Jetfire lands in Kabam's Transformers: Forged to Fight Mobile Game

Transformers News: Jetfire lands in Kabam's Transformers: Forged to Fight Mobile Game

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 3:59PM CST

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A new Autobot arrives in Kabam's Transformers: Forged to Fight mobile game, the Autobot Scientist, Jetfire! He's available now to bolster your team.

Transformers News: Jetfire lands in Kabam's Transformers: Forged to Fight Mobile Game

We have included the Intel report on him below:

Transformers: Forged to Fight wrote:Faction: Autobot

Class: Tech

‎A scientist first and foremost, Jetfire was famous for his many exploits in outer space alongside his partner Starscream. With the galaxy now engulfed in war, Jetfire soon found Starscream had turned away from the pursuit of truth and joined the Decepticon ranks. Reluctantly taking up arms against his old friend, Jetfire eventually sided with the Autobots in their quest to protect all sentient life.



Health: 3995
Attack: 302
Max Rating: 1299


Health: 10383
Attack: 785
Max Rating: 3547


Health: 25207
Attack: 1906
Max Rating: 8600


Parry Shield

* Well Timed Blocks against Light and Heavy Ranged Attacks activate the Parry Shield, Reflecting those attacks at 80~100% of their original damage.

* Well Timed Blocks against Basic Melee Hits also activate the Parry Shield, granting +50% Block Proficiency.

* Each time the Parry Shield activates Jetfire gains 1 Energy Charge(s). Energy Charges each increase Jetfire’s Power Rate by 5%. [Max 10]

Heavy Attacks

* 100% Chance jetfire consumes 1 Energy Charge to inflict Shock on the opponent, dealing 70~90% of Attack over 4 seconds.

Special Attacks

* If Jetfire has no Energy Charges when activating a Special Attack, he gains 1 Energy Charge.


*Jetfire’s has a state-of-the-art Repair System diverts reserve energy to mend damaged components and suppress any active fires.


* While Jetfire is under 75% Health, his Repair System is Online.
While the Repair System is Online, Holding Block for 1 second(s) consumes an Energy Charge to Purify a Burn Debuff and Repair 2~6% of Health over 1 seconds.


Special 1 – Full Power to Weapons

“Disruptors are often misunderstood devices, allow me to demonstrate their ideal use.”

* Jetfire converts all Energy Charges into Ranged Bonus, each increasing Ranged Damage by 10~20% and Projectile Speed by 10% for 20 seconds.

* If Jetfire converts 5 or more Energy Charges, this attack has a 100% chance to inflict Power Lock, stopping the opponent’s flow of Power for 8 seconds.

Special 2 – Reinforce Shields

“Deep space travel requires a powerful defensive system at the best of times.”

* Jetfire converts all Energy Charges into Shield Buffs, each Reducing incoming damage by 7~8% for 20 seconds.

* If Jetfire converts 5 or more Energy Charges, this attack has a 100% chance to inflict Repair Block, preventing the opponent from Repairing for 15 seconds.

Special 3 – Fire at Will

“Diverting stray ions to the Disruptor Cannons will create a potent electromagnetic effect on enemy systems.”

* Jetfire consumes all Energy Charges to inflict Shock for each Energy Charge consumed this way, each dealing 35~45% of Attack as energy damage over 4 seconds.

* At the end of the attack, Jetfire Gains 3 Energy Charges.


Mutual – Enemies – Kickback, Megatron GS, Ramjet

* +2~5% Attack Rating.

Mutual – Allies – Sideswipe, Wheeljack

* +2~5% Armor Rating.

Outgoing – Brain Gain – Shockwave

* Shockwave Repairs 2~6% Health over 2 seconds each time he gains 6 or more Energy Charges.

Ingoing – Brain Drain – Shockwave

* 25% Increase to Attack against Demolition Bots. Shockwave only gets this benefit if all bots on his team have this synergy.

Mutual – Shield Masters – Mixmaster, Dinobot

* Well Timed Blocks against Melee Attacks have +10% Block Proficiency and Drains Power equal to 2~5% of the opponents max Power.

Incoming – Old Friends – Starscream

* Activating the Parry Shield against Basic Melee Attacks grants a 10~30% chance to Stun the opponent for 2 seconds.

Outgoing – Old Friends – Starscream

* While Dashing Back Starscream has a 100% chance to Evade Ranged Attacks. When This occurs Starscream gains a 10~30% Crit Damage buff for 6 seconds.


* Megatron(RotF) – Jetfire will be able to inflict Repair Block, stopping this Tank Terror from Repairing at the end of the fight.

* Ironhide– Reflecting Ranged Attacks and Purifying Burns, the master of Demolitions will find his skills entirely countered by this giant jet fighter.


* Cheetor – Cheetor will evade many of Jetfire’s primary attacks while Blocking any chance the big flyer has to Repair.

* Tantrum – Tantrum’s Frenzy will allow him to rid himself of annoying Shock debuffs while landing the occasional Unblockable hit through Jetfire’s Parry Shield.


Strange Refractor – This mod will essentially grant him the ability he receives from his marquee Synergy, an ability that makes him a very scary defender.

Tech Console – Imagine a world where Jetfire sits atop a Tech Console, his Shocks would be amplified, his Repairs would be amplified. This is probably one of the worse case encounters you could face when Raiding someone’s base.

Will you be adding Jetfire? Let us know in the Energon Pub and stay tuned to Seibertron for all the latest news and reviews.
Credit(s): Transformers Forged to Fight website
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Re: Jetfire lands in Kabam's Transformers: Forged to Fight Mobile Game (1998541)
Posted by steve2275 on December 12th, 2018 @ 6:06pm CST
looks pretty cool :-D
Re: Jetfire lands in Kabam's Transformers: Forged to Fight Mobile Game (1999893)
Posted by william-james88 on December 19th, 2018 @ 9:10pm CST
We have recieved some news from Hasbro's PR team about an upcoming event in Kabam's Transformers: Forged to Fight game.

Ahead of Bumblebee’s upcoming premiere, Kabam is issuing some all-new live-ops events for their mobile title Transformers: Forged to Fight. The live-ops will debut tomorrow and here’s what players can look forward to:

· Bumblebee Live-ops

· Date: December 20 - January 3

o 1. Special Event Calendar - 14-day duration

Awards a 4-Star Bumblebee Cinematic for free

o 2. Bumblebee Crystal Shards

Bumblebee Crystal Shards

Available in Alliance Missions, Special Arenas, Arena Special Teams and Raids

o 3. Bumblebee Crystal

Purchasable with Energon or Bumblebee Crystal Shards

2-4* Version: 150 Energon: Chance at 4-Star Bumblebee (Cinematic) and 4-Star Bumblebee

3-5* Version: 300 Energon: Exclusive chance at 5-Star Bumblebee (Cinematic) and 5-Star Bumblebee


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