Hasbro UK Answer Questions at Toyfair UK 2006: Including Alternators Jaguar?

Hasbro UK Answer Questions at Toyfair UK 2006: Including Alternators Jaguar?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006 2:20pm CST

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Prowlus2 of Transformers @ The Moon managed to corner a Hasbro UK rep at this weeks Toyfair UK 2006, gaining some very interesting infomation, including the possible release of an Alternators Jaguar? He does stress that 'talking to this said rep is not like talking to Hasbro itself so take some bits of this interview with a pinch of salt' Here's what they had to say:

Q: Given the current figures being found in Argos, can you ask them if they plan to release the full Cybertron line in the UK?

A: We are trying the best to release the full cybertron line. With hope everything will be here within this year (sic)

Q:a) Who is responsible for semi-random releases of Transformers toys in Europe, i.e. not every toy coming out in every country around the same time (worst example: Alternators Meister and Cybertron Megatron only being released in Italy so far)? Is this a decision made by Hasbro US, or is it down to each single European Hasbro branch

A: Hasbro Europe are fully reposible for the distribution of tf toys around europe and the UK

Q: 1) Does Hasbro UK regard the Transformers line as anything important or does it view it's Star Wars licence as the only viable and profitable toy line in the way of action figures?

A: Transformers is a CORE brand with hasbro europe but it has to share its sales with action man and starwars . Right now hasbro uk have to "juggle" their product lines because of character options overtaking them last year in terms of sales

Q:3) Why does the UK have to wait so long after the US releases. Surely with the internet it would pay Hasbro to market items in the UK (and Europe) within a few months of the US releases and not a year later. This stance leads only to less sales in that country (as most people import them) and thus makes the line appear to be a worse seller that it is in reality.

A: It has always been like this unfortunately theres not much Hasbro europe/uk can do about it

Q: Cybertron aired on October 2005 , why has it taken to so long for for the accompanying toys to go through

A: Toonami was insisting airing Cybertron early as a continuation with Energon. Unfortunately Hasbro UK was still inundated with handling Energon toys . A few releases had to be posponed because of cybertron's impending debut

Q: Will there be any UK exclusive transformer toys?

A: Cannot say but Hasbro are working on their next Alternator which is Jaguar sportscar (he said that honest) after the ford GT

Q: Howabout figures such as 20th aniversery Prime ?

A: We are still undecided on releasing such a huge item

Additional : Hasbro UK didn't want to release Prowl or Skids is because, "There are not many Integras and Scions plying british roads" A bit stupid since they seem to be interested in Prime whoes a dodge RAM

Yeah the original thread here at TF @ the Moon.

Credit(s): TF @ The Moon, Dark Perceptor

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