Galaxy Force Titles for Episodes 39 and 40 + TEASERS!

Galaxy Force Titles for Episodes 39 and 40 + TEASERS!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005 4:14pm CDT

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Posted by: Calenatarion   Views: 13,527 have gotten info about two future episodes of Galaxy Force.

Episode 39: "Breaking Through the Super Dimensional Tunnel"

Episode 40: "Megaro Convoy of Gigalonia"

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And the teasers are available as well!

Episode 38 - "Clash/Crash! Breaking the Ambition Which Scatters"
Inside Primus, Nitro Convoy & Guardshell are busy working while Vector Prime is searching desparately for the location of Gigalonia. Galaxy Convoy & Live Convoy proceed rapidly in the urgent conversion work of a much needed energy supply.

Episode 39 - "Breaking Through the Super Dimensional Tunnel"
The location of the dimensional tunnel that leads to Gigalonia are finally calculated. Inside the tunnel is a place where the emptiness of time & space are intertwined & reality bends, where it is possible to separate the spirit/mind & body. Dreadrock starts to get angry.

Epside 40 - "Megaro Convoy of Gigalonia"
Galaxy Convoy advances to Gigalonia in the starship "MU" that was excavated from Speedia. On the way, there is a reaction on the thermal sensors of the radar & the screen projects a blue star.


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