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Review for Transformers: The Last Knight Deluxe and Legion Hot Rod

Transformers News: Review for Transformers: The Last Knight Deluxe and Legion Hot Rod
Date: Monday, June 26th 2017 5:40pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: D-Maximus_Prime | Credit(s): chuckdawg1999

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Thanks to our very own Chuckdawg1999, we have a new review for you today: The Last Knight deluxe and legion Hot Rod! While we have seen the deluxe before with the Chefatron review, this is the first review for the new legion figure. Both are beginning to show up at stores, so keep an eye out for them, and let us know if you intend to pick them up when you do find them!

chuckdawg1999 wrote:While I was looking forward to the deluxe version of Hot Rod the figure is a bit too fiddly for my liking. The Legion version though is a great little figure and worth a pickup.

Videos of Movie Masterpiece MPM Optimus Prime with Transformation, Scale Comparison and Overview

Transformers News: Videos of Movie Masterpiece MPM Optimus Prime with Transformation, Scale Comparison and Overview
Date: Sunday, June 25th 2017 9:35pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): Actar and hirohitokusanagi

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We have several videos for you today all featuring Movie Masterpiece MPM04 Optimus Prime. One comes from fellow Seibertronian Actar, who shows us the transformation while we have a few from hirohitokusanagi which show comparisons to other figures, look at the weapons in depth and give a general review of the figure.

This has already hit Singapore and should be found at Toysrus stores in North America before the end of Summer.

Video Review of Diecast 1:24 Scale Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Vehicles from Transformers: TLK

Transformers News: Video Review of Diecast 1:24 Scale Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Vehicles from Transformers: TLK
Date: Sunday, June 25th 2017 1:28pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88

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Seibertronian and Youtuber CdogCdog4 has taken the time to do some reviews about the new Jada Diecast Transformers: The Last Knight Vehicles. These are now appearing at Walmarts all across the US, both the exclusive Hot Rod and the non exclusive others, like the ones being reviewed. CdogCdog4 reviews both Bumblebee and Optimus in the 1:24 scale, the largest of three scales you can get these cars. Enjoy!

CdogCdog4 wrote:Here's my video review of Transformers The Last Knight Jada Toys Diecast 1:24 scale Optimus Prime and Bumblebee vehicles, i show off some comparisons, Sam & Mikaela Human Alliance figures driving Bumblebee & how they fit in Optimus, a good look at the vehicles in packaging, how to take them OUT of packaging, all 4 sides once freed from their prison, and the (secret) robot modes underneath. Check it all out here!

Video Review for Titan Class Trypticon Showing How to Avoid Breakage

Transformers News: Video Review for Titan Class Trypticon Showing How to Avoid Breakage
Date: Saturday, June 24th 2017 9:17pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): That Transformers Fan

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Titans Return Trypticon is the biggest toy release of the year and while we already have a gorgeous pictorial review, we have a video review for those who prefer videos. Plus it offers new things like highlighting breakage points and how to avoid them. This video was sent to us by Transformers fan Bishop Russ, who was hoping it would help.

Video Review for Transformers: The Last Knight Titan Changer Megatron

Transformers News: Video Review for Transformers: The Last Knight Titan Changer Megatron
Date: Friday, June 23rd 2017 9:00pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): chuckdawg1999

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Via our usual Seibertronian reviewer chuckdawg1999 we have a video showing off a relatively unnoticed figure class from the Transformers: The Last Knight toyline: Titan Changer Megatron! Give it a look below, and let us know what you think!

The Titan Changer line is the transforming branch of Titan figures, not to be confused with the Titan Class large scale figures. Articulation is very limited and of course, the transformation is simple. These are geared toward a younger audience but it is nice to see how all the Megatron figures differ.

Video Review for Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks

Transformers News: Video Review for Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks
Date: Friday, June 23rd 2017 8:58pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): PrimeVsPrime

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We knew a Radio Controlled (RC) Sqweeks toy was coming and it has been highly marketed as part of the toyline. Yet, we never had a clear idea of what it did. Well, now we do because fellow Seibertronian PrimeVsPrime has a video review of the toy for us.


Knights of the Seibertron Round Table - Seibertron Staff and Members Review Transformers: The Last Knight and Show Off Some Merchandise

Transformers News: Knights of the Seibertron Round Table - Seibertron Staff and Members Review Transformers: The Last Knight and Show Off Some Merchandise
Date: Thursday, June 22nd 2017 9:32am CDT
Categories: Site News, Live Action Movie News, Reviews, Event News, Site Articles
Posted by: D-Maximus_Prime | Credit(s):

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Well, it is now Thursday, we are past the embargo date, and many of us have had the chance to see Transformers: The Last Knight. With this all in mind, we begin today with part 2 of the reviews for the film. Part 1 was nicely written up by member ZhGingaah, who attended the London Premiere, and now we have 3 more reviews, courtesy of our staff. Later on, we will also have yet another review-ish post, which will come from Seibertron himself, as he was able to attend some very awesome events over the course of the week!

To go with the theme of Seibetron's trip to the movies, the reviews will be followed by some merch that we got at the premiere (some free and some at a cost).

Now, let's start with our first review, written by Seibertronian moderation Rodimus Prime. It is a spoiler-free review, so if you have yet to see the movie, it is safe for you to read. It can be found below:

Rodimus Prime wrote:his is a spoiler-free review for The Last Knight, which I saw on June 20th.

