Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 1:38pm CST

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Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Yes you read that right the Transtopia Newsletter is back baby! I want to apologize for October missing out on the Newsletter fun it was due to me having a lot of problems and personal issues that prevented me posting it but that#s what the XXL in the title of this edition is for, yes this is October and November!
You might have noticed that we have a a new Transtopia Newsletter feedback thread which you can use to tell us how awesome we are(:P), well it's more for feedback really, just use it to tell us what would improve the Newsletter and we'll see what we can do!
Also i would like to announce that we need a new editor to take care of kitbashes, repaints and scratch-builds, should you be interested in doing taking that part, just send Dead Metal a pm!
Also I would like to add that there will no longer be a Transtopia art challenge as I simply can't be bothered doing them without having people join in, but enough of that and read on.

-Dead Metal

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Formatting – Mattyc1007
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Customs - Dead Metal
Fan Fiction – Name_Violation
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Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL
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Classics Omega Supreme by blacklion29
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

ROTF Soundwave by zfeaky
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Animated Orion Pax by lleobraker1977
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

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Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL
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Movie style Unicron by Mykltron
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

G2 Inferno with lights and sound by bellyboy
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Brave Max by ^o^CORVUS^o^
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

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Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL
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ROTF Constructicons/Devastator by L_K
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Desktop Decepticon by Pete Standing Stone
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Grave Digger Transformer by StreetSweeper
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Universe Skyfiere by hXcpunk23
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

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Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL
Each month I'm supposed to write something about one of the pieces of artwork in the newsletter but occasionally we just get too much great stuff for me to single one item out. This month we have Autobot_Switchback's own invention Rollbar. Designing a Transformer must be a tricky task and this design also has plenty of eye-candy detail without going overboard. Kriksix has given us some truly epic comic cover art in which Megatron has torn the Matrix from Prime's carcass. A nice touch is that it even has a 32p price tag which will probably get some of us older members reminiscing about 'the good ol days'. Altitron's commissioned artwork featuring Blackarachnia from five different universes is finally complete and coloured beautifully. After seeing this evolve over ten months its a relief to finally see this in all its glory. Last but not least Rally Racer has given us a poster of what would probably be the greatest metal group of all time if they had ever stopped shooting at each other's feet and formed a band.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all you artists to follow the submission guidelines before submitting your work for the Transtopia Newsletter:
1) don't post pictures in the submission thread, just post a link to your thread
2) the picture(s) must be in a thread here on Seibertron
3) artwork must be visible in the thread, not merely a link to another location

The Transtopian Forums have been rather quiet recently so if you've enjoyed looking at someone's work please tell them so! They'll appreciate a little compliment and it doesn't take long to post. Constructive criticism is often welcome too.

And now the artwork, just click the images to visit the artist's thread with the full-sized images and sometimes even more artwork!

Autobot Rollbar by Autobot_Switchback
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

The GRATEST Transformers poster ever made! by Rally Racer
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Blackarachnophobia by Alitron
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Optimus Prime vs Megatron: The end by kriksix
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

On the Wings of heroes by Alitron
Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

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Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

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Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL
"Now is not the time for grievances; we need to work together if we are to survive"

Once every great while a duo teams up...
Batman and Robin, Rumble and Frenzy, Peanut butter and Jelly...
and now, Hellkitty and Carriemus Prime!!!

Thats right folks, the writers of my last two months selections teamed up. They have been co-authoring the tale Cave In. When good an evil must work together, and its a matter of survival, alliances will be forged and broken. This is possably my favorite piece i have read yet. I definitely give this 5 Autobot/Decepticon Super Scramble subgroup combiners out of 5!!

So now for the other news: This being October now, I also recommend the Alien and Zombie TF stories submitted. I would also really enjoy if anyone felt like writing a spooky or creepy Halloween story. Starscream's Ghost? Terrorcons or Horrorcons maybe? Metroplex becoming a haunted house?

So untill you see me next month,

Name_Violation, Hiding, lurking, waiting..

For extra interactive fun, see if you can figure out who wrote what!

