Brawn and Huffer talking

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Brawn and Huffer talking
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trailbreaker writes: “Toys R Us is closing !!”
Rainmaker writes: Huffer: I got in Combiner Wars and you didn't! Ha!
Brawn: You do know your toy is just Optimus Prime in orange right?
trailbreaker writes: "Brawn that hurts! "
Riptidemtmte writes: "...No, I'M the more important supporting character!"
Rainmaker writes: Two Autobots...One Decepticon...
nyklas78 writes: Like two obese ladies going after the last slice!
nyklas78 writes: Brawn to Huffer Cubs Suck! Socks Rule!
Bluespindash97 writes: Brawn: I know it now Huffer, you thought you could get away with it but no! The people must now that you killed Chris Latta!
spartanH85 writes: Heathe ledger was NOT really gay! Hes just a great actor!
Axelbro writes: Huffer:i will huff and puff and blow your house in
Brawn:wrong story
Huffer: and what's the problem jeeper creeper
Brawn:i'm not a go bot
huffer:sorry i just ate a radio
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Lboogie609 writes: "Were both gonna be scrapped in 20 years... Forget the war, let's get a few shots of energon; Decepticon style!"
omegasupreme69 writes: yes they do laugh at my name brawn Its Huffer for christ sake... Hey You i heard that giggle....
BERSEKAEL writes: Hey Brawn I am taller...
Well son, my gun is bigger...
BERSEKAEL writes: Wanna dance? is my song...
Oncoming Storm writes: Huffer: "Yeah, you heard me...My Daddy can kick your daddy's butt, So, What are you gonna do about it?!"
malcontentman writes: Wow, Brawn! that face lift Wheeljack gave you is terrible.
Swoopscream writes: NAW MAN! I have ALWAYS gone with Buckethead! That poser took the name from ME!
EXSkywarp writes: And now for another rendition of "Epic Rap Battles: Cybertronian edition."
Lucius Prime writes: "Tastes great!"
"Less Filling!"
"Tastes great!"
"Less filling!"
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snavej writes: Huffer: Did you hear? Tony Scott just committed suicide!

Brawn: MaYbE otHer Billion-dollAr film direCtors wIlL do the sAme!
snavej writes: Huffer: Those kids put a potato WHERE?

[Brawn shakes his head and turns away in shame.]

Brawn: Humans have no decency. Ratchet had to replace my exhaust completely.
snavej writes: Brawn: Dude, d'ya ever get the feelin' that ya're bein' watched by 10,000 antisocial stoners?

Huffer: Yeah, but I'm too depressed to think about it. I wanna go home to Seibertron!
snavej writes: The latest hot topic of conversation in the Ark was 'Who should protect Bruce Springsteen (or anyone suspiciously similar) from Decepticon attack. (G1 comic book joke.)
snavej writes: Huffer: Yeah, my arms ARE modified drainpipes. Wanna make something of it?
snavej writes: After this showdown, Prime banned all 'Who is the blockiest?' competitions and instructed his troops to do something more useful, like enter caption competitions! :-)
thedon815 writes: Listen hear Huffer if I hear u bitch about anything else I'll shove ur head so far up Trypticons ass u will be popping out his nose. Do u get me >:D
Blasphemous Prime writes: Alright, I hid the body. Now what?
nemesis-prime writes: Huffer, when are you gonna tell Cliffjumper about us ? He is starting to catch on.
PrymeStriker writes: Brawn? Why did you just kiss me?
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Regimus Prime writes: Huffer: Come at me Brah!
JaffleMaker writes: (Brawn and Huffer Arguing)
HUFFER: "Oh yeah? Well your head looks like a male human's pen...
BRAWN (cutting off Huffer):"So does yours!!! But mines bigger!!!"
agentcastle writes: Brawn: "sword fight!"
Huffer: "dude..., not tonight, my shaft can't take any more crankin'"
Spazonator17 writes: Brawl: Hey Huffer, Did you eat the last pizza rolls?
Huffer: Yeah, What of it?
Brawn: They were MINE!
Huffer: Prove it.
Brawn: Oh,oh! y-you wanna go! YOU WANNA GO!
Grimlock64 writes: Brawn: Alright, Huffer, let's Powerlinx!
Huffer; W-what?
Brawn: It'll be fine! You just bend over backwards, and I'll bend over backwards, and we'll join at the crotch!
Huffer: O_O; I... I need an adult.
Brawn: I AM an adult!
morphobots writes: Brawn: Lemme see - oh, yeah. Sorry, Huffer, that thing's rusted through. You need t' brush more often, little buddy.
Sideswipe619 writes: Brawn: dude why do you complain so much
Huffer: dude it's because I'm to mellow from all that weed dude
transformatics writes: Huffer: Hey Brawn, guess who Hasbro forgot to make upgraded deluxe class toys for in the Generations line?
Grimlock1 writes: Huffer: Brawn what are you doing pull up your pants

Brawn could you tell me what that read thing is
Road Turtle writes: Some time in 1985...
Huffer, "Hey, I heard we're finally getting a movie! Huge changes they say. I wonder if anyone's gonna die."
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kamenriderjester writes: Brawn: Dude.
Huffer: Dude.
Brawn: Dude!
Huffer: Dude!!
Brawn: DUDE!!!
Huffer: Alright, you have a good point there.
Sentinel Maximus writes: Brawn "Ya."
Huffer "So,..."
Brawn "YA!"
Huffer "SO!"
UltraMason writes: "I never got paid for my appearance in Carnage in C-Minor!" "Quit yer glitchin or I'll give you somethin to phone home about you son of a gobot!"
Rodimus.Knight writes: Brawn, "What did you say?"