Overall, the film was a positive experience, but I guess that depends on your individual expectations. The pacing was more brisk than Age of Extinction, and the story was a little more engaging, but not by much. The characters were treated the same as before, mainly the Transformers. We get a little more in-depth look at the history of the Transformers, but only enough to make the events in the film convenient.

The main characters of the film this time around are Cade Yeager and Bumblebee. Some other characters are used sparingly, or just at the right moments to further the plot. The human characters are all portrayed well, none of them seem wasted, unlike some of the Transformers. The action is fast-paced, especially the car chases and battle scenes. Michael Bay definitely put his penchant for explosions to good use here. Fortunately, toilet humor was at a bare minimum, perhaps 2 or 3 instances. Adult language was much more prevalent, however. The film definitely earned its PG-13 rating there.

The story of the Transformers themselves was further revealed, even though the movie was still human-heavy. It does seem the Transformers share at least equal screen time and importance in this film, as opposed to the previous ones. This aspect seems to be improving with each movie. There were a few things left unexplained, and the ending was definitely left open for the sequel which is intended for 2019, with or without Michael Bay. I rate this film on the level of Age of Extinction, with a somewhat thin story and a lot of action. If you liked that film, you will like this one.

Now from here on out, we are in some spoiler territory. So if you do not want to read any spoilers for your upcoming film experience, Stop Here!

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

Got it? Good.

To start off our spoiler-ish review section, We have a review from Canadian News Staff member William-James88, who certainly had a different experience from Rodimus Prime when it comes to the movie. Read up:

William-James88 wrote:Wrap your head around this one: human character Santos, played by Santiago Cabrera, has more screen time than Optimus Prime and Megatron COMBINED.
Who is Santos? Who cares! I sure didn't. And he is far from being a main character in this. But that fact that another random human addition to the ever expanding human cast of the Transformers franchise has more screen time than who should be the franchise's hero and villain is quite dissapointing.

Yes, once again, after what I thought was an improvement in AOE, the robots get the shaft in a story about not one but 2 chosen humans saving the day.

Here is a massive spoiler: that big three headed dragon you see in the trailers is part of the final battle and he does absolutely nothing. Neither does Drift or Crosshairs. And all the cool robot parts are in the trailer. Stitching all the shots from the Optimus vs Bumblebee fight from the trailers gives you the entire fight you see on screen, bar the resolution. What you don't see in the trailers is the ton of human stuff that no one watches these movies for. That's quite sad to me.

I had faith in this film. There was a writer's room, a sense that people cared. But it seems nomatter who is writing, they are dictated to make unfunny jokes, racial stereotypes, and mcguffins galore wrapped in nonsensical plots.

Case in point, the titular Last Knight. There is a lot of time dedicated to the Last Knight, and him discovering who he is, but the finale and end game isn't linked to him.There isn't a purpose to him since the mcguffin is related to another character. There is also a ton of plot holes and actual movie making errors, such as Sqweek's arm changing between shots, using the wrong microphone audio for Laura Haddock's voice in one scene, and robots being in robot mode and vehicle mode from one shot to the next with no sound or indication that they transformed.

It feels very amateurish from Michael Bay, who doesn't make continuity errors this noticeable usually. And of course, there are the afore mentioned plot holes which are more blatant than before, with the worst offender being Bumblebee's voice. Is it fine? Is it broken? Does it need fixing? TELL ME!!!!!

Oh and I will leave you with this, there are two scenes dedicated to talking about either Mark Wahlberg or Laura Haddock's sex life and they are both at least three times as long as the final fight of Megatron vs Optimus Prime.


Next up, we have a review from Seibertronian News Staffer Mindmaster, who had a good experience from the movie. Check out his thoughts below.

Mindmaster wrote:Saw it tonight. Non-spoiler version: this is probably the best movie out of the five, without hyperbole. I liked it so much that it made me go out and finally get Voyager Optimus and Beserker on my way home, and I was slightly ambivalent about getting them before. Age of Extinction made me want Hound so bad, and now The Last Knight makes me want Cogman just as badly, if not more.

Spoiler-version: Things I liked and got excited about:

*Cogman. Literally the best thing ever. Dude had me rolling every time he showed up. If he doesn't show up in the next one, my hope in humanity will be dashed.

*Unicron: he's finally been name-dropped in the movie universe! Kinda expected him to get mentioned somewhere, but wasn't expecting a Prime reference in that he turns out to be Earth. And that post-credit scene absolutely sets up the next one, nobody deny it.

*The Nemesis Prime name-drop. Now I wish they'd revise the Shadow Spark Optimus Prime packaging to reflect that.

*The WWII scene; as a history major, this was what I was waiting for. I really hope we see toys based on Bumblebee and Hot Rod's WWII designs.

*The Decepticons; finally! The main ones have personalities! Mohawk retool of Hunt for the Decepticons Brimstone, pls.

*All the references to the previous movies: Simmons; the Ark during the Moon's destruction; the Pyramid still slightly destroyed from Devastator in Revenge of the Fallen; Starscream's head (Megatron even goes Hamlet on it); Viviane name-dropping Shockwave and Soundwave when she gets kidnapped by Hot Rod; even Sam Witwicky gets a small nod.

And a few things I didn't like about it;

*Cogman; despite him being my favorite thing about the movie, he never transformed and combined with the Aston Martin like they pre-movie hype led us to believe. Was very disappointed, but optimistic that it might happen in the next one.

*Dinobots; once again, they get shafted as far as screen time is concerned. I wasn't happy that they showed up for less time than Age of Extinction, and they never even transformed.
Kinda irritated about it, but whatevs I guess.