The new ship had worked much better than predicted. It sailed easily into the vacuum of space, even with its new payload of Neptunium* Nadya Cherenkov was pleased as she worked the controls of their new ship. She and Philippe Stokes had been given clearance to fly the ship on its maiden voyage to Neptune’s largest moon Triton, to mine the new mineral, as they had been some of the only astronauts to have knowledge of their allies. Glancing out of the cockpit window, she gave a small wave. The small yellow Autobot inclined his head in a nod and waved back, he was joined by a much larger black and white mech who cast him a stern look. Bumblebee chastised, returned to escorting the shuttle back to Earth.

“How you holding up back there, Philippe?”

“I really wish you didn’t call me that.”

“It suits you.” Nadya laughed lightlyat the grumbling from the back of the reverse-engineered shuttle. Stokes glided up to join her in the cockpit.

“Shame they couldn’t figure out the artificial gravity from the Ark’s specs.” He sighed as he buckled himself in.

“You should be used to the zero g by now.”

“Doesn’t mean I have to like it. How’s our taxi service doing?”

Nadya glanced once more out of the cockpit. “We have three escorts that I’ve seen. Bumblebee has already got the glare from Prowl; Ironhide is taking up the rear.”

“Man, Prowl doesn’t relax does he?”

“Not that I’ve noticed. I like it—he gets the job done.” Nadya chuckled, as Stokes pulled a face.

Their comm. system filled with static as they left the vicinity of Neptune.

“Optimus to the Intrepid.”

“Go ahead Optimus, this is Nadya.”

“What is your status?”

“We’re on our way back, ahead of schedule and we have enough Neptunium for you guys to work with for at least a couple of decades.”

“That’s good news, Intrepid; the Ark is positioned outside the asteroid belt. We willdock you with you in approximately 30 minutes. Optimus out.”

“Bet they’re pleased,” grinned Stokes. This mission had been planned for just over a year with the help of the Autobots after the first discovery of naturally existing Neptunium was detected by their very own ISS. The President had thought it fitting to provide their new allies with the means to collect energy to sustain themselves and potentially replace their dwindling energy reserves after what they had done to save planet Earth.


Blackout’s cargo hold recoiled as he fired his main gun. Dead End jumped, his eyes shifting nervously.

“Calm down,” Barricade said. He rose to his knees, fixing the attachment points of the booster pack under his fairings. “Means it’s about time.”

The smaller bot scrambled, grabbing at his own pack, running nervous hands over the pile of carry harness.
“I am calm,” he lied.

“Know your job?” Barricade grabbed for a handhold as Blackout swung wide.

“Yeah,” Dead End said, hotly. “Know what I’m doing.” He lost his footing and fell into the pile of plasmetal straps.

Blackout cut in. “Why we trust you with the explosives, Barricade.”

“Thought you were hoping I’d blow myself up,” Barricade said dryly.

“That too.”

“The love here overwhelms me.” Barricade frowned. “Hate these things.” He jerked on a lower attachment of the booster pack.

“Think you hate them?” Blackout groused. “Rotors pinned back so tight it’s blurring my damn optics. Don’t get me started on the heat.” Blackout notoriously hated space combat—his rotors could get no lift, and like Barricade and Dead End, had to don an awkward external thruster system. Starscream had thrust in any atmosphere, of course. Bastard could probably get lift in a black hole.

“Done chatting, ladies?” Starscream cut in sourly across the comms. “If you don’t mind, we do have a tactical situation that might prove diverting.”

“…divert you;” Blackout muttered, cutting his external comm. “Get ready. Taking you in now.” The interior chamber filled with the roar of Blackout’s added thrusters. The door peeled open. Barricade grabbed the explosive case, slinging the detonators over his shoulder, and jumped out. His light boosters carried him toward the steel-white sides of the human spacecraft. Behind him, Blackout swung around, his guns blazing in suppressive fire. Two of the Autobots came up from Blackout’s six. Blackout’s move fouled Dead End’s exit—the small red bot tumbled, the carry harness falling out of its tidy configuration. Great, Barricade thought: Dead End’s in his usual form.

