Dr. Arkeville is excited

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Dr. Arkeville is excited
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trailbreaker writes: "Megatron put me in charge for the night !! "
Rainmaker writes: I finally went to Specsavers!
Towline writes: At last! At long last! I am the main villain of Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight!
Nemesis Maximo writes: Yeah! Go my a favorite sports team! Score a goal-unit...basket...
DeathReviews writes: "I can save 15% on car insurance by switching to Geico!"
trailbreaker writes: Bernie Sanders speaks.
trailbreaker writes: "Where are my pants !!??"
Bonerking writes: "Yes my coat has lapels and no cuffs... it worked for David Carradine in Kill Bill Part 2, it can work for me!!"
Riptidemtmte writes: "Just according to keikaku..."
Rainmaker writes: Yes! I finally beat the Candy Crush level I was stuck on!
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kruiz220898 writes: Yes, Marty did it!! The DeLorean ain't so useless after all!!
spartanH85 writes: You don't understand!!! This stuff will give you a boner!!!
cusd220 writes: Dr. Arkeville:i did it... i just farted the burrito i just ate erlier!!!.
MarkNL writes: First we crack the shell, then we crack the nuts inside! Oh, wait, that quote belongs to someone else...
omegasupreme69 writes: cloths..??...yes finally a cure for nudity
megatron1322 writes: I grab an autobot! and i shake em!...and then...bang!bang!bang! foot up the tailpipe! bang!bang!bang!...that my pleasure...
Revenge of Bruticus writes: "If you want the car of your dreams, see yourself driving it. Grab the wheel. How does it handle? See yourself out on the open road."
malcontentman writes: Yes! Finally, Marty! The flux capacitor has reached a million gigwatts!!! Shame I had to lose a hand and a half a brain to get there though.
JaffleMaker writes: AHA! Myth busted! Very night for 30 years and I can still see clearly! However I guess the baldness and hairy palm myths are credible.... I guess this also explains my trendy glove folks.
Red_Sun writes: No! I am NOT Dr. Claw! i am Dr Arkeville, you stupid Inspector Gadget!
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Ratbat writes: Hi, this is Casey Kasem. And in this episode of TRANSFORMERS, I play a mad scientist.
Swoopscream writes: I really have to stop accepting "mad scientist" accessories from my friends. It seems every time they're just another sex toy. I thought FISTOMATIC didn't sound like an evil weapon.
snavej writes: That nuclear explosion will teach them! No one mocks my head-mounted colander!
Sentinel Maximus writes: Thats it Bumblebee! Give it to Arcee right in the exhaust pipe!
datguy86 writes: Yes! I finally found three mafuggin Prime Vehicons at retail!
NTESHFT writes: Got the tickets for the Beiber concert.......now I do the pop lock dance move I've been working on
Black Hat writes: Come at me bro!
Skullcrunchberries writes: Yes! After years of research, I've finally invented a pair of pants that's comfortable, fashionable AND evil!!
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leviebaby writes: first the world the B%T^H%S
Zeedust writes: "Shonen Jump sent my Slifer! Let's get this thing on eBay!"
jewakhan14 writes: Am the great cornholio i need teepee! for my bunghole!
Geminii writes: "Wait, that wasn't funny at all..."
Samsonator writes: Heee's gonna say iiiit....
"We're gonna need another Timmy!"
(please tell me someone else remembers "Mr. Lizard" on the show "Dinosaurs")
GEEWUN writes: I'll get you Mega Man!!!
GEEWUN writes: I'll get you Mega Man!!!
sunstreaker209 writes: I;ll get you Megaman!!!
TreyTable writes: I wonder if Starscream can smell my farts?
TransFunctional writes: "They laughed at me when I invented the automatic kidney-stone remover, but they'll see. THEY'LL SEE!"
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phase writes: Proto Man, destroy him!
XDMan writes: GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EXSkywarp writes: Proof that I really am evil...COME ON, PITSSBURGH! I'VE GOT $2 MILLION RIDING ON THIS PRESEASON GAME!
Red_Sun writes: Yes! Micheal Bay is making 4th Transformers movie. He also going make Ninja Turtles movie. Let's hope he is going to make My Little Pony movie too!
UltraMason writes: First ya hit em like this, then ya kick em in the balls
Sideswipe619 writes: Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.
Arcee's sex tape is great
Sideswipe619 writes: Finally fall of cybertron is out
welcometothedarksyde writes: Yes! Level six "Mage" at last!
Ryuki writes: I'll get you next time, GADGET !!!
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Maestro Meister writes: Few people know that before the accident that maimed his body and warped his mind to evil, Dr. Arkeville was a happy-go-lucky young man whom his mystery-solving friends called "Shaggy."
Red_Sun writes: Curse you, Perry the Platypus!
Sideswipe jr. writes: Oh Boy is this Great!
PrymeStriker writes: 30! 20! 10! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!
Ratbat writes: I'M 80 YEARS OLD!
darquechylde writes: IIIIII POOOOOOOOOOOPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Godzillabot Primal writes: YES! The next MLP episode is on!!!!!
agentcastle writes: no whammies, no whammies, no whammies,..... STOP!! awhhh damn it, i said *NO* whammies
Overloaded writes: I can not wait for doctor who season 7 on saturday
Ironhide/Starscream writes: Yes! This feels sooooo good. If ya know what i mean ;D
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TulioDude writes: At last,i will destroy that Megaman!
Marcus Rush writes: Dr, Arkeville celebrates his new role as public relations officer for the RNC Campaign.
paul053 writes: New costume? Yes!
Didicos writes: I had one metallic arm before it was cool, Mr Edward Erlic...
BeastProwl writes: IT IS DELICIOUS! YES! YES!
#Sideways# writes: Ermigehrd! Touchdown!!
Crosshairs writes: YES! YES!
Heckfire writes: "Why did my voice change after Octane went to Carbombia?"
gigazarak writes: Why didn't John Malkovich play me in Dark of the Moon?!
bstokes1 writes: When this baby hits 88 miles per hour you'll see some serious....
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Evil_the_Nub writes: At last, I have taken over Hasbro! Now those fools will suffer my wrath of shoddy distribution and cancellation of figures. I love being evil, muahahahahahahahaha!
WolfSpider1979 writes: Giggedy! Arcee is going to give it to him good!
Optimus-Pie1 writes: COOKIE!!!!!!!
necr0blivion writes: Good news, everyone!
Trikeboy writes: Ha, I'm the only human character to get repainted so many times. Thank god for the Masterpiece line.
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Ha! Take that Burn!
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