Brawn holds on to Soundwave

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Brawn holds on to Soundwave
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216 captions have been posted for this image so far ...
DeltaSilver88 writes: Hi ho, Silver, awaaaaay!
trailbreaker writes: Riding a bike is pretty simple ...
trailbreaker writes: Eject !!!!
BG the Robit writes: Brawn: NOW can we have sex?
Soundwave: Sure, your drunk anyway.
Ultra_Soundwave writes: Just don't tell Laserbeak.
ultraprime0914 writes: Brawn:TIMBER!!

UnderYourCloset writes: Ha! GAYYYYYY!!!
Bonerking writes: Family Court may only give me one weekend a month with my son, but nothing in that court order says we can't have fun!
Riptidemtmte writes: Brawn: Swiggy, swooty, I'm comin' for dat booty.
Soundwave: No, Brawn! EJECT! EJE-AAAAAAAAAGH!
TheWeirdOne12 writes: PIGGY BACK RIDE, DADDY, PIGGY BACK RIDE! Okay son, but this is the last time!
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Bluespindash97 writes: So many jokes, all of them dirty.
GallifreyanSeeker writes: Brawn: So, do you PROMISE to take me to this SAFE place?
Soundwave: *Snickers to self* Allons-Y!
kruiz220898 writes: Oh, Brawn
spartanH85 writes: Hey Soundwave! could you play some celine Dion. This is such a beautiful moment
cusd220 writes: go to this link
EunuchRon writes: Brawn: "This Soundwave! Twenty bots enter, only him leave!"
jjsbrowser writes: Broke Back Cybertron :P
trailbreaker writes: Why is Brawn smiling?
Axelbro writes: Brawn:hey soundwave why all of the cool guys have a mouth plate and i don't have one
Brawn: who cares i will take yours :)
rodimus27 writes: can't this thing go any faster!!!
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Mixsound writes: Get along, ya' big, blue scrap-heap, lackey of an excuse of a tossed out recycling bin, you!
Between Failures writes: Yes, concentrate! A Jedi's power flows from the force!
Marcus Rush writes: So you and Arachnid.... eh eh eh? Oh come on, I was left out so you gotta spill it.
Kelvint writes: Brawn over brains: You interrupt our transmission, I piggy back your Soundwave!
SKYWARPED_128 writes: "You turn into a damn TAPE RECORDER and even YOU'RE bigger than me?! I've had enough of this sh!t!"
shortwave writes: Brawn clearly missunderstoo Michle Bay when he said Transformers 4 will have hardcore robot on robot action.
TheWalkingDroid writes: Sound Wave: Laser Beak eject, Rumble eject, Ravage eject, Brawn ejeculate.
shortwave writes: Brawn: Thats right just relax. trust me im a doctor.
Bumblevivisector writes: MP-13 SOUNDWAVE: Hear that announcement from Toy-Fair, Brawn? If you just let me go and wait a few months, you can grab Hasbro Soundwave AND 5 cassettes all at once!