He slung his explosive case against the side of the shuttle, hearing its magnets clang on. With one last look behind him, he got to work. Simple job: Blow the cargo hold free of the rest of the ship. Get the Neptunium; bring it back to the Nemesis. Secondary orders, according to Soundwave (muttered in Barricade’s private comm) were to blow the Neptunium. Deny the asset to the enemy if nothing else works.

Dead End squealed, recoiling back from the ship, his boosters sending him spinning wildly. Barricade cursed and shot off after him. He grabbed the smaller bot roughly by the ankle and thrust him back toward the cargo hold. “Squishy!” Dead End said. “In the ship!”

“Squeamish?” Barricade taunted. “Do your damn job.”

“Haste would be appreciated,” Starscream cut in. He was really overusing the all-comms channel. Apparently thought his every utterance was worth wide broadcast. “The actual fighters here are outnumbered. And they have called for reinforcements.”

“On it,” Barricade said, with one last glare at Dead End, and turned back to the shuttle.


Nadya noticed a little bit of commotion flash in front of the cockpit. “Whoa!” she gasped; Stokes glanced up. “What is it?” Without warning the shuttle was rocked violently, alarms sounded from the control panel. Smoke hissed above their heads.

“Fire! We got fire!” Stokes unbuckled himself and grabbed the nearest extinguisher. Another violent motion knocked the defenseless shuttle, sending it careering off course.

“I can’t hold position! Navigation is shot!”

“Take us back, reverse course it’s programmed into the autopilot!” Stokes yelled as he was thrown into the nearest bulkhead. Nadya struggled with the violently bucking ship. She could see the Autobots frantically yelling to each other outside. They were firing at someone. She saw Bumblebee take a hit and go spinning across her vision, barely missing the cockpit.

“We’re being attacked!”

“What?!” Stokes managed to crawl back into his seat and buckle in.

He stared incredulously outside the window, Prowl was firing rapidly after managing to grab a hold of Bumblebee to stabilize him. Ironhide’s cannons could be heard over the din of the alarms.

“Send out the distress beacon. Let’s hope they don’t blow it up.”

Nadya punched a red button in response. With expert dexterity she managed to punch in the ship’s Autopilot and the ship bucked to the right sharply in response.


Blackout dodged another of Ironhide’s cannon bursts. He let loose with one of his own missiles. Went wide, of course, as the recoil wobbled against his forward thrust. With these damn thrusters, he couldn’t shake his vehicle mode.

Next to him, Starscream spun agilely, swiping at Bumblebee as he zipped past. Ironhide rippled a salvo of shots after him, almost hitting his fellow Autobot. Even the Decepticons could hear Bumblebee’s squeal of outrage.

Where was the third? There were three. Blackout swung his thrusters, dropping below the shuttle. Unlikely the Autobots would assign a coward to escort duty. The third Autobot was around here somewhere. Where?

There. Crawling up the dark side of the ship, trying to flank Barricade. Barricade was engrossed in the delicate work of laying the detonating cord in the explosive gel, measuring the timing fuses against a calibration on his wrist. A light flow of the thrusters pressed him against the ship. Behind Barricade, Dead End scrambled with lengths of the carry harness; oblivious to everything except the mess he was unsnarling. Needing, of course, an actual warrior to save their baseplates.

Blackout roared his thrusters, swooping to snatch the Autobot off the ship. Before he could reach him, the Autobot made his move, firing at Barricade. The Decepticon leapt back, on pure instinct, the thrusters turning his leap into a spinning loop in the null g. Barricade flailed, detonators flying. Prowl launched himself bodily at Barricade. He pounded on Barricade’s head and face, the Decepticon unable to block his blows—his arms pinned against his torso. Prowl growled in Barricade’s audio’s as he forcibly tried to remove him from the ship; his voice was eerily calm and controlled. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to disembark.”

