Optimus Prime pointing

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Optimus Prime pointing
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DeltaSilver88 writes: Optimus: ...Prowl.
Prowl: Yes?
Optimus: Did you mean to blow up the Ark?
Prowl: ...Oh. Well, slag. I got the wrong remote.
DeltaSilver88 writes: Optimus: Ratchet... do my optics deceive me, or is that Omega Supreme pole-dancing with the twins.
Ratchet: ...It is. And I smell work coming my way in one, two, thr-
Optimus: Omega just sat on Sunstreaker.
Decepticon Stryker writes: "Now what the hell's that thing doing over there?"
Mlgpapalouie writes: Only you can prevent forest fires!
trailbreaker writes: Look, it's a commercial for another lousy Bayformers film.
Ratbat writes: Optimus Prime makes a POINT.
BG the Robit writes: Optimus: That's the babe I want - and that one - and that one...
Bumblebee: You know we're not even at the beach yet, right?
Road Turtle writes: "Michael Bay! Your rape of the franchise ends Now!"
trailbreaker writes: "Look, Ravage is taking a dump."
Riptidemtmte writes: "Mother of Primus, what the hell is Brawn and Soundwave doing!?"
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Rainmaker writes: Prowl, I need you to-Hey! Ice Cream truck!
Legosrawsum writes: Where's my taco .... I know you took it
GallifreyanSeeker writes: "Oh, so you think I give a crap about your new alt-mode? Pull my finger!"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "You! Yes, you! Go into my pencil closet and get my pirate hat before I turn into a villager!!!"
Bismuth writes: Optimus Prime *coughUncleSamcough* wants you... to get over there and sit in time-out. You have been a naughty, naughty kid...
Black Hat writes: You! Get me a sammich!
kruiz220898 writes: Pull my finger, I dare you.
cusd220 writes: OPTIMUS:bumble bee you must be this tall to join this mission.
Red_Sun writes: You must be this big to allowed to join my crew.
MarkNL writes: Autobots, transform and... oh frag it, just follow me.
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Unknown writes: Holy Frag... did you see that?! He's kissing MY girlfriend!!
maroyasha writes: Optimus: Cosmos! I swear, next screw up and your off the lobbing team!
Cosmos: But Prowl hit you in the face.
Optimus: Your point?
Prowl: *snickering the entire time*
trailbreaker writes: "Hey Jazz, I can pick your nose from here."
WolfSpider1979 writes: "Ippy, dippy, my dear Drippy, flying the light so true..."
*Prowl snickering*
Black Hat writes: YOU! Get me a mecha-sammich!
agentcastle writes: while picking teams for dodgeball, Prime once more skips over Cosmos...
EXSkywarp writes: ...IN. IS THAT CLEAR?!
EXSkywarp writes: Prime: (In Drill Instructor's voice, complete with an overannunciated southern drawl) What...is that? WHAT IN THE BLUEST OF BLUE KAONS IS THIS NONSENSE? EITHER YOU STRAIGHTEN UP, COSMOS, OR I WILL RECYCLE YOUR TAILPIPE SO FAST, THAT AL GORE'S HEAD WILL SP
Heckfire writes: "HEY! Brawn, what are you and Soundwave doing over there?"
MP-99 writes: I'm NOT rolling out with a dirty trailer. Prowl, clean it NOW.!
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rockman_fan writes: oh, wait. that really WAS an orphanage...not megatron's hide out...
Axelbro writes: optimus: hey prowl look at my TFP poster with me and look the FI toy
Prowl:why i don't have a TFP toy or caracter model
Optimus : because smokescreen is sexier
Prowl: but him and bluestreak are my twin brothers
Optimus: i don't give a frak about you
Axelbro writes: Optimus:hey hound pull my finger
fart noise
prowl:scrap robofarts
Gonshyk writes: "And I ask you to stay Stirlitz."
phase writes: Prime: I can't deal with that right now!
Prowl: Sir, that's Ultra Magnus's line.
Trikeboy writes: Optimus Prime: Oh my god, look, Seibertron.com has a new caption contest.
Prowl: Yeah, about damn time, too.
Lucius Prime writes: "Ironhide, stop picking on Prowl's headlamps... They do NOT look like boobies!"
razin writes: And remember, there's no fee, unless we get money for you.
KingJames writes: "Look! I'm not saying you had too much energon. But you need to put the tip of that finger on your olfactory sensor then walk in a straight line."
Sinnertwin writes: Then I said "You'd best get yo face outta ma grill, girlfriend!" Then she was like "oh, no you didn't" ...
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sandata writes: No, Stan Bush...it is YOU who has the TOUCH; I only have the POWER.
Son of Carl writes: Alright, which one of you exhaust holes called the f***ing cops?!
KingJames writes: I'll tell Prowl right to his face he sucks! He's behind me isn't he?
RodimusMuppet writes: Hey, smell my finger....
VioMeTriX writes: so soundwave let you mount him with no protection, then complains he got little ones popping out his chest?
Red 50 writes: Autobots, transform an- WHO THE F*** PAINTED MY TRAILER PINK?!
Ultimadragoon89 writes: You BEST have some PIE! Prowl, tell him what I did to the last guy who didn't have PIE!
Ravage XK writes: Ive been pointing like this for 6 months now. With Takara current standards of QC I'm afraid my finger will snap off if I try to move it.
Sinnertwin writes: You'd better put that photo of Brawn and Soundwave back up...
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Son of Carl writes: You say he's behind me, but every time I turn around, he's not there. Enough with the teasers! Show me Masterpiece Prowl. Now!
formshifters writes: Optimus: I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.
rodimus27 writes: MEGATRON give us back our cookies or be obliverated
bionic_radical writes: Youre running Botcon right into the f#%&ing ground.
firehawk0455 writes: Prime - "Prowl, the kitchen is that way."
King Slick writes: You can't handle what the OP can handle
lonrac writes: Prime: Ennie Meenie Miney Mo......
Prowl: are we really down to the also rans for the new Masterpiece line?
The Potentate writes: I KNOW you did not just say that!
Thadicon writes: Don't ever go over my f&%^*n' faceplate again. You m*^%$rf%$&er, you
morphobots writes: Optimus: "I believe it's over there."
Prowl: "That's what you said 3 it's over there's ago."
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ClockWorkMecha writes: Hey, pull my finger...
Maestro Meister writes: Prowl: "Uh, Prime? Shouldn't you let Ratchet handle Hoist's prostate exam?"
bengear writes: F*** you, F*** you, F*** you, you're cool, and F*** YOU! ROLL OUT!
datguy86 writes: "Megatron, Prowl and I agree - Shut up and take our money."
Nerdimus Maximus writes: OPTIMUS: " Look, Bay, I said that I wanted to approve the script BEFORE I sign-off on the NEW Film. And I want two-dozen cases of Perrier each WEEk in my 'Trailer' too, IF I agree to do the Fourth movie at all! "
Mindmaster writes: Optimus Prime says: "Screw you guys, I'm going home."
Shadowstream writes: Look Prowl, Nerds!
Henry921 writes: Soldier! You're out of uniform; put on some pants!
spartanH85 writes: We know the truth! That was NOT milk on Elton Johns face in the got milk ad!
spartanH85 writes: " I never once said your mom's under carrige was rusty"
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Vitatech writes: Anyone seen Prowl? I swear he was right over there...
Super Megatron writes: Prowl, I want you to find a flag pole about this high for me. My arm is getting tired from waving the white flags to the Decepticons every time I surrender us to them.
Foximus writes: Optimus: By the Primes! What are Soundwave and Brawl doing?!