BRAWN: I've got a feeling Seibertron will just have me hold onto you until then...
cjs229 writes: Soundwave felt more than concerned when he felt both of Brawn's hands on his shoulders during the prostate exam.
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*Deathblade writes: I NEED AN ADULT!!! I NEED AN ADULT!!!!!!!
KingJames writes: Thank Primus that the Hub exists or else we wouldn't of known Friendship IS Magic!!!!
shortwave writes: Told you robot porn existed.
Bumblevivisector writes: They say perception stretches out the last moment of your life to infinity. I get it now: this pic isn't frozen, it's me who's dying of a heart attack. And there is no afterlife. Only this dumb image. Forever. Goodbye, Goodbye.
jregier writes: Brawn: Hey, I'm stuck up here!
Soundwave: Everybody's gotta be somewhere.
hXcpunk23 writes: Brawn: Hang on tight!
Soundwave: EJECT! EJECT!
Rodimus Minor writes: Beware of Surprise But Sex
Nemesis Maximo writes: Man... My arms are...getting weak...been holding you up...for too...long...
hotrodimusprime1982 writes: Now i like ya, and i want ya... we can do this the easy way or the hard way!
Owtkazt writes: Can we change this pic ffs, its old and truth is the Autobots are the ones that take it up the ass.
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Bumblevivisector writes: BRAWN: Ever notice how the orange thing protruding behind my head kind of looks like an electrical plug? Like Megavolt on Darkwing Duck? Yeah, neither did I, UNTIL I HAD TO WATCH MYSELF IN THIS SAME PIC FOR OVER 2 F@#%ING MONTHS!
SdazVarence writes: Soundwave: Lower....
kaseycuyler writes: Soundwave Superior...piggy back rides inferior
GalvatronusPrime writes: Brawn: I'm only doing this so that if the scene becomes popular, I might be included as an accessory to your Masterpiece toy.
VioMeTriX writes: wow... on the first date
HoptimusPrime writes: I kept this uncomfortable hunk of metal, up my chassis, for 4 million years.
Maestro Meister writes: Quit yer complainin'! At least I'm not GDO Brawn.
Drift082111 writes: Brawn wants to be Soundwave's newest minion
Jaimetron writes: I'm riding a metallic tractor!
atomicthumbs writes: I wish I knew how to quit you!
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Bumblevivisector writes: BRAWN: Okay, you see what I'm about to do to Soundwave? That's what Beast Machines did to G1 cartoon continuity! Cuz any organic core had to have been forcibly injected! CHANGE! THE! PIC! NOW!!! Or else I'm gonna' elaborate...
snavej writes: Together, the unlikely partners planned their extermination of's lazy staff who would not change the darned caption picture.
Lboogie609 writes: "YAHOOOO!, A decepti-pony...YEEHAWWW!"
munkimus prime writes: Soundwave - How long do we have to stay like this? It's embarassing.

Brawn - Until someone changes the caption pic, which could be ages away.
Overloaded writes: You are right I can see my house from up here
amtm writes: This Soundwave! Four cassettes enter, only him leave!
NovaSentinel writes: Brawn makes sure Soundwave goes unheard as he begs for the caption contest picture to be changed...
ryanisawesome124 writes: brawn:MAN1 the view uphere is great!

soundwave:there you saw the mountains,can you get off now?
kersheisi writes: Brawn: Hey thanks for giving me a lift home from school. Optimus is waiting for me!

Soundwave: No problem, we'll get there real fast, this bike is a 12 speed.

Brawn: Awesome!

Soundwave: Just don't move a lot or we'll fall over.
trailbreaker writes: Soundwave - "Get your tailpipe out of me!"
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Great Atlas writes: I can show you the world. shining shimmering, splendid. Tell me, princess, now when did you let your heart decide?
leviebaby writes: brawn pig back ride weeeee
Marcus Rush writes: Quit your whining and accept your can kickin. At least you survived into the next dozen series.
Trikeboy writes: Quick, someone get the oil can, they have been frozen for months.
Blitz6Sic6 writes: "BraunWave! SuperMode!"
"BraunWave! SuperMode!"
-Kanrabat- writes: Brawn: "How much longer should we keep that pose? We're been stuck like this for weeks now."

Soundwave: "Back and neck area status: stiff and hurting."
sims23 writes: Soundwave: "Wow Laserbeak. You have such delicate talons!!!"
USDA Prime writes: I don't care how long we're up here, this is fun!
snavej writes: Shouldn't cassette players go into trucks and not the other way around?!
omegasupreme69 writes: Relax I’m a licensed proctologist
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primehunter writes: Stop, you breaking the sound barrier!!!!!
USDA Prime writes: I'm the King of the Soundwave!
slimjim0 writes: Brawn: Have you been conditioning regularly, Soundwave? Your split ends are out of control.

