Featured eBay Items: Grand Maximus, Overlord, Encore Convoy, and Crystal Convoy

Featured eBay Items: Grand Maximus, Overlord, Encore Convoy, and Crystal Convoy

Friday, June 29th, 2012 5:43pm CDT

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Every few days we'll be bringing you some cool Transformers eBay auctions that are worth taking a look at. If you have eBay Transformers auctions, please post them here in our Carbombya Buy/Sell/Trade forum. We'll take a look there first to see if you've got something cool posted that should be featured on Seibertron.com. Check back in 2 to 3 days for some more featured Transformers items from eBay


Featured eBay Auction #1
Transformers GRAND MAXIMUS C-311 Headmasters Japanese Exclusive MIB AFA in US MIB C-9.5++

Fellow Seibertronian cybershark-1 is selling his Grand Maximus. This is your chance to get it! Seibertron.com's gallery of Grand Maximus will be going up soon. Get it now before the fandom gets counterpunched!

Check out this item from eBay seller cybershark-1. You can view all of this seller's items by clicking here.


Transformers Generation One Japanese Exclusive Super God Masterforce Autobot Cybertron Headmaster Base GRAND MAXIMUS MIB C-9.5+ box is Near Mint and toy is Mint, Complete with styrofoam inserts, Instructions, UNapplied labels, biocards, and all accessories including Headmaster mini figure GRAN(Spike), large Headmaster figure GRAND (Cerebros), Grand's Pretender shell, the GRAND Sword, and ONOMISU +KOKA (Gasket and Grommet) which combine to form COG.

Main Robot:
This is a Generation One Japanese EXCLUSIVE re-color of Fortress Maximus coming with Extra Unreleased parts such as 2 extra swords and a large Pretender shell for Grand to fit inside of. The toy measures at almost 2 feet in height. And it is considered one of the "Holy Grails" of Transformer collecting!! Especially in a box this Solid and Nice. It is definitely AFA Quality and if sent in could probably rate the highest of any graded Grand Maximus.

Complete with GRAN Headmaster (Spike), GRAND Large Headmaster (Cerebros), Grand's PRETENDER Shell (Exclusive to this piece). ONOMISU and KOKA (Gasket and Grommet) which combine to form COG, the MASTER BLADE (small sword, exclusive to this piece), the GRAND BLADE (Giant sword, exclusive to this piece), the Dual Laster Cannon, the Proton Master Rifle, Cogs gun, Grands gun, and Scanner/radar piece, UNAPPLIED Label sheet, Instructions and Biocards.

Hi, This GRAND MAXIMUS I bought directly from a seller in Japan in the mid 90's when I received it, it was MISB but for some reason I opened it. I just had to take a peak at what it looked like inside. Other then that, its only been opened to take these pics now!! The toy is unplayed with, untouched, Everything is NEW. the box on this Grand Maximus is also the NICEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Whether it be Ebay or at ANY toy shows I have attended!! It is easily a C-9.5+ (I would grade it even higher at a 9.8 like most sellers would but Anybody can find fault with even a mint box out of a factory) Having only 2 small issues as seen in the pics. Just look at the pics of it opened, NOTHING HAS BEEN REMOVED!! The box is extremely sturdy and square the whites hold up and are not faded ANYWHERE!! It was also stored in a non- smoking temperature controlled environment. The COLORS ARE PERFECT, NO FADING!! Just like new!!Any off colors or spots in picture are from the flash only as I had to use my cell phone for pics!! It does have 1 small crumple on the top left hand side back portion of the box- this is the largest of the issues, and it has an even smaller crumple on the top front right hand side of the box with a small sort of "peel" to it, otherwise the box is AMAZING!! ALL Contents Inside are MINT!!and UNTOUCHED!! Also the sticker sheet is UNAPPLIED!! How often do you see that on a Grand Maximus?? YOU DONT!! However the label sheet does have a Crease running through it from whenever it was boxed up at the factory. It is as it was when I opened it years ago, it was folded. So I unfolded it and have it laying flat against the INSIDE portion of the styrofoam lid that sits on top of Grand Maximus!! This can be seen in the pics!! So here is your chance to own the BEST boxed version of a Grand Maximus I have Ever seen on Ebay!! I have seen a few MISB ones sell but even they have not had boxes this nice. And I have been collecting for over 22 years!! Another Grand Maximus just sold in an Ebay auction last week in an inferior box with stickers applied for $4526 here is that link or look it up under "completed listings":

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 416wt_1396

That grand Maximus had been used and had applied stickers etc. MINE HAS NOT!!!

