Toy Fare #126 Update-CLASSICs 2.0, Titanium WWI Prowl and Grimlock

Transformers News: Toy Fare #126 Update-CLASSICs 2.0, Titanium WWI Prowl and Grimlock

Saturday, December 15th, 2007 6:22PM CST

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Through the big re-set last week, and hub bub of not having any news or login capabilities something got a little overlooked.

Toyfare #126 hit the shelves and released information on the year 2008.

Pg. 66 has a half page dedication to CLASSICs 2.0, with pics of Dreamwave art of the G1 Farelady brothers Prowl and Bluestreak.

In the article, which is an interview with HASBRO SENIOR BOYS TOYS DESIGNER Bill Rawley, Sunstreaker (yellow lambo), and Prowl (black and white cop car) are revealed to be confirmed.

He also mentions, "...a triple changer, a tank, and some other classic characters."

"We can't have five cars in a wave, so we try to mix it up a bit and offer more of a variety."

In Wave 2, if a mold is re-used, "...I'll try to throw a new head sculpt or change up the way the vehicle transforms in order to give it a new look."

A letter in the Toy fare letters column also asked:

"Are 6-inch Titanium War Within Prowl and War Within Grimlock due for release any time in the near future?"

HASBRO PR- Paula Wash said, "We are not planning to release these versions."

A sad day for those of us who wanted to see the Titanium line end on a real positive high note, and also to have a few more figures added to the highly desired War Within figure collection, which is far too small as it is.

There is an existing thread about Prowl being a new CLASSIC already here.

Thanks to all the different sources for the information. Hope we got everyone.
Credit(s): jazzrules, Darth Bombshell, Toyfare #126
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