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HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 3: Capture the Technology!

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 3: Capture the Technology!
Date: Friday, March 30th 2018 4:52pm CDT
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Burn

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WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present
HMW: The Campaign for Cybertron
A new way to fight the Heavy Metal War

Round 3: Capture the flag tech.
The Scalp Hunting game the whole faction can play!

We've fought over Hydrax Plateau looking for Sharkticon reinforcements and we've fought over Tarn searching for technology to further aid us in the war, but where (and what!) will be fighting next?

Let's hand you over to one of WarPorn Industries finest fembots, Zombi Cheerleader, for some important news on the next round of the HMW: Campaign for Cybertron!
Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 3: Capture the Technology!
WarPorn Industries News Network; Making a profit out of a crisis!

Good evening 'bots and 'cons! Tonight we bring you an update on the recent battle for Tarn. The Decepticons may have taken control of the region, but the Autobots' incredible efforts have enabled them come away with almost as much new technology as as their ancient enemies!

Yes, you heard right, and today we are set to reveal a breakthrough in that glorious tech. Our nerds in the labs way down in the basement of WarPorn towers have been hard at work analysing all the components recovered from Tarn and believe they are close to a breakthrough in a new weapon system, comparable to any of the arms already being sold right here in the WPI Weapons Store.

...and we interrupt this cheap attempt at product placement to bring you some actual news: It has been confirmed that the 'bots have mobilised their forces and are headed to... Zone 6: Vos.
Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 3: Capture the Technology!
Looks like this is where the battle will be held! Will the Autobots finally win themselves a well earned victory, or will the Decepticon forces drive their old enemies back even further? The fate of Tarn's twin city is in YOUR hands!

But before this technology can be released, we bring you all this exclusive edict from our glorious senate:
Senator Sustain wrote:What?! You want new weapons? Fine. If you want them, fight for them!

Unite your faction, chose a target between you and then work together to bring us the complete team of any enemy commander.

Whichever faction captures the most opposition teams in a week or the first to win three rounds (whichever takes longer) wins, and gets to name the weapon.

Get organised! There will be a limit on how many heads each factions commander can collect from each opposing team, and the opposition wont wait to begin the next round, so communication is key.
You have Iacon and Darkmount: use them!

If you're lucky and we're feeling generous, we may even let the winning faction vote for a champion to keep the prototype.

And no cheating!! Senator Burn can see which opponent you have picked, so no changing targets mid-round.

Now get off my lawn.

So there you have it, mechs!

Each faction has to pick and kill a full squad of opponents. Then, combining their weapons technology together the Senate will develop the newest weapon to be manufactured at the HMW Weapons plant.

The design, its requirements, and its payload will be up to the winning faction but there will still be limitations - more powerful weapons will need more powerful soldiers to wield them as equipping a minibot with a fusion cannon will just give you a dead minibot.

Anyway, that's enough from me - I've got a Sharkticon to go and feed a horse to.

Until next time, this is Zombi, signing off...

So, here we go!

The winning faction get to decide the new weapon to be available in the game.

Game rules:
0) Sign ups in the HMW GD forum are required to be able to count your kills in the hunt. Late sign ups are fine, but can only join the hunting from the following round onwards. Unsigned teams can be chosen as targets.
1) The two sides must pick a single team (of 12 members, so no hunting Jedi Kermit!) to target as a faction and name it in their private forum. How they choose the target is up to them but time is limited.
2) They must then, as a faction, capture that entire team in the missions. All kills count, even if the mission isn't a victory for the killing faction.
3) Once they have done this they announce the team they have captured in the game thread in GD and post the 12 kills. The round is declared over, a win is awarded, and a new team must be chosen.
4) Both factions then have from whenever the last round was declared until 6AM GMT+1 (British time) to declare their next target.
5) After a week, the faction with the most rounds won is the winner, unless the target of 3 wins isn't met, in which case the game will continue until a faction has 3 wins.
6) The hunted teams are to be kept SECRET until the relevant round has been completed.