*The Decepticons; wished they had survived to see the end, especially Nitro.

*The Knights of Cybertron: kinda irritated how it takes all twelve for them to combine into Dragonstorm, yet the upcoming Leader-class figure only breaks down into two. I get that it would be a nightmare to engineer a twelve-bot dragon combiner, but still.

*To a lesser degree, Hot Rod's gun. No further comments.

All in all, this movie did a lot more right than all the others. Thinking about the previous ones, I didn't really have a favorite; the first one was my least favorite, then the next three kinda were tied. They never beat each other out because they all had an equal amount of things I liked and disliked. But The Last Knight? To me, it unquestionably had more right than wrong. Definitely the most Transformer-y of the franchise. I think we're finally getting on the right track as far as Transformers movies are concerned, and I've regained my confidence in the movies.

To finish off with the longer sort of reviews, here are some of my thoughts on the movie, which I rated as an overall enjoyable experience, but one that could have done a bit better while still being worth the trip.

D-Maximus_Prime wrote:I liked the con stuff, like we actually had some good cons stuff starting, but it got cut off pretty quick, which is a shame. though we still have Megatron, Berserker, and maybe Barricade. Hot Rod felt good but really needed more screen time (we can agree on cool ass weapon though). Cogman was the main cybertronian presence, and he was a good character, though I was bummed that he was the main cybertronian presence throughout much of the film. And we had his actual headmaster part cut. Boo. And then Crosshairs, Drift, and Hound are barely in the film basically. Like, only in some scenes. Hot Rod was in more scenes, and I feel he was under-represented.

Also, topspin had Leadfoot's head. :oops:

Transformations were good too. Sqweeks was the only one not to transform in the film, and they did it a lot. Spent some good time looking at the transformations too.

I felt the first maybe half to 2/3 of the film was on the right track, but the last bit kinda fell off the rails some for me. Felt rushed and incomplete, like a shadow of what was intended.
Definitely feels like it could have easily been 2 movies, or 3 hours, and things would have gone to the potential the film really had.

I did really like how much Megatron used his arm cannon though, and I really feel that they cut a whole part about where Quintessa somehow rebuilt Megatron from Galvatron, made him a knight's body, and that red bit on his face, which he had in the film and was a sign of Quintessa control,
showed that he was doing her bidding, hence some of the events in the film. I also liked Bee in the film, though I think it really set some stuff up for the Bee movie. sir Burton said he was much different in the 1940's, like much more cruel and not ever referred to as nice, and maybe that is where the Bee movie will explore: murder and rage bot to kind Bee.

I actually did not take Quintessa's "death" scene as death. It almost appeared as if she simply left that shell in a shower of electrical current, only to show up in human form in the id credits scene. I liked Sqweeks, but definitely see how he was kind of a waste. I thought Izzy was a waste too, which is a shame, but the movie didn't feel like it really needed her, or for her to be a main character. I only saw Grimlock and Slug, and it was disappointing not to see Strafe or Scorn.
It was also sad that those dinobots we did see disappeared completely really quickly.

I don't want anyone to think i didn't enjoy myself or the movie. I did. I just feel it had more potential, and time and too much trying to fit into a thin plot did it in

Finally, having seen the film themselves, we have a few other thoughts from fellow Seibertronians, some of whom got the point across very good in some short sentences. Check them out below.

It Is Him wrote:The first hour offered surprising promise and fun, followed by an hour of bloat, and ended with an action sequence that just didn't take well enough of advantage of the great robot cast introduced in the beginning.

It was better than AoE, and ultimately I'm glad I saw the movie.

Randomhero wrote:I just got out of it and i really enjoyed it. its not perfect in the slightest but i had fun.

however i walked away saying "so they stopped sucking the earth dry but isnt cybertron still colliding with the planet? they saved Earth but isnt Unicron still waking up?" oh well it was a fun ride.

zko wrote:I liked it, I've liked all the Bay movies pretty well, and this one was my favorite.

It played out a bit like the plot of season 1 and 2 of prime as a Bay movie, mixed with some of the G1 episode where they go back to medieval times and also the old kids read along book "When Continents Collide" had some stuff in there that seemed to be almost reflecting some biblical, book of revelations stuff with the plot about the horns, the dragon, the seal etc, but that wasn't carried too far.

KVO Prime wrote:I was disappointed... disappointed in myself to get so excited ...AGAIN... for a let down. What an incoherent piece of garbage. After a while I started timing it to see if any scene lasted longer than 2 seconds before violently jerking back somewhere else. Don't they have stabilization gyroscopes? Jeezus.. and all the bots shown ONCE for their toy placement was absurd.

all_the_primes wrote:This movie was a mess. Straight to to the point: I will not watch it again. Okay, maybe when I am incredibly bored... But I'd rather be watching Sesame Street, TFP or Inglorious Basterds, I respect myself that much.

TLK movie felt overwhelmingly unfocused and pacing was too fast/poor to the point that I lost focus on what the story(s) was about. If you are looking for some robot fighting action, it's there, but nothing groundbreaking. Over all, (in the words of Anthony Fantano) not good.


OVERALL/FINAL THOUGHTS/TLDR: This movie was godly unfocused, probably the most unfocused movie I've seen to date (an impressive feat). I could go on and bag on this movie for days, but I did find it enjoyable at some very certain times (surprisingly so), but if had an opportunity to watch it again, I'd gladly decline. In fact, after writing this review and leaving a great lot of critiques out, I realize how much I did not enjoy this movie.

