put the rope here... tell me, tell me everything!"
Riptidemtmte writes: "...And here's my genius new mind-control device, that under no circumstances will be copied by a blue-haired anime girl with a robotic dinosaur!"
Rainmaker writes: The splinters right there!
nyklas78 writes: Ha! Ha! Bed Bugs!
Bluespindash97 writes: Only a direct punch here will shatter the skull...
cusd220 writes: see that tick?
Gunclaw writes: See that? THAT's CANCER!I have just the medicine for that. another illness? i also have the medicine!
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omegasupreme69 writes: see see this is what rogaine will do to ya i never touch it myself...
megatron1322 writes: Hey! i was a dermitologist before i became a mad scientist. i think i know a ringworm when i see one!
Revenge of Bruticus writes: " I know it seems a little odd in the 80's, but soon men from all walks of life will wear an earring. Some, in both ears."
Swoopscream writes: That's it, and he felt every millimeter of it RIGHT HERE. Then he asked for more.
BenderCrosby1 writes: Clearly, no hicky.
trailbreaker writes: "Welcome class, to Ear Piercing 101."
Black Hat writes: And as you can see here, he even comes with volume control! Now if only we could put one on Daniel...
undertowx writes: Ewwwww ,thats one big Blackhead!!!
ScreenTalkerDotOrg writes: "And to think, Shia LaBeouf will be cast as this guy!"
Bouncy X writes: see there, its space lice!! this is what you decepticons have brought to us and its why i wear my fancy hat!
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Mofo4life writes: Oh look...He's crying. It must hurt. Glad it's not happening to me. I scream like a little girl.
Mofo4life writes: I do apologize. he was supposed to put that somewhere else...But I'm not gonna tell him.
Ultra Markus writes: you see senator Obama these new mind control chips will make every weak minded fool believe everything you say and will help you be president
G1 Smoketreader writes: "So, if I put the T-Cog right here we'll have ourselves a Headmaster".
doornumber2monty writes: You see Megatron? On Earth, Hickies Go here on the neck...
BeastProwl writes: See? Still to long in the back! Going to go get my sheers. This needs to look perfect for Daniel's Burial!
Mofo4life writes: THIS IS MINE...I DID THIS! NOBODY CAN DO WHAT I DO...I DID THIS...ALL BY MYSELF! Okay I had a little help...but I implanted this thing...So there...
stevescustoms writes: I'll plant the artificial penis right here.
JaffleMaker writes: Call me "baldy" will you Spike you sausage wallet? Look at your Father's wig tape! He's balder than a baboons backside! It's hereditary you know?
Marcus Rush writes: Yes Master Romney, I have successfully infiltrated Successful Health providers. Proceeding to blame my failures on Obama so you can win election... GENIUS!
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SKYWARPED_128 writes: Listen carefully, class; the most important part of a successful facelift lies in the first incision, right behind the ear.... Done well, it should be almost unnoticeable, with minimal scarring.
MP-99 writes: After being the laughing stock at the New York Fashion Week with my mad scientist look, my revenge will be sweet by implanting brain control chips in all of mankind to MAKE everyone wear white lab coats and adopt the evil laugh as socially acceptable! HAH
Crosshairs writes: Mr Megatron, have you tried switching it off and on again?
Mofo4life writes: Has anyone read "The catcher in the Rye"? This implant will replace the Kindle 400 times over...Excellent!!!
Mofo4life writes: Hmmm...Well well well...Hmmm... Uh-huh...Oh...Interesting... I see.. Ugh...What was I talking about?
MrMunkeepants writes: As you can see here the hair is, in fact, longer in the back. Hypothesis proven, this man has a mullet!
Zeedust writes: "And to PROVE I'm evil, I'll pull off the mattress tag behind this man's ear!"
GoingPostal writes: See, no ring around the collar! Success!
MINDVVIPE writes: Watch as I force him to sniff my port-hole.
Trittbrettfahrer writes: C'mon, pull that finger!
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Ryuki writes: Dr.Arkeville: IT'S ALIVE!!!
Grimlock64 writes: Hey, who wants to see a dead body!?
turbomagnus writes: Arkeville: And the proof is the lipstick on his collar!
MasterSoundBlaster writes: This...is the neck. Any questions?
SentinelA writes: THIS is why he's called Sparkplug!
SentinelA writes: Have you seen this mole? It's huge!
Optimum Supreme writes: "See, this is where you get a Twilight vampire to bite him, then he'll be Sparkleplug" says Dr. Arkeville, proving his insanity
agentcastle writes: Look, Megatron, another hickey!! I told you Autobots are only interested in one thing.
Mofo4life writes: You see this, he actually let me do this. i can't believe he fell for it...HAHAHA..
SoundwaveLVL14 writes: Dr. Arkeville: "Get my camra! This ear wax build up will get me so much Karma on REDDIT!"
Sparkplug: "What about me? It's my ear! Don't I ggat any of that Karma?"
Dr. Arkeville: "Silence slave, there is no karma for you!" (Flips switch)
Sparkplug: "AHH
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Ravage XK writes: Proof once and for all that new Zippo Washing Liquid cleans even the most filthy collars.
Maestro Meister writes: "You see, gentlemen? The contours of his head indicate morbidly developed phyloprogenitiveness, making him an ideal candidate for a slave!...Why do you laugh? Do you mock me?!"
Alas, no one told Dr. Arkeville that phrenology was a discredited science.
MightyMagnus78 writes: "Wet Willy"
leokearon writes: What's this thing attached to the bottom of his head?
Arcadia writes: Ooh! Feel that hair! It's thimply thenthationalllll!!!!
Towline writes: It's okay. I'm an Obama care provider.
slycherrychunks writes: "...on a ball joint. Great articulation, almost 360 degrees rotation..."
Ultra Markus writes: now witness my new cybertronian ear piercing procedure, lord megatron
paul053 writes: Now if we put this there, it's gonna get rid of his gout.
Marcus Rush writes: Dr Arleville's new practice in pedantry has hit a few major obstacles.
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kuhlio writes: Now who's gonna get a prostate exam?
#Sideways# writes: "He wasn't attacked by a vampire! There are no marks!"
Mofo4life writes: This is the new way to a great weight-loss regiment.
Mofo4life writes: and when I do this...he will be able to do the Cha-Cha...And then the electric slide.
MarkNL writes: Sparkplug: "You expect me to talk?"
Arkeville: "Nooo, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!
Soundwave: "James Bond: Goldfinger reference detected"
Ryuki writes: Megatron:how is that Emmett Brown fleshling that we turned into Arkeville substitute ??
Starscream: Well,...
Arkeville(EB): Back to the Torture!!
spiderbob007 writes: Dr. Robo-Finger: "Turn your head and cough. It will be a little cold at first, but I'm gentle."
RoboTopia writes: You can NOT leave the tape showing after the patient's Face-lift, or they won't pay for the surgery!
RoboTopia writes: -And that's where we put the Garlic, behind the Ears to ward off Vampires!
Ryuki writes: DR.Arkeville:Let's see, maybe after I wetwilling his ear, I believe he would talk...