Soundwave: Negative, conditioner levels critical.
snavej writes: Tantra took them right through to 2013!
MarkNL writes: Brawn: I've been on his back for so long right now, that we're stuck to eachother because of the rust...
Soundwave: Begin operation 'Stainless Steel'...
CXZGT917 writes: Surprise botsex !!!
THRESER69 writes: Brawn:One more, Daddy, One more!!!
Soundwave: Fine.
megatron1322 writes: Soundwave: If you dont get off my back im going to start playing celine deon/r kelly duets!
hook line and sinker writes: Brawn: Don't worry, when we get to More Than Meets The Eye issue 12, we won't even have to hide this anymore...
TMaitland777 writes: Brawn: I've always wanted to fly the not so friendly skies on a walking tapedeck
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Bumblevivisector writes: SOUNDWAVE: A moot point; in FoC I basically turn into that armored car that fires pizzas/manhole covers, a lasting curse of our our American G1 toyline's defeat by the Ninja Turtles.
Bumblevivisector writes: BRAWN: Say, I just figured out the deal with that thing on your shoulder! Your Cybertronian alt mode was a rotary pay phone, not a lamp post after all!
Nemesis Maximo writes: "Come on, Soundwave! Only 98 more pushups to go to pass the physical!
Marcus Rush writes: "And now Soundwave, you will learn why Comedy Central continues to air South Park Episodes featuring Indiana and George Lucas."
maroyasha writes: Operation: Chicken Fight. Status: Complete.
Results: Victory.
I AM UNICRON writes: damn it rhino home video its bad enough that you gave soundwave a red decepticon symbol but that looks nothing like laserbeak perched on his back!
Bumblevivisector writes: man leave, you say? It looks to me like neither of them are ever leaving. Oh, right, Master-Blaster, cuz Soundwave...there's no connection, is there? sigh
stevescustoms writes: You know it feels good. Lay there and take it like a bot.
BERSEKAEL writes: Hey I can see my house from here!
SergeantJack writes: Looks like Soundwave lost the coin-toss tonight. Or...did he win?
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wnburn writes: Master Blaster....two men enter, one man leave....
Yup, looks like a case of Casseticon Smores!
Foximus writes: I guess we know which picture is the winner of the ultimate caption contest.
Unknown writes: CHANGE THE PHOTO! PLEASE! Please?
DarkEnergon writes: "Mini-Autobot obtained. Operation Chicken Fightation underway."
Prime0080 writes: You chose to be a boom box, so crank some tunes before I crank something else....
Bumblevivisector writes: Or maybe it was the immobilizer! Yeah, have Carly try reversing the wires, or have Ironhide just shoot the damn thing, just let them move even a single frame!
Axalon_Prime writes: Soundwave knew he should have never taken a shower at Penn State
Bumblevivisector writes: Oh, okay, NOW I get it, they got hit with those same nano-particles HiQ poisoned all of Nebulos's fuel with, and THAT's why they're frozen this way forever!

Do I get the No-Prize?

Or can they get some Powermaster engines? Please?
Sspringer0 writes: I'm twelve what is this ...
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Sspringer0 writes: Knock on your window knock on your back door , I want to make you feel beautiful .
King Slick writes: You mind playing something other than Country and Western? If I hear "Beer Money" one more time...

Soundwave: -sigh- Oh, for the love of Primus...
spoonman writes: For the last time, Brawn...there IS no Fantasia! AND STOP CALLING ME FALCOR!!!
Heckfire writes: "Wow...we're still here, huh?"
"If I'd known we'd be the last 'Caption Contest' pic, I'd have brought some cards or something. Hey, can you tune in some music or something?"
"Sweet. Cr
PhntmRangr writes: Brawn: Did we just become best friends?!

Soundwave: Yup!
snavej writes: Few couples were suitable for conversion to Duobots or Duocons. However, some carried on trying regardless.
snavej writes: Brawn's 'big end' was crushed when Soundwave mass-shifted.
snavej writes: Doing it for too long may lead to red eye. Or possibly blue eye.
Optimum Supreme writes: What happens in robot prison STAYS in robot prison.
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Mindmaster writes: After standing in the same pose for well over a month, Soundwave and Brawn will be well pleased once another image replaces this one.
Bumblevivisector writes: BRAWN: A whole MONTH of mostly perverted captions is enough! If they won't put up a new pic, let's riff on that last one from Animated.