Beyond them, Starscream and Ironhide had engaged. The smaller Autobot had somehow managed to get in close with Starscream, bodily forcing his right arm upwards, out of the way. Starscream pounded him in the head with his free hand, knocking him off, closer to the body of the ship. As Ironhide stabilized his spin, he spotted Blackout, rising up over the shuttle, aiming his reticle at Prowl, waiting for the two bots to stabilize until he got a clear shot.

Ironhide fired, as Starscream laid into him from the side with his chain gun. The pulse cannon’s blast zipped harmlessly past the two struggling bots, and straight into the explosives case.

Blackout had time for one thought, and that obscene, before the black of space went white, roaring into silence.

Part 2

The ship careened violently, the explosion sending the fragile shuttle into terrifying spin; alarms and smoke filled the cockpit as the two occupants tried desperately to control the inferno that now raged inside the metal hull. White clouds of oxygen vented into space, forcing the ship into an unstable tumble as it was caught in Triton’s gravity field. In one last desperate attempt the shuttle pilot managed to swerve the shuttle violently, forcing it into autopilot as it straightened and plummeted towards the surface. The gaping wound bleeding precious oxygen into space. The Autobots realizing what she was doing raced after the damaged ship letting out cover fire as they raced back to the moon’s dark surface.

Ironhide evaded Starscream, who snarled in frustration and chased after him, grapping hold of the smaller mech they tumbled towards the shuttle, casting off an orange glow from its nose as it hit atmosphere.

Bumblebee tackled Blackout, wrenching at the copter’s bound-back rotors. He found himself losing the upper hand against the bigger, stronger Decepticon although he prevented him from reaching Prowl and Barricade who were wrestling near the ship.

Barricade’s armour was blackened and scorched from the initial explosion, his booster pack had fused to his back plates and he was struggling to see clearly through the pain. He had inadvertently shielded Prowl from the blast and was now at a severe disadvantage; with a roar of agony and anger he clambered onto Prowl’s frame and managed to get a couple of punches to the black and white mech’s head.

“Having a really bad day!” He snarled angrily, in time with his punches. “This almost makes it worthwhile.”

Prowl shoved him hard into the side of the ship, causing Barricade to cry out in pain as he landed on his scorched, twisted back plates. “I’m about to make it worse!” Prowl answered, drawing his weapon and raising it at Barricade’s face. Without warning the struggling mass of seeker and weapons master slammed into Prowl, sending him flying into Barricade causing him to howl as the booster pack was forced into his back even further, at the force of the blow.

Struggling, Starscream managed to get clear of Ironhide who was closer to the nose of the cone, almost obscured by the leaking oxygen. Raising his weapons he sneered in satisfaction.

“NO!” All three mechs cried out at once as Starscream opened rapid fire at Ironhide; the oxygen cloud ignited and engulfed them and the ship, Starscream screamed in surprise and pain as they hurtled towards the moon.

Stokes dragged a limp Nadya from the cockpit, forcing her into one of the emergency space suits, the breach was venting fast. He struggled to get into his suit as the shuttle jerked against the thin atmosphere of Triton, clicking his helmet shut his eyes were greeted by a white hot glow of a secondary explosion. Shutting his visor he caught a last glimpse of the moon racing toward them, and then everything went black.

Starscream hit the surface of the moon with a force hard enough to bounce. The oxygen had exploded on him, blinding his optics and blowing out the barrels of one of his chain guns. He was shrieking in pain, his limbs flailing wildly, casting clouds of dust and small stones into the thin atmosphere. They spread slowly in the low gravity, obscuring vision.

Sheer luck had Barricade turned so that Prowl broke his fall. Sheer luck and the fact that the first explosion had locked his booster pack into forward thrust. He heard a satisfying crack through his external audio before the top of his head jammed into Prowl’s faceplate.

Bumblebee’s attack on Blackout had torn the rotor-ties free. For which the Decepticon was grateful—as he hit atmosphere, he flared his rotors for lift, landing lightly on the surface, tearing off the thrusters with thinly disguised hatred. Starscream’s shrieking filled his audio. He tried subvoc to Barricade. Nothing. He’d seen the little yellow Autobot pest (redundancy) fall far to the delimiter side, spinning into shadow. Be a while before he even caught up enough to matter. And on solid ground, it would be a different story. First step—try to find Barricade. Starscream was easy enough to spot—somewhere in the middle of that rising cloud of grey-red dust. Just follow the noise.