Well, that is all we have room for in today's review post. As you might have seen, the movie was nothing particularly spectacular, but it did have some good moments and some good fun, depending on who watched it. It definitely wasn't perfect, and it definitely had some issues, but in the end it is still a toss up over who will like it and who won't.

We hope these reviews were helpful to you. We hope they were informative and helpful. Let us know if you go to check out the movie, and let us know what you thought of the movie in the comments section below!

Now, here is some merchandise either aquired for free or at cost by xrotorstormx and myself, as we went during the Optimus Prime Tuesday showings. xrotorstormx picked up some Last Knight inspired drink cups, a popcorn bowl, and a Bumblebee shirt from her experience, whereas yours truly got an Optimus Prime shirt and a lanyard with a Last Knight inspired card.

Transformers News: Knights of the Seibertron Round Table - Seibertron Staff Review Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers News: Knights of the Seibertron Round Table - Seibertron Staff Review Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers News: Knights of the Seibertron Round Table - Seibertron Staff Review Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers News: Knights of the Seibertron Round Table - Seibertron Staff Review Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers News: Knights of the Seibertron Round Table - Seibertron Staff Review Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers News: Knights of the Seibertron Round Table - Seibertron Staff Review Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers News: Knights of the Seibertron Round Table - Seibertron Staff Review Transformers: The Last Knight

Pictorial Review of Transformers Titans Return Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Titans Return Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)
Date: Wednesday, June 21st 2017 10:18pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Qwan

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Courtesy of fellow Seibertronian Qwan - another resident Australian - we have an addendum to the full review of Titans Return Titan Class Trypticon, as covered here. This time around, we have an in-depth look at the purple partner in crime of the dino-base-ship: Full-Tilt! Check it out below.


And now, to add to the number of people who have claimed Trypticon as their own, I grabbed one for myself before work this morning! Suffice to say I can't open or play with the big guy yet, but that just means I can focus more on the other things that would've been overshadowed had I tried to give thoughts about all of them at once.

Things like, the box:
Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)
(It claims that there's one figure inside, which is kinda wrong however you look at it.)

The collector's card:
Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)
Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)
(Still nowhere near as strong as Alpha Trion though. (I'm also hesitant to believe that a robot dinosaur the size of an entire city would have nearly 1.5x Blurr's speed.))

The sticker sheet:
Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)
(At a glance, I believe there were upwards of 160 stickers! This is gonna take a while...)

The fact that Full Tilt is packaged slotted into Tryp already, making him really hard and really scary to get out without freeing the main attraction as well:
Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)
(Seriously, do not try to extract Full Tilt while leaving Trypticon in the package. It felt awful and I'm pretty sure I got really lucky not breaking anything (to my knowledge). Also Necro comes already sitting inside Full Tilt, which is kinda cute and a fun surprise. Like a Kinder egg, except the egg is a plastic toy too!)

And Full Tilt himself:
Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

So, for a quick "review" of Full Tilt. Starting from vehicle mode he's pretty nice looking, even if I'm not too fond of the 'two-pronged-car' look in general. It looks suitably non-Earthlike and in fact has what's usually one of my favorite things to see in non-Earth TF vehicles - a lack of any real 'cockpit' area, instead opting for the general shape of a canopy but done up in the same opaque purple as the rest of the toy. (Kind of ironic seeing as this is the one line where Cybertronian vehicles having cockpits would actually make some sense for once.) On the subject of the colors there's no paint to speak of, but the matching of the 'regular' and 'stress-resistant' plastics is quite good, for better or worse since it means that he really is one single color all over.

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

As you can see he's a little small next to Topspin (the only other TF I have on hand right now), which means he's basically exactly Deluxe size.

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

Necro is purple. (In all seriousness there's not much to say; he's your standard Titan Master, with maybe sliiightly looser shoulder joints thank I'd like, but still nowhere near as bad as GXort's were.

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

Full Tilt has, as far as I can tell, two TM pegs, one on each side by the cockpit. (The cockpit itself does its job perfectly well, but there's really not much to say about it. It holds a Titan Master, yay. It does blend into the vehicle mode's shapes really well though - until I had him in hand I wasn't even 100% sure where the cockpit was, or if he even had one!)

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)
Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

Transformation was actually considerably more involved than I was expecting! I mean it's nothing incredible and I'd still be fairly underwhelmed if I saw it on a regular Deluxe figure, but it had one or two little details that I wasn't expecting. (Worth noting also, that Necro is pretty tough to get pegged into the neck, on my copy at least. Not scarily so though, and all it means is that Full Tilt suffers no bobble-head issues in robot mode.) And once it's done, you end up with an extremely purple robot!

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

Same applies as in vehicle mode; slightly smaller than Topspin, therefore exact Deluxe size. I imagine he's pretty much the same general mass and volume as Perceptor, though I can't check that right now. The near-unbroken-single-color thing works a lot better for him than it did for Blurr, IMO - maybe it's just because it's such a delicious purple this time but he just pulls the look off really well! :x

He has a decent range of articulation, but it's severely undercut by the fact that his feet are totally flat to the ground. People can say what they like about cut A-stances on their Transformers' feet, but they really do help with making posing not feel awful at least. He just always feels wobbly, and like he's going to tip over - even standing straight but with his legs a fraction of a degree apart makes him feel extremely precarious. I guess it's true that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. He looks pretty great once he's posed, though - even with my amateurish attempts!