SOUNDWAVE: Okay. Observation: Optimus has turned 50 shades of gra-

camaroman101 writes: Teletran-I: Final note to end today's employee training, no one should get this much pleasure administering the heimlich maneuver.
trouvadour62 writes: What, no movie on this flight!?! Lousy cassette deck, I shoulda booked an i-pad.
USDA Prime writes: Unfortunately for Soundwave, Brawn didn't how to properly perform CPR. But he sure as hell was going to try.
Pigumon writes: "Hang on little buddy, we're almost at Legoland ".
snavej writes: To celebrate their 100th caption, Brawn and Soundwave decided to have a big party at the Stonewall Inn, New York. [Look it up!]
Foximus writes: This above picture is actually a live video feed. Brawl and Soundwave have regrettably been frozen like that for all time.
twithers writes: While the Autobots wage their never ending battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons, Brawn and Soundwave take an afternoon off to enjoy the finer things in piggy back rides.
Arcee1tfp writes: Brawn: Prepare for me!!!!
*Sundwave freaks out and trys to get Brawn off but fails* SHIT!!!!! NO!!!!!! I ONLY DO THIS IS MEGATRON!!!!!!
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speros writes: Brawn: release your minions you need to be punnished

Soundwave: I have enough plugsss
scarfazed writes: let me just put the tip in...
fu_fighter writes: Lets get those kinks out of your chassis Soundwave...being a Decepticon must be sooooo stressful.
fu_fighter writes: Is that an ion blaster, or are you just happy to see me?
snavej writes: How are we going to explain this to our overlords, Disney?!
snavej writes: Soundwave didn't remember this particular event again until he was 8 million years old.
snavej writes: After holding the pose for over 2 weeks, they discovered that mechanoids DID get cramp!
Oncoming Storm writes: Brawn:
OK...Getty-up, Little Doggy...
Take me to the zoo, Are we gonna have ice-cream, and hot dogs, and see the monkey-house and the polar bears, and then we can have some cotton candy... and...
Another Fan writes: .
Soundwave: When is Seibertron changing to the next image?! I'm tired of having YOU MONKEY on my back!!
Cromags79 writes: Narrator: Leaving the war behind, Brawn and Soundwave rode off into the sunset. They live in Montana now, where they quietly raise sheep.
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Cromags79 writes: Soundwave: For the last time, no I don't want to combine with you and I certainly don't want to go by the name Devalicious.
Leader_Ultra_Magnus writes: ...
Spike: "Dad, it's like you taught me. You never quit on the ones you love."
Brawn: "Mushy... but true."
Leader_Ultra_Magnus writes: ...
Brawn: [hefts Megatron's cannon] Let's see how Megatron likes a dose of his own medicine.
[Fires it at Megatron and tumbles backward]
Brawn: Now that was a kick.
Brawn: [Laserbeak swipes the cannon from Brawn] Bring that back, you birdbrain!
Leader_Ultra_Magnus writes: 3rd Party idea...

Not Brawn, Meet Not Soundwave!
Leader_Ultra_Magnus writes: He doesn't know I'm here...
Fshep89 writes: Do or do not, there is no try
Ultra Markus writes: hi my name is brawn i'll be your masseuse
for today
iguanabytes writes: hey, boy... You got a pretty faceplate...

(banjo music)
joevill writes: The origin of Powerlinx Transformers.
Marcus Rush writes: Soundwave learns the hard way where Cosmic Rust originates.
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Mindmaster writes: Soundwave shudders as he thinks of Megatron's most demeaning punishment.
snavej writes: Brawn: Look at all the damage down there! Did we do that?

Soundwave: No, it was Hurricane Good-With-Colours, I mean, Hurricane Sandy.

Brawn: Good, one less bad point for Team Autobot.

