Transformers to visit Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN.

Transformers to visit Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN.

Thursday, July 28th, 2011 12:36am CDT

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Thanks to the folks at Geek Media Expo, TransFans in Nashville, Tennessee will get a special treat. Running now until August 15th, 2011, the "Transformers" will be making a special appearance for the public. Here's the press release on this rare event:

Nashville, TN - A new group of vehicles is making its way into the Lane Motor Museum that will surely capture the hearts of enthusiasts young and old: Transformers.
Transformers are a popular series of action figures that can be shifted from a robot into an animal, device, or, most commonly, a vehicle. While the toy line was originally introduced in the 1980s, it has gained a recent revival thanks largely to a series of live-action movies and the reintroduction of the figures themselves.
The extensive collection of Transformer models, generously provided by Nashville local Lucas Leverett, will be on display at the museum from July 15 until August 12, and will feature popular characters Optimus Prime and BumbleBee, as well as many other favorite characters from both the original and modern series.
If visitors look closely in the garage at Lane Motor Museum, they will spy an incredibly rare vehicle: the six-wheeled Citroen CX Tissier. This car is the root inspiration for the character of Rodimus Prime, successor to Optimus Prime in the 1986 Transformers animated film. Transformers and car enthusiasts alike will rarely glimpse this car, but Lane provides an excellent chance to see the real-life car.


Leverett is a lifelong Transformers enthusiast, and his love of the series and all things "geek" inspired him to work with and eventually chair both the Middle TN Anime Convention and Geek Media Expo, annual events aimed at bringing together like-minded fans. His next event, the Geek Media Expo Volume 3, takes place in October. To learn more about either event, visit or
Lane Motor Museum features 150 unique cars and motorcycles dating from the 1920s to modern models, and includes amphibious vehicles, microcars, prototypes, and much more. For more information on hours of operation or admission prices, visit
# # #

For further information, contact:
Dorene Ireland Hitt
Promotions Section Chief
Geek Media Expo

So if you're in the Nashville area, here's a chance to see some rare cars that helped inspire some of the most beloved characters in the Transformers Universe!

Keep your optics locked, right here at, your Ultimate Transformers Resource.

Credit(s): Geek Media Expo

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Re: Transformers to visit Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN. (1267682)
Posted by KnightStrike on July 28th, 2011 @ 8:20am CDT
This looks like it would be really cool to see. Since I am a Transformers fan and a car nut it would be like a two for one. Just one state over so maybe I can try to get a chance to run down one weekend and catch it. That Citroen in the pic would be awesome to see close up. It reminds me of futuristic looking Ecto-mobile. I have a soft spot for some of the weirder designs of the '80's like this one and things like the Dodge Rampage.
G1 Bluestreak was my first Transformer and sort of caused me to have a Datsun/Nissan obsession to the point that I am still rocking a '90 240sx. One of these days I'd like to be able to afford a 370z in silver and black paint scheme :grin:
Re: Transformers to visit Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN. (1267829)
Posted by lanemotormuseum on July 28th, 2011 @ 2:52pm CDT

My name is Vicki Garrison and I'm the Marketing Director for Lane Motor Museum. I just want to clarify that the Citro├źn Tissier that we have is not an exact replica of the character like the one pictured here. Ours is silver and does not have the cover on the back of the hauler like the one pictured here does. MORE INFO:

This is still a rare vehicle to see (especially in the U.S.!) and of course the exhibit of toys provided by Lucas Leverett is amazing. I just wanted to clarify so you know what to expect when visiting. Also, due to some damage done to the engine the car is not in our garage but can be seen behind the museum near our LARC-LX (a 194,000 lb military vehicle- you can't miss it!).


Thank you!

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