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Set Report and Photos from "Revenge" at Alamogordo, New Mexico

Transformers News: Set Report and Photos from "Revenge" at Alamogordo, New Mexico

Monday, September 22nd, 2008 8:22AM CDT

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The Transformers Live Action Movie Blog has received a set report and some photos from an anonymous source at the Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico - where Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is currently filming.

The set report tells us that they have been filming an action sequence at the base with stars Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson as well as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide and the Corvette Centennial.

The anonymous source also sent in two photos, one of a C-17 plane and another of the giant Bumblebee robot mode prop, used during the filming of the previous Transformers movie.

Read the report and see the photos by clicking here.

Don't know if you are concerned, but they are in fact filming here in Alamogordo, NM. They've been here for sometime now.

September 12th - They were filming on base from 12:00pm - 10:30pm. They used a large military plane, like a C17. It was parked and they had many of the military extras walking to and from the plane. Sometimes loading onto the back of the plane and then deplaning afterwards.

Josh and Tyrese were there as well. I saw them standing at the end of the stairwell, the landing of the C-17. The military extras were walking and in some takes they were running.

Tyrese was trying to keep the mood light as I witnessed him doing some kind of "chicken dance". I hear through the grapevine that he was pretty silly that day. I honestly think it's to prevent himself from going crazy from boredom. As you probably know, there are many, many, many takes just for one shot! And then they want to do the same shot from another angle. So you're talking, 10 takes each at least! Needless to say, that could take all night, and sometimes it does! There were a few times while everyone waited as they set up the shots, Tyrese would say out loud, “Are we ready yet? What's the hold up? C'mon lets go!" They were outside doing this scene all night! The walking scene was done at least 20 times. Riding humvees around the plane was shot in the day and later in the night.
The humvees had gunners on top, about 4 of those riding around and around the plane. They were definitely filming a fight scene.

I really don't want to go into too much detail for fear someone I know that is working with DreamWorks will get into a lot of trouble. I would love to tell you the story line of which I'm sure you'd be surprise, but I truly do not want to spoil it for any true Transformer fan.

They start shooting tomorrow (22nd Sept) at White Sands for the entire week. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch any filming while they are out there. Only the extras and crew are allowed. I hear they will be shooting here in Alamogordo, whether it be on base or at White Sands, they will be here till early October.

Here is what I've observed so far at Holloman. They had men and women and very few children dressed in Muslim costumes. The people looked very authentic I saw them early one morning walking to the trailers. Bumblebee was on base; however he was shielded from prying eyes as they covered him up with a car cover. Not a great job because his rear and sides were poking out of the cover and one could tell it was Bumblebee.

Some of the extras are Air Force guys portraying Army guys and some extra Army guys are portraying Air Force guys. I hear "some" of the Air Force guys were looking "tighter" in dress and haircut. The casting dept. thought they looked more of what someone in Army would look like? I know some Army guys won't like to hear that, but it's true.

Some where on base in a hangar, holds Ironhide, Optimus Prime, some of the "pimped" out humvees the primary cast will be driving. (Most likely Tyrese and Josh) The Corvette was there as well, it is silver in color. The people who were there at the time didn't want any photos taken of the Corvette, they were adamant about that. Apparently GM would have a cow if that photo got out. Now I hear they are going to let [us] take photos of these vehicles tomorrow.

Also, the Can Am Spyder will be in the film too, but they've got it all decked out with a more futuristic look to it.

I am including a photo of Bumblebee that I took.

That's all I have for now. Until next time. . . .

Anonymous in Alamogordo
Credit(s):, anonymous source

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