A special Beast Wars edition of TRANS-FORUM

A special Beast Wars edition of TRANS-FORUM

Thursday, July 1st, 1999 10:13am CDT

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Much thought and care was put into this issue of TRANS-FORUM to bring what I would consider a "dedication" of sorts to the Beast Wars mythos. As many of you are well aware, the stories of the Beast Wars Transformers comes to an abrupt end after it's successful third season. Sometime in January, the FOX network giant purchased the rights to the Beast Wars syndicated television show. In order to have a title that could be used worldwide, it was decided to eliminate the Beast Wars title and use the newest title called the Beast Machines.

the people creating the newest saga of the Transformers are claiming that the Beast Wars saga will be the "canon," or the launching point, for the Beast Machines show.

I created this newsletter shortly after discovering the Beast Wars in early 1996. Like the Beast Wars, TRANS-FORUM has grown since its original inception over three years ago. This is not a three year anniversary special, but rather a dedication to some of the greatest stories ever created about the Transformers as told through the Beast Wars.

Some of the greatest fan favorites saw life during this exciting time for the Transformers. Such favorite characters as Optimus Primal, Megatron, Cheetor, and Rattrap have been rumored to be carry overs to the Beast Machines stories.

But for now, let all of the Transformers fans remember the fascinating stories of Transformers who have come and gone, of mythos already told. Remember the glory of what has already happened and embrace for the future of the Transformers. By changing, or transforming, the concept yet again, the Transformers will see life for many years to come through fresh, invigorating ideas. May everyone remember the Beast Wars fondly for it breathed fresh life into the Transformers. Enjoy this dedication issue to the Beast Wars and remember - "Until all are one!!!"

This article was originally published in TRANS-FORUM #11 (July 1999) by the owner of SEIBERTRON.com

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