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Sunbow Transformers Deleted Audio - A Plague of Insecticons

Transformers News: Sunbow Transformers Deleted Audio - A Plague of Insecticons
Date: Monday, January 15th 2018 2:23pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Tyrannacon | Credit(s): Transformers At the Moon on Twitter and YouTube

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We got some new recovered audio posted by the TransformersAtTheMoon Twitter today, this time from season one, episode fifteen, "A Plague of Insecticons." Featuring the late Wally Burr and his impressive voice talents along with featuring "body English" sessions for the Insecticons voiced by Hal Rayle, Michael Bell and Clive Revill! Be sure to check it out below!


Wally Burr: Episode Introduction

### Insecticon Body English Segment ###
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Shrapnel

### Additional Dialogue 1 ###
MEGATRON: Giant insects? Well done, Laserbeak. We must intercept them at once. Prepare for aerial rendezvous.

**NEW** MEGATRON: If those insects are really what I think they are. Our Autobot friends are in for a ghastly surprise.

MEGATRON: Soundwave, send Ravage to investigate.

### Insecticon Body English Segment ###
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel (eating)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (eating)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Kickback (eating)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel (menacing noises)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (menacing noises)

**Note that not all of Skyfire's audio was not recorded during the episode. **

WINDCHARGER: Quick, behind me! Those spikes can't penetrate my repulsor field.
SPIKE WITWICKY: Great work, Windcharger. But we're still in trouble!

**NOT RECORDED ** SKYFIRE: I can't fly us outta here. That wallop from Kickback shorted my transform circuits.
**NOT RECORDED ** BRAWN: Well, let's look at the bright side. At least they didn't bring that sawed-off nerd Rumble along.

**NEW** RUMBLE: Wrong rustbucket!
**NEW** Body english of the Autobots reacting, introduced by WALLY BURR
**NEW** Body english of Spike reacting, introduced by WALLY BURR

SOUNDWAVE: My sensors indicate we are no longer alone.

**NEW**MEGATRON: Laserbeak Investigate
**NEW** WALLY BURR: Laserbeak squawk two

MEGATRON: All right, Insecticons. We'll take care of your clones, you take care of Jetfire!

TRAILBREAKER: Let's try a little force field to interrupt his override waves!
SHRAPNEL: Interruption-interruption!

**NEW** SIDESWIPE: Uhh!, we're free.

BRAWN: Give me a toss, Optimus. I wanna teach that bug a lesson!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Uhh! Go get him, Brawn!
BRAWN: Gotcha, beetle-brain!

### WALLY BURR: Body English for Brawn (wrestling) ###
### WALLY BURR: Body English for Sharpnel (wrestling) ###

### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel (cackling) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel (cackling internally) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (slurping oil) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Kickback (slurping oil) ###

OPTIMUS PRIME: Ironhide, quick! If the flames reach the refinery, the whole place will explode!

**NEW** SPIKE WITWICKY: Quick Bumblebee, in here!

KICKBACK: Bombshell! Shrapnel! Look! Storm clouds! The day is won!
MEGATRON: What is that idiot-headed grasshopper talking about?
BOMBSHELL: He's talking about the end of the Autobots!
MEGATRON: But our enemy is on the ground, not in the sky.
SHRAPNEL: But our weapon is in the clouds, and Bombshell's explosion has brought it to us-us!

**NEW** SIDESWIPE: What's going on?
**NEW** WHEELJACK: I wish I knew.

SHRAPNEL : Now......taste the lightning, Autobot fools!
WHEELJACK: Erh... it tastes terrible!

### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (eating sound) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Shrapnel (eating sound) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Kickback (eating sound) ###

Final Character Poster for Machinima Transformers Titans Return Megatronus / Mark Hamill

Transformers News: Final Character Poster for Machinima Transformers Titans Return Megatronus / Mark Hamill
Date: Thursday, January 11th 2018 2:39am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Machinima

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With the conclusion of the second animated series in the Prime Wars Trilogy co-produced by Hasbro and Machinima - Transformers: Titans Return, see our final review here - we have a final poster release, of the kind we saw when the series first started airing, featuring the last character revealed in the series: Megatronus.