Unfortunately, Ironhide found him first.

“You again.” Blackout said, as Ironhide’s first shot went wide. The low-g or possibly the fall had damaged Ironhide’s targeting system. He heard the Autobot curse. “Distance combat’s for cowards,” Blackout said, blandly, grabbing his tail rotor. He liked it better close in. No one could beat him in close quarters.

Ironhide took the bait, rising up from the berm he’d concealed himself behind and running straight at Blackout. “I won’t give you the chance to go the distance then!”

Blackout deflected the smaller bot’s punch with a backswing of his off-arm, and then brought his spinning tail rotor down, slicing through the Autobot’s pulse cannon. Sparks flew from metal. The Autobot flipped in the low-g, nailing Blackout squarely in the head with his sturdy, reinforced heel. Blackout fell to one side, his tail rotor spinning wide, slicing into his own armor, then careening off the ground to plant itself squarely in Ironhide’s leg. He howled in pain as he felt his knee joint crack, the rotor blade jammed itself through the tough wiring impaling him to the ground.

Barricade thrust his weight off of Prowl, digging his hands hard into the Autobot’s throat as he did, trying to use the jammed-on thruster to right himself. His optics blurred. No, that wasn’t it—a cloud of dust enveloped them. He tried comm. Starscream ran a litany of curses through his voc. Barricade pushed through the cloud, stinging as small pebbles hit his optics. “Starscream,” he called. A limb loomed out of the cloud, over his head, a giant claw slashing wildly. It knocked Barricade to his knees, scraping along his side. Shearing – thankfully – the thruster-pack off his back. “Starscream, dammit, it’s me. Stop swinging.” He staggered into the cloud, tripping over the jet’s torso. Starscream grabbed at him.

“I cannot see!” the jet’s voice sparked with panic. “Barricade: My optics. Are they damaged?” He jerked the smaller bot close to his face. “Tell me!”

“I will if you shut up and let me look,” Barricade said, twisting to free his arms from Starscream’s grasp. He sucked in a breath looking at the jet’s face. Black scorch marks covered him from shoulder to crown. The near eye was spider webbed with cracks. Gone. The right optic glowed only dimly. Marginally functional. “They’ll need to be replaced. And your right gun’s gone.”

“Again?!” The jet dropped Barricade to investigate the damage with his hands.

“Don’t worry,” Barricade said. “We’ll get you back to repair bay. It’s all fixable.”

“Easy for you to say,” snarled the jet. “Uninjured.”

“Really? You mean beyond the whack you just gave me? I still have thruster pack assembly force-welded to me.”

“Do you?” The jet’s hands leapt to investigate.

“Stop touching me,” Barricade muttered. “It’s weird.”

“I’m sorry, am I interrupting something intimate?” Prowl appeared through the cloud, his weapons leveled on the pair.

“Where is he?” Starscream hissed, trying to aim his good arm by sound alone. He almost knocked Barricade down.

The dust cloud caught up in a whirl. “Actually I think I’m interrupting,” Blackout dropped down, pointing his weapon at Prowl. “Thought I’d find you doing your usual nothing, Starscream.”

“Shut up,” Barricade said, hitting subvoc. “He’s blind.”

“Not deaf,” Starscream cut in, acidly. “And bad news. We have clustered together like a nice easy target. And reinforcements have arrived.”


Prime shot off after Bumblebee, who was plummeting towards the moon at an uncontrollable rate. Ratchet and Sideswipe manned the Ark. Their weapons trained on the armed Decepticons in front of them. They sat in stalemate, unable to do anything other than watch the small human shuttle burn through the thin atmosphere of the dark moon.

“Can’t we just blast em?” Rumble sneered on Soundwave’s comm.