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

On top of moving well, almost all of his joints are nice and tight, but not scarily so! I say almost because his backpack is comprised of two separate pieces that rotate around the same pin - they have really great friction against each other, but are both extremely loose on the main joint they're connected to, if that makes sense. Basically it means that his backpack just flippy-floops all around, but luckily it gets held down by gravity most of the time (as long as he's not actually upside-down it shouldn't cause an issue). It's also probably just an issue on mine too, so suffice to say he's really satisfying to pose since he holds everything so well. (Except that those feet ruin it. Urgh. :BANG_HEAD: )

(Unrelated-to-anything side note: his arms really remind me of smaller versions of CW/UW Scrapper's. I don't have any particular feelings on that, it's just a really strong connection that I'm feeling here and I felt the need to comment on it.)

Thanks to the extra few transformation tricks I mentioned above (the particular one I refer to here is basically the same concept as the CW Dead End mold's calf transformation), Full Tilt's calves end up being covered from all four sides, which means he looks great from basically any angle! Even, dare I say it, I almost think he looks better from the back than from the front, and that's not an insult to how he looks front-on! I just love the way the back looks, for some indiscernible reason.

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

And that about wraps it up, I think. Holy cow that was long. I really did not think I had that much to say about one single (fairly plain, all things considered) figure. Long story short, he looks fantastic and is pretty decent on his own, albeit with a few shortcomings that make him a little less fun than I'd have liked. If I were to buy him as a regular Deluxe figure, at full Deluxe price, I'd probably feel pretty underwhelmed even though he's actually quite decent from an objective standpoint. (And I do like him! I'd put him at least equal with Cerebros, his packed-with-a-Titan buddy, if not higher since he can actually function as a self-sufficient Transformer. He just... doesn't feel quite up to scratch for the size-class he's approximating.) But he's not a standalone item, is he? Coming whenever I get around to it: the big guy...

(Bonus head-swap with Topspin! Yeah, he doesn't look great with Freezeout - and I'm gonna guess, probably the same with just about any TM that's not primarily purple, so maybe Apeface'll be good on him? But it looks like Necro's gonna be fantastic on a lot of bots, if his combination with Topspin is anything to go by!)

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Transformers Generations Full Tilt (Trypticon Set)

Full Review of Transformers: The Last Knight, with Spoilers

Transformers News: Full Review of Transformers: The Last Knight, with Spoilers
Date: Wednesday, June 21st 2017 7:52pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Reviews
Posted by: Va'al

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Fellow Seibertronian ZhGingaah was able to attend the London premiere for Transformers: The Last Knight, meaning that we now have a full review for the movie! The spoilers are clearly marked out in the piece, and there is a buffer zone in this news write-up, but if you'd rather avoid them altogether, we have a separate discussion thread for non-spoiler movie discussion right here in the Energon Pub!

Also included below is a recording of the initial Michael Bay comments at the event, some images of the crowd, cast and set-up - in addition the ones already seen here - and at the very end, some spoilerrific listicles of likes, dislikes and WTF moments. Check it all out below, and let us now what you think once you've seen the movie for yourselves!

Transformers News: Full Review of Transformers: The Last Knight, with Spoilers

Transformers News: Full Review of Transformers: The Last Knight, with Spoilers

Transformers News: Full Review of Transformers: The Last Knight, with Spoilers

Well, that's (not) just Prime...

'Transformers: The Last Knight', then; Michael Bay's (really-this-time-honest) last hurrah, Mark Wahlberg's (self-professed) last instalment, possibly (please Primus, let it be) the last time we need to stage one of these interventions.
Yeah, this movie is 'that guy' - they 'am what they am', they're not afraid to make a song and dance about it, they simply will not be ignored and they're not changing (transforming?) for anyone. So every few years when they put on a big number, all of us long-term friends jump in and try to sort this guy out, calm 'em down a little...

Having started off with the best of intentions in 2007, two years later we're telling them to knock it off with the hyperactive humans whose contribution to plot forwarding is inversely proportional to their screen-time; we're also having to tell them to not say 'scrotum' in front of the children.

Another couple of years and once again, we're trying to get them to ease off on the vacuous humans taking up valuable minutes. We convince them to take their time with their next big production, have another year at it, 'work that rich thirty year old mythology, baby, yeah'! Oh. Underage sex references, transformium and Chinese product placement... Right. That's it. You're on your...

Oh. Okay. Big Imax 3D screen - great balls of fire over the Paramount logo. Dark Ages England. Indistinguishable from magic... Right, okay this isn't bad, this is... is that really Stanley Tucci?! I'm not sur.....HOLY FRIGGIN' NORA, IS THE CINEMA MOVING?! THIS IS INTENSE!! WOOOOOOH!!
And we're suck(er)ed in... again.

To be fair though, what TLK gets absolutely right is getting the Transformers on screen (at the same time as the core human cast) pretty much right from the get-go. Whilst clearly set in 'The Bayverse', the first 40 minutes or so kinda have the feel of an extended G1 cartoon episode... and I mean that in the best possible way.

While previous movies gave us a tease and then put most of the bots back in their playbox for half an hour or more, here we're quickly introduced to our 'character of the week', Isabela Moner's Izabella, and within minutes we see (and hear!) from all these new toys (er, 'important characters') including Sqweeks (who isn't annoying and if kids find him cute, fine), Barricade, Megatron, Steelbane (not name-checked), Drift and Hound. Oh and Bumblebee; yes, of course everyone's favourite peg-warmer is there...
And just like a G1 episode, Megatron's got a kerrrazy plan for some McGuffin or other, he's taking advantage of our human pals Morshower and Lennox (or is he? - *wink wink*) and... did... did you just see that? Did Megatron just do Suicide Squad? Is this film taking the proverbial? (The answer to that, given that one of Vivian Wembley's family is apparently played by the actress who brought Martha Wayne to life in another DCU 'classic', is yes. Yes it is!)

