New Sale at (KISS Cassettes, Robot Heros, Prime Unleashed & More!)

New Sale at (KISS Cassettes, Robot Heros, Prime Unleashed & More!)

Thursday, August 16th, 2007 3:54pm CDT

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Topic Options: View Discussion · Sign in or Join to reply has sent out a new update regarding an "Overstock Sale":

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals, some exciting new preorders, and another
clearance sale:

25 ITEM CLEARANCE SALE: We've reduced prices significantly on 25
stocked items. Average savings are around 50% with a few items at
or lower discounts. Check out this list for a variety of Star Wars,
Transformers, Cars, Superheroes and other items:


JAPANESE TRANSFORMERS EXCLUSIVES: Our buyers in Japan have been busy
lately and came through with a nice haul of new exclusives. Most of
items are available only at conventions or at specific stores only in

--FUSION REPAINTED PROTOFORM SET: This cool set of TF Movie protoform
figures features a clear blue prime and clear orange starscream with
paint on their chestplates.

--DAI ATLAS WONDERFEST EXCLUSIVE: A very nice non-transforming action
figure with a variety of accessories and good articulation.

--TRANSFORMERS BEARBRICKS: This two bear set includes Autobot and
Decepticon deco bears - each with the appropriate logo.

--TAKARA SHAREHOLDER CHORO-Q: This set features two small Choro-Q
trucks, a larger red semi with an Optimus Prime theme, and a smaller
with a Pokemon design. This set is available to Takara-Tomy
and people with connections inside the company - so needless to say we
have a pretty small quantity coming.

SERENITY REAVER ORNAMENT: This new ornament will be arriving in early
2008 and measures in at around 5" in overall length. We have listed a
preorder at $33.99 - 15% off the MSRP of $39.99. Another very cool
from Dark Horse:

ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA: Yet another beautiful sculpt for this series
figures. The new CoCoNa figure features an enormous sword and a
set of armor. CoCoNa is up for preorder at $54.99.

FANTASTIC EXCLUSIVES 2007: In addition to the BBTS exclusive Warthog
figure, we've secured stock of the Rhino and an Elephant exclusive as
well. The Previews Exclusive Hammer of Gholl and exclusive Gauntlet of
Vaskkh are each $32.99 - check them out here:

NECA SDCC EXCLUSIVES: We've just listed the 300 - Battle Leonidas,
Potter with Wedwig, and the NBX Vampire Jack Skellington. These all
be arriving fairly soon and are priced at just $19.99 each.

Master Replicas is limited to 1500 and only available from authorized
Master Replcas dealers. The saber itself is designed to have the same
used & abused look as the one Luke wore in Jedi. We have it listed $15
under MSRP at $359.99 - take a look:

MCFARLANE SPORTS PICKS: A ton of new items have just been listed
including: NHL 17, NBA 14, MLB 21 & 22, Cooperstown 5, and various 3"
figures from several sports. No images yet, but we have single figure
listings available for everyone here:

with the property this figure is based on, but if you are a fan of
Transformers or other transforming toys, this one has a lot of promise.

This cool figure transformes from robot to car to jet and is nicely
detailed. At the $144.99 price point, you can count on getting a
substantial figure:

STREET FIGHTER BLANKA STATUE: Sota Toys brings us a very cool new
statue at an attractive $84.99 price point. View this new statue

TRANSFORMERS PLAYING CARDS: Underground Toys will be manufacturing a
nifty set of TF Movie playing cards. Each card features artwork and
characters. This deck of cards is up for preorder at $5.99.

STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO SET: We'll be getting more of this very
popular Internet Exclusive set in stock in about 6 -8 weeks. This
figure set is up for preorder at $32.99

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE - CAPSULE TOYS: Only $3.49 each for these fun
figures. A variety of movie characters are represented - view them

EXELICA - TRIGGER HEART: This complex figure from Alter is set in the
scale, but comes with a variety of accessories (some are not pictured
- The preorder price is set at $159.99.


STAR WARS 30TH - WAVE 4: We've just received a huge shipment of the
fourth wave of figures along with the Ultimate Galactic Hunt figures.
Sets and Singles are available, and UGH figures start at $12.99.