“We are out numbered and out gunned Rumble. Have patience.”

“Easy for you to have patience, all the way up there,” Dead End whined. “They’ve got a whole ship. We’ve got….you.”

“And we also have…you.” Soundwave said, acidly.

“That’s his way of saying ‘less talkie, more fightie’,” Rumble added.

Sideswipe shifted uneasily on the bridge of the ark, glaring out of the viewer. “Ratchet, the Ark’s weapons would disintegrate them: we should fire while we have the chance.”

“Those aren’t our orders, Sides, stand down,” Ratchet replied calmly. He spotted Prime returning in the distance trailing a rather shook up young bot behind him. Dead End and Rumble backed away slowly in the distraction, not bringing attention to themselves as they drifted subtly towards the moon.

“Ratchet, we have injured on the surface. You will join myself and Bumblebee, Sideswipe, guard the ship, maintain a high orbit. We may need you.” Prime’s deep tone filled the bridge.

“Understood.” Sideswipe grumbled as Ratchet exited the ship. “Hey where’d the ‘cons go?!” He yelled. Prime spotted them already entering the moon’s atmosphere. He cursed softly.

“Autobots, we have to move fast, before the shuttle touches down on the surface. Let’s move!”

Weapons fire rained on them from above, Prowl ducked and rolled out to avoid being blown apart by a volley of plasma blasts that burst onto the rocky ground. Starscream shrieked loudly, in panic.

“Who’s firing?!” He whirled around frantically; Barricade tried to restrain him and failed abysmally as the jet crashed into a crouched Prowl. Blackout couldn’t help but snigger at the sight of Starscream flailing. Barricade growled and hauled the jet from the stunned Autobot.

“Could help.” Barricade glared at Blackout who continued to snigger.

“Why? This is the most fun I’ve had all day.”

“This your idea of fun?” Barricade glowered at him, as Starscream tried to tear his arm free, almost sending the smaller bot sailing off in the low-g.

Starscream cut in: “I can still hear you, Blackout.”

“Yeah, you can still talk unfortunately too.” Blackout grumbled as he caught Starscream’s other arm. Dead End burst through the thinning cloud, his weapon pointed at Prowl who was still sprawled on the floor.

“Look who decided to show up,” Blackout said, acidly.

“Who?” Starscream swung his face around. “Who is it? What’s going on?”

“Dead End,” Barricade explained. “Covering Prowl.”

“You mean that he actually knows how to use a weapon? And I can’t see it?!”

A cannon blast shot out of no where, striking Dead End’s shoulder knocking his aim, allowing Prowl to scramble out of range. The gun flew wide.

“Guess no on that last one, Starscream,” Blackout said.

Prowl was greeted by an injured Ironhide. One of his cannons was virtually shredded and his right leg was dragging behind him, leaking vital oil and coolant. His optics widened in surprise, “You’ve looked better.”

“Save it, Prowl. We have ‘cons to deal with.”

“Ironhide, you can’t fight like this, you’re badly damaged, and your leg is leaking energon at an alarming rate.”

Ironhide turned on Prowl fiercely, “Try and stop me.” He limped to the group of Decepticons his remaining weapon raised as another volley of weapons fire burst through the atmosphere, followed by Prime, Bumblebee and Ratchet.

Bumblebee slammed into Blackout, he was small and quick and swiftly irritated the larger mech. He managed to get a hold of Bee’s leg and slammed him into the ground. “Hoping you’d run into me again,” Blackout said, his fingers denting the yellow bot’s armor. The younger mech let out a squeal of pain as Blackout lifted him once more and launched him into the approaching Prime, who grunted in surprise as Bumblebee landed awkwardly at his feet. Growling, the small yellow ‘bot charged his weapons and shot after Blackout once more.

“Oh good. Dumb, too,” Blackout snatched his tail rotor, crouching into a ready stance.