Voiced by Luke Skywalker's cousin Mark Hamill, though no Gershwin was gargled on the show, the Prime (as in of the Primes) character will also return in the third and final series Power of the Primes, also released by Machinima as reported here, during the Spring of this year. The discussion thread for that series can be found following this link, but check out the image below!

Not everyone will survive Megatronus’ arrival on Cybertron. Watch the finale of Transformers: Titans Return on go90​ now

If you’re outside of the US head to to watch.

Transformers News: Final Character Poster for Machinima Transformers Titans Return Megatronus / Mark Hamill

Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Full Voice Cast Announced

Transformers News: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Full Voice Cast Announced
Date: Wednesday, January 10th 2018 2:24am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Bounti76 | Credit(s): LRM Online

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Hasbro and Machinima, who have been partners on the first two entries in the Prime Wars cartoon trilogy, today announced the full cast list for the finale of the trilogy, Power of the Primes. Interestingly, they note that the last installment will be airing on go90 in the "Spring of 2018", which is just a few short months away, when the Power of the Primes toyline will still be going full force. This is a marked departure from the previous two series, Combiner Wars and Titans Return, which both began airing well after the two toylines had finished and were no longer being sold/promoted in stores- though to be fair, the Titans Return line hadn't quite been finished in stores yet.

So, given the quick turnaround in airtime, and the voice talent for the final cartoon series in the trilogy, are you hopeful for this cartoon? Let us know in the Energon Pub Forums!


  • Ron Perlman (OPTIMUS PRIMAL) – Star of the original Hellboy franchise, Sons of Anarchy, Hand of God, and Adventure Time.
  • Jamie King (SOLUS PRIME) – Star of Hart of Dixie and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 
  • Gregg Berger (GRIMLOCK/VOLCANICUS) – The original voice of Grimlock from the 1986 film The Transformers: The Movie.
  • Nuufolau Joel Seanoa (Samoa Joe) (PREDAKING) – Professional wrestler currently signed to WWE.
  • Mikey Way (SNARL) – Musician best known as the bassist from the rock band My Chemical Romance.


  • Mark Hamill (MEGATRONUS) – Star of the Star Wars franchise. Also known for his work as the The Joker in various animated Batman projects.
  • Wil Wheaton (PERCEPTOR) – Star of The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Judd Nelson (RODIMUS CRON) – Star of The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire and the original voice of Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime from the 1986 animated film The Transformers: The Movie.
  • Kari Wahlgren (VICTORION) – Well known voice over actress with credits including Rick and Morty, The Fairly Odd Parents, and Phineas and Ferb. 
  • Jason Marnocha (MEGATRON) – Actor from Bat In the Sun’s popular YouTube series Super Power Beat Down. Previously voiced the character of Megatron in COMBINER WARS and TITANS RETURN.
  • Abby Trott (WINDBLADE) – Voice over actress with credits including video games Halo Wars 2 and Killer Instinct. Previously voiced the character of Windblade in COMBINER WARS and TITANS RETURN.
  • Patrick Seitz (OVERLORD) – Voice over actor with credits including Call of Duty: WWII and World of Warcraft: Legion. Previously voiced the character of Devastator in COMBINER WARS and Overlord in TITANS RETURN.
  • Rob Dyke (DEVASTATOR) – YouTube creator best known for his Seriously Strange series. Previously voiced the character of Devastator in TITANS RETURN.
  • DashieGames (MENASOR) – Popular YouTube gamer with more than 6 million subscribers. Previously voiced the character of Menasor in COMBINER WARS and TITANS RETURN.
  • MatPat (SWOOP) – YouTube influencer and creator of the web series Game TheoristFilm TheoristGT Live and MatPat’s Game Lab. Previously voiced the character of Computron in TITANS RETURN.
  • Frank Todaro (SLUDGE) – Voice over actor who previously voiced Starscream and Trypticon in COMBINER WARS and TITANS RETURN. Other credits include the video game franchise LittleBigPlanet.

Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
Date: Tuesday, January 9th 2018 3:39pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Go90

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Another Tuesday brings another episode of Machinima's Titans Return animated series. We're finally up to the final episode this week, episode ten, and boy are we in for a big one. That's not necessarily saying it's good or bad, just that it's packed to the brim with new, interesting, and slightly confusing moments. So without further ado, let's take a look at the final episode of Titans Return!

We rejoin the action with Trypticon having just eaten Victorion, the Enigma of Combination, Perceptor, and the Matrix of Leadership. This is obviously too much power for even the giant Titan, so he automatically rejects them all, coughing up the two Autobots and the two relics. Starscream's ghost is also released from Trypticon's body, and he falls, having basically been turned into an empty shell. The former council member says his final words to the Megatron and the rest of the cast, and then disappears into the ether. Sort of an anti-climatic end to the main plot thread of the series, but it at least makes some sort of sense. For the first time in a few episodes, Overlord is shown again, now overlooking (badumtiss) the aftermath of the battle.

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
"Well ain't that downright...finger lickin' good."

Victorion tries to retake the Enigma, but it catches her on fire, burning her right forearm, an entire half of Dust Up (Who may or may not exist as a separate personality in this continuity, given this series' track record with Combiners), completely off.

She recoils from the attack as the fire spreads, creating a ring around both the Enigma and the Matrix. The fire climbs higher and creates the shape of a...fairly non-threatening smiley face?

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
"Children of my third cousin twice removed's wife's sister's bank teller!"

The Emoji from hell reveals himself to be some sort of God to the Transformers, and Optimus wants to defend Cybertron from his obvious evil intentions, but Megatron convinces Prime to let him talk to the mystical being first. As Megatron approaches, the being reveals himself to be none other than Megatronus. Megatron speaks to him, reminding the God that he has, for eternities, fought under his name with respect and honor, and united the Decepticons Megatronus created. Megatronus tells him to move on to his point, so Megatron continues.

I have a few issues with Megatron's speech here.

The first is that Megatron curses Megatronus, saying "Goddamn you!". It caught me so off guard that it totally pulled me out of the episode. I haven't really shared my thoughts on the PG-13 nature of this series' dialogue yet, so I'll throw those two cents in now. It's not the principle of swearing that bothers me specifically, I think it's fine to use for effect, but in this series it feels like they're including it just because they can. There's no drama to it, no anguish, it's just there. Not only that, but in this specific case it makes no sense, as he's the God doing the damning. Perhaps it would have been more of an effect had he said "Primus Damn you!" or something to that effect, referencing a power higher than Megatronus. I digress.

My second issue with this scene is Megatron himself. Megatron's voice actor is one of the best parts of both this series and its predecessor, Combiner Wars. The sarcastic and flippant take on the classic character is seriously one of the best Megatrons we've seen since G1, but in this specific scene, it doesn't completely work. He's lamenting to his God and Idol about all of these things he's done to try and honor Megatronus, but he still maintains his indifferent exterior. It actually would have been an interesting scene to have him perhaps become slightly vulnerable at the feet of his idol when he's so buffed against vulnerability toward everyone else. It would have deepened his character, and would have really shown that he felt betrayed about doing all these things to gain approval of Megatronus just to receive nothing in response.

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
It's awesome to see our podcast staff in official media...

Anyway, Optimus and Fort Max use this opportunity to try to attack Megatronus, and it ends, uh, very poorly.

Fort Max actually uses the Master Sword, which is pretty awesome to see in an American series, but Megatronus easily blocks his attacks. He then gets rushed by Prime, though Optimus is similarly no match for the god, and gets blasted through the chest by a lazer. Yep, we get to deal with this again.

