Transformers become Modern Art?

Transformers become Modern Art?

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006 2:23am CDT

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Since 2002 artist Scott Campbell has been creating some very interesting sculptures using mistransformed and dismantled Transformers! He explaines his 'Misformers' line of artwork thusly:

TransFormers are shining examples of functionality. They transform from useful machines into even greater robots capable of god like feats. As a model for the transition from a boy to a man, a TransFormer is a pretty tough act to follow. The MisFormers series brings some balance to the idea and represents the multitude of humans and social realities stuck somewhere in the middle. No longer a car but not quite becoming the world saving robot either.

The MisFormers Project started as a brief glance at the inability of many industrialized societies to raise socially functional male adults. However, it quickly developed to act as a platform to explore a much wider range of issues related to social dynamics.

Besides all that, I like the complexity of the mythology and the internationality of the visual language of the TransFormers as a material. I love the way they feel and the colour as well as the sound they make when they shift from one pose to another

For the first time Scotts work has been published online at The article displays his artwork as well an interview with the artist on the ideas and motivation behind his work.

What every you think of Scotts Art it has certainly sparked a lot of interest and debate on our Toys forum, leave your comments below.

Credit(s): SnapTrap

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