Ratchet managed to duck out of the way and found himself face to face with Barricade. Not a natural fighter, Ratchet hesitated for a split second; Barricade took his chance, his fist made solid contact with Ratchet’s helm sending him stumbling off balance, Barricade launched himself at the medic only to find himself colliding with a much larger, stronger force. Ironhide slammed into him, sending them crashing to the ground, skidding some way in the dust they collided with the legs of Starscream who yelped in surprise. “Stop!” the jet shouted. “Get away from me! I have you on targeting!” His targeting subroutines sent him target-lock information. He had no way to see what it locked on. Barricade scrambled back. “It’s Ironhide. Get him!”

Prime launched himself at the jet, just in time to send the jet’s missile firing wide. He landed heavily on the jet, who flailed on the ground, kicking his long legs into Prime’s body. “Get off! Get off me!”

He clawed at Prime’s arm, finding purchase he dropped his weight sharply, flipping Prime over his head, he grunted as he landed heavily on the rocks. Dead End wasted no time, raising his weapon he fired into Prime’s torso at almost point blank range. “Got him!” he yelled excitedly. Prime cried out in pain as the plasma burned through his circuits, barely missing his spark chamber, exiting through his back shattering some of his back plates. Lifting his weapon to fire at the fallen leader’s head the small red bot took aim for another shot.

Find out what happens next in Fan Fiction

Well everyone Name_Violation here reminding you its that time again. I was looking over the fan fics when i found this months selection. Set in the post-Beast Wars Cybertron, its an interesting tale that will have you guessing at every turn. Definitely a worth while read. If you like what you see here, stop by Fan Fiction and check out the rest of the story, and some other great works. I give Beast Wars Beyond 3 faces of darkness out of 5.

Beast Wars Beyond by Armorock

Technorganic Cybertron, 112 A.V. (after Vehicons)

A light blue jet flew over the dark side of Cybertron. Past the billboards, the cheap advertisements, the propaganda of a supposed better world. Not all had excepted the ideas of being a technorganic, some didn't even want peace between the Maximals and Predacons. There could never be peace.

"I have sights on the fugitive" the jet sounded off through his communicator.

"Roger that," the reciever held the form of a green sportscar. "He in robot, beast, or vehicle mode?"

"Vehicle. He's a copter. I'll take him out of the skies, you beat him to the ground."

The jet easily caught up to the rogue copter, which took evasive maneuvers. A machine gun opened on the back of the fugitive and fired upon the jet. The jet unleashed a sonic screech which knocked out the copter's internal systems. It transformed and landed on the ground below the towering skyscrapers.

"Come and face me you cowards! Unicron's will be done!"

The green sportscar appeared around the corner of a building and transformed. The robot shot the gun from the fugitive's hand.

"Unlucky." The green robot held his gun pointed at the fugitive's head.

The jet landed, and transformed. He held a pair of scimitar blades to the fugitive's neck.

"I would like to negotiate your surrender," he told the fugitive.

"Like he has a choice," the green one laughed.

"I'll see you both in the Pit!"

That remark merited the fugitive a bullet in the foot. The jet knocked him out with the blunt of his blade and heaved him over his shoulder.

New Cybertropolis, Capital Building

The pair of bounty hunters dragged the fugitive up the steps of the capital building. A technorganic senator met with them.

"Must you drag your victims through our meetings all the time?"

"You're lucky you have people like us in the first place Senator Longhorn," the green bot spoke. "YOu're even luckier this fugitive ain't dead."

"Easy," spoke the jet. "We'll just take our pay and leave."

Longhorn wrote out a number on a datapad and passed it to them.

"You should really consider a reformatting. Your father would have wanted it for you. I know he left you a long time ago, but he really cared." Longhorn consolled the jet-former.

"No he didn't," the jet scowled. "He cared more for his real son Cheetor. That's why he's Supreme Commander, isn't it? He winds up being my dad's golden boy, so we forsake the past governing system and worship a technorganic cat. Yeah, my father really cared."

The jet and his partner began to leave. Longhorn continued to call after them.

"Why keep his name? Why call yourself Optimus Primal? You're destined for great things, for more than a life as a crummy bounty-hunter. The seeds of the future lie buried in the past Primal, it's destiny..."