Soundwave: I'm going to claim it for Team Decepticon, though.
brawn1228 writes: "Can you fly Bobby?"
snavej writes: Soundwave converted into a tiny cassette recorder, leaving Brawn to plunge to his doom. Soundwave transformed back to a flying robot, went back to base and had a good laugh about the whole incident.
snavej writes: Brawn's surfing ambitions knew no bounds.
Road Turtle writes: Brawn, "Fly Falcor! FLY!"

"...Never Ending Stor-ory, Aaa-Ah-Aaa-Ah-Aaa-Ah..."
paul053 writes: Brawn: Thanks for the ride.
Soundwave: No problem and thanks to the new tape. Oh! Please don't tell Megatron.
Wheelie Prime writes: Roughly twenty years later, during an epic battle for the fate of the universe, Brawn, wearing that same helmet, would confess: "Rumble, I am your father!"

"You and your twin sister Frenzy."

"The other three are Sky Lynx's."
SKYWARPED_128 writes: Soundwave: "Back-rub, unsolicited. Paparazzi snapshot, anticipated. Situation, awkward."
spark crusher writes: I dont care which end i go through, im gonna be a cassette whether you like it or not!
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NTESHFT writes: Relax, Soundwave, I'm a doctor....
Bumblevivisector writes: Of course, Soundwave wasn't REALLY worried until he activated his emergency chute...
Constantine writes: SOUNDWAVE: No! Wrong hole! Wrong hole!
hoosierdaddy04 writes: Seaspray: Brawn!!! When I said it's fun to ride a wave this isn't what I meant!!!
Revenge of Bruticus writes: "You got me??!! Who'se got you?!
StreetSweeper writes: o.k. soundwave, watch his left hook and keep youre chin down and stat off the ropes
chugeta writes: I never thought it would feel this good being on the back of a Decepticon!!
chugeta writes: I never thought it would feel the good being on the back of a Decepticon!!
chevelleprime writes: ahhh theres your battery socket
Blasphemous Prime writes: Soundwave has a monkey on his back.

Why do most of these look like a scene out of brokeback mountain?
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AzaMyth writes: Brawn: YEEEEE-HAWWW!!!

Soundwave: "why can't I quit you?"
mechajol writes: Brawn: "Haha! Your cries and screams are music to my ears!"
MysteriousDewd writes: FLY FALCOR FLY!!!
Kibble writes: Brawn bapes Soundwave and screams "T-shirt this, bitches!"
snavej writes: Soundwave was furious about the name-calling. He was neither 'Treebeard' nor 'The Big Friendly Giant'.
Unknown writes: "A whole new woooooooorld!"
Unknown writes: this will teach soundwave to be so obliging and pick up soap for anyboy hence why he is a decepticon and has a dull voice.
garrickboomer writes: Master Blaster says, we want THUNDERDOME!!!
TFIta369 writes: B: Take me out to the baaaall game! Take me ouu... SW: AHHHHH!!
Slashercon writes: Soundwave finds that he has to face the music.
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Sentinel Maximus writes: Brawn "Ya see Soundwave? I'm not so little when ya get to know me better. You know what they say about smaller bots eh? Just let me whisper sweet nothings in your audios and,..."

Soundwave "Soundwave sore, Brawn too rough."
Ryuki writes: Brawn: maybe if I put out the batteries from his back, he will stop functioning.
Soundwave: Stupid Brawn, my batteries is in my weapoooooooo...bzzt, click*
Ryuki writes: A new toyline from Hasbro, Decepticon Pretender.
Featuring Brawn with Soundwave pretender shell.
The Latman writes: Haha you like that......don't you bitch!
Triptykon writes: Business in front.....Party in the rear!
MINDVVIPE writes: No! Wait! Only double A's fit in there!
dabattousai writes: Brawn in a Sexual Voice: I'll tell you right now...I'm not Laserbeak.
Unknown writes: Ouch.
agentcastle writes: push out the jive... bring in the love...
Foximus writes: Right in the childhood...
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Ultimos writes: Soundwave: This is very awkward...
Brawn: Don't care!
Heckfire writes: "TOLD YA I WASN'T DEAD!"