Here is your chance to get the closest thing to a "new" Grand Maximus as you will likely EVER get!! Dont let this pass you up!!


Featured eBay Auction #2
Japanese Henkei Tokyo Toy Show Crystal Convoy Botcon G1 MISB NEW

Check out this item from eBay seller anabolik001. You can view all of this seller's items by clicking here.

anabolik001 wrote:Brand New and 100% Authentic!

Mint In Sealed Box (MISB)!



Featured eBay Auction #3
Encore 01 CONVOY Transformers 2007 reissue MISB Optimus Prime box damaged (#2)

This is your chance to get one cheap if you plan on opening it!

Check out this item from eBay seller Seibertron.com's Transformers and more. You can view all of this seller's items by clicking here.

Seibertron.com's Transformers and more wrote:This listing is for Encore 01 CONVOY Transformers 2007 reissue MISB Optimus Prime brand new (#2). This item is in-hand and will ship immediately once payment has been received after the listing has been completed. This item is brand new, sealed and has never been opened. It is listed as "used" on eBay due to the condition of the box which has damage (please refer to the pictures for details).


Featured eBay Auction #4
Transformers OVERLORD in Hasbro UK box with ENGLISH TEXT + unused labels in US

Check out this item from eBay seller kronos-prime. You can view all of this seller's items by clicking here.

kronos-prime wrote:Item: Transformers Hasbro Decepticon foreign exclusive OVERLORD complete with all accessories and instructions in Hasbro UK box featuring English text in US

Box general:
- Overall looks great with good color and gloss.
- This piece is probably as close as Hasbro ever came to releasing a "US" version of this incredible toy. Overlord was of course never released in the US.

Box front:
- Upper left hand corner is crumpled with a half-inch long tear and some wear.
- Mild dent/bend on upper right hand side plus bottom of the lower left hand edge.

Box back:
- PLEASE NOTE: I didn't include a picture of the back of the box just in case the winning bidder by chance wanted the contents of the background story and the tech-specs to remain a "surprise" of sorts, seeing as how they are in English.
- Mild scuffing.
- Upper right hand corner is crumpled with creases plus a dent just above the center of the same side.

Box side one:
- Lower right hand corner has a bent tip with wear.

Box side two:
- Top edge is bent with crease and wear.

- Complete with brace pieces.
- Overall looks great.

Main robot and accessories:
- PLEASE NOTE: The toy included in this auction is the Takara version. The only difference between the Takara and UK versions of Overlord is the shade of the purple plastic on the toy/accessories (the blue also might be a slightly different shade but to be honest I can't remember). Otherwise they are exactly the same.
- Complete with all accessories.
- The legs on the mini Energon figures (Powermasters, or as they were called in Japan Godmasters Mega and Giga) are slightly loose, but otherwise they look great.
- Everything looks great.

- Includes the original UK instruction booklet. It's a little worn but is still intact.
- Also includes unused unapplied label sheet. The label sheet is in great shape.


Seibertron.com's Transformers and more!

Didn't see something you liked above? Check out Seibertron.com's eBay store by clicking here! We've always got something of interest available in our eBay store.


Credit(s): Cybershark

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Re: Featured eBay Items: Grand Maximus, Overlord, Encore Convoy, and Crystal Convoy (1395676)
Posted by Cybershark on June 29th, 2012 @ 7:01pm CDT
Thanks SEIBERTRON guys I appreciate it. I also have a Black Zarak in the same condition(MIB C-9.5 Unapplied Labels, UNbroken Gold), Liokaiser MIB C-9.5 labels Unapplied and Metrotitan in MISB C-9.5 and Super God Ginrai MISB C-9.5 NOT A REISSUE, I havent listed any of those on Ebay yet. If you have any reasonable offers let me know. Check my Ebay feedback, its perfect in over 9 years.


PS: That Overlord from Kronos is NICE!!!! I WANT IT,LOL.
Re: Featured eBay Items: Grand Maximus, Overlord, Encore Convoy, and Crystal Convoy (1395701)
Posted by joevill on June 29th, 2012 @ 7:58pm CDT
Reserve pricenot met? wtf!

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