They both were gone. Back to the meager livings that Cybertron had to offer in a time of peace.

"So...still mad at you dad?" the green car laughed.

"Shut up," he said.

"Let's go do something, take your mind off of it. I got an idea, why don't we explore the old battlefields?"

Primal looked at his friend, "You have something in mind already don't you?"

"Follow me," the bot transformed and rolled out. He dove into a sewer drain that the warriors of the Beast Machines were so familiar with. After miles of distance was covered he changed into robot mode and climbed to the surface, followed closely by Optimus Primal the Second. Before them was a large Technorganic hill.

"Great, a hill," Primal was not impressed.

"Watch this," the green one laughed. He shot the hill, which was hollow. "This was once the Grand Mal. You wanna see it?"

Primal didn't hesitate, perhaps against his better judgment. They both entered the den of iniquity, once the home of the greatest of evil, the very house of Megatron's spark.

"Creepy isn't it?"

"Only for a weak spark," Primal said. He wasn't truly confident, the very essence of this place could make even Cheetor's spine shake.

"Hey I think I see a light up ahead," the green one went deeper into the Mal. "I think it's a spark..."

A flash of blinding light emerged and the robotic cars began to shake. Primal watched in horror as his body trembled and corroded into gray ash. He ran away from his fallen friend, he transformed and he flew as fast as he could.

His friend, however, did not die. He arose and laughed, eyes glowing a fiery orange.



If you like that there's plenty more over in fan fiction. Go ahead take a look. You know you wanna.

Send your entries here.

Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL

Credit(s): Transtopia

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Re: Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL (1024214)
Posted by Mykltron on December 1st, 2009 @ 6:00pm CST
Maybe I'm just too picky but sometimes customised figures get put under repaints (like Omega Supreme) and other times customised figures get put under scratchbuilds (like Skyfire).

Still, good stuff this month, especially that Unicron!
Re: Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL (1024310)
Posted by Dead Metal on December 2nd, 2009 @ 12:14am CST
Mykltron wrote:Maybe I'm just too picky but sometimes customised figures get put under repaints (like Omega Supreme) and other times customised figures get put under scratchbuilds (like Skyfire).

Still, good stuff this month, especially that Unicron!

That only happens when the artist posts them in that forum.

Yea it's pretty sweet isn't it :P
Re: Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL (1024410)
Posted by First-Aid on December 2nd, 2009 @ 12:49pm CST

makes me wish I had some artistic talent or something like that.
Re: Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL (1024599)
Posted by Mykltron on December 3rd, 2009 @ 5:07am CST
Dead Metal wrote:
Mykltron wrote:Maybe I'm just too picky but sometimes customised figures get put under repaints (like Omega Supreme) and other times customised figures get put under scratchbuilds (like Skyfire).

Still, good stuff this month, especially that Unicron!

That only happens when the artist posts them in that forum.

Yeah, I realise that. If I was putting the newsletter together I'd rearrange them into the correct category. I didn't intend that sentence to sound like a pompous I-am-better-than-you type put-down so please don't be offended! I'm just trying to make a suggestion without sounding like I'm telling you to do something. But as I said before, maybe I'm just too fussy.
Re: Transtopia Newsletter November 2009 XXL (1024657)
Posted by Dead Metal on December 3rd, 2009 @ 11:14am CST
Mykltron wrote:
Dead Metal wrote:
Mykltron wrote:Maybe I'm just too picky but sometimes customised figures get put under repaints (like Omega Supreme) and other times customised figures get put under scratchbuilds (like Skyfire).

Still, good stuff this month, especially that Unicron!

That only happens when the artist posts them in that forum.

Yeah, I realise that. If I was putting the newsletter together I'd rearrange them into the correct category. I didn't intend that sentence to sound like a pompous I-am-better-than-you type put-down so please don't be offended! I'm just trying to make a suggestion without sounding like I'm telling you to do something. But as I said before, maybe I'm just too fussy.

That's it I'm going to eat your face - and your hart.

I'm just too lazy sometimes, I'll rearrange them next time.

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