Sentinel Prime looks over Jazz

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Sentinel Prime looks over Jazz
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trailbreaker writes: Jazz - "Can't a guy take a dump in peace?"
Bonerking writes: "NO I haven't seen 'Breaking Bad' yet, YES I know loved it!"
Rainmaker writes: WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CHIN!?
Skyspeed writes: I'd be angry too if my chin was as big as my face.
Lockdownhunter writes: SENTINEL:Y U NO LIKE ME?!Y U GOT A PROBLEM?!
Black Hat writes: Jazz couldn't help but stare at the colossal pimple on Sentinel Prime's chin.
Caleb.tron writes: You really gotta get a new dentist man
Caleb.tron writes: Get my chin right or I'm gonna take your new headset right off!!!
spartanH85 writes: Jazz to Sentinel: Get out of my face man you need some scope dude
cusd220 writes: and not the cartoon movie.
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cusd220 writes: i thought jazz was dead in the movie.
MarkNL writes: Look at my chin! LOOK at my CHIN!
SentinelA writes: Sentinel: I do NOT look like The Tick!
daveyjohns writes: WHAT was that you were just watching!?
rodimus27 writes: SENTINAL:WHY SO SERIOUS JAZZ sharkticon got your tongue?
kaseycuyler writes: Jazz: "Yes, your whitening tooth paste seems to be doing it's job."
omegasupreme69 writes: its worse than that hes dead Jim....
primehunter writes: Did you just fart?
maroyasha writes: Jazz: Hey calm down bro. I died in the movies too.
SentineL: But Optimus and Megatron both brutally killed me!
Jazz: I was ripped in half man.
Sentinel: ....O.0
EXSkywarp writes: Sentinel: Man, you won't BELIEVE what that tailpipe-hole, Bluestreak did!

Jazz: Argh...Melissa, baby? Yeah, yeah, hang on...

(To Sentinel) Do. You. MIND?! I'M TRYING TO SKYPE HERE!
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Oncoming Storm writes: Sentinel Says: "Will you all just STOP calling me 'Sentimental Prime'?!"
MysteriousDewd writes: Here comes the Crimson Chin!
malcontentman writes: -Jazz, is there a pimple on my chin?
-OMG!, do even have to ask? Please back up. It's huge.
SKYWARPED_128 writes: Yo, dat free travel pass is fo' da OLD Sentinel in dem movies. Now either pay up, or get yo ass offa my bus!
arachnyss writes: Sentinel: Hurry up Dude...I gotta go!!
Goodfella73 writes: Sentinel: Damn, Jazz, you could have told me doing a live film with either Optimus or Megatron is a career ender.
Goodfella73 writes: For your travelling pleasure, I have crankcase oil, a bottle of our finest Energon, and a showing of "Beast Wars."
Mangamike writes: "call me Crimson Chin one..more..time.."
njb902 writes: Who knew that Leno and Sentinel were related?
WolfSpider1979 writes: Jazz: "Wait. Is that what you said? You 'want a meat platter' to enter your chassis? I'm not going to even ask how..."
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SKYWARPED_128 writes: My head does NOT look like a blue jelly bean with a face! Does it?
Sentinel Maximus writes: "Dammit Jazz! Enough already of that cyber-porn of Arcee & Moonracer!"
Cooter writes: SPOON!
#Sideways# writes: Sentinel: By Primus!

Jazz: What?

Sentinel: Snavej posts TONS of comments!
snavej writes: Sentinel: How many pop culture references in 'Family Guy' this week?

Jazz: 41,507 or 56,288, depending on how you define them.

Sentinel: Ooh, that really grinds my gears!

Jazz: [Whispers] Ouch!
snavej writes: Jazz: Leave me alone, Sentinel. I'm trying to enjoy the 1950s American Dream! Look at my swell pad and happening record collection.

Sentinel: Fool! That lifestyle leads to mental illness and morbid obesity!
snavej writes: Sentinel: Have you heard? They're making us do another series! Oh hell, no!

Jazz: That's why I booked in here with 'occupational depression'.

Sentinel: I'll join you.

Jazz: Just sit down and stare vacantly.
snavej writes: Sentinel: I just heard you were in here. What happened to you?

Jazz: I appeared in a Bay movie. The money was great but the conditions were brutal.
snavej writes: Jazz: Why am I being kept here?

Sentinel: Because you didn't kill enough trolls, you freakin' coward!

Jazz: I can fix that. Pass me my rifle.
snavej writes: Jazz: Wait a minute, is this some kind of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' re-enactment?

Sentinel: Hold on, I'll check. [Turns and shouts out] Nurse Ratchet, can I ask you something?
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snavej writes: Sentinel: I'm just going to keep saying crazy things so I don't have to fight.

Jazz: Yeah, all right. By the way, have you seen the Decepticon army standing behind you?
snavej writes: Sentinel: We are the Aryans, the blue-eyed boys! Let's set up a death camp!

Jazz: Nah, we're sending you to maximum security bitch-slap camp.
snavej writes: Jazz (thinks): Can't a bot watch hours of mindless TV without some chinny freak yelling at him to 'Get out there and stop them before they overrun the base'?!.
bolleiii writes: "I can't go with you hovering over me like that."
Gonshyk writes: Sentinel: Vividly, pulled your hand from under the table!
Kingp writes: SP: Jazz did that smell come from your exhaust!!?

Jazz:Say what?
Marcus Rush writes: "HA You drafted ALEX SMITH? You are so going down Jazz."
skidflap writes: JAZZ: Transformers prime season 3 is almost downloaded SP, but don't you think we should check the source first?
#Sideways# writes: "Jazz, did you put that Whoopee Cushion in my seat?!"
datguy86 writes: Jazz! I don't care how big it is, my envy demands you keep that thing covered during missions!
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paul053 writes: Sentinel: You tell Optimus what? That oil leaking thing didn't happen on my bed.
snavej writes: Sentinel: Those damned humans and their opinions! Just because we have grey faces, it doesn't mean that we're zombies!

Jazz: I have plenty of camouflage paint if you need it.

Sentinel: Black, please.
snavej writes: You could tell that Sentinel was senile by the way he snarled at his own reflection.
snavej writes: You could tell that Sentinel was senile by the way he snarled at his own reflection.
snavej writes: After Jazz's complaint, Sentinel's Home for Old Autobots was involved in a media-fuelled scandal and soon shut down. The smell of spilt waste oil lingered for years, though.
Gundamu writes: Jazz: Yo, you need a mint real bad, SP.
Ravage XK writes: Sential:OK! Thats it Jazz. I am SICK of pushing you around in this damn chair. You can walk so get up.
Jazz: Get your stinking chin off of me.
Evil_the_Nub writes: What? I'm on break, I can look at Fembots gone wild if I want to."
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Sorry,but my computer works better when I don't have 10 tons of jerk breathing down my neck.
turbomagnus writes: Sentinel: I think you must be in the wrong series. Where's your big chin?
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