Like it or not, Bay's movies pretty much always have a 'humorous' element to them. It's a coping mechanism for the audience, I guess - a counterbalance to all the death and destruction and MORE ASPLOSIONS!! And we can all do the bitching and moaning thing or we can accept that, for better or worse, this is what you're gonna get in a Transformers movie. Except this time, it's ever so subtly different; your mileage may vary, but I genuinely found this movie to be quite self-deprecating!
The Suicide Squad 'thing' - you could write it off as a rip-off, or crap homage. But the Martha thing makes me think that someone's poking fun here. We all love Steve Jablonsky's incredible scores on these films, right? But haven't we heard 'Arrival To Earth' more than enough by now? Oh, not like this, we haven't! (Properly funny meta-gag!) There's so much tongue in cheek - Vivian shouting from inside Hot Rod 'at least tell me I've been abducted by one of the famous ones' (because who'd want to be kidnapped by Drench, amirite?)! Cogman doing... well, pretty much anything! You and I already know it - a 'British' accent (aka an erudite English form of Received Pronunciation) lets you get away with blue bloody murder...

...which Anthony Hopkins and Jim 'Downton Abbey' Carter do. Apparently part-scripted, part-improv, these two are just nuts. They can deliver all these ridiculous lines and still give it 'the Shakespeare' bit and make it sound like the end of days is upon us, all hope is lost but by jingo we're going to have a jolly good time while we stiff upper lip it out, what what! Cogman is the standout new character in this film - loyal servant and sociopathic crazybot in equal measure, he's as much of a split personality as TLK is itself.

And that's the rub - when it's being silly, TLK is good fun. When it (finally!) embraces the deep mythos of Transformers and attempts to induct all these 'popcorn-blockbuster-watchers' ever deeper into the world of Cybertron and all that, things become little more than perfunctory. Full disclosure - I love Peter Cullen as Optimus, even as Bayverse Optimus, but Dark of The Moon remains the only Transformers movie where he's been around for the whole thing (faked death aside - ooh, hashtag spoilers from 2011 there), and annoyingly he's not had any 'decent' dialogue since the first half of DOTM - most of AOE was expositional or 'out of character' (a debate for another time) and despite being in SOOO many trailers, he really doesn't figure until the last half, maybe third, of TLK.

Frank Welker gets possibly the better deal - Megatron gets to swan around being a nasty piece of work, the 'Izy rescuing Sqweeks' scene from the trailers shows his disdain for 'lower' forms of life, we even get a 'Decepticons, retreat!' for the fanboys. But his time playing off against Cullen's Prime is limited again, sadly. That said, there's one interaction between the pair that's hugely reminiscent of TF:TM (1986)... but no, not what you're thinking. It's a nice nod and if you're anything like me, you'll be cursing (even more of) the choices made by the writers of AOE. What could / should have been...
So by now you're thinking 'I've read a thousand words and I can't tell if you really liked it or not, lad'! To be brutally honest, I'm not sure either... no, that's not quite fair. As an 'Imax 3D experience', this was f-bomb-ing epic. Say what you want about Michael Bay and some of his choices, edits (there was a lot filmed and then cut for this film apparently) and sense of humour, but (ready the stock phrase for launch) his action sequences are absolutely phenomenal.

And as has generally been the case with each film, the scope of the effects have gotten bigger each time but Bay's also learned / chosen to reign the camerawork in as time's gone on - there's less crazy-breakneck panning and swivelling, there's some really nice occasional use of slo-mo to let you really see everything in all that glorious ultra high definition glory - it's why I can't quite remember all the nerdy bits you want to know (even though I wouldn't tell you all of them even if I could), you're just too busy taking in the spectacle. Is that style over substance? I guess, but if you can do style over substance in the best possible way, this 'film' does. Did I say film? Meh... I suppose it is, just about. It's really a thrill ride with some substance.

The 'substance' that is there is presented in time honoured fashion - Event brings McGuffin to Earth, heroes and villains battle for McGuffin leading to further McGuffin leading to final showdown. So far, so formulaic. Now for the science part - pay attention... and here we be getting spoilery a bit, so brace yourselves...


...right, you with me?
Transformers: Prime then. You watched it didn't you? Whaddaya mean, no?! It's the best TF series there's been (TF:A and BW fans can save that row for another day). Anyway, if you're not familiar with it, this'll all be new to you. If you are a Prime aficionado, and particularly if you're enough of an 'Aligned' continuity fan to have a copy of 'The Covenant of Primus' book / bible / massive insignia thing, then some of what's glimpsed in TLK will make sense. I say some, because to quote Optimus from G1's 'The Rebirth', 'every answer lead to a bigger question'.
We meet Quintessa, who I'm almost certain (three days time might prove me a liar here) refers to herself as 'the Prime of Life'. Now, that chimes very much with what we know of Quintus, one of the fabled Thirteen Primes, the first Transformers directly descended from Primus. The Thirteen were always meant to be 'omniversal' in TF fiction so that raises questions when Quintessa claims to be 'Optimus' creator'. I mean, you can interpret that in a few ways - literally (she might be, if Optimus isn't a 'Thirteen' Prime here), metaphorically (as the 'life-giving' portion of Primus, perhaps Quintus is responsible for all the Primes coming into being), or in a 'Hey, the writers just smacked out any old tosh' way again.

