New Interview with Hailey Steinfield regarding Bumblebee: The Movie Soundtrack

Transformers News: New Interview with Hailey Steinfield regarding Bumblebee: The Movie Soundtrack

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 12:29PM CST

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We have an additional peek into the current state and direction of the upcoming Bumblebee The Movie, thanks to an interview from Billboard magazine! They stopped Hailey Steinfeld, the movie's star, on the red carpet of this year's Grammy's to ask her about her upcoming music and her upcoming Transformers project!

In addition to being an actress, she's a talented musician, with several chart-scaling hits, so obviously one of the questions asked was about if she had any intention to produce music for Bumblebee. She revealed she might be producing some and collaborating with...Bumblebee?!?!

Take a look at the full transcript of the interview below, speculate down in the Energon Pub Forums, and stay tuned to for any further updates on Bee's budding music career!

INT: You're working on some new music you told, you told Billboard about some new music that you're working on and how it's going to take kind of a different direction this time around; what can we say about it?

H: Well you know it's funny, I'm, I'm in the process, I mean I've been, I've been working on music for a while, um, and it's funny cause obviously a movie can come up and take me sort of out of the game for two, three months. Um, and so I do feel like, as much as I could say I'm sort of in "album mode" or the "next EP" mode, I'm still experimenting. Uh, and I'm still really figuring out what that sound is and what direction we might call it. So um, I'm working on it.

INT: I like the, that's a good answer. Cause you've had lots of hits already, like over the past four years you keep having hit after hit. So whatever you're doing, it's working. Um, you're going to be an advisor on The Voice this season, um, you're going to be giving great sage advice to a lot of folks. What is a great piece of advice that you yourself have gotten, maybe from another musician in the business?

H: Well I am very lucky, I feel like I've, I've gotten quite a lot of great advice, um, from some amazing people and amazing artists. Uh, but I just think, really just never losing sight of, of who you are and what makes you happy. I think there obviously are a lot of people that are going to have a lot of opinions, um, about who you are, what you do, how you do certain things, how you look. Um, and it's important that regardless, whatever you end up doing is for you.

INT: One last question: You're in the new Bumblebee movie-

H: Yes!

INT: It's coming, I think at the end of this year.

H: Yeah.

INT: Are you going to be singing with the car? I'm just wondering.

H: *Laughs* Uh, there may be a little, uh, plot twist [joking tone] Bumblebee actually may be singing. Um, I do hope the, uh - the movie takes place in the 80's and there are some incredible 80's references in terms of music. So, I'm hoping that maybe uh, y'know, post-production-wise I can jump in on a, on a little something.

INT: 80's covers, perhaps?

H: 80's covers perhaps.

INT: Thank you so much Hailee, have a great night.
Credit(s): Billboard
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Re: New Interview with Hailey Steinfield regarding Bumblebee: The Movie Soundtrack (1936934)
Posted by WreckerJack on February 8th, 2018 @ 10:11pm CST
In this quick video, Hailee Steinfeld talks about how excited she is to be a part of the upcoming Bumblebee: The Movie. For those who do not know Hailee Steinfeld's character is a girl named Charlie who discovers Bumblebee near a junkyard. The two develop a connection and team up for adventure. We can tell that she is a fan of Bumblebee as a character and admires the heart that this robot has. We have posted the video below so that you can see for yourself!

If you would like to know more about Hailee Steinfeld we have an interview with her about the soundtrack from Bumblebee: The movie.

Re: New Interview with Hailey Steinfield regarding Bumblebee: The Movie Soundtrack (1937857)
Posted by EunuchRon on February 11th, 2018 @ 8:51pm CST
Well, yeah, I'd say Bumblebee is the most badass Bayverse 'bot. He's kind of the only one from the 2007 flick that hasn't died in some way.
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