New Transformers Guides slated for May 2007 release

New Transformers Guides slated for May 2007 release

Friday, November 24th, 2006 3:15am CST

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Posted by: Air Commander Starscream   Views: 21,935 member ZacWilliam1 has posted some information on a few upcoming Transformers guides. He works for Banres & Noble and got the infromation off their computers. Here is what he had to say.

"At work today I found a couple new TF books in our computer system for next year. The first was a new, paperback edition of the DK Transformers: Ultimate Guide. It's coming out 5/21/07 and since the original was only 144 pages and this one clocks in at 152 it's safe to assume it's updated with 8 new pages. $16.99 ISBN# 0756630126

The second is a NEW DK Transformers: Visual Guide. These tend to be a LOT more focused on visual reference and diagrams. It's 72 pages. $19.99 ISBN#0756630134. Same release date as the above.

The last is a new toy collectors guide to Transformers. It's by a Mark Bellomo, 256 pages and supposedly features 1,000 color pictures. It's due out 5/9/07, runs $24.99 and the ISBN# is 0896894452."

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Fellow Seibertronian LuckytheWonderLlama has provided some new books as well. He aquired this infromation from his Waldenbooks computer.

The Transformers: The Movie Prequel Graphic Novel. June 2007.
ISBN: 160010066X ISBN13: 9781600100666 $19.99

The Transformers: The Movie Graphic Novel. June 2007
ISBN: 1600100678 ISBN13: 9781600100673 $17.99

Transformers: The Best of Simon Furman. July 2007
ISBN: 1600100589 ISBN13: 9781600100581 $50.00
This career-spannin hardcover looks at legendary TRANSFORMERS writer Simon Furman's amazing output throughout the two decades he's worked on the ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, from him earliest beginnings through his current work. This collection compiles his U.K. work from 1985 through his G2 and War Within comics to his present IDW comics work on the Transformers: Infiltration, Beast Wars and Beyond! The premiere presentation of Simon's immense body of work.

Transformers: The Ark - A Complete Compendium of Transformers Animation Models. May 2007.
ISBN: 1600100805 ISBN13: 9781600100802 $19.99
Revisit THE TRANSFORMERS, one of the most popular cartoons of the 1980s, in "The Ark"! "The Ark" collects over 500 of the animation models from the classic TV show that have been painstakingly restored to their original glory. This volume has them all, from Optimus Prime to Galvatron, and features a brand new Don Figueroa cover. These designs are increadibly rare and are seldom seen outside of Japan. You wont want to miss out on this amazing collection.

Credit(s): ZacWilliam1 of, LuckytheWonderLlama

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