Superlink Episode 38 Clips Now Online at!

Superlink Episode 38 Clips Now Online at!

Friday, September 24th, 2004 9:58am CDT

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  Views: 25,325 are pleased to present, in conjunction with Fan2Fan, downloadable video clips from episode 38 of Transformers Superlink! Here's what we have for you this week:

Episode 38: Omega Convoy's Deadly Struggle

Clip 1 High Res | Low Res
With Galvatron under the control of Unicron, Unicron turns towards Blizzard planet, while the Autobots any damage nor stop his actions. But even as the rest of the Autobots felt they are powerless against the planet eater, they saw Omega Convoy continue to fight against Unicron, inspired and encouraged by their leader's actions, everyone continued to fire on Unicron as he starts to feed on Blizzard planet.

Clip 2 High Res | Low Res
Kicker and Misia joined the Autobots after they buried the body of Alpha-Q only to find Blizzard planet was almost gone. As if taking the last big bite, Unicron blasted the remaining of Blizzard planet in one charged blast, caught in the shockwave, most of the Autobots were damaged.

Clip 3 High Res | Low Res
On board Miranda II, most of the Autobots, damaged in the last skirmish, were in stasis under repair. At this time, Unicron moved in on Circuit planet. Intending not to lose another planet, Grand Convoy ordered the rest of the active Autobots to remain on board while he and Omega Supreme intercept Unicron, to the protest of everyone. Meanwhile on Cybertron, Rad and Dr. Jones found out that Primus is getting weaker, Primus told them that he intends to use what is left of his spark to help the battle with Unicron. With that, Primus's spark energy was hurled out of Cybertron towards where Grand Convoy is...

Clip 4 High Res | Low Res
Using a space bridge to get between Circuit Planet and Unicron, Omega Convoy takes on Unicron and literally unleashed all his powers at Unicron, unfortunately it did not caused any significant damage and Omega Convoy was blasted by a volley of Unicron's energy fires....

Clip 5 High Res | Low Res
...only to find that Miranda II had acted as a shield for him, defying his direct order, the rest of the Autobots decided they would not standby and watch their commander fight this battle alone. Knowing he cannot convinced them to back down anyway, Omega Convoy reinstate their mission, to Destroy Unicron!! Riding on Omega Supreme, Grand Convoy charged up an energy powerful enough to impale Unicron, causing Unicron to actually paused in action for a while...

Clip 6 High Res | Low Res
...but it only angered Unicron and he destroyed Circuit Planet in one powerful shot. Damaging everyone except for Omega Convoy.

Clip 7 High Res | Low Res
Distraught, Omega Convoy realized just his will is not enought to stop Unicron, but he continues to fire upon Unicron, knowing he will be defeated too.Just then the voice of Primus reached Convoy and he was consumed in an energy. Primus's energy bathed the nearby space and upgraded the Autobots nearby. As the energy dissipated, standing there was Omega Convoy, enlarged to planet sized, as big as Unicron.

Next episode preview: Destruction Of Unicron High Res | Low Res

Credit(s): Fan2Fan

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