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
Oh, guys, no. Why? Didn't Transformers: The Movie teach you anything about what happens when you kill Optimus Prime?

As the life drains from Optimus's eyes, Megatronus warns of an apocalyptic event that will bring an end to the Transformers. With that cryptic warning, he disappears. Megatron realizes he knows where to find Megatronus, and asks the rest of the team to follow him there, promising the new adventure for the cast in the next series.

Overlord is still on a nearby hill watching what's transpiring before him, and for one final twist to this huge episode, it's revealed to us that he has turned Hot Rod into Rodimus Unicronus. With that, the episode, and the series, ends.

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW

While on the whole this was a very enjoyable episode, there were bits and pieces that irked me. Line deliveries, pacing issues, the norm for this series. It answered a few questions and ended a few plot threads, but started quite a few more, but does lead in to a cliffhanger to transition into Power of The Primes. The amount of new characters and plot twists has definitely peaked my interest, and was an exciting episode, but I feel that spreading some of them out over the past couple of episodes would have been better. Some of the more recent installments have felt a bit too dull and filler-like, but it did make for quite a nail-biting episode today, like I said. And if there's one thing you can say for these Machinima shows, they're always unpredictable.

Looking at the series as a whole, it was not bad by any stretch. I've maintained since the beginning that it is leagues ahead of Combiner Wars, and it really is. In voice talent, animation, pacing, even the mouth movements on the characters, everything is a huge improvement. I can say unequivocally this production team learned a lot from their past mistakes and tried to remedy some of them. There lies the problem, though: They didn't fix enough of them. The pacing still feels off, some of the conversations need, desperately, to feel more natural and flowing. Character movements need to be more natural, and need to express more emotion when someone's talking. It's all very close to being good, and they have made vast improvements and learned a lot, I just think they need to learn a bit more.

Thanks for reading this review, and, as always, please share your thoughts down in the Energon Pub forums. Sorry today's review was a tad longer than what I normally do, there was a lot to unpack. Tell me if you agree with the points I made, or if I'm way off base. See you later this year, with the release of Power of the Primes!

Ron Perlman and Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Added to the Cast of Transformers Power of the Primes

Transformers News: Ron Perlman and Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Added to the Cast of Transformers Power of the Primes
Date: Tuesday, January 9th 2018 12:02pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, People News
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): the hollywood reporter

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The final episode of Machinima's Titans Return show has aired on go90 and some fans were surprised to hear what sounded like Mark Hamill as Megatronus. Well, shortly after, The Hollywood Reporter announced that both Mark Hamill and Ron Perlman were going to be part of the third installment to the Prime Wars Animated Trilogy called Power of the Primes.

As seen in this last episode, Mark Hamill will play Megatronus, one of the original thirteen primes. Ron Perlman will play Optimus Primal, the Maximal Leader fans remember from Beast Wars (in a new fictional context of course). Gregg Berger will also be in Power of the Primes, as Grimlock, and WWE's Samoa Joe will play Predaking. Mikey Way and Jamie King have also joined the cast.

The article also states that Wil Wheaton, Judd Nelson and Kari Wahlgren will also return in Transformers: Power of the Primes, which should launch in the scond quarter of 2018.

Transformers News: Ron Perlman and Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Added to the Cast of Transformers Power of the Primes

Transformers The Ultimate Doom Part 3 & Countdown To Extinction Extended / Deleted Audio

Transformers News: Transformers The Ultimate Doom Part 3 & Countdown To Extinction Extended / Deleted Audio
Date: Monday, January 8th 2018 9:19am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Tyrannacon | Credit(s): Transformers At the Moon on YouTube

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Transformers at the Moon has some new goodies from us from days long past of Generation One involving some extended and deleted audio for two episodes The Ultimate Doom Part 3 and Countdown to Extinction. Check out the descriptions and embedded videos below!