Huffer, "When you want to take a trip to the scrap heap just ask me and I would make sure you are dropped there like the rusted junk you are!"

Brawn, "You are welcome to try any time."
Maestro Meister writes: Brawn: So then I tell that chip-gawking no-good coward Perceptor, "It takes courage! Or is that word not in your fancy vocabulary?"
Huffer: Ooooo!! So what did he say to that?!
Gundamu writes: "Say 'what' again! Say 'what' again! I dare you! I double dare you, motherfrakker! Say 'what' one more time!"
privatelee writes: "Brawn", phssh, more like "More than Meets the Fries"
Mindmaster writes: Look Brawn, I don't know how many times I have to tell you this, but Frenzy is red, Rumble is blue, and Michael Bay's movies will never live up to our show.
leviebaby writes: huffer hey brawn i glad megatron killed u in the movie
Road Turtle writes: Brawn, "Oh shut the hell up you little whine-a-con! I've had loose timing belts that squeel less than you!"
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OptiMagnus writes: Huffer: "YOU ARE A TOY! You are a child's play thing!"
Brawn: "You are a sad, strange little Autobot...and you have my pity."
Another Fan writes: -
Brawn: Hi fake Optimus!
Huffer: Hey!....... jerk
Another Fan writes: Brawn: Hafalafaaa! Wahla taaa! Naaahhh Kelly Clarkson!!

Huffer: What the??!... You think you're Steve Carrell now? Geez... freaking scared me!
Ultra Markus writes: BRAWN: listen here HUFFER im the boxiest bot here
HUFFER: no way Im the boxiest
as Ultra magnus walks in
ULTRAMAGNUS:" I got you both beat"
#Sideways# writes: Huffer's firin' his L@Z()R.
#Sideways# writes: "I know, Brawn, snavej DOES post way too many captions!"
EnergonPoopShoot writes: Brawn: I can take this shit or you can give it to me willing.
Huffer: I want it... I want it.... Willingly.
snavej writes: It was true: very cold liquid DID make their exhausts shrink right down.

Huffer: *GASP!* [Cold shock]
snavej writes: Brawn: It's spelt 'REEKS'. The garlic accidentally fell out of a truck on the freeway and went into my mouth.
MarkNL writes: The deleted love scene from the 80s TF The Movie.
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WolfSpider1979 writes: "Brawn, dude! Your breath WREAKS! How much garlic have you had?!
dedcat writes: Re-enacting the famous mirror gag made famous by Harpotron of the Marx Bots.
turbomagnus writes: Huffer: You know how we're the token characters used to show orange as an Autobot color for having the Ark and all? There's a rumor that we might be getting replaced after the movie...

Brawn: Over my dead body!
bstokes1 writes: So the doctor says...."rectum? it damn near killed them.....Ah hah hah hah: hold on a minute brawn i have to take this call.
Gonshyk writes: Huffer:Do you even know, bitch that you stepped on my pet peeve?!
Heckfire writes: Kiss me, you fool.
Ironhide516 writes: What'cho say 'bout my mama??
SKYWARPED_128 writes: "Oh, quit complaining, Brawn! A retool of PRID Bulkhead is still a toy. I almost made it as a Masterpiece figure as MP-10's accessory, damn it! And they had to screw it up with BUDGET problems!

I got replaced by Rollar, damn it! Friggin' ROLLAR!"
snavej writes: Brawn: Who was that weird human who walked on walls? He was in comic book #3.

Huffer: I can't say. The Marvel lawyers will destroy us all.

Brawn: Not the Marvel lawyers!

Huffer: Yes! Aaaaaah!

Brawn: Aaaaaaah!

[Both run away, completely t
Road Turtle writes: Huffer, "I can't take it any more! I'm Dion! I'm Dion! After Alpha Trion rebuilt Ariel and Orion he didn't have enough parts to upgrade me! I'm Dion! Why won't anyone believe me?"
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snavej writes: The excessive amounts of orange in the background slowly drove the Autobots mental and they couldn't help but argue amongst themselves.
snavej writes: Brawn: Huffer, I want you to build me a gym so that I can work out more than ever, get even stronger and win this war.

Huffer: I'm too depressed. Why don't you just cheat and inject your spark with pure energon?

[Brawn was found dead the next day.]
snavej writes: Huffer: My big end's gone.

Brawn: I'll get a mop and bucket.
snavej writes: All sing: 'We're the teeny tiny warriors from Miniatureville!'
Road Turtle writes: Brawn, "Tastes Great!"
Huffer, "Less Filling!"
funklizard writes: Huffer: That's the biggest cybooger I've ever seen!
Ravage XK writes: Brawn: "Nice hood there Huffer, scared of the rain?"
Huffer: "At least I can move my head! Whats that to your left? OH THATS RIGHT YOU CANT SEE! You're useless!"
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Where's my money Huffer? Eh? Where's my money??
Bumblevivisector writes: BRAWN: "No, I had the worst G1 toy; stupid lug-wrench arms--"

HUFFER: "No, MY G1 toy was the worst! I looked #@%&ing terrifying!"
Foximus writes: Huffer: Violating...personal space perimeters! Activate self-destruct!
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