More Exclusive News Regarding Updated TFTM, and Localized English Versions of Victory, Headmasters, and Scramble City

More Exclusive News Regarding Updated TFTM, and Localized English Versions of Victory, Headmasters, and Scramble City

Saturday, June 18th, 2005 9:11pm CDT

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Seibertron's Raymond T. has yet again obtained some exclusive information from Metrodome Group, the current license holder to create English Subs and Dubs to Transformers Victory, Headmasters, and Scramble City! They also are working on an updated release of the original 1986 film Transformers: The Movie, with remastered footage as well as cut scenes never appearing in any retail release to date!

Victory, Headmasters, and Scramble City have yet to recieve a quality DVD release in an English format, and the plans for the update to Transformers the Movie promise to give G1 fans something they've been wanting for years!

With Raymond busy with work this weekend, he asked that someone post this on behalf. The following is an email to Raymond from Ken Law, head honcho of Metrodome:

Note: Not all of the following has been finalized, but it gives indication the direction Metrodome want to go with their Transformers releases.

Hi Raymond

The format shift on The Movie is not nearly as bad as it sounds. I initially saw a test which was very rough around the edges and the format change was quite noticeable as a result but the finished master has been tinker with by the lab and there is very little noticeable shift now. I've asked them for a full technical explanation as to what they have done as I know there will be an element of Transformer fandom who will want to know exactly what is presented.

Thanks for the scene selections. I will be comparing our current UK DVD and the brand new transfer.

As for extras, well we've done a new 5.1 mix which sounds fantastic. There will be the US and UK opening credits to compare & contrast (our new master has the US 'stars names' & V/O credits). We'll show the censored and uncensored Spike scenes. There will be various trailers & TV spots for The Movie. There are titles tests, a Cinex test and I have a host of toy TV spots from the 80's that span Hasbro's toys from Transformers, Insecticons, Constructicons, Omega Supreme, Jumpstarters right up to Gen 2 toys like Cyberjets, Dreadwing, Aerialbots & Combaticons. There are 67 in total but I'm still awaiting the OK from Hasbro. In the past people have just used Hasbro material because they had a VHS or a master without their approval. They're getting wise to this and I know them well so I'm making sure everything I make use of is approved by them.

As for the extra material or deleted scenes. I picked up an e-mail trail from Jane about the deleted scenes. There were 2 in particular and an early Japanese trailer. Jane described them as follows....

1. Prime Knocks Out Dirge
Originally in the Movie there was a brief shot where Prime smashes Dirge during his "One shall stand one shall fall" & "That's a question you should ask yourself Megatron" lines. As Prime says "That's a question" - Dirge originally jumped Prime from behind and was smashed to the floor.

2. Ultra Magnus Original Death
Originally in the the Movie, Ultra Magnus was given a much more barbaric death at the hands of the sweeps. In the Movie, you so imply see him get shot, groan lots and then fall to pieces. This is not how this scene was indented to appear. It was animated but later cut for being too violent.

3. The Japanese Promo
Prior to the Movies release a short promo film was made using early footage. This contained several shots that are either absent or alternate from the Movie.

The new telecine we did was from the original, uncut picture negative and these scenes DO NOT appear. Rhino's consultant (before they lost their license) Jim Markovic had never heard of these scenes and neither had the lab doing our telecine so I am very dubious as to whether they actually existst. Certainly, there is no physical evidence of their existence that we've come across. Do you know any more?

The Japanese Trailer on the other hand does exists. I am sure what Jane is talking about actually appeared on Madman's Australian (Region 4) DVD back in 2003. I have watched their DVD and it's a 4 min 16 secs so it has to be it. I'm looking for a master for that and if we don't find it, I can ask Madman as we have a good relationship with them.

At the moment there is no plan for a commentary track. I simply don't have the time but I'm very interested in the idea for a possible future version of The Movie.

With Takara, we'll be releasing Headmasters this year and then Masterforce & Victory in 2006. I intend to have all that we have rights too out in the UK marketplace in time for the Dreamworks movie release in November 2006. I know the Star/Singapore English dub is universally hated so we've done brand new English subtitles. The set up will allow you to watch Headmasters in native Japanese language; Japanese language with subtitles or with the English dub. You can even watch the English dub with subtitles just to see the inconsistencies in the dub. I've spoke to fan groups and they have provided an extensive glosssary so all the Japanese names will be translated into their English eqivalents to avoid any confusion (eg Convoy will be Optimus Prime). The subtitling has been done by a professional subtitling company and they have worked on Star Trek in the past so are used to technical TV translations.

As for Scramble City, we've not located a master anywhere. I have a VHS but I need a master and I need to know that we have the rights in place. Those two questions have yet to be answered I'm afraid. But I am working on it.

I hope that brings you up to speed.

Finally our Transformers website will be updated and back up and running soon. Darren Jamieson will be working with us again. I'll use the site to host the 'compare & contrast' images of the new telecine and a full technical explanation as to what we've done.

Best wishes and I'll speak to you again soon.

Credit(s): Raymond T.

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