This video contains audio that was cut from the Transformers Generation One episode The Ultimate Doom Part 3. The audio has been taken from an original slugged cassette tape from the original recording sessions. You can read a transcript of the dialogue in the description below The full script is available to download at thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely

########### EXTENDED SCENE ###########

REFLECTOR: Energon cubes secured, leader.
MEGATRON: Excellent. I've left Starscream behind to prepare for the next tidal wave. When its force is harvested, we'll have all the energon cubes we need to revitalize Cybertron completely.
REFLECTOR: What about the flesh creature, Dr. Arkeville?
MEGATRON: He is of no further use to me.
**Note Shockwave's name was added later**
WHEELJACK: We had a run-in with Shockwave, Prime, and couldn't rescue Sparkplug. But we learned how the Decepticons are making Earth people into mind slaves.
OPTIMUS PRIME: That's good news. Do you have any plan to counteract their work?
WHEELJACK: Let's just say we're onto something that looks like a winner. BRAWN: If it works.
WHEELJACK: We'll field-test it when we take another crack at rescuing Sparkplug. *NEW*
WHEELJACK: In five thousand astro-seconds
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Good luck, Optimus Prime out.
*NEW* SHOCKWAVE: Prepare the human known as Sparkplug. His Autobot rescuers are in for a surprise!

Our series of deleted and extended audio from the Transformers Generation One series continues with Countdown to Extinction. You will note that Optimus Prime is not voiced by Peter Cullen in some scenes even though the correct dialogue is used. You can download the original script from, thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely.

#### Act 1 - Opening ####

WHEELJACK: More! Straighten it up! Nuh! There. That does it!
*NEW* WHEELJACK: Looking good Slag. Now stamp it down, good and solid HUFFER: Yo, Gears! Get with it! Put that slab in right, or we're gonna be here 'till the Big Dipper get rusty!
*NEW* BRAWN: Ahh, that dirty-bird, Laserbeak is back again! Check it out!
*NEW* HUFFER: Mirage! Nail him before he gets away!
*NEW* LASERBEAK: #shriek#
*NEW* HUFFER: Good shooting!
*NEW* MIRAGE: But band news, Whenever Laserbeak shows up, the Decepticons aren't far behind

### Scene shifts to Decepticon base as final edit ###

### Extended by one word ###

OPTIMUS PRIME: Too clear, Cliffjumper. Megatron is operational. We can't let him and the Decepticons regroup. Autobots
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: transform!
STARSCREAM: Ahh! Just as you told me! An exponential generator. The ultimate power source!
DR. ARKEVILLE: Careful, Starscream! Disturb the generator's rhythmic pulse, and the Earth and every living thing on it will cease to exist!
STARSCREAM: I do not care about this minor planet.
*NEW* MEGATRON: Soundwave! Send Laserbeak ahead
RUMBLE: Megatron! Autobots following below!
MEGATRON: Thundercracker, Skywarp! Stop them.
THUNDERCRACKER: Right, Megatron!
SKYWARP: Attack!


### ACT 2 ###

### EXTENDED ###

OPTIMUS PRIME: Autobots, halt! Brawn, dig Bumblebee out. The rest of you, transform and take cover.
WHEELJACK: I don't wanna take cover! I wanna fight in the clear!
IRONHIDE: Yeah! Let's clobber those flyin' garbage cans!
*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Come in, Megatron. Skywarp's down! *NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Wrong! - He's okay!
MEGATRON: Decepticons, land and attack!
*NEW* RUMBLE: Now you're cooking on all circuits!
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Return fire -- and deploy!
*NEW* JAZZ: On the downbeat ... beat them suckers down!
*NEW* VARIOUS: (Battle cries)
*NEW* SOUNDWAVE: Prepare to be destroyed!
*NEW* WHEELJACK: Ooooooof!
*NEW* OPTIMUS: #grunts#
*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: The bigger they are, the better I like it!
MEGATRON: Fall back, Decepticons! These Autobots are too hero-programmed to know when to quit!