Special notes:
  • No more than 4 members of the target team can be collected by any single commander.
  • Captured teams cannot be chosen a second time, but may still participate in the hunting.
  • You can not chose the same team twice in a row.
  • Once chosen, the targeted team cannot be changed.
  • To prevent any accusations of 'hiding', any participating teams who have a team member who remains un-activated for longer than 48 hours, that character will be considered 'captured' and will count towards the hunting teams total but NOT towards any commanders hunt limit.*
  • Each team will then have until 6AM GMT+1 to declare their next target in their forum and the next round will begin. The Target can be chosen in advance, but it must be made obvious to Burn what that target is when it is declared. Note: Burn has authorised Wingz to keep him updated on the Autobots selection if he is unable to check for any reason.
  • If a faction fails to declare a new target in time, the next round begins anyway giving their opposition a potential head start.
  • A round will last as long as it takes to collect all 12 members of the targeted team.
  • Lastly: Huge thanks to Turbomagnus for giving me the idea for this round. I'd hoped to make a bigger thing of his involvement, but RL prevented me. Sorry/thanks dude!

* This can be proven by taking a screenshot of the character page, like this.Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 3: Capture the Technology!

Code: Select all
In-game reward: The winning faction will be able to name and request the approximate stats they want a new HMW weapon to have. The damage output will be up to the game admin. Bonus Prize: At Admin's discretion, a single 'prototype' version of the weapon may also be offered to a commander selected by the winning faction.

Begin choosing your targets and the first round begins at 6PM (GMT+1) Saturday

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 3: Capture the Technology!
So what is Heavy Metal War (HMW)?
HMW is's very own on-site Transformers game which will be celebrating it's 15th (yes, 15th!) anniversary in June.
It's simple.

• Choose your faction
• Create your troops (you can create up to 12)
• Deploy your troops to missions (cool kids don't use the arena)
• Beat up your enemies to earn XP and Energon
• Upgrade your bots
• Deploy, beat up, earn, upgrade, repeat.

The best part is, unlike most other Transformer based games, there are no loot boxes, you won't be attacked while you're away, you don't need to log in daily to collect bonuses, you don't need to meet expectations of overbearing alliances. In fact, unless you want to engage in the banter on the HMW Forums, you can dump and run in five minutes and then come back in an hour or so!

So join up, crush, kill, destroy!

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 1: SHARKTICONADO!!

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 1: SHARKTICONADO!!
Date: Wednesday, February 7th 2018 5:27pm CST
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Psychout | Credit(s): HWM Forums

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For many cycles, the war that had raged across Seibertron had been quiet, small skirmishes broke out across the planet, but not enough to be noticed.

Then ... the noise began, a stirring, a call to arms, an Autobot warrior who craved for the war to begin anew. Some fellow Autobots stirred, while others were not heard from. The Decepticon forces heard the noises, they too put out a call to arms and many answered.

It began again with a small exchange, the troops of Bun-Bun took the war to the troops of Wingz. Aided by other teams both sides fought hard, with many Commanders proving themselves.

The spark had been lit, as machines came to life beneath Seibertron, the forces of war gathered above the surface, and now, the war, the Heavy Metal War, has begun anew!

WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present
HMW: The Campaign for Cybertron
Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 1: SHARKTICONADO!!
When a hurricane hits the Hydrax Plateau,
thousands of sea creatures are swept up into tornadoes and deposited all over the district where they terrorize its residents and cause a media frenzy!
Can the Autobots and Decepticons save Hydrax Plateau whilst fighting off their enemies?

The B-Movie Battle for Hydrax Plateau is Almost Here!!
Opening on a HMW forum near you this Friday Thursday Night!
(sorry it'll be later than expected)

It's an all out war between the seas and the skies as creatures from the depths rise to take the lands for themselves, whilst the news helicopters fill the sky above - but they must beware, as even the smallest sea monster still has giant teeth!

Autobots and Decepticons, you must mobilize and destroy the terror from a 10,000 leagues before there is no more land to fight over whilst the media-choppers jostle for space, and your enemies seek to take advantage.

The hunt is simple;
  • Make an entry post in the 'signups' thread, following the instructions in 'the boring stuff' below.
  • Kill as many sea creatures and helicopter alts as you can in 1 week. The list of legal alts (around 50 of them on each side) is listed in the next post.
  • To be able to enter you must format either a sea creature- or helicopter-based alt onto at least one member of your team.
  • This is the character that will be used to determine your level bracket for the game.
  • Players may enter more than one level bracket, but may only enter once at each level.
  • ALL of your teams kills on target alts count.