Sparkplug: I'LL TALK!!, I'LL TALK!!!
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Ryuki writes: (continue)
Starscream, Where do you get this wacko ??!!
Ryuki writes: DR.Arkeville:see that hole in his neck?I just need to put a spark plug inside it then this android will works out like the real Sparkplug in which that spark plug will turn on the electric spark inside this robot...

Megatron (offscreen): Aargh, Starscr
Agentchuckles writes: "you cannot escape The Dark Of The Moon! Now watch it! Muahahahahahaha!"
garrickboomer writes: This victim err, uhm, customer needs more hair gel!
Mykltron writes: You call that a haircut? Very poor effort. Go back to beauty school.
MightyMagnus78 writes: "...and for a G1 character this guy has great head articulation"
Ryuki writes: DR.Arkeville: Sooner or later after I inject a truth serum in your neck, you will talk, Mr. Bond!!

Sparkplug: Who the heck is Mr. Bond?! I'm told you many times my name is Sparkplug!!
Evil_the_Nub writes: Are you going to eat that?
youngku writes: Look see, there's a nasty rash on this man's neck. Nothing a little ointment won't help clear right up!
Vitatech writes: Look! Behind his ear! it's a potato!
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Ratbat writes: What do you THINK I'm doing? Health promos?
JetOptimus23 writes: Look at this guy's birthmark!
Vitatech writes: See, I told you, the neck bone is connect to the shoulder bone!
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