Prowl: You just noticed Prime?
User897 writes: Only YOU can prevent forest- Wait, do I look fuzzy to you?
Morbalis writes: Yo mamma is soooo fat ...
rivithead242 writes: Ignore my last one. Optimus: Prowl! Look! Over the Top starring Sylvestor Stallone is playing at the theater. Prowl: Isn't Spikes son Daniel in that movie?
rivithead242 writes: Optimus: Prowl! Look! Over the Top starring Sylvestor Stalone is playing! Prowl: No Prime...no.
rivithead242 writes: Optimus: Look Prowl! A flash mob! Prowl: And we choose to live here, why again?
PhelesDragon writes: I have the weirdest roboner right now...
primehunter writes: Prowl, hold me back...
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rivithead242 writes: You drank too many energon cubes if you think you're Jewish too Megatron!
tc14forever writes: TRANSFORM and SWAG OUT!!!!!!!!!
Maestro Meister writes: "Megatron, your trigger is only this small!"
#Sideways# writes: OH!

I see what you did there.
Bumblevivisector writes: OPTIMUS: "Hey, look at all those ads for 3rd party stuff in the bar on the right! Did that Uranos guy just call me Knight Morpher?"

PROWL: "At least the Play Arts chick seems to have largely replaced that bearded t-shirt guy...D'OH! He's back..."
SKYWARPED_128 writes: Leave Prowl alone, guys. Just because he's a bit of a prick doesn't mean he doesn't deserve an MP toy.
sdn1337 writes: Prowl: I just want to die already optimus... ive given up on life as an autobot

Optimus: Look over there prowl! A transformers the movie script! That should do the trick.
njb902 writes: OMP Prowl it Changed.
JustPlainME writes: Wedgie!!!!
Twitchythe3rd writes: Prowl! Look! A munky!
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Bumblevivisector writes: B.K. CASHIER: "Sir, you need to be in a car to use the drive-thru..."
budmaloney writes: Combo 2 please
Bumblevivisector writes: OPTIMUS: Hey, what the heck were Brawn and Soundwave just doing over there for 3 months?
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