To Enter, post below with a link to your team and the character(s) you have chosen to reformat, along with their level(s) you are entering at.
Then, watch your mission logs.
When you get a kill on a target alt, edit the link into your original post making sure to list the victims name and time of kill.
Whoever has the most kills at the end of 1 week in each level bracket wins. In the event of a tie the number of higher level kills will be examined (e.g. number of level 11's killed, then 10s, then 9s etc.).

As usual, hunt tactics and game discussions can be added below, or started in the faction-specific forums.
(If you cant get into your factions private forum, nag Burn.)

Your reward for protecting Hydrax.

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 1: SHARKTICONADO!!
Pretty isn't it?

The Quintessons Finest warrior: For bringing the watery menace to heel, the top hunter of each level (from 0-11) will be given access to the powerful SHARKTICON altmode. This offer will be given once and will last until you chose to reset it.

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron, round 1: SHARKTICONADO!! <--- This dude!
PLEASE NOTE: There is no guarantee that it will come with any special tactics. That is the Admins call and his decision on this will be final. Awards will be discussed with the winners only.

And the Campaign for Cybertron continues!!
The winning FACTION will be the one that wins the most Sharkticons, and they will seize control of the Hydrax Plateau for their side - the first step in either defending or conquering our home planet!

Boring Stuff:
- Sign ups are required, found here, listing the Name, Chosen altmode and Level of the lead character from your team
- Player numbers will be assessed before the game starts and weighting may be put into place to even the sides. This will be announced as the game begins.
- Players can have as many game-relevant alts as they want in their team, but only one can count per level, which must be listed in advance.
- Cheaters penalty: removal (without notification/permission) of a hunted alt from a listed (qualifying) team member is grounds for instant disqualification.

tl;dr: Kill the alts listed below, record your kills, and win.

So what is Heavy Metal War (HMW)?
HMW is's very own on-site Transformers game which will be celebrating it's 15th (yes, 15th!) anniversary in a few months.
It's simple.

• Choose your faction
• Create your troops (you can create up to 12)
• Deploy your troops to missions (or one-on-one arena battles)
• Beat up your enemies to earn XP and Energon
• Upgrade your bots
• Deploy, beat up, earn, upgrade, repeat.

The best part is, unlike most other Transformer based games, there are no loot boxes, you won't be attacked while you're away, you don't need to log in daily to collect bonuses, you don't need to meet expectations of overbearing alliances. In fact, unless you want to engage in the banter on the HMW Forums, you can dump and run in five minutes and then come back in an hour or so!

So join up, crush, kill, destroy!

HMW: New weapons for you kill your friends with!!

Transformers News: HMW: New weapons for you kill your friends with!!
Date: Sunday, February 19th 2012 6:14am CST
Categories: Site News, Site Articles, Game News, Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Psychout | Credit(s): Psychout, Burn, Sustain, Crazyfists

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We're back again!

After a minor update to the game by Seibertron, the staff asked you for your ideas and suggestions for new weapons for the game.

You gave us suggestions by the hundreds.

After a very busy few weeks picking our favorite ones, arguing about them a bit, abandoning the whole list and starting over and arguing some more, we are finally able to announce the staff top 10, here's Burn with the details...

Burn wrote: So after going through all your submissions, the staff have sat down and come up with a list of 10 potentially new weapons that we'll be introducing into the game.

But to do that, we're turning things back over to you guys to vote on which one you'd like to see first.

So get voting as you only have two weeks to vote!

The list is:
Cosmic Rust Cannon
Cyber Potato Cannon
Quad Beam Cannon
Hellfire Shotgun
Magnus Hammer
Distortion Field
Shark Launcher
Eldrich Energy
Laser Burst
Restraining Order

This is the best of the players suggestions that were not already pencilled in for the game. There will more updates, more weapons (a small percentage of which many will have already seen) and more toys to play with over the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned to the HMW general discussion forums for more information, if you have any questions about the game or just want to brag about killing your foes. :twisted:

The vote for the winner is here, be sure to have your say in which weapons are added into the Heavy Metal Wars!

HMW Tournament:The Silent Night - 22nd Dec to 2nd Jan

Transformers News: HMW Tournament:The Silent Night - 22nd Dec to 2nd Jan
Date: Thursday, December 22nd 2011 2:11am CST
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Burn | Credit(s): Burn

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:BOT: "Let me tell you a story kid, a story that happened so many cycles ago there's only a few of us left that even remember".

:CON: "There was a bar, even after the war broke out, it remained neutral. Both sides would set aside their differences just to knock back a few."