There's lots of other unanswered questions too - how and why did the Knights end up stuck on Earth? Sure, when you know what you know at film's end, you can start trying to hypothesise myriad reasons for the scenario we find our bots in, but it's not fully explained. Given how much expositional dialogue there is and how it (as per usual) starts to feel far too quickly rattled off by the end, that's not a great thing for those of trying to reconcile this series into something approaching a salient narrative - to be fair, if this writers’ room really is trying as hard as I think they are (but they don't want to overload and already bat-shit mental mainstream blockbuster), I think these spin-off movies and animated prequels and what not could actually be a lot of fun. But that doesn't help us in the here and now...
And where do the Dinobots disappear to again? And what's the point of Jerrod Carmichael's Jimmy? I mean, he's not terrible by any means, he's just kinda there, you wouldn't really miss him if he wasn't. Same can almost be said for Izzy, but she at least gives Mark Wahlberg the surrogate dad thing to do and they can both riff on the 'no sacrifice, no victory' thing that is very much back front and centre here.
Whilst I'm talking about fleshlings, I'd say this core cast is probably the tightest and most entertaining we've had in the series - Wahlberg, Haddock, Hopkins and Carter are all very good, Moner is perfectly cute in her scenes without going full Wesley Crusher to give the young'uns in the crowd their one to root for, Lennox and Morshower getting the best of the supporting roles, even if it's mostly exposition. For British TV fans, there's cameos from the likes of Rebecca Front (The Thick of it, Lewis) and IMDB swears Mrs Doyle from Father Ted was in there (one for the 2D re-watch or Bluray there) but Tony Hale (Arrested Development, Veep, Chuck) was hugely irritating as the NASA JPL guy - the (thankfully) brief scenes there are really quite irritating when they pop up and are pretty pointless in the grand scheme of things.

John Turturro is there as Seymour Simmons again too. On a payphone. From Cuba. Because. Because... John Turturro. I think. I mean, it's kinda cute that they recognise that Simmons had this all semi-sussed (somehow) from right back in the day... equally, I think they just wanted him to say scrotum again. Twice. Don't worry, it's not Devastator's. Or his. No, I think in a film that graphically destroys the star harvester pyramid from ROTF, crunches the ark from DOTM and describes the remains of Chicago and wherever else got trashed by the Decepticons as a 'no go area', it's a less than subtle suggestion that for the most part, the writers room want to wipe the slate clean, say 'bollocks' to much of what has gone before and go on to tell new stories off the back of this one. Yes, it unequivocally sets up a sequel. Yes, it's pretty obvious what they're going to have to deal with. And oh yes, there is a mid-credits sequence, so don't move too soon...

That's a lot of not a lot there isn't it? My 'review'. The film too, if you're being harsh. To be honest, this is the film AOE should have been - if you could somehow have had Cade save Optimus at the end of DOTM instead of taking a whole film over it, Lockdown appear and disappear at the start of this one with Optimus immediately setting off to find his creator, we wouldn't be missing much really.
The performances by the majority of the on-screen and voice over casts lift this to a higher level than the other sequels - if you concede that they all do pretty much the same thing in terms of story construction, this one (world-building issues and foibles notwithstanding) probably does it with the most style and panache. You know Bay makes shit blow up good, the car chases are fun, the scenery’s beautiful, the final set pieces are stupidly grand as they have to be.

The one possibly controversial conceit at the heart of this story, concerning Optimus... I enjoyed the pay off. For my money, it was a(nother) nice G1 Season 3 nod. Equally, knowing how some have bitched about a certain element of these movies for ten years now, I can understand if more than a few people really don't care for it - you'll know when you see it. For my money, it was preferable to (yet another) McGuffin.


In summary then, for those of you who perhaps wisely just scrolled down here and ignored all the ramblings - for better or worse, it's a Michael Bay Transformers movie, what the frigg were you expecting?! It is perhaps the best since the original. It is certainly the most spectacular to look at and the IMAX 3D thing certainly is not just marketing bollocks (there's that scrotum again), it really was astonishing. It is NOT (on its own) a jump forward in storytelling and mythology for this series - it DOES lay some massive groundwork but that NEEDS to built upon for this to have been truly worth all the hullaballoo. Harsh but fair, I'd have liked a bit more to love but there's less to hate than in previous outings. Go see it and don't think about it too hard til you've had time to rest your weary senses!

Transformers News: Full Review of Transformers: The Last Knight, with Spoilers

Transformers News: Full Review of Transformers: The Last Knight, with Spoilers

Transformers News: Full Review of Transformers: The Last Knight, with Spoilers

  • The Autobot crew hiding out together - some nice character moments there. I love Crosshairs! And Wheelie's still kicking!
  • The opening Autobot+Human v Decepticon fight in the abandoned town. Sweet transformations and some fun ass-kickings.
  • Barricade getting a bit of chat! The con chat fizzles out quickly, but it's fun while it lasts.
  • The 'water fight' is stunnining. Opening scene in Arthurian times is also staggeringly good.
  • Cogman is a top lil bastard and I want to see him again. And his organ. ;)

  • Some of Quintessa's CGI looked a bit off - most of the film is AAA+, so that's annoying.
  • Too many dangly threads that need to be sussed 'next time'.
  • Why the Knights Temenos pretty much appeared outta nowhere - how hard could it be to find and keep stashed prior to now?!
  • The apparently simplicity with which Quintessa is dealt with. Sure, we don't need more McGuffins but it was all a little 'yeah, okay then'.
  • 'Infernocus' who I think had a different name pretty much comes and goes. Meh. But the fact Quintessa has a combiner? Maybe Nexus Prime is about too...
  • No mention of Solus Prime, The Forge, Well of All Sparks etc.

