New Transformers Info: Cybertron, New mould Optimus vs. Megatron 2-Pack and More!

New Transformers Info: Cybertron, New mould Optimus vs. Megatron 2-Pack and More!

Saturday, June 24th, 2006 1:50pm CDT

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Kickback from TFW2005 has received some information and pictures from an annonymous source regarding a few future Hasbro releases. Again, he asures that this is all true.

This is what he wrote:

"- Info on 20th Prime's re-release
- New Star Wars Transformers
- News on Hasbro's Attacktix Line
- More info about the Prime/Megs 2 Pack revealed last week, as well as what exactly that $40 Primal/Megatron pack is
- The end of Transformers Cybertron"

"20th Anniversary Optimus Prime re-release

This figure is being released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original Transformers movie. It's said the movie is packaged along with the figure. The prototypes shown have no battle damage, long-stacks, and come with a talking stand that says 7 different phrases (none of it by Cullen ) I got word from someone in Hasbro that the long stacks aren't going to make the cut. S250's thread regarding it said the same.

Apparently WalMart will be getting a large display to put near the toy aisles (think Energon when it was first released). 20th Primes on one side, the original movie on its own on the other.

The packaging is similar to the original 20th Prime release, but the colors and design resemble the Transformers Classics packaging.

Star Wars Transformers

Nothing too exciting here. Another Darth Vader figure, this one transforms in to a Tie Fighter as opposed to a Tie Bomber. Two clone troopers (different colors, not sure if different modes). And some Jedi? Siema Keen or something to that effect? Forgive my blatant lack of Star Wars knowledge. I believe they're going in to the Expanded Universe now for new figures.


With Hasbro's acquisition of the license to Marvel comics, they are making not just Star Wars and Transformers Attacktix, but also Marvel Attacktix. All of which can be "played together" so to speak. Booster packs will also be available.

I think there's a ton of focus on the Marvel portion of it as there were listings of characters in waves, but nothing really for Star Wars and Transformers. Hasbro's answer to Hero Clix?

Optimus v. Megatron 2 packs

This time I'm not going off a description, but off a picture.

These are deluxe figures, and supposed to be brand new molds. The Optimus Prime figure is indeed a G1 figure, but his vehicle mode is hauntingly familiar to Robot Masters Optimus Prime in vehicle mode. He seems to have a lot of articulation ... the way they had him posed in the packaging art made me think of THS-02 Convoy in terms of articulation. Could be just really good packaging art though. (wasn't THS-01 Galaxy Convoy?)

No idea his accessories.

The Megatron is indeed G2 Megatron. In tank mode, he's green with purple camoflauge, just like his G2 incarnation. This is *NOT* the Hero mold from what I could tell. The picture was pretty small, but I do believe his gun is now on his arm as opposed to his shoulder? Again, not sure. Need bigger pictures!

The $39.99 two pack of "Optimus v. Megatron" is actually the ultra sized BW figures. Now, like everyone else, I'm curious as to if they're the original, or if they're the Beast Wars Reborn set from Takara-Tomy. My source believed it was the BWR set and NOT the original Ultra figures, but he is unable to confirm. To the same, reliable sources have said they're just the original Ultra figures. So, just to be safe, we know they're the Ultra sized figures. We just don't know which ones.

Guess we'll find out soon enough though.

The end of Transformers Cybertron

As we know now, the Vector Prime repaint is "Galaxy Force Vector Prime". The same goes for the repaint of Optimus Prime. "Galaxy Force Optimus Prime" ...

The Megatron Deluxe figure is listed as "Megatron - T-Rex" ... so apparently we're getting some deluxe sized dinosaur version of Megatron. No idea the mold, unfortunately.

To counter Megatron, we're getting a Optimus Primal deluxe figure. Personally, that one screams "Beast Machines" to me, but again, there was no evidence of what mold it would be.

No listings for Sunstorm. Sorry

Crosswise (G1 Smokescreen colors) and Cryo-Scourge are listed.

Alternators wise, Mirage and Camshaft are listed for release. Strangely enough, no listing for Rumble what so ever. It's only been what, two months since he was revealed at

Anyways ... that's all I got! Tomorrow's update, if we go through with it, is all Transformers movie information ... from licensing information, where most of the cool stuff is going to go store-wise, names of the first waves of toys, and other neat stuff like that. If worse comes to worse, we'll simply leave off the names of the toys but just tell you what lines are getting what, and some of the cool info overall.


Click here to view the original thread at TFW2005.

Credit(s): TFW2005

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