:BOT: "Met a few 'Cons there ... could have called them friends if we weren't at war"

:CON: "I remember one Autobot, he and I ... we would often drink together. We could have been best friends if it wasn't for the war".

:BOT: "But this isn't a story about old friends."

:CON: "It's a story about a bar ... a barkeep ... and how both sides of the war made a terrible mistake which lead to a break in the war to remember ..."


And so begins the Silent Night.

Starting today begins the latest in the history of HMW Tournaments, The Silent Night.

The HMW Staff have put together, for you, the playing public, a tournament with a couple of different games, backed up by not one, but two stories.

Our first story will be tournament driven and involves both Autobots and Decepticons racing to obtain technology that could change the war.

Our second story will be told out over a number of days, it's a story told from the future about the past.

The HMW Staff encourage as many of you that are active HMW players to join in, and if you're not an active HMW player, then we hope you enjoy our stories we've put together for you. Everyone is of course welcome to join us for smack talk, feedback, or just a bit of insanity in the Silent Night banter thread

But for now, The Silent Night begins from Mission #122500!


HMW Tournament:The Silent Night - Signups closing soon

Transformers News: HMW Tournament:The Silent Night - Signups closing soon
Date: Saturday, December 17th 2011 4:21pm CST
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Burn | Credit(s): Burn

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"I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"
"Don't you mean we're back?"
"This is my show, you were always just a guest"

in association with

"Yeah so hot it got cancelled after two episodes"
"That'll teach me for having an uncharasmatic bore like you for a guest"

"Yes, that's right, we've sent the midget off to the farm and taken over!"
"Clones superior, midgets inferior"
"HAHA ... you're alright Sounders. But seriously, Psychout's away so we've hijacked the WarPornNewsNetwork©® to bring you this special offer."

"Is your neural scanner out of date? The answer is of course, yes. Like all good technology it was out of date the moment it was installed. But don't worry, we here at Late Night with Mini-Maximus Prime have received word from both Autobot and Decepticon camps"

"Both camps? You were stealing underwear again weren't you?"

"... shut up Sounders ... where was I? Oh yes, word from both Autobot and Decepticon camps"

"No i'm sorry but we really need to talk about this. Dynamax bought me g-string for our wedding anniversary!"

"... both camps that the latest upgrades are available, before deployment into Decahex, but will only be available up to Monday 19th December. No upgrade means no deployment. No deployment means you're going to miss out on a lot of carnage!"

"He said I looked sexy in it"

"If you want in on the carnage, then remember to sign up before the closing date!"
"What do you mean there's a really ticked off Zombie in the production booth? Sounders? Didn't you say this hack of yours couldn't be stopped or traced?"
"Shouldn't have stolen my underwe***********"

HMW Tournament:The Silent Night - 22nd Dec to 2nd Jan

Transformers News: HMW Tournament:The Silent Night - 22nd Dec to 2nd Jan
Date: Thursday, December 15th 2011 8:31am CST
Categories: Site News, Site Articles, Game News, Heavy Metal War, Contests
Posted by: Psychout | Credit(s): Psychout

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This is

making a profit out of a crisis.


- Good evening. I'm Zombie Cheerleader

- And I'm the other one. Tonight we bring you a special report on Decahex, and the increasing levels of violence in the region that may or may not be as a result of the collapse of Cybertrons last remaining energon mine. We now pass you over to Hazard, our expendable reporter who we only send to the really dangerous places:
did I do to deserve this? Last time I sign anything Psychout tells me t-*Gah! That was close!* What?? Oh, I'm here on the outskirts of Decahex mine 4 which, until last week, was the last remaining active mine on Cybertron. Accident investigators have now fled the scene, but their initial findings point to a deliberate act of sabota*AAARGH!!*. Phew. Despite the mines extensive security and the region being demilitarised many centuries ago it is certainly clear that whoever was able to get in here had high level clearance and good knowledge of explosives. Naturally, both factions want to ensure that whatever remains of the mines ore is taken for their purposes and so there has been fierce fighting all over the zone with many casualties, mostly accident investigators. Outposts from both factions have now called for reinforcements and the way tensions are escalating it would appear- *WOAH!! that was too close! Someone tell these idiots to stop shooting at u-* Ahem. Now, nowhere is safe in this region. Both factions have fortified various entrances to the mine and have dug in deep in preparation and are heavily armed. It is going to be a long battle, and *HEY! WATCH IT, JOURNALIST!!*
...I'm getting the hell out of here!
- Hazard there, reporting bravely from a long way way behind the front lines.