"ERROR! ERROR! Declaration: GET HIM OFF ME!"
joevill writes: Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style
xyl360 writes: Bring out the gimp.

The Gimp's sleepin'.

Well I guess you'll just have to go wake him up now, won't you?
Kibble writes: "I wish I could quit you..."
RodimalToyota writes: Woooow, Soundwave really is Superior!
Wolfman Jake writes: See, Soundwave? A bot on bot massage doesn't have to be weird, does it?
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Soundwave: Come on guys, I was flying when he jumped up on my back! We aren't doing what you all are thinking!
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Of all the caption contest pictures taken, Soundwave is disappointed by this weeks pick.
Optimus-Pie1 writes: Rape!rape!rape!rape!
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Jetfire22 writes: Transformers at Shawshank Prison. This was the longest day of Sounwave's life. Aww, Soundwave.... Get buisy livin, or get buisy dyin...!
snavej writes: Soundwave: You realise, Brawn, that this missile launcher swivels right around?

Brawn: I'm not too bright, you know.
PrymeStriker writes: We couldn't think of a dirty enough caption.
snavej writes: Having read the script of the 2006 movie, Brawn decided to have some fun while he still could.
snavej writes: The abuse was so bad that the crest on Soundwave's forehead became warped.
snavej writes: How could Brawn be stronger when Soundwave had more die-cast components? Life wasn't fair!
Dessolock writes: Brawn: Welcome to another exciting edition of Bumhuntah! Oh look at this one! He's a big one he is! And he has lots of dandruff!

Soundwave:I ain't got no dandruff, man!
snavej writes: Soundwave confronted him with the evidence but Brawn still denied working on the TV show 'Buck Rogers in the 25th Century' as a robot called 'Tweaky'.
snavej writes: They were so intimate that Brawn's colours started leaking all over Soundwave.
snavej writes: As environmental health officer, Brawn had zero tolerance for noise pollution, especially Soundwave's 'Pussy Cat Dolls' album collection.
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snavej writes: Soundwave didn't want to join the Scientologists but Brawn didn't give him a choice.
snavej writes: Brawn was, in fact, Jimmy Savile: most prolific molester of modern times. The resemblance was not coincidental. Soundwave tried to tell a grown-up afterwards but no one would believe his story.
Ravage XK writes: In Soundwave's voice: Brawn in-posterior, Soundwave uncomfortable.
njb902 writes: The new babidi and majin buu?
Maestro Meister writes: The good news is Perceptor's shrink ray is wearing off. The bad news is Perceptor and Bumblebee haven't made it out your aft yet.
Ravage XK writes: Brawn: Brawn COMBINE!!!
Soundwave: Wait, what?
Ryuki writes: Brawn: now whose the daddy now, huh ? Who is it ??
phase writes: "You're now my cassette, Soundwave!"
Gundamu writes: "My back..."

"You read the treaty! Cons have to give piggyback rides anytime, anywhere! No complaining!"
Bumblevivisector writes: SOUNDWAVE: G1 Brawn being able to hang onto my Masterpiece toy with stupid wrench-hands: impossible. Conclusion: Assailant is 3rd Party Product!

HENCH: We'll see if collectors can save up for you AND your $70 cassette teams in time to stop iGear!
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Bumblevivisector writes: TELETRAAN-1: Possible explanation for that cassette in S.O.S. Dinobots with Brawn's color scheme?

WINDCHARGER: Nah, that was just a batch of Brawn and Frenzy's Kabaya toys that go gang-molded...somehow.
feeiq90 writes: BRAZZERS
feeiq90 writes: BRAZZERS
TulioDude writes: So Soundwave made a vow to never offer pig-back rides ever again.
Bumblevivisector writes: BRAWN: Hasbro promised that if I could devour a 'Con 3 times my size, they'd do a new toy of me with Prime FE Bulkhead's body to match my new proportions!

Bumblevivisector writes: SOUNDWAVE: Wait, where the hell..?

BRAWN: I was hiding inside your battery compartment; turns out it's connected to subspace just like the one in your chest!
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"Call Me Maybe"
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