Twincast Episode #12: Crash Test 'Cons

Transformers News: Twincast Episode #12:  Crash Test 'Cons

Monday, January 31st, 2011 10:35PM CST

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Crash Test 'Cons

Are you perhaps wondering what the deal is with the Twincast Episode 12 title? It couldn't possibly have to do with an important announcement regarding everyone's favorite yearly Transformers event...

My advice is to bend your ear with the sweet digital resonance of our charming voices for an hour or so. By the end, you'll be treated to information you've no doubt already heard by this time today except this time it will be peppered with our endearing opinions and amazingly priced at the low, low cost of $0.

In the mean time, we'll be discussing a few other toy related topics, doing our regular take on Transformers history, and even answering another one of our listener questions.

Links to download the show are below. (iTunes integration is coming soon)

/media/audio/p ... st-012.mp3

Covered in this show will be:

New Dark of the Moon toys

Other news stories on these can be found here:

/transformers/ ... ode/20653/

/transformers/ ... ave/20673/

/transformers/ ... dup/20676/

We finally get around to talking about the eHobby 2010 celebration figure 3 packs.


Other news stories on these can be found here:

/transformers/ ... cks/20641/

/transformers/ ... led/20384/

/transformers/ ... ack/20467/

And lastly, some misguided talk about BotCon that will be corrected in very short order (stay tuned).

/transformers/ ... ons/20688/
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Re: Twincast Episode #12: Crash Test 'Cons (1176287)
Posted by Lord Onixprime on February 1st, 2011 @ 9:35am CST
It's like when they dropped the S-Bomb in the '86 movie all over again! (What am I saying, I wasn't even alive to be part of that)

Love the podcast. Always look forward to it.
Re: Twincast Episode #12: Crash Test 'Cons (1176296)
Posted by Counterpunch on February 1st, 2011 @ 10:04am CST
Breaking News: I ended up with Aegis!
Re: Twincast Episode #12: Crash Test 'Cons (1176348)
Posted by --B-- on February 1st, 2011 @ 12:33pm CST

Get a set of pipes from the Clocker mold, they peg right into the sides of the arm without any kind of modification. Plus the fishing pole only goes on one arm, so you would need two to make it look right.

There are pics of it out there somewhere, but it looks pretty damn good.
Re: Twincast Episode #12: Crash Test 'Cons (1176400)
Posted by Sabrblade on February 1st, 2011 @ 2:40pm CST
I like the ribcage on DOTM Shockwave. It gives him strong "Lord Zedd" vibe. 8)

I'm with you Razorclaw. I love Animated to death and it just doesn't seem right for them to make a limited exclusive set that only a certain few would be able to acquire be a set of new Animated characters who have every right to be sold in general retail.

Classics Starscream colored like Animated Screamer would look too much like a Classics version of Takara's blue MP-3 Masterpiece Starsceam. :roll:

There's more to Kiss Players than the raunchy material. There's a whole bunch of dimension-hopping, time travel, and retcons going on. Primus and Unicron get an epic battle between them, and Car Robots Brave Maximus has his origin revealed.

There's also more to the toys than the Binaltech molds. There were Cassette redecos and Egg Beast redecos.

No this episode isn't that wrong. Have you all forgotten your hats? :lol:

"Beast Wars II" is pronounced "Beast Wars Second!" :-B

Well, I guess you guys answered my Energon question. But you gotta admit, that fight between Unicron and the giant Optimus Supreme was pretty epic.

G1-colored Starscream clone? :???:

DUDE! A get-together in the Tampa Bay area?! If I ultimately cannot go to BotCon this year (or if there's some rescheduling to a different non-BotCon time), then count me in! Just where and when is all I need to know.

Epic ending them song. TRANSFORMER ~Kiss Play Version~ 8)
Re: Twincast Episode #12: Crash Test 'Cons (1176623)
Posted by Duke of Luns on February 1st, 2011 @ 11:17pm CST
Thanks for answering my question guys. Awsome and hilarious responses. :D

For the record, I hope I never that conversation with anyone. That would indeed be awkard.

I also liked the commentary on Energon. It's been too long since I saw it too make a fair comment on the series right now, and Cartoon Network showed it randomly at times.

But when I hear Energon Ironhide's voice these days, I think of Kira Yamato. Same voice actor.
Re: Twincast Episode #12: Crash Test 'Cons (1176640)
Posted by Oilspill on February 2nd, 2011 @ 12:20am CST
I think DOTM Shockwave's robot mode is pretty good for a Bayformer - it actually has a lot of design cues from G1 Shockwave (purple, hose, one eye etc), which is a nice for a movie design. And he actually has proper looking hands!

Having said that, the alt mode looks like nothing and I'm still not interested in buying the figure.
Re: Twincast Episode #12: Crash Test 'Cons (1177265)
Posted by MysteriousDewd on February 3rd, 2011 @ 3:16pm CST
Good to see you haven't forgotten about us Itunes users :D
Re: Twincast Episode #12: Crash Test 'Cons (1205233)
Posted by Seibertron on April 5th, 2011 @ 3:00pm CDT
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