- With the destruction of Mine 4, most supply routes across Cybertron have been heavily disrupted so we decided to check in on Iacon's barracks, where various Autobot commanders have reported in after last weekends neural upgrade request. We now go live to Prowl as he gives his soldiers another briefing on the situation...
As you all know, the field test will in Decahex next week and these units will be fitted in the next few days. You will relieve the security and investigation teams, allowing them to establish exactly who is responsible for the mines destruction, hopefully by recovering the real security tapes and not the faked one those idiots at WarPorn News have been broadcasting. No one here thinks it's a coincidence that only a 'senator' would have access to the mine schemat
- Ah, we'll just leave that there.

- And finally, we have a statement from Starscream, who has taken time out from his usual deliveries to bring us this message:
Decepticons, you have 4 days left to to upgrade your Neural Scanners before we head out to take what's left of Decahex for the Decepticon empire. I don't need to tell you how important this mine is to our cause. So remember, Megatron does not tolerate failure and neither shall I!
- So there you have it - 4 days left to report in for the upgrade, and reinforcements will be deployed in a week. Hmmm. Does any one here think that not broadcasting all these details publicly might prevent a lot of the bloodshed and violence or could maybe help bring peace to our crippled planet?

- Nah.

4 days left to sign up...

A brand new style of Alt Hunt is here!

Transformers News: A brand new style of Alt Hunt is here!
Date: Thursday, May 19th 2011 3:51pm CDT
Categories: Game News, Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Psychout | Credit(s): Psychout

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WarPorn Industries™ and the RDD proudly present:
The New Althunt
Tired of seeing the same altmodes reset in, reset out?
Think Thundercracker is still fighting for the wrong faction?
Want to join the elite ranks of the Prime clones as a Decepticon?
Ever wondered what it would be like to beat on your enemies using one of their own altmodes for a change?
(Never played HMW and fancy giving it a try?)

Then you need... The New Althunt!

The premise is simple: Identify an enemy altmode you want for one of your minions. Hunt it down, scan its corpse 20 times and bring that data back to the Senate.

When you have 20 scans, we at the Senate will reformat your soldier into the alt you have selected.

And there you have it!

What's that Psychout? We can steal any alt we want from our opponents? Wow!
That's right kids!
1) Choose the alt you want from these lists :BOT: or :CON:
2) Find an opponent formatted to use that altmode.
3) Kill it. Kill it again. Kill it some more. Kill it harder. Keep killing!
4) Brag about all the killing in the claims thread!!
5) ?????

20 kills are all that's needed to get that toaster you’ve always wanted!

However, its not very likely that the alt will be easy to find nor that it will be the same level as you, so unfortunately there have to be some 'special' rules:

For every level the target is above you, add an extra +1 to your score.
If an (e.g.) L3 kicks the ass off an L5 it would count as 3 points (1 for the kill, +2 for the level difference) towards your 20.
If the alt you want is unused, or there is no active opponent using that alt then, by prior arrangement, you may bring us the heads of 20 similar members of its alt class.
Clarified: Tell the Senate of the problem, then kill 20 alts of the same class as the one you are after if you have no way of finding the one you want.Thanks Rolltide!
Be warned though - you will not be allowed to use a modifier in this case, it must be 20 straight kills.
The alt will be applied to a nominated member of your team who must be the same altclass as the alt you are requesting, or you must have a bio that explains why it should be different.
i.e. If you decide you want a Jet alt but have no bio written for your minion, you must reset to the correct altclass before the staff will hand it over. If for example you wanted a Jet that can Ram and Avoid you would need a decent bio to back that up. The Senate will judge it, but you can modify your bios right up until you make the claim.
The awarded alt will last until you reset it, after that, you get to hunt it down all over again! Yay!
No, it will not be given back to you if you 'accidentally' reset your character, that's just dumb.
Please also note that Arena battles only count as half (because the Arena sucks.)
There is no limit to the number of alts you can hunt
Feel free to keep coming back for more...

How to make a claim post:
Record the mission’s link once it’s done, then post it along with the alt you want. Edit the following victories into your post and then when you have scored the 20 (or 30) points, bring it to the attention of the Senate via PM, and we’ll take it from there.