  • Quintessa calls herself 'The Prime of Life', hitherto known in other continuities as Quintus Prime.
    But is she really?! The Knights denounce her as Quintessa The Deceiver!
  • For being taken in by Quintessa, The Knights pass judgemnt on Optimus - "The sentence is death!" A nice nod to the Quintesson scenes in TFTM!
  • Christened 'Nemesis Prime', Quintessa's sway over Optimus is broken by Bumblebee finally activating his own voice after all these years, just as Nemesis is about to execute him.
  • The encroaching doom seen in the trailers is indeed Cybertron, under the control of Quintessa.
  • The horn you see on Earth in the trailers... not the Knights Temenos. *wink*
  • Yeah, you do see more than one horn... *wink*
  • Stonehenge is the access point to the power at the Earth's core... and what is down there. *wink*
  • That's not the Forge of Solus Prime we see Bumblebee waving about... at least, it isn't named as such and although it appears after the Knights scene, I don't know for sure if that's where he acquired it.
  • Cade is indeed The Last Knight... for what that's worth. It is in fact Vivian who is the most important character here.
  • Yes, wink wink, Prime fans, Earth is Unicron. Named and everything. And very much a thing going forward...
  • Gemma Chan who voices Quintessa also appears on screen. *Big Wink* (Get your Covenant of Primus out!)

  • If Vivian hadn't retrieved 'the staff' - then what? Maybe a 'Prime' like Optimus can get round that problem if he was one of The Thirteen / A knight (there's definitely a statue of a 'knight' that looks very like him... Like I said, they could start to create a satisfying story with this, but it could all be so much ROTF nonsense if they're not careful...
  • I like the whole 'Witwiccan' thing... but does this mean Shia / Sam and the clan are dead if Vivian is the last surviving descendant of Merlin? Maybe I misheard some of that bit...
  • Would Cybertron have become Unicron if the transfer had completed? Is Quintessa a Prime, an agent of Unicron, actually The Creator or what?
  • We don't see the techno-organic 'Quintessons' from AOE. But if Quintessa did create them, maybe they will be coming in TF6?

Review of IDW Optimus Prime #8

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #8
Date: Wednesday, June 21st 2017 5:55am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW

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But Who Is Jazz, Really?
(Spoiler free-ish)

Jazz confronts his past—and the Autobot’s future—in front of millions of television viewers. But will he make the people of Earth understand Optimus Prime's mission... or turn against it?

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #8
Hey, I got here eventually


Once again, I find myself apologising for the lateness of this review - let's call it doing an IDW shall we? just to make me feel better - and making it fall so close to all the Transformers: The Last Knight news. On the other hand, the IDW Optimus Prime ongoing in unquestionably good and staying good, so swings and roundabouts!

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #8

The usual framing device that John Barber uses for most of his TF writing is replaced here by a fairly ingenious magazine style interview - the very same interview that has been prepared in previous issues leading up to this one - with the perspective being Jazz, playing along pretty much behind the scenes all along so far.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #8
..except, well, you know..

Jazz, as pointed out in the previous issues, is an interesting choice of character - Cybertronian character - for a first big mediatic approach to Earth after Optimus' power-grab/forced annexation/colonialist actions. And all of those threads come up, and create the crux of the story...

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #8

But, while Jazz is indeed the main player and spotlight taker in the issue - almost literally - Jetfire and Pyra Magna also take on some very shiny roles, both in flashbacks and present for the former, and the present and a potential future for the latter. There are things afoot, and there are still creases to smoothen out from the past. Hopefully before everything spirals again.


Zama is away from the book again this month, letting Casey W Coller to cover the interior art for a change. And Coller's art has a regularity to it, a crisp, linear feel to the lines and outlines of the character designs and layouts, that may very much appeal to recent readers - and fits perfectly with the framing device of the script.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #8
Just look at it..

The artistic collaboration here is with John Paul Bove, and a special one it is at that. Bove has shown how he can mimic several colour styles in the past (and is the colour wizard behind the Hachette definitive collection, too), but what he does here is keep the continuity with Burcham while also adding a lot of his own shine to it.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #8
..look at it!

Of course, Tom B. Long is on lettering, and the different formats offer a whole new playground for his skills too - I actually wonder how much of his production set went into the final look of the issue, and if so, he was excellent. As for the covers, the thumbnail spotlights the Coller/Bove variant, but all the other versions of excellent art can be found in our database entry!

Spoilerish ahead

The magazine style interview is not an entirely original comics device (recently seen in the likes of The Wicked and The Divine, for example) but the way that it's employed in his issue, and how Barber manages to blend this new toy with his trademark running POV commentary - and how it feeds directly into the story - is extremely pleasing, and satisfying.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Optimus Prime #8
OH! THIS is when it happens

The characters, with Jetfire and Pyra Magna taking the biggest chunk, have some very very nice developments in backgrounds and perspective, and there's plotting and planning set up for things about to happen - plus gorgeous designs from Coller and Bove, covers included. Why would you not want to pick up this issue, you cool cats you?

. :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: + out of :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT:

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