### NOTE: The scene with the quicksand was originally split by Dr Arkeville being electrocuted.

### ACT 3 - Wrong Vocal Recordings + additional lines ###
OPTIMUS PRIME: Hello again, Megatron!
MEGATRON: Here, have a ton of fun!
RUMBLE: Unnnaahh!
OPTIMUS PRIME: (Laughs) Your aim's improving, Megatron!
*NEW* WINDCHARGER: Hey, Skywarp... this'll give you a "charge"
*NEW* SKYWARP: -- Hey! What's going--?!
*NEW* WINDCHARGER: Ah ah ah... only big boys get to play with guns! #################

### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####

MEGATRON: Get away from that, Optimus Prime! It belongs to me!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Then you're not foolish enough to fire at me while I'm standing in front of it, are you, Megatron?
RUMBLE: Let me blast him. I'll –
MEGATRON: Quiet! I always hit what I aim for, Prime. Stand clear.
OPTIMUS PRIME: Gladly. I hate standing at ground zero when an explosion is imminent. Or hadn't you noticed that your possession is in an unstable condition?
MEGATRON: Leave! I only want what's mine.
SHOCKWAVE: Megatron, come in! Megatron, this is Shockwave! Acknowledge! If you are functional, Megatron!
MEGATRON: Of course I'm functional! Call back later. I'm busy.
SHOCKWAVE: Megatron, you must find Dr. Arkeville's lab and disconnect the detonator on his exponential generator. It will explode any astrosecond!
OPTIMUS PRIME: A timing mechanism.


### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####

OPTIMUS PRIME: Careful, Megatron. It's still dangerous.
MEGATRON: Prime, I... I've been lost in my work.
OPTIMUS PRIME: Lost is an appropriate word. Your plaything has melted your housing.
MEGATRON: It's of no concern. I'll reduce temperature soon enough. Now get out of my way!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Anything you say, Megatron. I had to get this out of your hands!
MEGATRON: Nuuh! Give it back! OPTIMUS PRIME: Careful! It's at a critical stage! It's going to explode!
MEGATRON: Not here if I can help it! Ruhh! MEGATRON: No time to argue, Prime. Hold this while I transform.
MEGATRON: Now load me.


### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####

BUMBLEBEE: Heh heh! Hey, Prime, what do you think Megatron's gonna do to Starscream?
OPTIMUS PRIME: Nothing gentle, I would say.

**** Jazz dialogue was not on the tape ***

Peter Cullen Interviewed by Den of Geek

Transformers News: Peter Cullen Interviewed by Den of Geek
Date: Monday, January 8th 2018 1:40am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, People News, Digital Media News, Interviews
Posted by: WreckerJack | Credit(s):

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Recently Den of Geek did an interview with the one and only Peter Cullen. In the article he talks about his role as Optimus Prime and Ironhide throughout the franchise, including the most recent Titans Return animated series. He reflects on the moment when he got word that Optimus would be written out of the Transformers: The Movie (1986). He goes on to talk about how he portrays Optimus and Ironhide in the live action films by Michael Bay.

He later gives some advice in the article to those who aspire to be voice actors. It is worth the read for those who are thinking about being the voice of a character in a show. If you would like to check out Peter Cullen's latest work, Transformers Prime Wars: Titans Return is available on

I was a 1980s kid, and I remember seeing Transformers: The Movie and just being devastated by the death of Optimus Prime. How did you first find out about this plot point, and after Optimus died did you find yourself grieving for the character?

I was stunned when I first read about it. I was reading the script, getting ready to go into recording. I was with Frank Welker and I got to the page, and I just read it and when the dust settled in my brain, i said "wait a minute, this is it, I’m not coming back. Oh damn." Or whatever curse words were available at the time, I chose those that were appropriate.