Too post the image of the alt you want simply copy this bit of code, copy the link of the image you want and post it all.
Code: Select all
[img]*right click and copy the link of the image you want here*[/img]

example claim post wrote:Pontiac Solstice Image
/heavymetalwar ... on_id=7202 - 02:45
Next mission link and time
Next mission link and time

Think you can manage that?

Well, that's me done. Questions, feedback and banter go here please...

Game on!

HMW: Firestormers

Transformers News: HMW: Firestormers
Date: Sunday, July 25th 2010 4:19am CDT
Categories: Heavy Metal War, Transtopia
Posted by: Burn | Credit(s): Burn

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Ever since Ryan flicked the switch on Heavy Metal War game, the HMW forums have been graced with many creative players. Some kitbashed, some photoshopped, some simply wrote fics while others drew renditions of their characters. But they all brought their HMW characters to life in some form.

Jason Tyler is a relatively new player to the game but he's kept on with the HMW creative tradition.

Drawing inspiration from the hugely popular Mosaics and HMW mission logs, Jason has created a short three part series entitled "Firestormers".


Anxious for more? Then stay tuned as Jason is working on the "Inferno" series based on the "Inferno" mission texts.

HMW: Autobots, get your hunt on!

Transformers News: HMW: Autobots, get your hunt on!
Date: Thursday, May 20th 2010 4:46pm CDT
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Burn | Credit(s): Dragonslayer

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Alright Autobot Commanders, time to pay attention. Autobot Commander Dragonslayer has put together a little scalp hunting contest for you to compete in.

That's right, an AUTOBOT ONLY contest. A little friendly rivalry between you and your fellow Autobots and all you have to do is what you normally do, hunt down and stasis lock a few Decepticons.

Here are the details!

Dragonslayer wrote:That's right, Autobots! It's time for a little friendly competition with a scalphunt! The rules are as follows:

    * Event will begin on Sunday, May 23, at 12:00 pm Central Daylight Time and will end on Saturday, May 29, at midnight CDT
    * Claims may be tracked in the upcoming Claims Thread (for those who have access to Iacon)
    * Only Missions with at least 3 combatants a side will count
    * To make up for limiting missions and rarity of alts, you will be allowed to claim the same Decepticon more than once

Your targets will be Decepticons with the following altmodes:

    Image Raze
    Image Watchdog
    Image Darknight
    Image Fireheel
    Image Whirlwind
    Image Pandemic
    Image Stand Off
    Image Road Rage
    Image Rundown
    Image Cloudrazor
    Image Diesel
    Image Spectre

All participants will receive an icon similar to the Autobot Spartan symbol in my avatar or sig, with the color representing the number of kills you registered (bronze, silver, gold, etc.). In addition, the top 3 players will receive an energon bonus, courtesy of RevengeofStarscream and the Bank of Iacon: 1st place will receive 600,000, 2nd place will receive 300,000, and 3rd place will receive 150,000.

So get ready! Then hunt begins midday on Sunday...Good luck!!

To read the backstory to the hunt that Dragonslayer has written, and to join in on any hunt related chatter, check in on hunt central here

NOTE: HMW Staff apologise in advance to those Autobot Commanders that currently do not have access to Iacon, the Autobot faction forum. Rest assurred though that there will be plenty of other competitions in the future that we hope you'll stick around to participate in!

HMW Tournament: Legacy of the Quintessons

Transformers News: HMW Tournament: Legacy of the Quintessons
Date: Sunday, February 28th 2010 2:04pm CST
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): Redimus GTS

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Legacy of the Quintessons

Due to problems caused by the recent hardware failure, the tournament will start as a traditional tournament with all missions ending with '0' and '5' counting. First official mission will be: 191305

Running Dates: Sunday 28th Feb, 9pm GMT* - Sunday 14th March, 9pm GMT
Event Tagline:
Two mighty combiner groups lead task forces into “The Graveyard”.Which group can lead it’s faction to the Quintesson’s lost knowledge?

Event Format: A 2 week tournament with a kills related mini-game.

In an age long past…

Cybertron has not always belonged to The Transformers. Not long after the first Transformers came on line the planet was found by an empire under the control of a race known as the Quintessons.

The Quintessons saw the abilities of the Transformers and realized they had found the perfect weapon with which to expand their empire. The early Transformers, unaware of the wider galaxy, welcomed their arrival. All too quickly the Transformers had become slaves to the Quintesson Empire. Using the Cybertronian body as inspiration the Quintessons developed the Sharkticons, simple minded brutes that served as their foot soldiers, and their elite warriors known as Allicons.