TRANSFORMERS ENCORE: These have just about sold out and we can't get
anymore, so be sure to order quickly if you'd like a set. Single
Soundwave and Starscream are available in larger numbers, but those
won't last too long.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA MINIMATES - WAVE 2: We now have the full series 2
sets of 8 with chase Gina figure in stock for $24.99 for the set. Sets
6 without the chase figure set are in stock for $14.99.

SDCC SHADOW SCOUT WITH SPEEDER: This all black repaint of the speeder
bike is extremely cool, limited stock has just arrived and they are
at $44.99 each.

2 METER OPTIMUS PRIME STATUE: After snagging one of these to stand
in our warehouse, we have just one of the huge 2 meter primes left.
price is set at $3999.99 - this is a great piece for a storefront, or
fill in a bare corner. We'll get more pics posted after we get our
assembled - it looks to be a very cool piece.

DARK HORSE COMICS - BETTIE PAGE & MORE: A big mix of items from Dark
Horse including the classic 13" Bettie Page Statue, Mutts Bookends, DC
Flash statue & tin, Frank Cho's Babe & Ape, Tarzan & Golden Lion
and Peanuts Woodstock tin have all arrived.

GI JOE ADVENTURE TEAM: These retro style figures come with flocked
hair &
beards. Each is priced at $24.99 and they are packaged in retry style
cardboard packaging.

BON JOVI: The new Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi figures are now in
stock for just $12.99 each. These have been flying out the door so be
sure to grab one before they sell out.

STAR WARS - SAGA 2007 WAVE 3: Wave 3.1 with the red Clone Troopers has
just arrived, we have cases available at $89.99 and a variety of single
figures have also been listed.

to come up with a small amount of these for us, so the Spark Blue
of the Soundwave MP3 player is back in stock at $99.99.

DOCTOR WHO FIGURES: A variety of new arrivals including: 12" Dalek
Hybrid, 12" Novice Hame, 12" Martha Jones, and Radio Controlled Dalek.

NECA MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: We've just restocked the MOTU series 5
statue figures, as well as more series 3. 15" Triklops & Trap Jaw
are also back in stock.

ROYAL GUARD VCD: Another cool figure from Medicom, this one is priced
$57.99 and fits in nicely with the rest of the VCD lineup.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items. Don't forget to check out the heavily
discounted sale items as well.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Also for those looking for a clue to the "He is coming...", keep looking for clues, they could be anywhere... want to guess? You can do that here.

Credit(s): Joel of

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Re: New Sale at (KISS Cassettes, Robot Heros, Prime Unleashed & More!) (288394)
Posted by Liege Evilmus on August 16th, 2007 @ 4:26pm CDT
Joel's goods are way to pricey for me this week!

$149 for the clear protoforms.

But hey, if you can afford it, can you get me a job where you work!?!
Re: New Sale at (KISS Cassettes, Robot Heros, Prime Unleashed & More!) (288420)
Posted by Tigertrack on August 16th, 2007 @ 4:36pm CDT
Yeah, I looked at the protoforms and went cool, but for $150, I don't think so. They must be very rare pieces indeed. If I was a bigger movie fan, I might 'climb the mountain', and get one.

'PACK' it away, I don't want it...
Re: New Sale at (KISS Cassettes, Robot Heros, Prime Unleashed & More!) (289139)
Posted by Icetron on August 16th, 2007 @ 9:02pm CDT
Yeah, definitely not worth $150 for the protforms, they aren' THAT cool.

Also is the 10th Anniv Rattrap worth getting? I might get him since I don't have a Rattrap.
Re: New Sale at (KISS Cassettes, Robot Heros, Prime Unleashed & More!) (289270)
Posted by Air Commander Starscream on August 16th, 2007 @ 10:18pm CDT
Well I preordred a set of the Clear protoforms. I couldnt pass it up. If I can find it cheaper I will cancel.
Re: New Sale at (KISS Cassettes, Robot Heros, Prime Unleashed & More!) (289745)
Posted by Craven Knight on August 17th, 2007 @ 4:50am CDT
Seeing the price of those Clear Protoforms made me gasp, I like'em alot but I can buy a heck of alot more TF junk for $150 than just two deluxes made from Slushy.

Overpriced in my opinion.

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