New Transformers Toy Listings ... BIG ONES!!!

Transformers News: New Transformers Toy Listings ... BIG ONES!!!

Friday, June 11th, 2004 4:20AM CDT

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Walmart has TF listings which have been posted on the 2005boards. You can view the original article here and you can discuss it at our very own Energon Pub here.

Energon Basic
80262 Command Ravage
80263 Treadshot Jet
80264 Sky Shadow Jet
80265 Sledge Gestal(t)
80266 Dust Storm Ge(stalt)
80267 Windrazor Jet
80268 Terradive Jet
80269 Storm Cld Cop(ter)
80273 Kickback G.Ta (Gestalt Tank)
80274 Bonecrushr Ges(talt)
80275 Wideload Cons(truction)
80276 Raptor G-Copt (Gestalt Copter)
80277 Scattor Shot

Energon Deluxe
80964 Storm Jet Gestalt
80965 Steamhammer Gestalt
80966 Barricade /Gestalt M (?)
80967 Skywarp Interceptor
80968 Road Block

Energon Mega
80261 Alpha-Quintess(on)
80600 Dreadwing (Mirage redeco)
80620 Beachcomber (Cliffjumper redeco)
80630 Superion Maxi(mus - Wingsaber)
80970 Six Shot (Shockblast redeco)
80971 Jetfire Redec(o)

Energon Ultra
80254 Bulkhead
80280 Landquake (Landmine redeco)
80281 Quickst(rike - Bulkhead redeco)

Energon Supreme
80279 Omega (Supreme - redeco)

Universe Deluxe
80969 Ramu(lus)

Universe Ultra
80958 Soundwave Spacecase
Credit(s): Jon Hartman of the and EnergonPrimeRules from the Energon Pub
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