It was disappointment for sure. As an actor you either learn to put up with rejections or disappointments or you’ll break, you'll succumb. I'm used to that. Most actors are used to that, getting hired for something that means a lot to them. You hope, you hope, you hope. Your hopes shouldn't be dashed because you didn’t get the part. But in my case I was a little disgruntled because there was no explanation, there was no intended meaning behind it, other than years later to find out they were just trying to create a new character to sell more toys. But at the time you interpret that as being “my character sucks, God I must have been terrible in this role.”

We didn’t get fan mail. I never received a letter of fan mail although I was told it did come. And we didn’t have the internet so there was no thermomenter to judge how popular or unpopular something was. So move on, go on to the next job.

Of course now you realize how beloved Optimus is. Jumping ahead a few years when you were first cast for the Michael Bay Transformers movie, was your approach to the film version of Optimus different than his cartoon counterpart?

I think the answer is a two-fold answer. The character traits were ultimately for me going to be the same, but how to enact them and make the change from a small television screen with painted pictures to a full-on, blown up 45-foot character who is talking to human beings in real-life form in a believable way, that was something that had to be contended with. And I might add that Michael Bay and the people in his department were very concerned whether or not Peter Cullen could act. In other words could he act in a real-life situation and the way they were going to conceive it and portray it?

I had to audition a total of three times, they weren’t quite convinced. I don’t blame them, because at the audition Michael asked me if I played any other characters and I said yes, I played Ironhide and Ironhide had a scene with Optimus Prime. There was a girl reading Ironhide not giving it any dimension. I assumed that Michael Bay was at least aware of some of these characters so I said “if you don’t mind I’d like to read that part, I did him two and half years on the television series." She said ok.

Machinima Transformers Titans Return Episode 9 REVIEW

Transformers News: Machinima Transformers Titans Return Episode 9 REVIEW
Date: Tuesday, January 2nd 2018 5:12pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): go90

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Happy New Year, Seibertronians! With a new year comes more Titans Return, and so we arrive on the ninth episode of Machinima's animated series. Head-scratching moments abound, so let's just dive right in!

We open right where the previous episode left off, as Fort Max stands before Trypticon with Optimus, Windblade, and Emissary in his hand. And almost immediately off the bat we're reminded of one of the series' biggest issues. Fort Max is pelted with bolts from the same cannon that fired one shot at Prime and hurled him across the map, but acts like it's nothing. A mild inconvenience. He carries on a conversation through the entire scene while constantly getting hammered with countless lasers. This show needs to understand battles are not night and day, perfectly healthy to dead. Show some struggle, some battle damage. Heck, even if it's just little burn marks, just SOMETHING. Make us feel an emotional connection to the characters. If you don't want to do that, establish that they have a force field or shield around them, like the ships from Star Wars. Or, since this series loves glowy neon orbs so much, give him an actual lazer shield that expands from his arm! That would look so cool! THIS IS NOT THIS HARD, PEOPLE. It's really starting to bother me, and is really making it feel like they were just, frankly, too lazy to alter the character models in any way.
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Titans Return Animated Series Discussion Thread
"Yeah, sure, we can make him fall over, but blaster marks? Ha! That's above MY pay grade."

Anyway, Trypticon transforms back to kaiju mode, and battles Fort Max, and again, the Titan fights are proven to be when this series is at it's best. The combiners can't reform their super combiner mode, as they've spent all of their energy. They decide to just split up and try to distract the Titan Dinosaur. Optimus discovers Megatron just watching the battle, and tries to convince him to fight. He's unsuccessful for the time being, as he's distracted by Fort Max, who lands a couple good hits on Trypticon, knocking him on his back. It looks like the Autobots have the upper hand for the first time in this battle, and Victorion rushes him, trying to finish him off. At the last second he turns his head and devours her whole. Literally, in one bite.
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Titans Return Animated Series Discussion Thread
Hey, it's Attack on Titan! Heheheh