However, the Cybertronian minds yearned for freedom, and the Transformers revolted. Slowly but surely, the drove the Quintessons off the planet. Such was their desire for freedom that it still drives the Transformers of today. The leaders of the rebellion became the first Primes, and the Quintessons passed into myth, for no living Cybertronian remembers that dismal age.

Their defeat on Cybertron marked the start of the Quintesson’s downfall. Soon enough their empire had collapsed as their numerous enemies banded together to drive the Quintessons from the worlds they claimed. Eventually their home world of Quintessa was at risk of being overrun. The Quintessons chose to destroy their home world rather than allow it to be captured. Their reign was over.


Driven mad by their loss, the Quintessons became obsessed with regaining control of Cybertron, trying increasingly desperate gambits to seize control of the world. Eventually they struck a deal with the unholy entity known as The Fallen. While The Fallen’s ultimate aim remains a mystery, the goal of the Quintessons was clear. Sending in an invasion force of Sharkticons, the Quintessons began their war to retake Cybertron.

Ultimately, they failed. Faced with a common foe, the Autobots and Decepticons fought side by side to ensure the Quintessons could not restart their empire. Facing defeat, The Fallen betrayed his allies, unleashing an ion storm that destroyed the Quintesson fleet. As the surviving Quintessons fled they left their wrecked ships as testament to their foolishness in making such an unwise bargain.

Still, the Cybertronian forces were broken by the effort of fending off the invaders, and old enmities quickly tore the alliance apart. Neither the Autobots nor the Decepticons had the resources to claim the wrecked ships and so they were left untouched. Over time this region of Cybertron’s solar system became known as the Quintesson Grave or, often, simply “The Graveyard.”

Untouched, but not forgotten.

Time passed and the war for Cybertron continued as both sides recovered from the injuries inflicted. All the while the Transformers kept an optic trained on the sky, wondering if the Quintessons would return, or what they had left behind as they tried to escape the wrath of The Fallen.

The Present.

After the reintegration of the splinter factions known as the Maximals and the Predacons, both factions have found them selves with more resources than they have had for megacycles. The Autobot high command has decided to risk it’s new found wealth in a make or break mission to retrieve the scientific and technological knowledge left by the Quintessons in the The Graveyard, and have amassed a large task force led by Computron.

However, the Decepticons have learnt of this plan and committed a rival force, led by the mighty Devastator, to beat the Autobots to the Quintesson’s treasures. Now the race is on as both sides seek the treasures left behind in the wake of the Quintesson’s defeat.


Legacy of the Quintessons: Main Tournament.
- Only special tournament missions can count towards the final result.
- Valid missions must have at least one warrior from both factions to count.
- Each faction’s total final total will be the sum of all their wins, multiplied by a value derived from the Seek and Destroy/Cut Out Their Supply Lines result.
- The victorious faction will unlock the ability to use the Quintesson’s technology, in the shape of these new and improved alts**:

Legacy of the Quintessons: Mech of War.
- Competition to discover the most deadly commanders.
- Only kills landed in valid tournament missions count.
- All kill claims are to be posted in the Tournament Claims Thread (to be posted).
- All claims must include a link to the mission, plus the timestamp, your character’s name and the vanquished character’s name.
- Example: 01:14 Behalter Maximus punches Bullet-cjb.
Code: Select all
[url=(address of mission)]00:00 Your character does something to Their character.[/url]

[url=/heavymetalwar/view_mission.php?mission_id=190631]01:14 Behalter Maximus punches Bullet-cjb.[/url]

- The most effective commander from each faction will win the chance to select any alt from the rotation to be permantly assigned to their team
- The most effective commander of all will also win** a unique, slightly overpowered*** weapon.


Tournament created by Redimus
Story and Mission texts created by Kaijubot
With thanks to Mkall.

*Due to the recent problems, the start of the tournament may be delayed, and if access to the database cannot be gained within the first few hours, the tournament will begin using the old system of missions ending in '0' and '5'.*
**All prizes are dependent upon restoration of the required tools for the database after the recent problems.**
*** The name of the weapon is entirely up to the winner, and they will be required to pick it’s stat requirement. From the stat requirement, the power of the weapon will be calculated to be slightly more powerful than normally allowed by the stats. *

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