The odds then stack up against the Autobots, as not only did they lose a fighter but Trypticon has also consumed the Enigma of Combination, which somehow activates it, granting him magical powers. He promptly uses them to knock Fort Max and the other remaining Autohots down. It is a glorious couple of minutes of action, and it's extremely pretty. The visuals of Trypticon using the Enigma are very good looking. Again, the art style and color palette are very quickly becoming my favorite parts about this series.
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Titans Return Animated Series Discussion Thread
I'm excited for the Doctor Strange remake starring Trypticon

Trypticon takes control of the other combiners and makes them turn on Fort Max. Windblade and Emissary decide they have to get them off the City Titan, so they do a couple strafing runs, knocking Devastator and Menasor off. Computron fights back, however, and sends her way off course, crashing into the ground, conveniently right at Megatron's feet.
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Titans Return Animated Series Discussion Thread
I was almost going to complain about how Windblade shot Fort Max more than the combiners she was aiming for, but then I realized there's no point, because damage is meaningless in this series. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA

Windblade convinces Megatron to finally join the fight, and he narrowly saves Optimus from Devastator. While this is all happening, Perceptor has received a message from the Matrix of Leadership, which he's supposed to be carrying to safety. He brings it back into the city, presents it to Trypticon, and also gets straight up eaten whole. With that, the episode ends.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Titans Return Animated Series Discussion ThreadTrypticonus Prime?

This episode brings us one step closer to the end of this season, and I have to say i'm kind of enjoying the overarching story. When you zoom into each episode, the details and execution annoy me, sure, but the actual story isn't awful. It's an interesting idea, and now that we're closer to the climax, the action is more fast-paced, fun and definitely watchable. Depending on how they tie it all up, of course, but that remains to be seen.

Thanks for reading! You can watch this episode for yourself over on Go90, and come back and tell me if you agree or if you think I was totally off base. Catch you next week with the release of Episode 10!

Peter Cullen on Optimus Prime in Machinima Transformers Titans Return

Transformers News: Peter Cullen on Optimus Prime in Machinima Transformers Titans Return
Date: Tuesday, January 2nd 2018 4:34am CST
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With another episode in the Machinima animated series Transformers Titans Return now available, we also have yet another interview with voice actor and Transformers legend Peter Cullen - the voice of Optimus Prime in the series along with many others - courtesy of Comic!

The brief conversation can be found below, and you can head here for the full piece. Make sure to check back later on for a review of the latest episode, too.

During a conversation about Transformers: Titans Return, a webseries that brings Cullen back together with Transformers: The Movie co-star Judd Nelson and other legendary Transformers names, the voice acting legend (who long played Eeyore in Disney's Winnie the Pooh franchise) recalled the wild days of early Transformers seasons when none of the cast were sure anyone was watching.

“I’m a Generation One fan, always have been for many reasons, obviously,” Cullen told “It’s the beginning and a successful beginning and a continuing journey of success. Generation One, to see it all happening that way again, reminds me sentimentally of the old days. The only thing missing is the cast; I don’t work with the full cast the way that we used to. I miss the days when we would have laugh attacks and production would shut down for five or six minutes due to everyone laughing so hard they couldn’t stop. Those were the days that I cherished.”

He added that in those early days, working with people like Mel Blanc (in some non-Transformers work) and Frank Welker (Megatron), he was constantly floored by the level of talent that he was working with, even if animation was still considered something of an acting ghetto at that time.

“These creative minds, these vocal geniuses playing multiple characters, inventing them, there’s no greater thrill to be sitting and recording with people who are that capable. You’re just in awe; it’s jaw-dropping,” Cullen said. “I have great appreciation for them; and it's great to get someone like Judd Nelson back. What a great, talented person and a special kind of human being. His approach to acting is a great, great asset to the franchise. We don’t have much opportunity to work with too many other people, but Frank Welker I do. We convene together at conventions, et cetera, and we get an opportunity to back and forth with each other, which is laugh-attack-ville.”

Transformers News: Peter Cullen on Optimus Prime in Machinima Transformers Titans Return

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